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Some Records of the Congregational Church in Oxford

Source: Marquis Fayette King, Annals of Oxford, Maine, from its incorporation, February 27, 1829 to 1850. (Portland, Me., 1903).

[p. 81]
May 31, 1826, Mr. Jonathan Muzzey, Mr. Pitt C. Muzzey, Mr. Alfred Hood, Mrs. Militiah Muzzey, Mrs. Harriet Rowe, and Mrs. Hannah Hood "organized and constituted into a church," at a meeting convened at the house of Alfred Hood.

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May 31, 1826, Martha Clark and Charles Addison, children of Pitt C. Muzzey, and Hannah Angelina, child of Alfred and Hannah Hood, baptised by Rev. Samuel H. Peckham.

Oct. 29, 1826, Esther Maria, daughter of Pitt C. Muzzey, baptised by Rev. Amasa Smith.

Sept. 2, 1827, Hiram Bradbury and Cyrus, children of Harriet Rowe, baptised by Rev. James P. Richardson.

Sept. 30, 1827, Joseph Gardner, David Whitimore, Timothy and Hannah Austin, children of Eliza Rowe, a member of the church in Albany, by Rev. James P. Richardson.

Dec. 15, 1827, Winthrop B. Norton and Dorothy his wife received by letter from the Second Church in Portland. "Missis Susan and Mary Rowe," by letter. Mrs. Miranda Cleveland received by letter from the church in Mansfield, Mass., and widow Sarah A. Allen by profession.

Dec. 16, 1827, Ethan Norton, Sarah Adams, and Ellen Elizabeth, children of Sarah Allen baptised. Also Edward Payson, child of Alfred and Hannah Hood.

Mar. 23, 1828, Henry Chase Dean and Celia his wife, and also Mrs. Rebecca Brown, received by profession.

Mar. 23, 1828, Charles, Celia, Polly, Timothy, children of Henry C. and Celia Dean, baptised by Rev. James P. Richardson.

Jan. 25, 1829, Betsey, child of Henry C. and Celia Dean, baptised by Rev. James P. Richardson.

Mar. 8, 1829, Merrill Jordan, Juda, and Harriet Sophrona, children of Mrs. Rebecca Rowe, baptised by Rev. James P. Richardson.

Aug. 29, 1830, John Rowe and Mary his wife received by letter.

Aug. 29, 1830, William Alexander, child of Alfred and Hannah Hood, and Alexander White, child of Capt. Henry C. and Celia Dean, baptised by Mr. Richardson.

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Autumn of 1833 ("According to tradition"), Dea. Pitt C. Muzzey dismissed to church in Monson.

Mar. 6, 1836, Lowell Austin, child of Pitt C. Muzzey, baptised by Rev. Joseph Walker.

Mar. 16, Mr. Ariel P. Chute ordained pastor.

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Mar. 21, 1836, Winthrop B. Norton chosen Deacon.

May 7, 1836, Jairus S. Keith, Alexander Muzzey, Elizabeth Muzzey, and Louisa Chaffin admitted by profession. Dea. Thomas Morton, Joanna Morton, Daniel Crooker, Joanna Crooker, and Sarah Crooker admitted by letter from the church in West Minot.

June 30, 1836, Mrs. Sally Norton admitted by letter from the church in Conway, N. H.

July 18, 1836, Charles Dean and Miss Eliza Ann Webber admitted by profession.

Aug. 22, 1836, Miss Mary Dennin admitted by profession.

Sept. 19, 1836, Mrs. Sarah W. Chute received by letter from the Hammond Street Church in Bangor.

Nov. 28, 1836, Alexander H. Muzzey chosen deacon to fill vacancy occasioned by removal of Dea. Pitt C. Muzzey.

Feb. 5, 1837, Mrs. Charlotte Tewksbury and her son Samuel received by letter from church in Paris.

May 7, 1837, Mrs. Mary N. Keith, Miss Jerusha G. Webber, Mrs. Anna Nelson, and Mrs. Harriet Cates admitted by profession.

June 18, 1838, Mrs. Jerusha Holmes received by letter from church in Paris.

Nov. 1, 1838, Miss Martha B. Allen admitted by letter from church in Williamsburg.

Nov. 4, 1838, Miss Celia Dean admitted by profession.

Dec. 3, 1838, John Rowe dismissed to the church in Paris.

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Dec. 12, 1838, Rev. Chute removed from pastorate by his own request.

[p. 86]
May 29, 1839, Rev. Isaac Carleton installed as pastor.

July 7, 1839, Mrs. Vesta Muzzey admitted by profession.

Sept. 1, 1839, Mrs. Lydia Gammon admitted by profession.

Nov. 10, 1839, Henry Dean admitted by profession.

Jan. 31, 1840, Mary Perkins and Eliza Record admitted by letter.

Apr. 24, 1840, Frances Norton, Lydia Sampson, Abiel Gammon, and Joshua Jackson admitted by profession.

Apr. 26, 1840, Ebenezer P. Fitz admitted by profession.

May 1, 1840, Wilson J. Welch, Alfred H. Hood, Nathaniel Lord, Joanna Lord, Jane Gammon, Bathsheba Bearce, Rosanna Butters, Miranda Cleveland, Samuel H. King, and Hannah Woodward admitted by profession.

May 3, 1840, David N. Cates, Henrietta Lombard, and Sarah Durell admitted by profession.

May 8, 1840, Mehitable Butters, Caleb Woodward, Edmund Hayes, and Paulina Hayes admitted by profession.

May 22, 1840, Hannah Yeaton admitted by profession.

May 29, 1840, Hannah Fitts admitted by letter from South Paris.

June 11, 1840, Adin Cleveland admitted by profession.

June 21, 1840, Addison Nelson admitted by profession.

June 26, 1840, Greenville Farris admitted by profession.

July 5, 1840, Thomas and Sally Carman admitted by profession.

Aug. 28, 1840, Jonathan and Elizabeth Lucas, and their daughter Priscilla, admitted by profession.

Nov. 1, 1840, Daniel Drew admitted by profession.

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Dec. 4, 1840, Julia Hood admitted by profession.

Feb. 6, 1841, Dr. Jacob Tewksbury, and Otis F. and Sally Mixer admitted by profession.

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Apr. 2, 1841, a petition for the incorporation of a "Parish Society" signed by W. B. Norton, Jacob Tewksbury, Samuel H. King, Nathaniel Lord, Abial B. Gammon, Caleb Woodward, Adin Cleveland, Alexander H. Muzzey, S. H. Tewksbury, Chandler Records, Daniel Crooker, Edmund Hayes, Luther F. Pingree, John Welch, Charles Durell, Benajah Pratt, Jr., James Yeaton, Otis F. Mixer, Jairus S. Keith, Joseph Chaffin, Luther Carman, Isaac B. Carman, Alfred Hood, Theophilus Dame, Alfred H. Hood, Thomas R. Carman.

[p. 93]
June 29, 1843, a new meeting-house dedicated.

1842, William Jordan admitted by profession.

1845, Mrs. A. W. Bickford admitted by letter from church in Brownfield.

1846, Mrs. Clarinda Carleton admitted by letter, and S. P. Hall, Theodora Mixer, Elizabeth L. Hall, and Rebecca Wright by profession.

1847, Mrs. S. A. Warren and Miss Ellen E. Allen admitted by letter from church in Waterford.

1851, Jairus S. Keith chosen Deacon. After his death (reported on page 110 as occurring Apr. 6, 1849 [sic]), Nathaniel Lord was elected, and served for ten years.