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Marriages by Rev. Nehemiah Hunt of Wilton and Avon, 1815-1850

Source: The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 109 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1955).

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Contributed by Clarence A. Day, of Orono, Maine

The original record, as kept by Mr. Hunt, is in the possession in 1954 of one of his descendants, Mrs. Pearl Dow Loring of Orono, Maine.

In making the copy the contributor has attempted to give the spelling exactly as in the original. In some instances, because of stains, faded ink, or indistinct writing, he has not been absolutely sure of the name. In these instances the uncertainty has been dictated by the use of a question mark.

Rev. Nehemiah6 Hunt(William5, Jeremiah4, Samuel3, Samuel2, William1) was born in Dunstable, N. H. (presumably), 3 Jan. 1772, and died in Avon, Maine (presumably), 30 Dec. 1860. He married, 12 Jan. 1792, Joanna Mooars. Their ten children were: Betsy, Joanna, Noah Johnson, Nehemiah, Polly, Esther, Hephzibah, Charles V., Lura Livermore, and Sylvester Strickland.

Mr. Hunt lived for some years in Wilton, but moved about 1826 to Avon. Many of his marriages were of people in the towns of Avon, Phillips, Temple, Strong, Salem, and Berlin (now part of Phillips), an area in Franklin County from which not many vital records have found their way into print.

1815 December 10 Abial Turner of Livermore and Cyrena Smith of Wilton.

1816 January 25 Micaiah Covel and Nancy Gould, both of Wilton.

1816 March 24 John Butterfield and Jerusha Mcau(r)ther both of Wilton.

1816 September 1 David W. Dresser [?] of Temple and Roxana Wood of Wilton.

1816 September 22 Culbert [?] Trip and Mahitable Royal both of Wilton.

1817 February 7 Cornelious Dillingham and Betsey Pumphilly both of Turner.

1817 April 10 Leonard Peckings and Vashty Randell both of Wilton.

1817 September 11 John Wheeler and Betsy Hescock both of Wilton.

1818 March 19 Ezekiel Hill of Wilton and Permelia Jackman of Plantation No. 4.

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1818 April 12 Berron Randell and Jane McCarther both of Wilton.

1818 April 23 David Peckings and Mary An Randell both of Wilton.

1818 May 14 Ensign Jesse Hiscock and Jane S. Wheeler both of Wilton.

1818 June 25 Thomas S. Robert and Susannah Huff both of Wilton.

1818 September 3 Elisha Bass and Joanna Hunt both of Wilton.

1818 September 13 Redmon Morris and Polly Knoles both of Wilton.

1818 November 5 James Dolly and Sophia Barker both of Wilton.

1818 December 1 Alvah Avrill and Abigail Averill both of Wilton.

1818 December 3 Aaron Young of Livermore and Hannah Knoles of Wilton.

1819 January 14 Joel Brown and Sally French both of Wilton.

1819 April 15 Elijah Wealch and Patty Ditson both of Wilton.

1819 December 3 Joseph Dennet of Saco and Love W. Wing of Wilton.

1820 March 28 Zeriah Bass of Weld and Polly Hunt of Wilton.

1820 April 11 John Hardy and Jane Dolly both of Wilton.

1820 November 29 Moses Avrill, Jr. and Lucinda Doyin [?] both of Wilton.

1821 January 23 Neh. Hunt, Jr. and Sophia Hardy both of Wilton.

1821 January 28 Ezekiel Knoles of Wilton and Eliza Neal of Temple.

1821 October 25 Richard Hall of Wilton and Percis Butterfield of Farmington.

1822 February 27 James Richardson of Wilton and Betsy Richards of Temple.

1822 February 28 Joseph Frasure and Roda Butterfield both of Farmington.

1822 March 7 Daniel Hardy, Jr. and Lucinda Teague both of Wilton.

1822 March 25 William Dolly and Nabby Hardy both of Wilton.

1822 April 17 Thomas L. Brown and Charlotte Knoles both of Wilton.

1822 May 2 James Richards and Alluria [?] How both of Temple.

1822 July 23 Joel Doyen and Electa W. Mozier both of Chesterville.

1822 September 5 Isaac Brown, Jr. and Ruth Mosier both of Wilton.

1822 September 19 Cotton W. Harper of Dixfield and Mary Powers of Wilton.

1822 October 10 John Walker and Hannah Walker both of Wilton.

1822 October 24 John C. Holden and Susannah W. Hardy both of Wilton.

1822 November 14 John Adams of New Vineyard and Nancy Chandler of Farmington.

1823 January 23 Samuel Russell of Farmington and Phebe Barrett of Temple.

1823 January 30 George Hardy and Hannah Averill both of Wilton.

1823 March 30 Gilbert Ellis and Anna Mitchel both of Temple.

1823 April 9 Abram Farmer and Charity Hathaway both of Temple.

1823 July 17 Stephen S. Holland and Nancy Hardy both of Temple.

1823 December 7 Hugh Staple and Joanna H. Conant both of Temple.

1823 December 25 Isaac Hathaway of Temple and Polly Webster of Wilton.

1824 January 29 Thomas Hender of Camden and Lydia C. Whiting of Wilton.

1824 February 5 James Libby of Dexter and Mary Mosier of Wilton.

1824 March 23 Phillip Richardson and Eunice Richards both of Temple.

1824 May 27 Thomas T. Perry and Sarah Ditson both of Wilton.

1824 August 22 James H. True of Temple and Dorotha Webster of Wilton.

1824 August 29 Cyrus Hatch, Jr. and Abigail Teague both of Wilton.

1824 September 14 David Brown and Elmira Knoles both of Wilton.

1824 October 14 Samuel Millet, Jr. and Ellice Averill both of Wilton.

1824 October 28 Josiah Green, Jr. of Farmington and Cynthia Cutler of Wilton.

1824 December 2 Rodney Carter and Lucy Averill both of Wilton.

1825 February 17 John Perly of Temple and Maranda Perry of Wilton.

1825 February 22 Elias Adams and Lucinda Russel both of Farmington.

1825 February 24 Dexter Brown and Maria Hardy both of Wilton.

1826 November 30 Thomas Vining and Jemima Haines both of Avon.

1827 July 26 Isaac Clark and Mary Dow both of Avon.

1827 December 30 Josiah L. True of Temple and Sophia Doyen of Avon.

1828 March 2 Melezer Bray of Phillips and Susannah Clark of Avon

1828 June 12 Gershom Collar [Collier?] and Margaret Dickey both of Avon.

1828 November 11 Moses Sanburn, Jr. and Salley Dow both of Avon.

1828 November 20 Joshua Dow and Eliza Haynes both of Avon.

1828 November 27 Sears Mayo, Jr. of Freeman and Sally Will of Avon.

1829 May 12 Capt. Charles Cummings of Temple and Lucy G. Wells of Phillips.

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1829 June 18 Daniel Carr of Berlin and Ellen Blake of Phillips.

1829 October 22 David Vining and Jane C. Thomas both of Strong.

1830 February 18 Benjamin B. Vining of Avon and Lydia Thompson of Strong.

1830 March 11 Micah Phillips and Esther Hunt both of Avon.

1830 March 18 Frederick Haynes and Hepzibah Hunt both of Avon.

1831 March 10 Levi Ellsworth and Lucyann Mcmanness both of Avon.

1831 December 1 Major Phillips and Betsey Clark both of Avon.

1832 June 7 Alfred Bradford of Avon and Eliza Ann Bailey of Phillips.

1832 December 6 Edward Vining and Catharine Haines both of Avon.

1833 October 31 John D. Towle and Patience Dow both of Avon.

1835 February 26 Asahel H. Thompson of Berlin and Harriet Crosby of Avon.

1835 April 2 John Vining and Mary Haynes both of Avon.

1837 May 31 Benjamin Filbrick of Avon and Sarah Pratt of Berlin.

1841 June 24 William H. Dow of Avon and Sally L. Carlton of Berlin.

1842 March 31 Henry M. Hoyt of Berlin and Mary Jane Walker of Avon.

1842 May 5 Joshua T. Thurston and Sally Vining both of Avon.

1842 November 29 John Will, 2d and Dorinda N. Doble both of Avon.

1843 July 17 Asa Worthley and Mary Jane Dow both of Avon.

1844 February 12 Thomas Green and Emily Jane Billington both of Salem.

1844 February 21 Benjamin R. Haines of Avon and Sally Bailey of Phillips.

1844 May 14 Enoch M. Bridges of Wilton and Adaline Sanbourn of Avon.

1848 May 18 Hiram Vining and Emiline Heath both of Avon.

1849 July 30 William R. Billington and Betsey Dow both of Avon.

1849 November 8 Enoch B. Hunt and Lucy Sylvester both of Avon.

1849 November 22 Dennis Thurston and Sarah A. Simpson both of Avon.

1849 December 31 Elbridge G. Will and Mellissa [?] Haines both of Avon.

1850 March __[?] William S. Dow and Permela C. Sanborn both of Avon.

1850 May 3 William E. Bates and Sarah Haines both of Avon.

1850 November 17 Willard Thurston and Hester Sylvester both of Avon.