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Marriages by Rev. Obed Wilson of Bingham, 1814-1839

Source: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 103 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1949).

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Bingham, Maine, Marriages by Rev. Obed Wilson:—The following marriages were solemnized by the Rev. Obed Wilson of Bingham, Maine, between 1814 and 1839, according to records kept by him:

Nov. 17, 1814 Simon Piper, Solon, to Sarah Pierce, Bingham

Mar. 6, 1817 Rev. Elias Bryant, New Vineyard, to Mahala Pratt, New Vineyard

Apr. 15, 1819 Benjamin Witham, Bingham, to Elenor Beane, Bingham

Oct. 19, 1820 James T. Young, Bingham, to Lucy Wood, Bingham

Nov. 16, 1820 Nathan Moody, Bingham, to Betsy Rolf, Plantations No. 1

Dec. 3, 1820 Luther Russel, Moscow, to Mary Russel, Plantations No. 1

Apr. 3, 1821 Obadiah Drew, Bingham, to Betsey Willey, Bingham

May 3, 1821 Samuel Kenedy, Solon, to Rhoda Judkins, Solon

Oct. 23, 1821 Luther Chaney, Chesterville, to Sally Pierce, Solon

June 10, 1822 Ephraim Washburn, Norridgewock, to Louisa Harvell, Norridgewock

Oct. 14, 1822 Arthur Spaulding, Norridgewock, to Sarah T. Thompson, Norridgewock

Oct. 9, 1823 Wesley Gray, Embden, to Melinda Colby, Embden

Oct. 30, 1823 Frederic Raymond, Anson, to Sally Moore, Anson

June 6, 1824 Capt. Asa Clark, Norridgewock, to Sophia Bates, Norridgewock

Dec. 24, 1826 James Bosworth, Solon, to Dorcas Fletcher, Bingham

Dec. 25, 1826 Jesse Pierce, Solon, to Katharine Reed, Madison

Mar. 19, 1827 Silas Hamblet, Solon, to Roanna Richards, Madison

Nov. 29, 1827 Levi Foss, Concord, to Caroline Fowler, Embden

Dec. 25, 1827 James Webber, Concord, to Sabra Felker, Concord

July 20, 1828 David Adams, Unity, to Mrs. Hannah Wilson, Embden

Dec. 9, 1828 Richard Hunnewell, Solon, to Judith Richardson, Solon

Dec. 19, 1828 Franklin Smith, Anson, to Emily O. Steward, Anson

Jan. 27, 1829 Daniel Wilson, Bingham, to Polly Goodrich, Bingham

Jan. 27, 1829 Fletcher Thompson, Madison, to Martha Gray, Embden

Jan. 29, 1829 Stephen Rice, Solon, to Hannah Robinson, Bingham

Jan. 29, 1829 James Church, Bingham, to Abigail Knight, Bingham

Mar. 26, 1829 Asa W. Moor, Anson, to Eliza Smith, Anson

Apr. 28, 1829 Daniel Heald, Bingham, to Clementine Longley, Bingham

May 5, 1829 Cephas Whipple, Solon, to Lois Wood, Bingham

July 19, 1829 John Martin, Bingham, to Betsey Tufts, Bingham

Oct. 13, 1829 Daniel Dutton, Vassalborough, to Helena Colby, Embden

Oct. 20, 1829 Simon Maynard, Solon, to Mary Martin, Bingham

Jan. 31, 1830 Thomas C. Jones, Norridgewock, to Judith Spaulding, Norridgewock

Feb. 16, 1830 Benjamin F. Leadbetter, Concord, to Lucinda Heald, Concord

May 9, 1830 Francis Drew, Milburn, to Flavilla Dinsmore, Norridgewock

June 25, 1830 Gideon Purrington, Bingham, to Abigail Farnham, Moscow

Aug. 29, 1830 Jotham Goodrich, Bingham, to Mary Ann Leadbetter, Concord

Oct. 19, 1830 Screwton Abbott, Winslow, to Johanna Thompson, Anson

Oct. 19, 1830 Elijah Wilson, Embden, to Sarah Butterfield, Anson

Oct. 20, 1830 Eben S. Moore, Anson, to Lydia Daggett, Starks

Oct. 20, 1830 Seth W. Kimball, Waterville, to Emily A. Daggett, Starks

Feb. 28, 1831 Moses Chamberlin, Jr., Moscow, to Mary Stevens, Carrytunk-Pleasant Ridge

Mar. 29, 1831 Amos F. Churchel, Bingham, to Eleanor Chase, Bingham

May 26, 1831 Shurtliff Smith, Moscow, to Dorcas Churchel, Bingham

June 25, 1831 Winthrop Eldridge, Canaan, to Dorcas Adams, Bingham

Aug. 16, 1831 James L. Thompson, Moscow, to Sybil W. Parlin, Bingham

Sept. 29, 1831 John Nutting, Norridgewock, to Elizabeth B. Gray, Embden

Nov. 29, 1831 Daniel Wells, Jr., Palmyra, to Mary Bryant, Anson

Dec. 22, 1831 William Lowell, Concord, to Matilda Goodrich, Bingham

Jan. 17, 1832 William Martin, Bingham, to Betsey Martin, Bingham

Oct. 18, 1832 William Rowell, Bingham, to Lucinda Fletcher, Milburn

June 11, 1833 Joseph N. Green, Anson, to Adeline Bryant, Anson

Sept. 10, 1833 Solomon Russell, Moscow, age 78, to Mrs. Lydia Follett, age 48

Oct. 10, 1833 Samuel Smith, Jr., Moscow, to Sarah A. Langley, Bingham

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Dec. 12, 1833 Jonathan White, Moscow, to Mrs. Mary Stevens, Moscow

Jan. 16, 1834 Charles Grant, Concord, to Lucy Parlin, Bingham

Jan. 28, 1834 Jonathan Littlefield, Bingham, to Elizabeth R. Dore, Bingham

Sept. 9, 1834 Ephraim Heald, Jr., Bingham, to Louisa Baker, Bingham

Oct. 30, 1834 Amos F. Parlin, Milburn, to Clemena Steward, Anson

Nov. 25, 1834 Sylvanus B. Steward, Bingham, to Rebecca Goodrich, Bingham

Nov. 27, 1834 Levi Martin, Bingham, to Mahetabel Wiggins, Bingham

Dec. 4, 1834 James Baker, Carrytunk, to Sally Moor, Bingham

Dec. 16, 1834 Hiram Sally, Embden, to Rhoda Clarke, Embden

Dec. 25, 1834 Dennis Moore, Anson, to Ann Elizabeth Bedell, Anson

Dec. 29, 1834 Daniel Durrell, Solon, to Eliza Soams, Anson

Feb. 19, 1835 Henry Stone, Anson, to Livona Haskell, Anson

Feb. 25, 1835 Mr. Helen Knight, Bingham, to Anna Follett, Bingham

Oct. 14, 1835 Ephraim Parlin, Concord, to Evaline Leadbetter, Concord

Oct. 24, 1835 Abraham Brown, Concord, to Lucinda Town, Concord

Dec. 24, 1835 William Chipman, Kingfield, to Clemence Savage, Anson

July 7, 1836 Sewall Baker, Bingham, to Sarah Wood, Bingham

Sept. 7, 1836 Joseph Maynard, Solon, to Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, Madison

Sept. 19, 1836 John M. Ramsay, Skowhegan, to Cyrene Stevens, Skowhegan

Oct. 16, 1836 Joseph Barrett, Canaan, to Mrs. Pamela Wyman, Skowhegan

Mar. 15, 1837 Robert Burns, Moscow, to Sabrina Hilton, Starks

Mar. 23, 1837 Chandler Baker, Bingham, to Lucinda Russell, Bingham

Apr. 13, 1837 Dearborn Stevens, Moscow, to Olive B. James, Bingham

July 13, 1837 Asa C. Goodrich, Bingham, to Eunice Leadbetter, Concord

July 24, 1837 Sumner Wellington, Madison, to Mary B. McKinney, Madison

Dec. 10, 1837 Joel H. Williams, Skowhegan, to Betsey Philbrick, Skowhegan

Mar. 11, 1838 John Kerswell, Skowhegan, to Mary E. Raymond, Skowhegan

Sept. 18, 1838 William Martin, Skowhegan, to Esther Hughes, Skowhegan

Dec. 23, 1838 Samuel D. Arnold, Skowhegan, to Sarah S. Philbrick, Skowhegan

Dec. 25, 1838 William Blockden, Skowhegan, to Hanna Gulliver, Skowhegan

Mar. 11, 1839 Jonathan Leighton, Skowhegan, to Elizabeth C. Littlefield, Skowhegan

Apr. 16, 1839 Aretus Rowe, Newport, to Mrs. Margaret Homestead, Skowhegan

Sept. 15, 1839 Lieut. Abner Kerty, Skowhegan, to Rebecca Chase, Skowhegan