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Belfast Deaths, 1875-1880

Source: Joseph Williamson, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine. (Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913), Vol. 2.

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Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, both inclusive—Biographical Sketches—Additional Necrology, 1901-1913
Although for many years deaths were required to be reported to town and city clerks by assessors, parents, and householders, that duty has not been generally performed. By a law of 1891, and subsequent amendments, no burial was permitted, with certain exceptions, until a full record of death was filed. The following list is compiled from the city records and from newspapers. Unless otherwise stated, the place of residence and of death is Belfast; and where the name of a town or city alone is given, the State of Maine is to be understood. The date of death precedes the name of the deceased person, while the figures following directly after the name, indicate the age. The Index of Necrology will be found beginning on page 675.

Jan. 3. In Pau, France, Alfred Johnson Monroe, 25, born in Belfast, in 1849, son of the late Dr. Nahum Parker and Ann Sarah (Johnson) Monroe. He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1871, and had just completed his professional studies. He was of much promise, many excellencies of character, and of high moral worth.
[Jan.] 11. George Young.
[Jan.] 12. In Morrill, Sarah A., 33, wife of Isaiah W. Cross, and daughter of the late William W. West, of Belfast.
[Jan.] 13. Grace Kimball, infant.
[Jan.] 13. Georgie M. Dickey, infant.
[Jan.] 16. Rosanna Simmons, 68.
[Jan.] 16. Charles R. Thombs, 45, born in Castine. Singularly retired and modest; his generous impulses and kind deeds were appreciated by a wide circle of warmly attached friends. He was well read, and thought deeply in departments of philosophy and science.
[Jan.] 16. Alice V. Hall, infant.
[Jan.] 25. Infant son of John L. Cook.
[Jan.] 28. Charles W. Lane, 11.

Feb. 3. Mrs. Alice Patterson, 90, eldest daughter of the late Col. Jonathan Wilson.

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Feb. 3. Vesta J. Shute, 3, daughter of Alonzo Shute.
[Feb.] 4. Capt. Libbeus Cottrell, 54.
[Feb.] 5. Frances J. Bradman, 26.
[Feb.] 7. Eugene Thompson, 20.
[Feb.] 7. In Portland, Augustus H. Stephenson, 31.
[Feb.] 9. Rowena M., 22, wife of Andrew M. Patterson.
[Feb.] 10. Mary Hopkins, 78, a native of Camden.
[Feb.] 11. In Manatee, Fla., Capt. Eben P. Blake, 35, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 11. Capt. Harrison H. Parker, 40, a native of Winterport.
[Feb.] 15. George A. Buzzell, 31.
[Feb.] 16. Mrs. L. J. Hartford, 45.
[Feb.] 19. Lydia T., 61, wife of Ezra Bickford, and daughter of the late Capt. Nathan Swan.
[Feb.] 19. John Whitmore, 75.
[Feb.] 20. In St. Louis, T. F. Whittier, 37, son of the late William F. Whittier.
[Feb.] 23. Ira O. Collins, 38.
[Feb.] 24. George I., 18, son of Isaac Jackson.
[Feb.] 26. Kate S., 3, daughter of William Coburn Marshall.
[Feb.] 26. Louis, 3, son of James W. Wood.
[Feb.] 27. Mrs. Dora Hatch, 70.
[Feb.] 27. Mrs. Fannie Winslow, 82.

Mar. 1. Nancy, 69, wife of Thomas W. Cunningham.
[Mar.] 2. Lucy A. Beckwith, 18.
[Mar.] 4. Ada Cook, 1.
[Mar.] 5. George Patterson, 79.
[Mar.] 5. Maj. Timothy Chase, 82, the oldest Free Mason in the State. He was born in Charlton, Mass., in 1793. In 1818, he settled at the Head of the Tide, and eight years later removed to the village, then so called, and opened a watchmaker's shop on Main Street. In this business and its kindred branches he continued during the remainder of his life. He had a strong taste for the study of natural philosophy, and as a chemist and metallurgist, no one in this region exceeded him. For sixty years he was a prominent member of the Masonic order, and in 1854 was made Grand Master. He was also a Knight Templar and Past Grand High Priest. In recognition of his long service, the second lodge in this city was named for him. His funeral was conducted by the Grand Lodge. (See Portrait.)
[Mar.] 7. Sarah D. Titcomb, 52, wife of Col. Hiram Chase.
[Mar.] 14. In Austin, Texas, Horatio Alexander, 45, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 16. In Jacksonville, Fla., Miss Mary D., 27, daughter of Horatio Hatch Carter.
[Mar.] 18. In Boston, Charles V. Poor, 67, son of the late Dr. William

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Poor. He was for two years member of the Massachusetts Legislature.
Mar. 18. Irvin M. Stover, 3.
[Mar.] 23. Willie M., 6, son of Asa Abbott Howes.
[Mar.] 23. Grace S., 2, daughter of George Tilden Read.
[Mar.] 23. Mrs. L. C. (Ellis), 54, wife of Oliver Chase.
[Mar.] 25. Mrs. Adeline Linscott, 45.
[Mar.] 25. Crosby, 5, son of George A. Beckett.
[Mar.] 26. Henry A. Pillsbury, 27.
[Mar.] 27. In Brewer, Mrs. Susan W. Burkmar, 84, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 28. In City Point, Va., Benjamin H. Banks, 45, son of the late Benjamin Banks and formerly of Belfast.

Apr. 3. Hannah L., 49, wife of Jeremiah Stover.
[Apr.] 4. Seavey, 5, son of the late Stephen S. Lewis.
[Apr.] 11. Grace C., 19 months, daughter of George Stover.
[Apr.] 16. Miss Josephine H., 30, daugher of Jesse C. Townsend.
[Apr.] 17. John R. Robbins, 39, a native of Swanville.
[Apr.] 19. Susannah Burnham, 66, widow of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, and daughter of the late John Haraden.
[Apr.] 21. Herbert, 16, son of Miles S. Staples.
[Apr.] 22. Miss Alice, 18, daughter of Richard Fillmore.
[Apr.] 23. In Freedom, Ann, 38, daughter of Samuel Barlow, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 25. Michael O'Connell, 58.
[Apr.] 29. Drusilla, 27, wife of Fred S. Crosby, and daughter of the late Nehemiah Johnson, of Waldo.

May 1. Joseph W. Perkins, 55.
[May] 6. In Nevada, Cal., Hudson B. Cunningham, a native of Belfast.
[May] 18. David Durgin, 69.
[May] 18. In Rockland, Abby M, 66, widow of Capt. John Wheeler of Belfast.
[May] 22. Sarah Burgess, 70, wife of Joseph Wight, and daughter of John Burgess.
[May] 27. James Paul, 70.
[May] 29. In Chelsea, Mass., Isaac C. Brown, 69, formerly of Belfast.

June 1. Desire, 76, wife of Benjamin Curtis.
[June] 3. Sarah, 74, wife of Rev. Theodore Scott.
[June] 5. Mrs. Mary E. Boulter, 31, daughter of Samuel G. Ellis.
[June] 12. Eliphalet Clark, 89.
[June] 19. James Durham, 90, son of the late Deacon Tolford and Jane (Brown) Durham, one of the original settlers. He was born in the log house built by his father on Lot 31, near the house which James Durham occupied at the time of his death. He married (1) Nancy McCrillis; (2) Elizabeth Mathews. Mr. Durham had a wonderful physical constitution. At the age of ninety years his hair retained its natural

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hue, and his eyes their strength of vision. Within the last two years of his life he cut a third set of teeth.
[June] 19. Dr. Dolliff, about 60.
[June] 26. John Weymouth, 80, formerly of Morrill.
[June] 26. In Boston, Jesse Crossman, formerly of Belfast.
[June] 27. Larkin Cofran, 60.
[June] 29. Asa West, 81. He came here from Merrimack, N. H., in 1801.
[June] 30. In Waterville, Hon. Solyman Heath, a prominent lawyer of Belfast from 1831 to 1849.
[June] 30. Zimri Bryant, 83.

July 3. Benjamin F. Blackstone, a native of Waldoboro. He was Representative in 1840-41, and for many years Selectman and Sheriff.
[July] 7. Spencer H., 10, son of Spencer Walcott Mathews.
[July] 11. Andrew J. McIntyre, infant.
[July] 24. Capt. Lorenzo D. Cunningham, 64.
[July] 31. In Bradford, Ill., Amelia, 73, widow of James B. Doyle, formerly of Belfast.

Aug. 8. In Roxbury, Mass., Relief, 66, widow of the late Samuel S. Hersey.
[Aug.] 16. Mrs. Frank, wife of Frank Whitmore.
[Aug.] 17. In Augusta, Clara Farwell, wife of Milton F. Carter, and a former school-teacher here. She was a native of Unity.
[Aug.] 19. Noah G. Prescott, 60, formerly of Searsmont.
[Aug.] 19. In San Francisco, Cal., Rufus K., 44, son of Jacob Marriner of Belfast.
[Aug.] 24. Willie L., infant son of Dr. Lewis Warrington Pendleton.
[Aug.] 30. Mary F. Blake, infant.

Sept. 1. Ralph E., infant son of Clarence P. Patterson.
[Sept.] 3. Pamela, 79, widow of Benjamin Reed of Albion.
[Sept.] 8. At sea, Capt. Albert McKeen.
[Sept.] 13. Caroline R., 56, widow of William Harrison Conner, and daughter of the late Zacheus Porter, Esq.
[Sept.] 16. Frank N., 22, son of David Patterson.
[Sept.] 21. Mrs. Carrie E. Spencer, 23, daughter of Lewis C. Smith.
[Sept.] 27. George Eben, 1, infant son of C. R. Stevens.
[Sept.] 29. Hattie E., 2, only child of Capt. Reuben H. Burgess.
[Sept.] 30. Phebe, 82, widow of Luther Smith.

Oct. 1. Infant daughter of William B. Decrow.
[Oct.] 3. Harriet, 78, widow of William Greeley.
[Oct.] 6. Capt. William McCarty, 34.
[Oct.] 11. Capt. Timothy Warren, 60.
[Oct.] 16. Emery, 16, son of William H. Cunningham.
[Oct.] 17. Margaret P., 76, wife of Aaron Nickerson.
[Oct.] 20. In Chelsea, Mass., Henry G., 16, son of Gilbert Hart of Belfast.
[Oct.] 26. Mrs. Ida Carter, 26, daughter of Capt. H. E. Brown.

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Oct. 29. Mrs. Clara Patterson, 52.

Nov. 12. Frank P. Frohock, 22, formerly of Lincolnville.
[Nov.] 13. Ralph C., 23, son of William Gardiner.
[Nov.] 15. Mary E. Page, 59, formerly widow of William F. Whittier.
[Nov.] 24. Julia E. Elmes, 34.
[Nov.] 24. Susan, 67, wife of Ephraim A. Pitcher.
[Nov.] 26. In Newburgh, William R. Simpson, 78. He was formerly a printer in Belfast, and in 1820 one of the founders of the "Hancock Gazette," the earliest newspaper.

Dec. 3. Miss Margaret, 24, daughter of Joel Small.
[Dec.] 6. Capt. John Toothaker, 45.
[Dec.] 13. George Herrick, 74.
[Dec.] 14. In Monroe, Israel R. Grant, formerly Sheriff of Waldo County and resident here.
[Dec.] 14. In Calais, Dr. Charles C. Porter, 62, son of the late Zacheus Porter, Esq., of Belfast.
[Dec.] 15. Sylvia, 69, wife of Benjamin Walker.
[Dec.] 16. Sarah E., 33, wife of Allen Mathews.
[Dec.] 22. Mrs. Julia A. McLean, 55.

Jan. 6. Almira Munsey, 65, wife of Benaiah Guptill Marden.
[Jan.] 7. Capt. Henry E. Brown, 58.
[Jan.] 9. Infant son of N. B. and H. P. Foss.
[Jan.] 10. Harriet C., 76, widow of the late Rev. Manning Ellis, of Brooksville.
[Jan.] 11. Henry M. Garland, 38.
[Jan.] 12. In North Berwick, Rev. Cyrus Tibbetts, 55, pastor of the Baptist Church, Belfast, 1856-57.
[Jan.] 13. Miss Mary A. Melody, 23.
[Jan.] 14. Columbus Perkins Carter, 65. He was the son of Thomas Carter, Montville, and came to Belfast when about 19, and worked as a ship-carpenter. The first vessel of which he had charge as master-workman was the Democrat, built above the Upper Bridge by James Young McClintock, in 1840. In 1841, he formed a partnership with Erastus B. Stephenson, Samuel L. Sweetser, and V. R. Lancaster, as ship-builders, and for thirty-five years he was steadily engaged in the business, having as partners at different times, Horatio Hatch Carter, J. C. Frye, E. E. Frye, Thomas Carter, Henry Austin Carter, Jacob Young Cottrell, and Everett S. Carter. The list of vessels built under his supervision numbered one hundred, with a tonnage of 47,945. It was Mr. Carter's pride to excel in the quality of the vessels that went from his yard. He was unwearying in studying new and improved methods, and in adopting all inventions increasing the strength and staunchness of ships. His reputation was world-wide. As an employer, and in all

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business relations, Mr. Carter was scrupulously just, and every obligation was met promptly and fully. There was rarely, if ever, a business so large carried on with so little flourish or display. He believed in work and achievement, not in red tape. He never forgot the respect that belonged to men as such, and gave to the humblest person in his employ a hearing as attentive as to the merchant whose ship he contracted to build. Mr. Carter's wife, a daughter of the late Robie Frye, survived him. He had no children.
Jan. 18. In Bangor, John S. Ayer, 80, formerly a trader in Belfast.
[Jan.] 19. Annie H., 8, daughter of Washington Patterson.
[Jan.] 22. Lot V. Bartlett, 65, recently of Waldo.
[Jan.] 29. Willard Walton, 79.
[Jan.] 29. In Jacksonville, Fla., Capt. Andrew J. Ross, 61, formerly of Belfast.

Feb. 2. In Waterville, Rev. Howard B. Abbott, 62, formerly a lawyer in Belfast.
[Feb.] 6. Miss Kate, 21, daughter of Michael Casey.
[Feb.] 11. Annie Linnekin, infant.
[Feb.] 11. In Chelsea, Mass., Mrs. Eliza Ames, 70, widow of the late David G. Ames.
[Feb.] 13. In Portland, Albert Merrill, Esq., 63, lawyer, formerly a resident of Belfast.
[Feb.] 18. Katherine R. McLellan, 9.
[Feb.] 18. Rev. John Lymburner Locke, 43, son of the late Samuel Locke. He studied for the ministry, and became a preacher of the Methodist faith, in Maine and Massachusetts. He was of quiet habits and thoughtful, studious life, as well as one of the most honorable and conscientious of men. His tastes led him in the direction of antiquarian and historical research. He was a member of the Maine Historical Society. He published a history of Camden, and some sketches of Belfast—also a history of Phœnix Masonic Lodge. His wife was daughter of the late Simon Hunt, of Camden.
[Feb.] 22. Mrs. Mary D. Wood, 72.
[Feb.] 22. Mrs. Rachel Peirce, 82.
[Feb.] 25. In Portland, Oregon, William H. Colburn, 46, son of the late Henry Colburn, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 26. Susan, 79, widow of the late David T. Rogers, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 28. Sarah M. Kaler, 67, wife of Charles Sides. (See Accidents.)

Mar. 3. In Atco, N. J., Capt. James A. Godfrey. During the rebellion he was stationed in Belfast on the recruiting service.
[Mar.] 3. Lewis P., 8, son of W. H. Cunningham.
[Mar.] 10. Joseph Perkins, 81, ship-carpenter.
[Mar.] 10. Lottie A., child of Wellington Dunbar.
[Mar.] 11. Mary F. Brier, infant.

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Mar. 14. In Albany, N. Y., Oliver G. Moore, 37, son of Charles Moore.
[Mar.] 16. Timothy L. Mace, 67.
[Mar.] 20. Benjamin Kingsbury, 89, formerly of Portland.
[Mar.] 22. George W. Speed, 72.
[Mar.] 25. John William, 27, son of Daniel Haraden.
[Mar.] 28. Mrs. Betsey Dunnell, 78.
[Mar.] 30. In Boston, John Stevenson, for many years a resident of Belfast.

Apr. 6. In Norfolk, Va., Lucius H. Chandler, 64, lawyer, son of the late Dr. Charles C. Chandler.
[Apr.] 13. In Montville, Charlotte N., 79, widow of William Cunningham, and daughter of the late James Nesmith of Belfast.
[Apr.] 14. Bertie A. Cottrell, infant.
[Apr.] 18. Mrs. Rhoda Patterson, 75.
[Apr.] 29. Miss Martha Haynes, 76.
[Apr.] 29. In Boston, Abigail Griffin, 81, formerly of Belfast.

May 4. In Chenoa, Ill., Mary, 72, wife of Parker Jewett, and daughter of John Cochran, late of Belfast.
[May] 10. Asa Southworth, about 43, [b]rother of Dana Boardman Southworth.
[May] 12. Leslie S. Patterson, 21.
[May] 13. Mrs. Rebecca Bryant, 75.
[May] 15. James Calderwood, about 60.
[May] 25. Miss Addie C. Cunningham, 27.
[May] 29. In St. Paul, Minn., Daniel Putnam, 71, formerly of Belfast. He was Representative to the Legislature in 1849, 1850, and 1856, and Sheriff in 1853.
[May] 29. In the Pacific Ocean, Justus M. Lewis, 25, son of Stephen S. Lewis, and officer of steamer Pacific, which was lost at sea.

June 1. Fidelia E., 59, wife of John Brackett.
[June] 11. Henry Brown, 83.
[June] 18. Emily Rublin, 19.
[June] 23. Charles M. Keen, 73.
[June] 29. Miss Lucia Hatch, 76.

July 4. Son of Fred S. Crosby, 13 months.
[July] 11. Elizabeth, wife of Edward Fenno, of Augusta, and daughter of the late Rev. William Frothingham.
[July] 13. Martha E., 42, wife of Capt. Lewis H. Ryan.

Aug. 2. Mrs. Lydia Stevens, 81.
[Aug.] 10. Alpheus Gray, 47.
[Aug.] 13. Carl B. Beckwith, 1.
[Aug.] 17. Nicholas B., 21, son of Graham H. Dean.
[Aug.] 21. In Philadelphia, Hollis M. A. Poor, 45, son of John Poor.
[Aug.] 23. William Sheldon, 67, formerly of Lincolnville.
[Aug.] 24. In Brunswick, Ga., Capt. Frederick Bean, 29, son of Joseph Bean.

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Aug. 28. Maria P., 44, wife of William Bachelder Swan, and daughter of James Gammans.
[Aug.] 28. Miss Lilly M., 23, daughter of Orange H. Venner.

Sept. 9. Jane Durham, 89, widow of James McCrillis, and daughter of the late Tolford Durham.
[Sept.] 24. Emma May, infant daughter of F. H. Lane.
[Sept.] 26. Charity S. Wadlin, 77, widow of Liberty H. Wetherbee.
[Sept.] 28. Mrs. Sarah W. Tolman, 31.

Oct. 1. Thomas Callinan, 32.
[Oct.] 1. John S. Brackett, 66.
[Oct.] 8. Mrs. Polly Walker, 80.
[Oct.] 8. In Darien, Ga., Capt. Reuben H. Burgess, 32.
[Oct.] 11. Lillie, 1, daughter of Thomas S. Cottrell.
[Oct.] 22. Eliza, 70, wife of Vincent Pendleton, of Islesboro.
[Oct.] 30. Mrs. Lydia A. Hollis, 63.

Nov. 3. Lucy A., 52, wife of Capt. Simeon Ryder.
[Nov.] 5. Catherine M., 68, wife of David M. Burgess.
[Nov.] 12. Mary J., 46, wife of Joseph Bray.
[Nov.] 19. Arthur B., 19, son of Samuel Redman.
[Nov.] 24. Clarence H., 2, son of Howard Conant.
[Nov.] 24. In Sedgwick, Col. Rowland Carlton, 88, a resident of Belfast from 1838 to 1853.

Dec. 13. Mrs. N. C. Brown, 70.
[Dec.] 18. In Bangor, Caroline M., 51, wife of Charles P. Brown, and daughter of the late John S. Kimball, of Belfast.
[Dec.] 19. Mary J., widow of the late Benjamin F. Blackstone.
[Dec.] 22. Capt. Christopher Y. Cottrell, 57.
[Dec.] 24. Lemuel Guptill, about 93.
[Dec.] 29. In Springfield, Mass., Mrs. Eliza Knowles, of Belfast.

Jan. 8. Solomon McFarland, 24.
[Jan.] 17. Jane M., 60, wife of Charles A. Stephenson, and daughter of the late William Durham.
[Jan.] 21. Miss Edna L. Piper, 21.
[Jan.] 24. Charles L., 24, son of David T. Hatch.
[Jan.] 24. David S. Lincoln, 58, formerly of Searsmont.

Feb. 10. Miss Sarah H., 38, daughter of Jesse C. Townsend.
[Feb.] 14. Mrs. Charlotte Osgood, 70.
[Feb.] 17. Mrs. Mary Day, 77.
[Feb.] 25. Miss Mary J., 38, daughter of Mrs. Mary Black.
[Feb.] 26. Mrs. C. Piper, 62.
[Feb.] 27. Mrs. Annie Haney, 35.

Mar. 4. Benjamin Franklin Field, 56. He was the youngest son of the late Bohan Prentice Field, Sr., and resided at the old homestead on Primrose Hill.
[Mar.] 6. William Frederick, 81. He was born in Gloucester, Mass., and came to Belfast with the late Samuel French about the

[p. 392]
year 1810, where he had ever since resided. During his long and useful life he enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him, as a man of the most scrupulous integrity. He was one of the pillars of the Methodist Church.

Mar. 8. Miss Mary M., 25, daughter of Abel Bennett.
[Mar.] 18. Mary Swett Derby, 78, widow of William Frederick,
[Mar.] 25. In Washington, D. C., Admiral Joseph Smith, 87, the oldest officer in the Navy. He resided in Belfast for several years following the War of 1812, and with his brother-in-law, David Whittier, built the brick block on Main Street, adjoining the granite block.
[Mar.] 27. In Rockland, Jacob L. Havener, 76, of Belfast. He was long a member of the Congregational Church, and a much respected citizen.

Apr. 6. In East Boston, Lizzie H., 40, wife of George S. Mahoney, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 10. Mrs. Eliza J. Redman, 43.
[Apr.] 17. Albert H., 6, son of Samuel G. Ellis.
[Apr.] 26. Drowned at Bethel, Dr. Philentheus C. Wiley, 37, formerly of Belfast.

May 10. Fannie E. Cunningham, 22.
[May] 11. Thomas Whittier Lothrop, 63, son of the late Ansel Lothrop of Searsmont. He had resided in Belfast forty years.
[May] 11. Jesse H., 4, son of Andrew Dean. (See Accidents.)
[May] 19. In Gloucester, Mass., Francis F., 27, son of Sewall Patterson.
[May] 22. In Rockland, Harvey P. Hutchinson, 51, formerly of Belfast.
[May] 27. Ezra Bickford, 74, for several years Constable and Tax Collector. He came to Belfast from New Hampshire, about 1826.
[May] 27. Margary S., 52, wife of Capt. Samuel Burgess.
[May] 30. Amy A., 68, wife of Jacob Marriner.
[May] 31. Mary E., 36, wife of William T. Humes.

June 1. Orinda J., 43, wife of Samuel G. Howard.
[June] 3. Willie B. Trussell, 5.
[June] 4. Cornelia, 45, wife of Lewis O. Fernald.
[June] 8. Cora Patterson, 22.
[June] 11. Mrs. Sally Freeman, 73.
[June] 12. Mrs. Susan H. Darby, 58.
[June] 14. Annie Norton, 5.
[June] 16. Josiah N. White, 70, for many years landlord of the Ph�œnix House.

July 4. Mrs. Mary J. Maker, 62.
[July] 5. Charles E. Crockett, infant.
[July] 16. Mrs. Mercy R. Hopkins, 67.
[July] 18. Esther A. Keene, 52.
[July] 18. In Edwardsville, Ill., John S. Paul, 48, formerly of Belfast.

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July 19. Lucy Hilton, 17, daughter of Enoch Crowell Hilton.
[July] 22. Allen M. Haney, 20.
[July] 30. Fred G. Bagley, 5, son of Capt. Pearl W. Bagley. (See Accidents).
[July] 30. Hon. Nehemiah Abbott, 73. (See chap. xxi and Portrait.)
[July] 30. In Baltimore, Md., infant child of Francis Neville Hopkins and Frances Anna Monroe.

Aug. 1. In Hingham, Mass., Mrs. Amy J., 43, wife of John M. Trussell, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 6. Frank H. Lane, 58, son of the late Col. Daniel Lane.
[Aug.] 11. Infant child of Charles A. Piper.
[Aug.] 29. Edward G. Hardy, 18.

Sept. 11. Eben Peirce, 89.
[Sept.] 13. Rev. Joel Adams, 77.
[Sept.] 15. Charles Mills, 76.
[Sept.] 18. Leslie M. Small, infant.
[Sept.] 20. In Carson, Cal., Joseph B. Howes, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 20. In Madison, Hannah, 91, widow of the late Simon McDonald, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 22. Willis H., 29, son of the late James Paul.
[Sept.] 24. In San Francisco, Daniel F. Gray, 56, a native of Belfast. He was killed by being run over by a fire engine.

Oct. 2. In Jacksonville, Fla., George Franklin White, 56, son of the late Robert White, Sr., and for many years a merchant in Belfast.
[Oct.] 12. Fred L. Godfrey, 1.
[Oct.] 14. Augusta Southworth, infant daughter of Dana Boardman Southworth.
[Oct.] 15. James Miller, 25.
[Oct.] 17. Mrs. Sarah A. Wiggin, 64.
[Oct.] 22. Fred, 17, son of A. K. Simpson. (See Accidents.)
[Oct.] 26. Joseph D. Hall, 16.
[Oct.] 26. Mary Sheehan, 60.
[Oct.] 30. William Winslow, 65, architect and builder. He was the son of Peter Winslow.

Nov. 2. Mrs. Sally Davis, 94, widow of the late Judge William Crosby, and the oldest resident. Her faculties were retained to the end.
[Nov.] 9. Abbie Knowlton, 64.
[Nov.] 9. Simon A. Heath, 86, a man of marked characteristics and retentive memory.
[Nov.] 10. Otis N. Patterson, 21.
[Nov.] 14. Dr. Frank G. Young, 52, of Salem, Ohio, son of the late Col. Moses H. Young.
[Nov.] 24. Collins McCarty, 89.

Dec. 5. Elmer S. Nash, 2.
[Dec.] 12. Child of Roscoe G. Lewis, infant.

[p. 394]
Dec. 13. Bertha B. Brown, 1.
[Dec.] 17. Sarah E. Bradman, 48.
[Dec.] 20. Carrie Lane, 40.
[Dec.] 24. Ida L. Condon, 15.
[Dec.] 31. John Curtis, 93, a soldier of the War of 1812.

Jan. 19. Hon. Willard Pope Harriman, 63. (See chapter xxi, on Lawyers, and Portrait.)
[Jan.] 23. Thomas A. Beckwith, 68.
[Jan.] 27. Sarah C., 44, wife of E. W. B. Austin.
[Jan.] 28. Mrs. Harriet M. Frost, 46.

Feb. 2. In Philadelphia, Edgar Cottrell, 32.
[Feb.] 3. Johanna, 50, wife of John Collins.
[Feb.] 8. Ida May, 17, daughter of Wallace B. White.
[Feb.] 8. Florence Estelle, 4, daughter of Albert E. Brackett.
[Feb.] 15. In Chelsea, at Soldier's Home, John F. Milliken, 57, formerly of Belfast. He was Register of Deeds.
[Feb.] 17. Benjamin Robinson, 3.
[Feb.] 17. George, 38, second son of Hon. William George Crosby.
[Feb.] 18. In Boston, Levi R. Wing, 55, for several years one of the proprietors of the Republican Journal. He left Belfast in 1853.
[Feb.] 19. Mrs. Hanson, 80, widow of the late James B. Hanson.
[Feb.] 19. In Cumberland, Mrs. Mace, widow of the late Timothy L. Mace, recently of Belfast.
[Feb.] 22. In Boston, Henry Mayberry, infant.
[Feb.] 25. Margaret Stone, 78.
[Feb.] 25. Eunice Dennis Wilder, 56, wife of John Warren Wilder.
[Feb.] 26. Susan Rogers, 80.
[Feb.] 26. Albert H. Arey, lost at sea.

Mar. 7. Josephine, 36, wife of Capt. John Hassell.
[Mar.] 18. Maj. Paul Richard Hazeltine, 77. He was a native of Warwick, Mass., and was one of six brothers who came to Maine early in the century; Arad, who settled in Nobleboro; Harry, in Searsmont; Prescott, Mayo, Benjamin, and himself in Belfast. For nearly fifty year he was a merchant, of probity, sagacity, and enterprise. His first wife was daughter of the later Stephen Longfellow. In 1838, he married Miss Harriet H., daughter of the late Hon. William D. Williamson. Never aspiring to office, or aiming at positions of influence, an exemption from conflicting pursuits enabled a concentration upon business, the result of which was a large estate which he liberally bestowed. Besides numerous bequests to charitable institutions abroad, and to relatives in Belfast and elsewhere, those of a local nature were as follows: $20,000 for a Free Library; the income of $5000 for the worthy poor; of $5000 for the Unitarian Society; and of $1000 each to the

[p. 395]
Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, and Universalist Societies. Mr. Hazeltine left no children. His widow survived him until 1884. (See Portrait).

Mar. 26. Eugene Nason, 26.
[Mar.] 27. Edward P. Thompson, 2.
[Mar.] 27. In Calcutta, Cornelius, son of Daniel Sheehan.

Apr. 1. In Morrill, Flora Collins, 25.
[Apr.] 4. Lucy A., 44, wife of Phineas M. Moody.
[Apr.] 9. Infant child of James D. Tucker.
[Apr.] 10. Daniel Perkins, 46.
[Apr.] 11. Martha Warren, 68.
[Apr.] 13. In Bradford, Ill., Bradford S. Foster, 69, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 14. Bessie L. Kelley, 1.
[Apr.] 21. Miss Lizzie Springfield, 56.
[Apr.] 22. Barbara D., 77, widow of the late Otis Barrows of Rockland.
[Apr.] 24. Blanche M. Sawtelle, 17.

May 1. In Lynn, Mass., Miss Lucy, 18, daughter of the late Capt. John Toothaker.
[May] 7. Reuben Sibley, 70, a native of Freedom, and for fifty years a prominent merchant of Belfast. Throughout his business life he stood in the highest estimation as an honorable business man and a moral, upright, and public-spirited citizen.
[May] 13. Arabelle Cunningham, 27, wife of Elijah S. Shuman.
[May] 14. Mrs. Mary, 79, widow of the late Nathaniel Wells.
[May] 23. In Reading, Pa., Rev. Giles Bailey, 61, for several years pastor of the Universalist Church in Belfast.
[May] 28. Fred S., 4, son of Percy Sanborn.
[May] 29. In Boston, Sarah E., 52, widow of the late Edmund Wilson, and daughter of the late Jonathan Durham.
[May] 30. Fannie M., 4, daughter of Thomas P. Logan.

June 2. Mrs. Luther Perry, 55.
[June] 3. In Houlton, Rufus Mansur, 72, formerly a resident of Belfast.
[June] 4. John Handrahan, 70.
[June] 11. Nelson Tewksbury, 63.
[June] 14. Ezra Pitcher, 74, late of Northport.
[June] 29. Mrs. Walls, 29, wife of Frederick Stevens Walls, and daughter of Isaiah C. Neal.
[June] 30. Timothy McCarty, 33.
[June] 30. Elva A. Walls, 38.

July 1. Susan Littlehale Kalloch, 66, wife of George Anson Miller.
[July] 6. Mary Flowers, 67, wife of Franklin Brier.
[July] 11. Mary Cochran, 34.
[July] 16. Annie R. Davis, 13.
[July] 18. Margaret N., 53, wife of William B. Conant.
[July] 22. In Matanzas, George W. Staples.
[July] 26. Jane Stinson, 62.
[July] 29. Miss Hannah Prince, 67.

[p. 396]
Aug. 3. In Newton, Mass., Albert Bingham, 79, a resident of Belfast from 1836 to 1845.
[Aug.] 9. Watie M. Haney, 1.
[Aug.] 9. In Bahai, Brazil, Augustus H. Robinson, 24.
[Aug.] 9. John Edwards, 82.
[Aug.] 11. Rhoda Whalen, 49.
[Aug.] 17. Ina E., 23, wife of John Atwell Mace, Jr., and daughter of Ibrook Eddy Collins.
[Aug.] 22. Cornelius Hayes.
[Aug.] 23. In Syracuse, N. Y., Frederick Crosby, 34, son of the Hon. William George Crosby.
[Aug.] 29. In Augusta, Benjamin F. Barker, born in Montville, and resident of Belfast for several years.

Sept. 1. Hon. Jonathan Garland Dickerson, LL.D., 66. (See chapter xxi on Lawyers, and Portrait.)
[Sept.] 11. In Bangor, Elizabeth A., 49, wife of Albert Gardner, and daughter of John Maddocks of Belfast.
[Sept.] 16. Thomas Carson, 70, born in Skowhegan. He was killed on the railroad track by a train.
[Sept.] 17. Minnie V. Patterson, 59.
[Sept.] 23. David M. Burgess, 77, son of John Burgess.
[Sept.] 23. Arthur H., 3, son of G. W. Ryder.
[Sept.] 24. In Harwich, Mass., Rev. Joseph R. Munsell, 75, pastor of the North Belfast Congregational Church from 1852 to 1858.
[Sept.] 26. Mrs. Irene B. Cunningham, 64.
[Sept.] 26. Charles S., 18, son of Fitz W. Gilbert. He fell from a mast of a ship at sea.
[Sept.] 30. Samuel Witham, 68.

Oct. 1. Charlotte, 66, wife of B. C. Wyman.
[Oct.] 1. Ada E. Hogan, 5.
[Oct.] 2. In San Francisco, George Bailey, 50, son of James Gammans, and a resident of California, since 1849. He was noted for generosity and kindness of heart.
[Oct.] 4. In Malden, Mass., P. M. Cunningham, 33.
[Oct.] 4. Emma M. Harris, 21.
[Oct.] 13. Lizzie S. Wyman, 24, wife of Delphaet Scammon.
[Oct.] 13. Mary N. Cunningham, 66.
[Oct.] 14. Martha Jane Roix, 36, wife of Dana Boardman Southworth.
[Oct.] 16. In Montville, John McHassell, 95, of Belfast. He was born in Merrimack, N. H.
[Oct.] 17. In Malden, Mass., Catherine C., 39, wife of A. M. Pillsbury.
[Oct.] 19. In Durham, Conn., Rev. William H. Norris, 76, formerly a Methodist clergyman in Belfast.
[Oct.] 21. Alton Vose, 23.
[Oct.] 23. Bertha Chase, 21, wife of Charles Haraden Field.
[Oct.] 26. Sarah F. Lewis, 78.
[Oct.] 31. At sea, Arthur Kane.

[p. 397]
Nov. 1. John F. Brier, 3.
[Nov.] 3. Vinal Mayhew, 77.
[Nov.] 7. Edith A. Thomas, 3.
[Nov.] 7. In Chelsea, Mass., Capt. John P. Johnson, about 50, long commander on the Sanford line of steamers.
[Nov.] 9. Hannah A. Patterson, 44.
[Nov.] 9. In New Orleans, Charles Tuttle.
[Nov.] 16. Child of Roscoe G. Ellis, 2½.
[Nov.] 18. Edmund Stevens, 78.
[Nov.] 18. Charlotte Sholes, infant.
[Nov.] 18. Melvin A. Richards, 3.
[Nov.] 22. Thomas Melody, 20.
[Nov.] 25. Ellen B. Henderson, 30.
[Nov.] 28. In Lawrence, Mass., Rev. Francis Messure, 71, a Methodist clergyman in Belfast in 1831.
[Nov.] 30. Laura Flint, 76.

Dec. 6. In Boston, Hiram E. Wright, 56, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 13. In Natick, Mass., Annette H., 32, formerly of Belfast, wife of George Miller, and daughter of Calvin Pitcher.
[Dec.] 17. In Skowhegan, Mrs. Catherine Ellis, of Belfast.
[Dec.] 18. Elizabeth F., 56, wife of Daniel Lane, and daughter of the late Capt. William Avery.
[Dec.] 25. Simon Watson, 91.
[Dec.] 28. Albert E. Clark, 51.
[Dec.] 29. Eben Richardson, about 48, formerly of Castine.
[Dec.] 29. Robert Brier, 66.

Jan. 2. Elizabeth Murray, 83, wife of James Craig.
[Jan.] 3. Mrs. Hannah Philbrook, 77, formerly of Knox.
[Jan.] 5. Mrs. Nancy L. Doe, 72, of Searsmont.
[Jan.] 9. Walter B. Richards, infant.
[Jan.] 9. Walter R., infant son of W. O. Colby.
[Jan.] 15. In West Bridgewater, Mass., Mrs. Nancy A. Forbes, 67, daughter of the late James Durham, of Belfast.
[Jan.] 16. William Rowe, 25.
[Jan.] 22. Abigail Dunbar, 81.
[Jan.] 22. Capt. James H. Hallowell, 50.
[Jan.] 23. Mary E., 26, wife of Sylvanus G. Cottrell.
[Jan.] 23. William Quimby, 86. He was born in Lebanon, N. H., and came to Belfast with his father, Jonathan Quimby, in 1802. For many years he was a watch- and clock-maker, and afterwards in mercantile business. He had four brothers, Daniel, Robert, Jonathan Towle, and Phineas Parkhurst, and two sisters, Grace, wife of the late Job White, and Sarah, wife of the late Capt. John Wales. Although their senior, he survived them all. In Mr. Quimby's later years there was no resident whose memory of local events was so accurate or

[p. 398]
covered so long a period of personal knowledge concerning them.

Jan. 30. Joseph H. Bean, 44.

Feb. 1. Susie Coombs, 11.
[Feb.] 10. Susan Rowe, 71.
[Feb.] 12. Esther M. Rackliff, 61, wife of Eben Littlefield.
[Feb.] 16. In Cherryfield, E. B. Austin, formerly telegraph operator in Belfast.
[Feb.] 18. Horatio N. Palmer, 71. He was born in Bristol, and came to Belfast in 1820. For many years he was engaged in mercantile pursuits. He was inspector of the customs from 1849 to 1853.
[Feb.] 19. Charles, 18, son of John Atwell Mace. (See Accidents.)
[Feb.] 19. Andrew L. Harris, 8.
[Feb.] 24. In Rockland, Capt. Benjamin Linnekin, 83, formerly of Belfast.

Mar. 1. Maria M. Strout, 39.
[Mar.] 9. In Searsport, Dea. Jedediah V. Baker, 81, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 13. Joshua Farrow, 84.
[Mar.] 13. In Niles, Mich., Franklin Muzzy, 63, a native of Searsmont. He studied law in Belfast with the late Judge Alfred Johnson.
[Mar.] 16. J. Fred Hall, 5.
[Mar.] 16. In Baltimore, Francis Neville Hopkins.
[Mar.] 18. In Mechanicsville, Pa., William L. Avery, son of the late William Avery. He was born in Belfast in 1826, and graduated at Bowdoin in 1845. He studied law but never practiced. He started, in 1847, an independent paper in Belfast, called the "New Planet," which had an existence of a few months, and was then merged in the "Signal." Mr. Avery continued the consolidated papers for some years. He afterwards edited papers in New York and the West. For some years he was a department clerk at Washington. At the time of his death he was conducting a paper at Mechanicsville. He was a brother of the late Mrs. Daniel (Elizabeth Avery) Lane, and the only survivor of the children of William Avery.
[Mar.] 18. In Chicopee, Mass., Ella W., 34, daughter of George W. Patterson.
[Mar.] 18. In Oakland, Cal., Henry Ames, 63, a former resident of Belfast.
[Mar.] 20. Lost on Georges Bank, Fred Hall and George Pooler, of Belfast.
[Mar.] 20. Walter F., 18, son of Timothy Thompson.
[Mar.] 22. Jane I., 73, widow of the late Phineas Carter.
[Mar.] 25. Hon. James Patterson White, 78, son of the late Robert White. (See chapter ii, for Biographical Sketch and Portrait.)
[Mar.] 28. Edna E., 29, wife of T. A. Simonton, of Rockland.
[Mar.] 30. Katie May, 2, daughter of the Rev. Theodore Gerrish.
[Mar.] 31. Miss Martha E. Peachey, 28.

[p. 399]
Apr. 4. In London, Canada, William H. Wilson, principal contractor for building the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad.
[Apr.] 9. Georgie Heath, 11.
[Apr.] 10. Miss Celia A. Webber, 32.
[Apr.] 10. Amos Storer, 67, a native of Yarmouth.
[Apr.] 16. In Virginia City, Nev., Albert, 50, son of the late John Robinson.
[Apr.] 21. Miss Susan Frost, about 75.
[Apr.] 27. Miss Clara A., 18, daughter of Luther M. Smith.

May 1. Helen McLeod Mitchell, 57, wife of Oakes Angier, a native of Bridgewater, Mass.
[May] 3. Lemuel Rich Palmer, 70, a native of Lincolnville, and well known ship-builder. His first vessel, the ship Vistula, was built just above the present Citypoint bridge. He was an energetic business man, of sterling honesty,and of kind sympathies. For several years before his death he was engaged in introducing a stave edging-machine which he invented and patented.
[May] 4. Sarah J., 37, wife of Israel Wood Parker, and daughter of the late Erastus B. Stephenson.
[May] 5. Mary H., 70, widow of the late John Walton.
[May] 13. Benjamin F. Harmon, 45.
[May] 15. Celia A., 39, wife of Charles H. Hubbard, and daughter of Daniel G. Hinds.
[May] 17. In Portland, Edwin C. Kimball, 66, formerly of Belfast.
[May] 20. Ruby Phipps, 81.
[May] 28. Nicholas S. Lewis, 89. In company with James Patterson White, he established the first iron foundry in Belfast.

June 2. In Waldoboro, Maj. Joseph Bray, 80, an old-time resident of Belfast.
[June] 3. Arvida, 33, son of the Hon. Axel Hayford.
[June] 5. Mary R., 36, wife of Llewellyn Gay, and daughter of the late Benjamin F. Blackstone.
[June] 6. In Northport, Albert T. Stevens, 60, of Belfast. (See Accidents.)
[June] 8. Robert C. Thompson, shipwright, 60.
[June] 12. Israel M. Baker, 8.
[June] 19. In Plymouth, Mass., John F. Edwards, 49, son of the late John Edwards.
[June] 21. Frances, 87, widow of the late Benjamin Kingsbury, and well known in Belfast as "Aunt Flagner."
[June] 22. Mrs. James Burgess, 54.

July 1. May Foss, 88.
[July] 5. Clara A., 20, daughter of the late Willard Mathews.
[July] 12. Ambrose Strout, 67. He was of inventive talent, and the proprietor of several patented machines.

[p. 400]
July 16. Mrs. Martha J. Hubbard, 29.
[July] 19. Frank W. Eastman, 18.
[July] 22. Henry C. Eaton, 51. (See Accidents.)
[July] 22. Nahum M. Griffin, 74, a native of Stockton Springs.
[July] 24. In Jamaica Plain, Mass., Freeman C. Raymond, a resident of Belfast from 1824 to 1839.
[July] 28. In New York, Elizabeth W., wife of John H. Cooper, and daughter of the late Jonathan T. Quimby.
[July] 29. Bancroft Wyman, 70.

Aug. 1. Eliza A., 69, widow of the late John Wilson, Jr. During the war, six of her sons were in the United States service, three of whom lost their lives.
[Aug.] 8. In Steuben, Lois I., 31, wife of Charles G. Cleaves, and daughter of Albion King Paris Moore.
[Aug.] 10. Polly, 90, widow of the late Eben Whitcomb.
[Aug.] 14. Ulab Carter, 7. (See Accidents.)
[Aug.] 15. Bertha M. Dunton, 3.
[Aug.] 17. Charles W., 39, son of William Holt.
[Aug.] 24. William C., 38, son of John Danforth.
[Aug.] 27. In Chelsea, Mass., William Whitney, 65.
[Aug.] 29. Hattie C. Thompson, 38.

Sept. 8. Mercy Wiley, 49, widow of the late John Hussey.
[Sept.] 11. In Portland, Capt. Christopher Kilby, for several years a steamboat master.
[Sept.] 16. In Bridgeport, Conn., Mrs. Sarah C. Bowser, 65, daughter of the late Thomas H. Carr, of Belfast.
[Sept.] 25. Ada A., 29, wife of Capt. Ferdinand F. Patterson.
[Sept.] 29. In Bangor, Sarah Hasey, 53, wife of George R. Lancaster, formerly of Belfast.

Oct. 3. Eliza A. Leavitt, 66.
[Oct.] 8. John McKinley, 25.
[Oct.] 16. Joshua Towle, 71.
[Oct.] 16. Rev. Calvin Monroe, 85, born in Surrey, N. H., 13 December, 1793, son of Dr. Philip Monroe. He was a brother of the late Drs. Hollis and Nahum Parker Monroe, and was the last of that generation of the family. He studied for the ministry in Boston, and preached his first sermon in the old Universalist Church in Salem, Mass. He was afterwards ordained a Baptist preacher.
[Oct.] 16. In Houlton, the Hon. James C. Madigan, 58.
[Oct.] 19. Annie H., 2, daughter of Luther H. Emmons.
[Oct.] 22. In Portland, Thomas Davee, 35, youngest son of Hon. Hugh Johnston Anderson, and a native of Belfast. He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1865, and practiced law at Washington, D. C.
[Oct.] 22. In Winterport, Rev. Ephraim H. Small, 70. He was the Methodist pastor in Belfast, 1852-53.

[p. 401]
Oct. 25. Lena Ferguson, 5, daughter of George Brooks Ferguson.
[Oct.] 26. George E. Graisbury, infant.
[Oct.] 28. George P., 2, son of Luther H. Emmons.
[Oct.] __. In Salem, Mass., Mrs. Isabella G., 80, widow of the late Hon. John S. Kimball, formerly of Belfast.

Nov. 3. In San Francisco, James M. Torrey, 68, formerly of Belfast, and son of the late Elijah Torrey.
[Nov.] 12. Harry, 4, son of Israel Wood Parker.
[Nov.] 16. In Salem, Mass., Rev. Gershom F. Cox, 80, a resident of Belfast from 1821 to 1826.
[Nov.] 21. Elizabeth Moorhead, 66.
[Nov.] 21. Patrick Casey, 71, a native of Ireland.
[Nov.] 23. William Colley, 91, a native of Gray, and a pensioner for services in the War of 1812.
[Nov.] 23. Mrs. Catherine Sanborn, 96, the oldest person in Belfast.
[Nov.] 27. In Winterport, Charles Colburn, 83, son of the late Ebenezer Colburn, and former resident of Belfast.

Dec. 2. In Augusta, Rev. William A. Drew, 81, the first pastor of the Universalist Church of Belfast.
[Dec.] 21. Hannah Clark, 87.
[Dec.] __. In Belville, Nev., Hartwell Woodcock, 66, a native of Searsmont, and for several years a ship-builder in Belfast.
[Dec.] 23. Frank Campbell, 28.
[Dec.] 25. In Kansas City, Mo., Joseph Clarence Dodge, a former resident of Belfast.
[Dec.] __. In California, Josiah Bean, 53, a native of Belfast.
[Dec.] __. In Rockland, Capt. David Ames, son of Jacob Ames of Belfast.

Jan. 2. Thomas McKinley, 66.
[Jan.] 2. Isaac N. Worthing, 68, son of the late John Worthing.
[Jan.] 6. In Boston, Martha E. Pendleton, 3.
[Jan.] 6. Miss Mary B., daughter of the late Thomas W. Lothrop.
[Jan.] 9. In Mobile, George N. Harriman, 61, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 12. Alfred J. Dutch, 5.
[Jan.] 13. Clara E. Coombs, 16.
[Jan.] 14. In Everett, Mass., Angelia A., 36, wife of E. G. Crabtree, and daughter of Daniel G. Hinds of Belfast.
[Jan.] 15. Harriet A., 67, widow of the late Robert Griffin.
[Jan.] 15. In San Francisco, Benjamin Poor, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 17. In Boston, Charles Kimball, 46.
[Jan.] 17. Mertie McFarland, 9.
[Jan.] 18. Cynthia Blake, 60, wife of Samuel Norton.
[Jan.] 19. Capt. H. D. Harriman, 44, a native of Prospect.
[Jan.] 19. In Camden, Rev. Winslow O. Thomas, 45. He was pastor

[p. 402]
of the Baptist Church in Belfast, 1864-72, and in 1870, through his exertions, the church edifice was renovated.
Jan. 26. In Rockland, Mass., John B. Pike, about 50, late a resident of Belfast.
[Jan.] __. Leroy E., 7, son of D. B. Merrill.

Feb. 1. In Brooklyn, N. Y., Emily Bingham, 7, daughter of Capt. Ansel Lothrop White.
[Feb.] 5. In Orleans, Mass., Willie C., 15, son of the late John A. Hodgdon, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 10. Miss Fannie L., 21, daughter of C. O. Macomber.
[Feb.] 14. Oakes Angier, 63, for firty years a prominent and active merchant of Belfast, and the last of the family of the late John Angier. He was a vaulable and useful citizen, having been City Assessor for many years and for two terms President of the Common Council.
[Feb.] 25. Eunice V., 84, wife of Jacob Ames.
[Feb.] 27. In Charleston, S. C., Rev. Edward Francis Cutter, D.D., 70, pastor of the North Church from 1846 to 1856. For several years before his death he had no pastoral charge, but resided in Belfast. He was a man of strong convictions and positive ideas, and of singular sincerity and purity of character. His example was of the best, and his influence and labor always for the good. (See also chap. vi, p. 39, and Portrait.)
[Feb.] 28. Deacon Edwin Beaman, 78. He was born in Massachusetts, and came to Belfast in 1829. He was the oldest trader in Belfast, having been in business over half a century. His golden wedding was observed September 30, 1879. He married Sarah Patten. (See also chap. vi, p. 39.)

Mar. 9. Nettie H. Eaton, 6.
[Mar.] 9. In Washington, D. C., James Morrow, 58.
[Mar.] 19. In San Francisco, Robert L. Tilden, 49, printer. He was born in Belfast, and was the son of the late William Tilden.
[Mar.] 19. Mary Clarence, 43.
[Mar.] 20. In Frederickton, N. B., Margery, 37, wife of S. I. Shute, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 22. Benjamin B., 36, son of the late David S. Whitaker.
[Mar.] 24. Pamelia Stover, 77.
[Mar.] 24. Mrs. Eliza W. Stone, 79.
[Mar.] 29. In Camden, Capt. Joshua Bramhall, 69, a native of Belfast. He was a transport master in the war, and afterwards was lighthouse keeper on Negro Island, in Camden Harbor.

Apr. 1. James Bowdoin Murch, Esq., 71. (See chap. xxi and Portrait.)
[Apr.] 2. In Knox, Miss Olive L. Kelsey, for many years a resident of Belfast.
[Apr.] 11. Cora B. Wood, 18.
[Apr.] 13. In Jacksonville, Fla., Miss Sophia, daughter of the late

[p. 403]
Joseph Jones, of Camden. She had resided in Belfast several years.
Apr. 16. James M. Clary, 36. (See Accidents.)
[Apr.] 16. Georgie E. Mahoney, 1.
[Apr.] 21. In Portland, Charles W. Hayes, 40.
[Apr.] 22. George Cox, colored. He had many of the nobler elements of manhood. He was 56 years old and a native of Brewer. A brave soldier in the Fourth Maine Regiment, he was wounded four times.
[Apr.] 23. In New York, George A., 44, son of Abel Bennett.
[Apr.] 25. Bertha M., 8, daughter of Adelbert Knight.
[Apr.] 25. Elizabeth, 83, widow of the late William Simonton, of Camden. Her maiden name was Roberts, and she was born in Vinalhaven.

May 1. Nathaniel Philbrook.
[May] 2. Jane, 83, widow of the late Dennis Emery.
[May] 2. In Lockridge, Ia., Maj. Abial R. Pierce, 60. He went from Belfast in 1839. Son of Nathaniel Pierce.
[May] 5. Mary A. Hall, 24.
[May] 7. David Clark, 73.
[May] 9. Ruby Wilson, 3.
[May] 12. In Augusta, Edward Francis, 19, son of Philo Chase, Esq., formerly of Belfast.
[May] 13. In Boston, Margaret, widow of the late Levi R. Wing, and daughter of the late Capt. William Stone.
[May] 16. Charles W. Mayo, 49, son of Timothy Mayo, of Monroe.
[May] 19. Lucy M. Eustis, 56.
[May] 20. Capt. Napoleon Bonaparte Warren, 40. (See Accidents.)
[May] 29. Capt. David Patterson, 88, formerly a trader at the Upper Bridge.

June 2. Ella G., 5, daughter of George A. Cobbett.
[June] 3. Isaac H. Darby, 40.
[June] 4. Mary E. Saunders, 39.
[June] 7. Hannah, 70, widow of the late Robert W. Quimby, and daughter of the late Paul Giles.
[June] 13. In Newcastle, Hon. John H. Converse, 71. He studied law here, and married Mary A., daughter of the late John H. Conner.
[June] 14. Henry S. Parker, 50, a native of Northport, and recently tax collector.
[June] 15. Lydia Warren, 85.
[June] 15. Joshua Smart, 78.

July 9. In Boston, Hon. Benjamin Wiggin, 68, Collector of Customs in Belfast in 1845.
[July] 15. In Buenos Ayres, M. S. Bagley, 42, formerly of Belfast, and native of Dixmont.
[July] 16. Hiram Holmes, 79.

[p. 404]
July 17. Maggie M. Casey, 2.
[July] 24. Harriet B., 67, widow of the late Lemuel Clark, of Winterport.
[July] 26. Eveline R., 26, wife of Alexander Graisbury, and daughter of Capt. Doane Pattershall.

Aug. 1. Mary, 74, wife of Robert R. Swett.
[Aug.] 3. John McKenzie, about 68. (Record says Alexander McK.).
[Aug.] 4. George A., 2, son of Harvey H. Smalley.
[Aug.] 5. Samuel R., 29, son of George S. Chase.
[Aug.] 5. Stillman S. Keith, 15.
[Aug.] 9. Elijah Morrill, 75.
[Aug.] 10. Nancy Marshall, 70.
[Aug.] 10. In St. Paul, Minn., Levi Young, 30, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 14. Martin P. White, 78, son of the late Jonathan White.
[Aug.] 19. Nancy Furber, 92 years, 11 months, widow of the late James Patterson. She was a native of New Hampshire, and in 1809 married James Patterson, son of one the first settlers, who died in 1816. She was the oldest lady in Belfast, and retained her cheerfulness and faculties to an unusual extent.
[Aug.] 23. Franklin P. Reed, 43.
[Aug.] 23. Frank A., 1, son of Leon Tibbetts.
[Aug.] 24. William O. Cunningham, Jr., 31.
[Aug.] 24. Georgie Leighton, infant.
[Aug.] 29. In East Douglas, Mass., Rev. Josiah W. C. Pike, pastor of North Belfast Congregationlist Church, 1865-67.
[Aug.] 31. James Goodell, 78.

Sept. 2. Samuel B. Hanson, master joiner and builder.
[Sept.] 4. Mary Hopkins, 1.
[Sept.] 11. Charles E. Whitmore, 14.
[Sept.] 11. Arthur J., 20, son of Sewall Patterson.
[Sept.] 13. Infant child of Charles A. Piper.
[Sept.] 13. In Transitville, Ind., Margaret E., 35, wife of L. L. Blood, of Lawrence, Mass., and daughter of the late Capt. Willard Matthews of Belfast.
[Sept.] 20. Edmund G., infant son of the late Samuel R. Chase.
[Sept.] 20. In Weston, Mass., Thomas J. Hobbs, 69, for the past twenty years a well-known summer visitor in Belfast.
[Sept.] 21. Jacob Ames, 89, a prominent master ship-builder.
[Sept.] 21. John Cullnan, 35.
[Sept.] 21. Gilmore Flagg, 56.
[Sept.] 22. Elizabeth, 70, wife of Daniel Brier.
[Sept.] 22. At Boston Highlands, Hannah,72, wife of the Hon. Albert Gallatin Jewett, and daughter of the late Hon. John Wilson. Her golden wedding was celebrated May 10.
[Sept.] 27. Lydia, 74, widow of the late Joseph Wood.
[Sept.] __. Leander J. Hatch.

[p. 405]
Oct. 5. Mary C., 76, wife of Miles Staples.
[Oct.] 6. Mary C., 44, wife of William B. Otis.
[Oct.] 6. Mrs. Catherine Preston, 58.
[Oct.] 7. In Chelsea, Mass., Sarah E. Wilder, 50, daughter of the late John Warren Wilder, of Belfast.
[Oct.] 19. In Peterborough, N. H., Samuel G. Pierce, 76, a former resident of Belfast.
[Oct.] 27. John M. Bailey, 76, a native of Bristol, and formerly a resident in Morrill.
[Oct.] 30. Mary, 75, wife of James Crosby.

Nov. 2. Adelbert N. Condon, 26.
[Nov.] 6. Mary E., 64, widow of the late Robert Pote, and daughter of the late Calvin Pitcher.
[Nov.] 10. In Somerville, Fanny Lewis, 43.
[Nov.] 13. Adoniram J. Howard, 51.
[Nov.] 16. Infant child of John Nash.
[Nov.] 17. Michael Mahoney, 55.
[Nov.] 23. In New York, Mrs. Waty Ann, 64, widow of the late John T. Gleason, and daughter of the late Manasseh Sleeper.
[Nov.] 29. Isaac E. Hills, 58, a native of Thorndike. He took great interest in mission work for the poor, and freely spent time and money in its cause.
[Nov.] 30. Mary Boles, 68.

Dec. 2. in New York, Jeremiah Towle, 81, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 2. In Waterville, Emily Redington, widow of the late Hon. Solyman Heath, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 5. In Watertown, Mass., Jennie, 30, daughter of Alfred J. Stephenson, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 6. In Liberty, Daniel Johnson, 90, a native of Moultonboro, N. H., With his father, he came to Belfast, in 1790, and resided here many years. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and one of the party who secreted the artillery cannon when the town was invaded by the British.
[Dec.] 11. Capt. John McDonald, 35.
[Dec.] 11. David A. Clark, infant.
[Dec.] 14. Frank L. Dunton, infant.
[Dec.] 17. In Lincolnville, Davis E. M., 4, son of E. M. Thomas of Belfast.
[Dec.] 20. Alpheus Shaw, 57.
[Dec.] 20. Mrs. Annah A., 34, wife of Roscoe G. Stone.
[Dec.] 22. Samuel Robbins, 84, a native of North Haven, and progenitor of the Robbins family of Robbinstown, East Belfast. He left ninety descendants, comprising three generations, the dwarf Donald O. Robbins among them.
[Dec.] 25. In East Boston, Lydia G., 65, widow of the late Capt. Nathan Pendleton, formerly of Belfast, the daughter of the late Capt. Philip Gilkey, of Searsport.

[p. 406]
Dec. 23. Sabrina, 78, widow of the late John Edwards, and daughter of the late Jonathan Basford.
[Dec.] 27. Thomas S. Lymburner, 66, a native of Brooksville.