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Belfast Marriages, 1896-1900

Source: Joseph Williamson, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine. (Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913), Vol. 2.

[p. 571]
Jan. 1. Percy Raymond Follett and Miss Maude Fernald.
[Jan.] 7. David Allen Webber and Miss Esther M. Randall.
[Jan.] 8. Daniel Wayne, of Watertown, South Dakota, and Miss Annie M. Bowden, of Boston, formerly of Frankfort.
[Jan.] 13. William C. Whitehead and Miss Jennie T. Jordan.
[Jan.] 15. Jonathan W. Jordan, of Lowell, Mass., and Miss Mabelle W. Conant.
[Jan.] 18. James H. Stinson and Miss Clara J. Welch.
[Jan.] 23. In Chicago, Ill., Horace Chenery and Miss Grace Fuller, of Chicago.
[Jan.] 25. In Searsport, George R. Brier and Miss Katie C. Cunningham.

Feb. 5. Calvin Hollis Monroe and Miss Cora E. Murray.
[Feb.] 5. Claude W. Rich, of London, Eng., and Miss Abbie I. H. Burke.
[Feb.] 24. Charles M. Wood and Miss Martha J. Aldus.

Mar. 10. In Liberty, Ira W. Bowden and Miss Delia B. Leonard.
[Mar.] 17. George H. Mitchell and Miss Caro E. Michaels.
[Mar.] 21. In Brooklyn, N. Y., Frederic W. Pitcher, formerly of Belfast, and Charlotte J. Durston, of Brooklyn.
[Mar.] 24. In Searsport, Fred D. Crosby and Mrs. Lillie F. Wilson.
[Mar.] 27. Ernest L. Hall and Miss Mabel Jones, of Bangor.
[Mar.] 27. Russell Gray and Miss Elinda Merriam, both of Morrill.

Apr. 12. Oscar B. Hodgdon and Miss Cora B. Moody, of Northport.
[Apr.] 14. In Portland, Carl M. Lawrence and Miss Inez M. Haney, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 14. In Worcester, Daniel A. Wadlin, of Northport, and Mrs. Emma M. Walls.
[Apr.] 15. In Rockland, Albert H. York and Miss Emily L. Lewis.

[p. 572]
May 12. George E. Payson and Miss Mary S. Simpson, both of Waldo.
[May] 14. Charles H. Bowen and Miss Flora Maud Thurston.
[May] 16. J. Willis Fenwick, of Lincolnville, and Miss Alice M. Dickey, of Belmont.
[May] 16. Herbert S. Morey and Miss Susie M. Anderson.
[May] 17. In Bangor, Willey A. Doe and Miss Daisy L. Heal, of Bangor.
[May] 23. Frank E. Pratt, of Plymouth, Mass., and Miss Nora G. Arey.
[May] 23. Charles V. Jipson and Miss Ada Cross.
[May] 27. Everett S. Morse and Miss Lydia E. Elms, both of Belmont.

June 1. In Morrill, Elbert J. Monroe and Miss Lovina M. Greer, of Morrill.
[June] 2. Charles L. Millhouse, of Peoria, Ill., and Miss Ella Josephine Thombs.
[June] 4. In Portland, Warren G. Hopkins and Miss Addie M. Weed, of Portland.
[June] 18. William H. James, of Proctor, Vt., and Miss Elizabeth H. Roberts, of Boston.
[June] 21. Roland C. Patterson and Mrs. Ella C. Hunter.
[June] 27. Wallace W. Shaw and Miss Annie B. Hall.

July 1. Elroy P. Michaels and Mrs. Alzina E. Ward, of Providence, R. I.
[July] 1. In Rochester, Elbert Stevens and Miss Annie A. Prescott.
[July] 3. In Washington, Rufus Dyer and Mrs. Melissa H. Wentworth.
[July] 11. In Winthrop, Mass., Capt. James W. Bennett and Miss Mary A. O'Brien, of Verona.
[July] 18. John Wilder Knight and Miss Kate M. Simmons.
[July] 20. Walter Baymore Kelley, of Minneapolis, Minn., formerly of Belfast, and Miss Annabel Swan.
[July] 26. Percival F. Trefry, of Acadia, N. S., and Mrs. Lulu B. Landers, of Waldo.
[July] 27. Abraham Dodge and Mrs. Mary M. Bagley, both of Islesboro.
[July] 29. In New York City, Sumner W. Lothrop and Mary Augusta Blake, of New York.

Aug. 8. In Waldo, Everett G. Payson, of Waldo, and Miss Addie M. Hartshorn.
[Aug.] 12. In Houlton, Lewis F. Gannon and Miss Effie E. Astle, of Houlton.
[Aug.] 24. Alexis E. Gross and Miss Lizzie Etta Kimball, of Swanville.
[Aug.] 28. Wallace L. Downes, of Hampden, and Mrs. Lillian D. Davis, of Islesboro.
[Aug.] 29. In Morrill, Elmer F. Hartshorn and Miss Bertha V. Lassell.

Sept. 9. William F. Patterson and Miss Annie M. Robinson.
[Sept.] 15. Manfred Lawler, of Malden, Mass., and Miss Nellie Farris Gordon.

[p. 573]
Sept. 20. Fred P. Nason and Miss Sarah C. Hassell.

Oct. 14. Daniel E. Dickey, of Stockton Springs, and Miss Lelia M. Payson, of Waldo.
[Oct.] 21. Charles Benjamin Eaton and Miss Lena A. Jackson.
[Oct.] 31. Joseph A. Achorn, of Morrill, and Miss Annie L. Wentworth.
[Oct.] 31. Albert M. Parsons and Miss Lillian L. Fernald.

Nov. 2. Edwin E. Bird, of Kansas City, Mo., formerly of Belfast, and Miss Pearl Foster, of Langley, Kan.
[Nov.] 4. In Santa Clara, Cal., Ralph Waldo Hersey, formerly of Belfast, and Katherine Dunne, of Santa Clara Co., Cal.
[Nov.] 18. Cushion W. Wade, of New London, Ct., and Miss Sarah D. Frisbee.
[Nov.] 25. Fred A. Tibbetts and Miss Ada F. Stevens.
[Nov.] 25. John L. Towne, of Dexter, and Miss Celia F. Bowler.
[Nov.] 26. In Newburyport, Mass., Chester W. Cottrell, of New Haven, and Mrs. Sadie N. Merrill, of Newburyport, both formerly of Belfast.
[Nov.] __. In Plattsburg, N. Y., T. Vincent Beckwith, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Josephine Tookey.

Dec. 15. Lewis H. Mudgett and Miss Hattie E. Beckwith.
[Dec.] 24. Henry W. Webber and Miss Mary E. Doe.
[Dec.] 24. Addison F. Pendleton and Miss Lillian A. Hammons.
[Dec.] 25. Rev. Andrew T. Ringgold, of Gardiner, and Miss Harriet Ellen Robbins.

Jan. 1. Arthur B. Hatch and Miss Alice A. Thomas, both of Morrill.
[Jan.] 1. Alfred Jefferson Hall, of Deer Isle, and Miss Nellie Blanche Robbins.
[Jan.] 2. Fred G. Gray and Miss Nellie S. Waning.
[Jan.] 5. In Baltimore, Md., Neville Monroe Hopkins, of Washington, D. C., and Katherine Guy, of Baltimore, Md. Prof. Hopkins is a great-grandson of the late Judge Alfred Johnson, and a grandson of the late Dr. Nahum Parker Monroe.
[Jan.] 12. Ralph Willis Pattershall and Miss Blanche E. Mason.
[Jan.] 14. In Portland, Dr. A. E. Kilgore, of Brooks, and Miss Ellen L. Patterson.

Feb. 7. Fred Gray and Mrs. Mary L. Burgess.
[Feb.] 22. Amos H. Graves, of Marblehead, Mass., and Miss Edith Marian Black.
[Feb.] 24. William Holt and Miss Margaret E. Houston.

Mar. 6. Ernest L. Stover and Miss Lilla M. Russell.
[Mar.] 9. Davis S. Jack and Miss Katie Nicholson.
[Mar.] 9. Lamont O. Hanley and Miss Alice G. Peavy, both of Swanville.
[Mar.] 10. William Bachelder Swan and Miss Abbie Haraden Faunce.
[Mar.] 21. Llewellyn K. Boulter, of Montgomery, Ala., and Miss Mary A. Patterson.

[p. 574]
Apr. 7. In Searsport, Arthur Howard, of Swanville, and Miss Nellie E. Herrick.
[Apr.] 7. David E. Mitchell, of Wadley's Falls, N. H., and Miss Ella N. Chapman.
[Apr.] 8. Fred F. Breen, of Boston, and Miss Blanche G. Moore.
[Apr.] 17. David S. Cressey and Miss Ellen A. McRea.
[Apr.] 17. Herbert F. Clark and Miss Ida M. Bowen.
[Apr.] 21. In Oakland, Cal., Alexander J. Campbell and Miss Alice N. Kimball, formerly of Belfast.

May 5. In Searsmont, Fred E. Miller and Miss Lilla M. Rivers, of Searsmont.
[May] 10. Ernest A. Condon and Mrs. Effie Brewster.
[May] 15. Walter E. Arey and Miss Edna M. Trull.
[May] 22. George A. Engstrom, of Islesboro, and Miss Liva L. Grotton.
[May] 30. In Knox, Hugh G. Gordon and Mrs. Inez M. Bradman.

June 1. Charles A. Ludwig, of Brockton, Mass., and Miss Beryl D. Thomas.
[June] 7. Samuel Merrill Ray Locke and Miss Ethel Winslow Knowlton.
[June] 10. Samuel S. Davis, Jr., of Eddington, and Miss Georgianna Thomas.
[June] 22. William F. Johnson, of Belmont, and Miss Mabel D. Wentworth.
[June] 23. In Liberty, Charles E. Rhoades and Miss Mildred A. Norton, of Liberty.
[June] 26. In Morrill, Sears F. Braley and Miss Susie M. Higgins.
[June] 26. Franklin Damon and Miss Etta Carter, both of Stockton Springs.

July 17. In Northport, Ralph Mendall, of Northport, and Miss Lizzie Thurston.
[July] 24. In Northport, James J. Millenn and Mrs. Mary E. Bird, of Northport.
[July] 28. In Houlton, Rev. John Freeman Tilton and Miss Katherine Berry, of Houlton.
[July] 29. Llewellyn O. Bruce and Mrs. Calvina A. Alexander.
[July] 31. George W. Bowen and Mrs. Nancy Dewey.

Aug. 17. David E. Bird and Miss Francena J. Hatch, of Lynn, Mass.
[Aug.] 23. Arthur W. Coombs and Miss Mildred I. Nash, of Montville.
[Aug.] 24. In Rendville, O., Charles Brown and Sarah S. Wells, of Rendville, Ohio.
[Aug.] 30. Edward Hanna and Miss Nora O'Connor, both of Pittsfield.
[Aug.] 31. Frank E. Wellman, of Chelsea, Mass., and Miss Eulalia Adams, of Morrill.
[Aug.] 31. Fred L. Emery and Miss Ethel S. Colman, both of Searsport.

Sept. 8. Bert E. Annis and Miss Hattie A. Dunbar.
[Sept.] 9. In Montville, Charles W. Marsh and Miss Martha B. Dickey.

[p. 575]
Sept. 19. Austin L. Smith and Miss Anna M. Welch.
[Sept] 20. Herbert M. Fuller, of Waterville, and Miss Carrie B. Snow.
[Sept] 25. In Searsmont, George W. Patterson and Mrs. Mary E. Thomas, of Morrill.
[Sept] 25. In Freedom, Sewall L. Staples and Mrs. Mabel E. Hustus, of Freedom.
[Sept] 26. Altana E. Dutch and Miss Georgia A. Young.
[Sept] 29. Walter P. Carter, of Malden, Mass., and Miss Vena H. Welch.
[Sept] 29. In Portland, Edgar B. Thompson, of Clinton, and Miss Percie Train, daughter of Russell Glover Dyer, recently of Belfast.

Oct. 6. Henry Hoyt Hilton, of Chicago, Ill., formerly of Cambridge, Mass., and Miss Charlotte Thorndike Sibley.
[Oct.] 13. Lewis A. Mills, of North Haven, and Miss Agnes A. Flanders.
[Oct.] 13. In Rockland, Daniel Duncan, of North Haven, and Mrs. Pauline Morse.
[Oct.] 13. In Holyoke, Mass., Robert M. Wallace and Miss Ida Ellen Dudley, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 16. In Newton, Mass., Pyam L. Gilkey, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Miss Annie L. Pendleton, recently of Belfast.
[Oct.] 16. Walter H. West and Mrs. Hannah J. Jordan.
[Oct.] 22. Ellery Harvey and Miss Carrie Harvey, both of Swanville.
[Oct.] 31. In Cornville, Clifford Deering and Miss Lillian E. Sanford, of Cornville.

Nov. 2. In San Francisco, Cal., Junot M. Rowland and Miss Annie M. Locke, formerly of Belfast.
[Nov.] 3. William H. Staples and Miss Lucy L. Darby.
[Nov.] 3. William W. Beverley, of Newton, Mass., and Miss Mary E. Carr.
[Nov.] 6. In Morrill, Frank L. Harmon and Miss Ella F. Whitcomb.
[Nov.] 15. Fred W. Harford and Miss Annie M. Patterson.
[Nov.] 20. In Newtonville, Mass., Benjamin F. Barlow and Mrs. Selina S. Watts, formerly of Belfast.

Dec. 1. In Santa Clara, Cal., Edward Johnson Hersey, formerly of Belfast, and Louise Eberhard, of Santa Clara, Cal.
[Dec.] 18. In Wells, Leonard M. Dockham, of Wells, and Miss Lulu M. Mason.
[Dec.] 21. Walter J. Roberts and Miss Nettie M. Brown.
[Dec.] 25. In Brooks, Walter S. Hobbs and Miss Nina E. Dickey, of Northport.
[Dec.] 25. In Monroe, Robert M. Thomas and Miss Etta M. Coburn, of Monroe.
[Dec.] 25. Fred H. Harrington and Miss Blanche S. Cummings, both of Rockland.
[Dec.] 25. Wallace F. Sprague and Miss Rosa L. Dickey.

[p. 576]
Dec. 25. In Northport, Charles T. Mahoney, of Northport, and Alma L. Thurston.
[Dec.] 20. Merion Sanborn and Miss Annie Fenwick.

Jan. 1. William W. Moulton, of Unity, and Miss Bertha A. Piper.
[Jan.] 4. Franklin W. Hobbs, of Bangor, and Miss Alice M. Roberts, of Waldo.
[Jan.] 8. In Somerville, Mass., Herbert S. Norris, of Somerville, and Miss Mary E. Twombly.
[Jan.] 15. In Searsport, Horace B. Smalley and Miss Minnie F. Hogan.
[Jan.] 26. Edward C. Fletcher, of Boston, and Miss Lillian Goyens.
[Jan.] 26. Wilmot C. Waltz, of Portland, and Miss Eva O'Brien.

Feb. 9. In Cambridge, Mass., Horatio Stuart Goodell, of Houghton, Mich., and Miss Charlotte Armitage Hubbard, of Cambridge, Mass. Miss Hubbard is a great-granddaughter of the late Judge Alfred Johnson.

Mar. 7. Jerome Brown, of New York, and Miss Geneva Alice Coombs.
[Mar.] 9. In Brewer, Rawson Lufkin, of Orrington, and Amanda M. Mudgett.
[Mar.] 19. In Stockton Springs, William Quinnum Spinney and Mrs. Dorinda A. Richardson, of Stockton Springs.

May 17. In Winterport, Sylvanus S. Wood, of Prospect, and Emily A. Philbrook.
[May] 21. Truman A. Gordon, of Waldo, and Miss Nettie S. Smith, of Morrill.
[May] 26. Daniel McNeil and Miss Katie McDonald, both of Oakland.

June 2. George F. Higgins and Miss Neva E. Small.
[June] 6. George H. Warren and Mrs. Carrie F. Meader.
[June] 9. Clifford James Pattee and Miss Jessie M. Sargent.
[June] 9. In Vinalhaven, Frank H. Hall and Miss Josie F. Calderwood, of Vinalhaven.
[June] 16. In Searsport, Roy E. Young and Miss Antilca Knowlton.
[June] 20. Capt. Rufus O. Parker, of Castine, and Mrs. Judith Knowlton.
[June] 22. Ludovic P. Swett, of Norway, and Miss Lena Annetta Weshe.
[June] 22. In Searsport, William A. Bennett and Miss Marcella Kaler.
[June] 22. Leslie F. Neal and Miss Almatia H. Knowlton.
[June] 25. Capt. John W. Ryder and Miss Mary E. McLellan.
[June] 29. In Portland, Lewis Prescott Hazeltine, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Jennie C. Laffin, of Portland.
[June] 30. In Unadilla, N. Y., Prof. Carlos C. Alden and Miss Susan Louise Wiesmer.
[June] 30. Ross L. Stevens, of Portland, and Miss Viola E. Ryder.

July 2. In Boston, John H. O'Conner, of Boston, and Miss Harriet A. Mitchell, formerly of Belfast.

[p. 577]
July 14. In Everett, Mass., Andrew F. Peterson, formerly of Belfast, and Mrs. Marozia J. Meader, of Everett.
[July] 17. In Northport, Rensselaer B. Jameson, of Northport, and Miss Mary V. Seger.
[July] 23. Arthur R. Robbins and Miss Abbie Mixer.
[July] 27. In Searsport, Elantha W. Robbins, of Searsport, and Miss Adelle Cottrell.
[July] 29. In Forest City, Fred W. Bailey and Miss Renne White.

Aug. 17. In Lewiston, Dr. Eugene Leslie Stevens and Miss Alice M. Holland, of Lewiston.
[Aug.] 24. In Boston, Corp. B. B. Grant, of the 5th Mass. Infantry, and Miss Hattie A. Trussell.
[Aug.] 27. Luther Calderwood and Mrs. Ruth Knowlton.
[Aug.] 31. In Waldo, Joseph H. Estes and Mrs. Jane Harvey.

Sept. 1. In Waldo, Edwin C. Whitmore, of Boston, and Miss Leila B. Leonard.
[Sept.] 1. In Thomaston, Dr. H. H. Plummer, of Union, and Miss Alice L. Southworth.
[Sept.] 1. In Boston, Dwight C. Greenlaw, of Northport, and Miss Isadora Piper.
[Sept.] 5. In Searsport, Justin G. Burdin and Miss Maude M. Cooper.
[Sept.] 7. In Rockland, Tyler Hanson Bird and Nellie I. Walker, of Rockland.
[Sept.] 10. Will G. Sawtelle and Miss Grace M. Stevens.
[Sept.] 14. George Austin Bailey and Miss Sarah Holmes Fletcher.
[Sept.] 14. In Boston, Dr. Arthur Childs Ellingwood and Miss Sarah A. Haney.
[Sept.] 22. George Mixer, of Camden, and Miss Anna M. Coombs.
[Sept.] 25. John B. Smart, of Presque Isle, and Miss Alice B. Redman.
[Sept.] 26. Sewall D. Pierce and Miss Augusta M. Caswell.
[Sept.] 28. Robert Barclay, of Orient Heights, Mass., and Miss Ruth Pendleton.
[Sept.] 28. Walter Cooper and Miss Arline P. Simmons.
[Sept.] 29. Claude L. West and Miss Grace E. Hustus, of Freedom.

Oct. 12. William J. Havener and Miss Vanie Dolloff.
[Oct.] 22. Thomas B. Willis, of Boston, and Mrs. Maria Stover.
[Oct.] 26. George A. Mathews and Miss Effie May Clifford.
[Oct.] 29. Eben L. Fletcher and Miss Ettie M. Stover.

Nov. 2. In Searsport, Porter E. Nash and Miss Carrie Davis.
[Nov.] 5. At Washington, D. C., Jules Gabriel Henri de Sibour and Miss Margaret Marie Clagett, both of Washington. Mr. de Sibour is a grandson of the late Judge Alfred Johnson.
[Nov.] 16. Charles E. Hodgdon, of Prescott, Ariz., and Miss Lulu R. V. Beverley.
[Nov.] 22. Syreno P. Gilmore and Miss Flora M. Packard.
[Nov.] 23. William A. Wiley and Miss Ethel G. White.
[Nov.] 24. In Waldo, Edwin J. Jackson and Mrs. Jane S. (Seekins) Jackson.

[p. 578]
Nov. 26. Walter W. Brown and Miss Georgia E. White.
[Nov.] 26. Albert E. Jeffords and Miss Sarah E. Healey.
[Nov.] 30. Warren W. Knowlton and Miss Grace M. Hammons.

Dec. 10. Leland Young and Miss Lucy Wentworth.
[Dec.] 21. Frank Carter and Miss Evelyn Havener.
[Dec.] 24. Leonard L. Gentner and Mrs. Faustina R. (Clements) Ellingwood.
[Dec.] 24. In Winterport, Charles E. Patterson and Miss Ada M. Dyer, of Winterport.
[Dec.] 24. In Waldoboro, Robert M. Skay, formerly of Belfast, and Estelle M. Green, of Waldoboro.

Jan. 3. Frank Adelbert Tuttle and Miss Clementine Rowell, of Castine.
[Jan.] 10. In Pittsfield, Eugene W. Dunton and Miss Alice Mae Dunton, of Burnham.
[Jan.] 19. Harry R. Hichborn and Miss Alice M. Crocker, both of Stockton Springs.
[Jan.] 31. Alphonso Jackson and Miss Katie Canty, both of Belmont.

Feb. 2. James W. Emery, of Vinalhaven, and Miss Clara B. Sylvester, of Castine.
[Feb.] 6. George L. Bean and Miss Jennie L. Ames.
[Feb.] 9. In Boston, Dr. Ames W. Slate, of Springfield, and Carrie Robbins, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 22. In Brunswick, Fred Philbrick, of Thorndike, and Miss Susan E. Rowe.

Mar. 4. In Worcester, Mass., Edward L. Keyes, of Worcester, and Miss Rose Chapman, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 22. Richard O. Emmons and Miss Anna E. Cook.
[Mar.] 22. Robert T. Greenlaw and Miss Ada H. Hart.
[Mar.] 25. In Montville, Merton G. Norton and Miss Carrie W. Linscott, of Palermo.

Apr. 10. Victor S. Hodgkins and Miss Rose M. Wyman, both of Islesboro.
[Apr.] 12. Dr. Robert A. Holland, of Calais, and Miss Mae E. Pillsbury.
[Apr.] 12. Bertrand L. Davis and Miss Mary Eleanor Smalley.
[Apr.] 27. In Globe, Ariz., Samuel A. Parnall and Miss Laurietta E. Coombs, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 27. Charles M. Brewster and Mrs. Sarah E. Crowell.
[Apr.] 27. In Thomaston, Frank Hanscom, formerly of Belfast, and Louise La Praik, both of Malden, Mass.
[Apr.] 29. Leslie Robbins and Mrs. Lizzie Dodge.

May 10. Fred W. Byers and Miss Ora Sheldon.
[May] 22. Henry D. Clark and Mrs. Carrie W. Patterson.
[May] 3 [sic, should be June 3]. Walter Gerald, of Canaan, and Miss Frances E. Vose, of Knox.

[p. 579]
June 14. Thomas Fortune and Miss Millie Naughton.
[June] 14. Eugene Wood and Miss Mary E. Cunningham.
[June] 21. In Northport, Fred Frisbee and Miss Edith Waterman, of Northport.
[June] 21. Loring H. Colcord and Miss Mary C. Pendleton.
[June] 24. James T. Curtis and Miss Evelyn M. Wood.
[June] 25. In Chicago, Ill., George Pratt and Aimee M. Knowlton, formerly of Belfast, both of Chicago.
[June] 28. Leon P. Armstrong and Miss Bertha E. Newbert, of Belmont.

Aug. 7. Allie Gaspar and Mrs. Mary Gordon.
[Aug.] 7. Francis G. Gray and Miss Della French.
[Aug.] 9. In Searsport, Edward McIntyre and Mrs. Sarah A. Benson.
[Aug.] 22. Gardiner P. Willis, of Canton, Mass., and Miss Melinda E. Shute.
[Aug.] 24. Joseph F. Perkins and Miss Henrietta Davis.
[Aug.] 24. In Albuquerque, N. M., Albert Wooster Thompson, of Clayton, N. M., formerly of Belfast, and Miss Elizabeth M. Winston.
[Aug.] 29. James H. Cilley and Eda B. Gurney, both of Waldo.
[Aug.] 29. In Searsport, Selwin A. Bowen and Mrs. Pearl H. Nash.

Sept. 4. In Belmont, Ernest E. Mahoney, of Boston, and Miss Edith H. Thomas.
[Sept.] 20. Eugene R. Ellis and Miss Isa E. Hall.
[Sept.] 22. In East Boston, Joseph B. Robinson and Miss Bertha Idelia Hadley, formerly of Belfast, both of Boston.
[Sept.] 23. George Wood and Miss Nora Higgins, of Searsmont.
[Sept.] 30. William H. Nickerson, of Swanville, and Miss Lucie E. Ryan.
[Sept.] 30. John O. Black and Miss Lizzie E. Brown.

Oct. 1. In Searsport, Hary E. Estes and Miss Emma Trimble.
[Oct.] 9. John E. Danforth and Mrs. Blanche M. Jackson.
[Oct.] 9. William Barton and Miss Mary G. Abbott, both of Vinalhaven.
[Oct.] 19. John T. Berry, 2d, of Rockland, and Miss Florence G. Young, of Lincolnville.
[Oct.] 20. Thomas Leonard, of Waldo, and Mrs. Hattie A. Wentworth.

Nov. 9. Edward Ansel Wadsworth and Miss Josephine Simonton Burkett.
[Nov.] 14. Dr. John George Brooks and Mrs. Mary E. Chase.
[Nov.] 15. Edwin L. Colcord and Miss Hannah A. Berry.
[Nov.] 18. Walter E. Heal, of Lincolnville, and Hattie Pendleton, of Islesboro.
[Nov.] 27. Morrill G. Abbott, of Boothbay, and Miss Isa M. Walton.
[Nov.] 29. Fred W. Thomas and Miss Eva G. Patterson.

Dec. 13. George H. Robertson and Miss Flora E. Webber.
[Dec.] 23. Wilbur E. Carter and Miss Sophia E. Davis.

[p. 580]
Dec. 28. Daniel Ingalls and Miss Nora Seekins.
[Dec.] 29. In Northport, Dr. Prince Edward Luce and Miss Carrie M. Ames, of Northport.

Jan. 3. Frank L. Bartlett, of Waldo, and Miss Elvira Winters.
[Jan.] 4. Samuel P. Aldus and Miss Bessie A. Thomas.
[Jan.] 24. Nathaniel Gordon Pettengill and Mrs. Ella M. Sprague.
[Jan.] 27. Cardella S. Grotton and Miss Nellie R. Hamlin.

Feb. 3. James G. Hutchins, of Orland, and Miss Isabelle M. Sawyer, of Deer Isle.
[Feb.] 4. In Portland, Herbert L. Foss and Miss Hattie B. Wood.
[Feb.] 7. Laforest L. Robbins and Miss Bertha M. Knowlton.
[Feb.] 24. George A. Hill and Miss Ida E. Ritchie.

Mar. 5. Rudolph H. Cassens, of Waterville, and Miss Lillian E. Hanson.
[Mar.] 11. Olin E. Smith and Miss Jennie Maud Emmons.
[Mar.] 21. In Pittsfield, George Osborne Lord and Miss Madeline A. Neal, of Pittsfield.
[Mar.] 24. Robert L. Curtis and Miss Eva A. Smalley.
[Mar.] 31. In Santiago, Cuba, Lucian H. Whipple, of South Royalton, Vt., and Miss Louise R. Gurney.

Apr. 17. In Jamaica Plain, Mass., Fred A. Harriman, of Waterville, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Lillie A. Moulton, of Stockton Springs.

May 5. Ephraim Keen and Mrs. Elizzie M. Tobyne.
[May] 16. Charles E. Sherman and Miss Leila M. Hubbard.
[May] 28. In Montville, Cheney W. Kimmens, of Hope, and Miss Rose B. Hannon.
[May] 28. Jesse E. Staples and Mrs. Georgianna Patterson.

June 7. In Searsport, Robert H. Patterson and Miss Ida M. Larrabee.
[June] 13. Fred E. Ellis and Miss Vesta Anna Stearns.
[June] 16. George S. Luce and Miss Sadie E. Wentworth.
[June] 20. John M. Roberts, of Waldo, and Miss Abbie A. Parsons.
[June] 23. George A. Bussey, of Newburgh, and Miss Lulu M. Small.
[June] 25. Herman O. Stevens and Miss Edith L. Mason.
[June] 26. In Brooks, Charles F. Heath, of Thorndike, and Miss Faustina F. Cooper.
[June] 26. In Ithica, N. Y., Rev. Charles F. Kittredge and Miss Margaret F. Hunt; also Robert Kittredge and Miss Frances Ellen Hunt, both brides being daughters of Warren and Joanna L. Hunt, formerly of Belfast.
[June] 30. William H. Smalley, of Northport, and Miss Ida Birdie Carter.

July 4. George A. Blodgett and Miss Arletta A. Swift.
[July] 7. Joseph E. Stevens and Carrie E. Pettengill, both of Northport.

[p. 581]
July 29. In Boston, Richard James Ross and Miss Mary Flitner Hall, formerly of Belfast.

Aug. 18. In Lynn, Mass., Everett E. Condon, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Clara Fletcher, both of Lynn.

Sept. 5. Edgar L. Harding and Miss Elizabeth Henrietta Timm.
[Sept.] 5. Le Forest Allenwood, of Belmont, and Miss Harriet E. Brown.
[Sept.] 12. In Braintree, Mass., Wilbur M. Rhodes and Miss Marion B. Potter, of Braintree.
[Sept.] 17. Cecil Clay, of Portland, and Miss Blanche Dolloff.
[Sept.] 19. Harry H. Stimpson and Miss Sadie W. Haskell.

Oct. 3. Ernest E. Burgess and Miss Stella M. Berry.
[Oct.] 3. Otis B. Smith and Miss Bertha E. Shute.
[Oct.] 6. In Bangor, James A. Pickard, of Bangor, and Miss Bessie M. Knowlton.
[Oct.] 10. Seldon H. Gillum and Miss Florence E. Clark.
[Oct.] 16. In Swanville, Guy L. Peavey and Miss Emily J. Applin, recently of Belfast.
[Oct.] 16. In Portland, Samuel S. Gilbert, formerly of Belfast, and Marion A. Tobey, both of Portland.
[Oct.] 24. John E. Ward and Miss Jennie Gillis.
[Oct.] 27. In Monroe, Daniel E. Packard and Miss Myrtie A. Nealley, of Monroe.
[Oct.] 29. Ralph C. Achorn, of Belmont, and Miss Katherine A. Gardner, of Castine.

Nov. 3. Carl J. Grotton and Miss Alice M. Grindell.
[Nov.] 7. In Boston, William L. Wentworth, of Orland, and Miss Della H. Pendleton, recently of Belfast.
[Nov.] 17. Burton Douglass, of Unity, and Miss Grace E. Harvey.
[Nov.] 21. In Rockland, Charles C. Glover, of Rockland, and Mrs. Hannah J. Cottrell.
[Nov.] 29. Walter Aldus and Miss Josephine Mixer.

Dec. 8. William A. Jackson, of Northport, and Miss Eva L. Hall.
[Dec.] 12. Alfred Monroe Ferguson, then of Cliftondale, Mass., and Miss Edith May Stoddard, both now (1912) of Belfast.
[Dec.] 12. In Boston, Harry J. Johnson, of Roxbury, Mass., and Miss Maude B. Mitchell, of Boston, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 17. Edward Mason and Miss Ida E. Seaver.
[Dec.] 20. William H. Maloon and Miss Annie E. Wychert.
[Dec.] 24. John Stevens, Jr., M. D., and Miss Bessie Loucebe Marden.
[Dec.] 26. Fred G. Spinney and Miss Florence Albertine Wells.
[Dec.] 31. John A. Fogg and Miss Ina B. Knowlton.