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Windham Church Records, 1798-1853

Source: Extracted from Rev. George M. Bodge, "New Marblehead, Now Windham, Me., Ecclesiastical Matters," The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 9 (Portland, Me.: S. M. Watson, 1898).

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1799 July 14, Elizabeth, the wife of John Chute.*

1800 Oct. 5, Susannah Wendell Smith and Mary Anderson.

1801 Sept. 6, John Tyng and Mary Smith.

1802 July 11, Sarah, wife of James Paine : Mary wife of John Muckford.

1802 Oct. 23, Eunice Gallison.

1802 Oct. 30 : Benaiah Hanson.

1803 May 13 : Ann Wendell Smith.

[1803] July 8 : Mary, wife of William Mayberry (4).

1799 Feb. 29 : Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Chute.*

1799 June 16 : Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Chute.*

1799 June 16 : William, son of William and Mary Mayberry.*

1799 Aug. 14 : Dorcas, daughter of Josiah and Mary Chute.

1799 Oct. 27 : Nabby Cobham, Curtis Chute, Jeremiah, Thomas and Henry, Children of Jeremiah and Ruth Jordan.

1799 Dec. 22 : Phebe, daughter of James and Sarah Paine.

1800 Nov. 9 : Miriam, daughter of John and Elizabeth Chute.

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1801 June 21 : Elizabeth, granddaughter of William and Jane Mayberry.

[1801 ____ __] Eliza, daughter of William Mayberry (4), and Mary his wife.

[1801] Aug. 2 : Elizabeth, daughter of James and Bathshua Mayberry.

[1801] Sept. 19 : James, son of Thomas and Mary Chute.

[1801] Oct. 4 : Seth, son of James and Sarah Paine.

[1801] Oct. 26 : Enoch, son of Samuel and Mehitable Dole.

1802 June 10 : William, son of Hezekiah and Sarah Smith.

1802 March 7 : John Andrew, son of Rev. Nathaniel Stone and Mary his wife.

1802 March 29 : Jonathan Larrabee, and his children, Joseph, Perses, David, Osmyn, and Jonathan.

1802 Apr. 4 : Sarah, daughter of Paul and Sarah Little.

1802 May 9 : Phebe Jordan, granddaughter of Jeremiah Jordan and his wife.

1802 May 30 : Elizabeth, daughter of John and Abigail Gallison.

1802 Aug. 15 : William Tyng, son of John Tyng and Mary Smith.

1802 Sept. 3 : Rebecca Locke, and William Hunnewell, children of ______ Fogg and Hannah, his wife.

1802, Sept. [_] Mary Ann, daughter of Widow Mary Smith.

1802, Sept. [_] Edward, son of Abraham and Lucy Anderson.

1802, Sept. [_] Jane Hunt Crane, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Winslow of Falmouth.

1802 Nov. 14 : Hannah, Sarah, and Nabby, children of John and Hannah Brown.

1802 Nov. [__] Sally, Apphia, Nancy and Oliver, children of Samuel and Mehitable Dole.

1803 Feb. 20 : Elizabeth Andrew, daughter of Rev. Nathaniel and Mary Stone.

1803 June 12 : Suky Osgood, daughter of Josiah and Mary Chute.

1803 June 12 : Joseph, son of William Mayberry (4), and Mary his wife.

1803 Oct. 23 : John Merchant, and William Fairfield, children of Silvanus and Eunice Gallison.

1803 Oct. 30 : Benaiah Hanson, an adult.

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1804 Jan. 24 : Thomas, son of Hezekiah and Sarah Smith.

1804 March 18 : John Andrew, son of Rev. Nathaniel and Mary Stone.

1804 May 6 : Thomas Cutter, son of Calvin and Elizabeth Howe.

1804 June 10 : John, son of Rebecca Robinson. Jane, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bodge.

1804 Aug. 5 : James, son of James and Bathsheba Mayberry.

1804 Aug. 12 : Daniel Lowell and Celia Lowell, children of Joshua and Dorcas Wilson, of Hiram.

1804 Nov. 28 : John, son of John and Mary Swett.

1805 Mar. 25 : Nathan, son of Rev. Nathaniel Stone and Mary, his wife.

1805 Apr. 28 : Jonathan, son of Joshua and Dorcas Wilson.

1805 Sept. 18 : Abraham, son of Abraham and Lucy Anderson.

1805 Sept. 18 : Josiah, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Bodge.

[1805 ____ __] Caroline, daughter of John Collins.

*These items of his record are here repeated, for convenience, and in order to correct a mistake in a date.

1798 Nov. 29 : Married Solomon Raynes, of New Gloucester, and Nancy Swett, of Windham.

1799 Feb. 14 : Married Daniel Hardy, of Dunstable, and Susannah Hardy, of Windham.

1799 July 4 : Married Joseph Chesley to Sarah Gilpatrick.

1799 Oct. 20 : Married Simeon Gould, and Bethia Osgood.

1799 Dec. 29 : Married Ebenezer Hall, of Gorham, and Susannah Hunnewell of Windham.

1804 Nov. 18 : Married Archelaus Newcomb, of Falmouth, and Sally Walker, of Windham.

1804 Dec. 9 : Married Daniel Ingersoll and Lois Trott.

Several items are here repeated, as they are given more correctly in the later record-book from which these are copied.

1798 Aug. 10 : John Rand jr.

1798 Dec. 2 : Sarah, wife of Ezra Brown.

1799 Jan. 20 : Thomas Tobin.

1799 Feb. 1 : Seth Paine, infant son of Dr. James and Sarah Paine.

1799 March 31 : Mrs. Smith, wife of Rev. Smith of Falmouth.

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1799 June 14 : Peter Thacher, son of Hezekiah and Sarah Smith.

1799 Oct. 16 : Mrs. Elizabeth W. Smith, Consort of Peter Thacher Smith, Esq.

[1799 ____ __] Mrs. ______ Chute, and a child of John Trickey.

1799 Oct. 20 : William Elder.

1799 Oct. 23 : An infant of Hezekiah and Sarah Smith.

[Following five individuals denoted "Friends"]
[1799 ____ __] Wife of Lemuel Jones,
[1799 ____ __] Wife of Stephen Hall,
[1799 ____ __] Child of Robinson,
[1799 ____ __] Child of Noah Reed,
[1799 ____ __] Child of Eben Morrill,

[1799 ____ __] A child of William Hanson.

[1799 ____ __] Child of Maberry. A child of William Elkins jun.

[1799 ____ __] A child of Jos. Varney. A child of Ezra Varney.

1799 Dec. 8 : A child of Benjamin Bangs. A child of Humphrey Whitebouse.

1800 Jan. 1 : Widow Eunice Stevens, aged 90.

[1800 ____ __] A child of Sally Mayberry.

1800 May : John Swett. A child of Martha Cook, (friend)

1800 June 21 : Joseph Young. Amos Hawkes' son died at sea.

[1800 ____ __] A child of Ezra Varney. A child of John Tobin.

[1800 ____ __] A child of Bryant and Dorcas Morton. A child of Paul Littles.

1800 Nov. 21 : Elizabeth, wife of John Mayberry.

1800 Dec. 26 : An infant of Hezekiah and Sarah Smith.

1801 March : Mary, wife of ______ Dennis.

1801 July 20 : Martha, wife of Richard Dole.

1801 Aug. : Wife of Varney, (a friend)

1801 Oct. : Philip Gammon. A child of Curtis Swett.

1801 Oct. 29 : Enoch, an infant of Samuel and Mehitable Dole.

1801 Dec. 1 : Ann Anderson, a widow.

1801 Dec. 3 : A child of Hugh and Phebe Crague. A child of Bragdon.

1802 Feb. 27 : Thomas Smith.

1802 March : Ezra Varney, (a friend).

1802 April : Wife of Jonathan Robertson.

1802 May : A child of Charles Pray and wife.

1802 May 25 : Gershom Winship. Jonathan Larrabee.

1802 May 30 : Wife of James Hawks (a friend)

1802 July 9 : James I. Thurston, a transient person died of intoxication.

1802 Sept. 18 : Richard Anderson.

1802 Oct. 2 : A child of James Pray.

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1802 Oct. 3 : A child of Benjamin Bodge.

1802 Oct. 3 : John Andrew, the first born son of Rev. Nathaniel and Mary Stone, died in Salem, while they were on a visit, aet. 7 months and 16 days.

1802 Oct. 18 : Sarah Rea, infant of Caleb and Mary Graffam.

1802 Oct. 23 : Margaret Chute, child of Thomas and Mary.

1802 Nov. 9 : Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Chute.

1803 Jan. : A child of William Hanson.

1803 Feb. : A child of James Pray.

1803 Apr. 15 : An infant of Ezekiel Hanson.

1803 Apr. 16 : Ruth, wife of Jeremiah Jordan, aged 43

1803 May 29 : An infant of Benjamin Bodge and his wife.

1803 July 11 : Andrew Dennis.

1803 Aug. 7 : Margaret, daughter of James Hawks, (a friend).

1803 Aug. 23 : Zerubabel Hunnewell, aged 88

1803 Sept. 9 : Joshua Robert, aged 33

1803 Oct. 8 : Silvanus, son of Silvanus and Eunice Gallison.

1803 Oct. 21 : Widow Sarah Vickery, aged 59

1804 March : Ezra Varney, (a friend).

1804 July 18 : Sarah Hanson, daughter of Ichabod Hanson.

1804 Oct. : Gershom Rogers. And Riggs, aged persons.

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May 19, 1812, Pamelia Webb, wife of James. Rebecca Robertson.

May 23, 1813, Mary Swett, wife of John.

July 10, 1814, Mary Chute, wife of Josiah. Oct. 2, 1814, Mary Wilson, wife of Jonathan. Nov. 8, 1815, Lucy Anderson, wife of Abraham. May 11, 1817, Widow Mary Chute. The wife of Jonathan Leavitt. Mehitable Dole, the wife of Samuel, and Nabby, the wife of the Rev. Mr. Kellogg, from the Church in Bradford. May 20, 1817, Esther Frost the wife of Hezekiah. Oct. 12, Kezia Little, the wife of Thomas. Aug. 30, 1818, The Widow Sarah Rea. Nov. 15, Jonathan Andrew and his wife; Nathan Goold was baptized and received into this Church. Sept. 4, 1825, Gardner Kellogg was received into full communion in this Church.

May 26, 1811, Silvanus, son of Silvanus and Eunice Gallison. June 9, Jonathan Andrew Chute, son of John and Elizabeth. Aug : 5, 1812, Benjamin White Kellogg, son of Gardner and Nabby Kellogg. Mar. 10, 1817, John Clark Frost, son of Hezekiah and Esther Frost. Mar 26, William Hanson Little, son of Thomas and Kezia Little. July 12, 1818, Nathaniel, son of John and Mary Swett

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Nov. 15, John Albion Andrew, son of Jonathan and Nancy Andrew. Oct. 31, 1819, Isaac Watson Andrew, son of Jonathan and Nancy Andrew. Aug. 11, 1822, William Carr, son of John and Mary Swett. Dec. 29. Charles Barker, son of ______ and Mary Barker. Feb'y 2, 1823, Nathan, son of Nathan Goold.

May 12, 1811, Mary, daughter of Hezekiah and Sarah Smith. March __ 1813 Pamela Ann, daughter of James and Pamela Webb. March 6, 1813 Emily, daughter of Sylvanus and Eunice Gallison. January 1, 1815 Harriet Newell Kellogg, daughter of Gardner and Nabby Kellogg; Feb'y 20, Mary Eliza Webb, daughter of James and Pamela; March 31, 1816, Mary Ann, daughter of John and Mary Swett. Feb'y 16, 1817 Sarah, daughter of James and Pamela Webb; April 27, Sarah, daughter of John and Rebecca Collins; May 20, Jane Clark Frost, daughter of Hezekiah and Esther, Susan Farnham, daughter of Hezekiah and Esther Frost; Louisa Bond, daughter of Hezekiah and Esther Frost; June 1, Sally Files dau. of Samuel and Mehitable Dole; 1820 Sarah Matilda, dau. of Thomas and Kezia Little (she was born March 17, 1818); July 2, 1820, Ellen Laura, dau. of Thomas and Kezia Little; Aug. 18, 1822, Mary Ann Hanson, dau. of Thomas and Kezia Little; Oct. __, 1820, Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of Jonathan and Nancy Andrew; February 2, 1823, Miriam, dau. of Nathan Goold; Oct. 9, 1824, Nancy Alfreda, dau. of Jonathan and Nancy Andrew.

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May 19, 1829, Miss Caroline Kellogg was admitted to full communion.

Dec. 14, 1828, Mr. Joshua L. Brown and Miss Betsey Hawkes. Jan'y 18, 1829, Mr. Thomas Smith, Jr., and Miss Susan Bodge. Jan'y 19, 1829, Mr. Hiram Chase of Waterboro, and Miss Mary Jane Smith of Windham. Feb'y 2, 1829, Mr. Elihu Robinson of Readfield, and Miss Abigail Roberts of Windham. March 12, 1829, Mr. John C. Thomas of Westbrook, and Miss Anna Hawkes of Windham.

July 20, 1828, infant child of Oliver Dole; young Mr. Mains, whose death was caused by an explosion at Gambo Powder Factory. Jan'y. 1829, a child of Mr. John Varney. Feb'y, Mrs. Clarissa, wife of Mr. John Hawkes. April 19, a child at Col. Ray's house. May 21, Mrs. Kenney, at the south part of the town. May 31, Miss Haskell. July, an aged and deranged man at Mr. Rand's. July 29, Mrs. Maybury, aged 89. Oct. 1, an infant child of Joshua L. Brown. Oct. 3, Mrs. Dorcas Merrill, aged 47 years. Oct. 7, Mrs. Elder, aged 70 years, and a child of Mr. Knight, at the Upper Corner. Feb'y 15, 1830, Mrs. Hunnewell, aged 89 years. Mar. 2, Mrs. Brown, aged 67 years. April 9, Mr. Stone, aged 86 years. July 11, Miss Polly Hunnewell, aged about 64. July 22, old Mrs. Anderson, near Windham Corner. July 59 [sic], Mr. John Hawkes, the small man at Mr. David Hawkes'. August 23, an infant child of Mr. Geo. C. Cross. Oct. 9, a child of Mr. Small. Oct. 11, Mrs. Dorcas Miltimore, wife of Rev. William Miltimore, of Falmouth, 30 years. Miss Lucy Smith, daughter of Widow Smith. Oct. 29, Miss Leonard, daughter of Mr. Leonard, blacksmith. Dec. 22, a little girl of Loveitt's, aged 10 years. Aug. 18, 1831, Sarah Mains, at Mr. Abraham Anderson's.

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May 20, 1832, Samuel Archer and John Marshall, children of John and Rebecca Eveleth. Lucy Elizabeth Farwell and John Anderson, children of John and Ann Waterman. Augustus Hanson, Amos Brayton, Pamelia, Marian Merrill, and George Edward, children of Paul and Huldah Hall. May 29, Eveline, William Farnsworth, Ann Elizabeth Johnson, Laura Frances, and Isabella, children of Asa and Francis Senter. Abby Horton, William Pitt Fessenden, Moses Henry, and Sarah Morton, children of Moses and Hannah Little. Edward Brown and Hannah Aurelia, children of widow Hannah Frost. November 25, 1832, Elizabeth Wendell, Thacher Smith, Edward Farwell, Augustus Benjamin, Lucretia Codman, Lucy Farwell, Olive Ann, and Susan Mary, children of Peter S. and Susan Anderson. August 3, 1834, Augustus Horton, son of Moses Little. August 10, Martha Selina Tenney, daughter of Asa Senter. Mary Ann, Henry Lewis, and Melinda Bryant, children of Henry Houghton.

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Aug. 23, 1836, Mr. Rolfe, at the Factory, aged 24. A child of John Gallison, same day. Sept. 18, son of Zerubbabel Hunnewell, aged 20. Dec. 27, an aged sister of Mrs. Haskell's, aged 70. Jan'y 5, 1837, Mrs : Davis, wife of George W. Davis, aged 23. Jan'y 17, a child of Mrs. Cram aged 9 months. Same day, an infant child of Ezekiel Varney. Jan'y 23, Widow Nason, of Great Falls, died of prostration. Jan'y 26, Mrs. Millions, wife of Thomas Millions, aged 66. Feb. 23, Rhoda Duran, daughter of Dea. Samuel Duran, aged 29; 10 Brothers and Sisters present. May 22, 1837, Thomas Leavitt, son of Robert Leavitt, aged 26, drowned. July 27, daughter of William E. Brown, aged 1 year. Aug. 25, child of Dea. Samuel Duran. Sept. 3, Lowell's child, aged 2 years. Oct. 10, Widow Sarah Trott, aged 97 years, 9 months, a member of this Church for seventy years Nov. 10, Otis Allen's Child, aged 16 months. 23d, John Brown, aged 70, died suddenly. Dec. 22, Samuel Maybury, son of Josiah Maybury. Jan'y 12, 1838, Miss Betsey Knight, at Wm Wescott's, Standish. April 6, John White, aged 54. Apr. 14, Miss Leavitt, at Elijah Emery's, aged 53. July 13, Mrs. Wilson, at J. Goodell's, aged 96 years, 5 mos. Aug. 11, a child of James Whipple's, at Gambo, 2 years old. March 9, 1839, a child of William Austin.

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1836, Aug. 28, Josiah, child of Deacon Samuel Duran. October, Erastus and Actis (?) twin children of Asa and Abigail Legro. Mar. 6, DeWitt Clinton and William Symonds, children of Dr. S. W. and Mary Ann Baker. July, 1837, child of Asa and Abigail Legrow. Nov., Luther Dimmick, son of John W. and Elvira Shepard. April 6, Ann Morrill, John and Ellen, children of John White, just deceased, and Huldah White. May 19, 1839, Sarah Hanson, David Robinson, Charles Morrill, Albert, Lydia and Samuel, children of Samuel R. and Hannah Hawkes. Sept., Edwin Houghton, son of Henry and Susan Houghton.

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July 5 : 1840, John Mugford, Adult. Sept. 6 : Lucy Anthoine, Adult. Nov. 8 : Barzilla Nash, Adult. Feb'y 20 : 1841, John P. Davis and George C. Davis, Infants. May 3 : Jason Hanson, Isabella Hanson, Elijah Varney, Mary A. Leonard, Lovina Nash, Barbara Jordan, Adults. July 19 : Amelia Hawkes, Harriet Trickey, Lovina Humphrey, Adults. July 19 : 1842, Mary Small, Adult, Nathan G. Nash, Sarah Ann Nash, William S. Nash, Charles P. Nash, Edward P. Nash, Infants. (Baptized by Rev. Mr. Clark, March 22d, 1841, George William Warren, Albert F. Warren, Franklin H. Houghton, Warren Hanson, Infants.) Dec. 9 : 1842, Margaret Rogers, Adult.

No further baptisms or admissions appear on the Church Records though it is noted in the records that during Mr. Warren's pastorate of nearly ten years, some thirty members were received, either by letter or profession, and about the same number were removed by death or otherwise. The aggregate number of members was about sixty.

Mar. 11 : 1840, Matthew Johnson, of Gorham, to Abigail D. Small of Windham. April 22 : Nehemiah L. Varney, to Loraina Hall. July 1 : 1840, Mr. Charles H. Cressey, of Gorham, to Sarah Anderson, of Windham. July 5 : Mr. Edward R. Babb, to Melinda L. Dolly. Feb'y 2 : 1841, Mr. Gilbert Potter, of Bridgton, to Miss Abba H. White, of Windham. Feb'y 21, Mr. Peter Craig, to Miss Jane B. Elder. March 30 : Mr. Richard Mayberry to Miss Mary Jane Mayberry. April 4, Mr. Jefferson Mayberry to Miss Lucretia Swett, both of Gorham. April 15 : Mr. Enoch Mayberry to Miss Elizabeth Gallison. Nov. 4 : Rev. Freeman Yates, Jr. of Gorham, to Miss Mary L. Hall, of Windham, March 14, 1842, Mr. Joshua

[p. 143]
W. Mayberry to Miss Lucinda Howard. April 7 : Mr. Matthew Johnson Jr. of Gorham, to Miss Mary Ann Small, of Windham. Nov. 1 : Mr. Samuel Lord, of Effingham, N. H., to Miss Ann White, of Windham. Feb'y 16, 1843, Mr. George Hall of Bridgton, to Miss Louisa Anthoine, of Windham. July 9 : Mr. Otis Purington, of Farmington, to Miss Lydia Small, of Windham. Nov. 20 : Mr. Joseph Harding of Gorham, to Miss Lydia Varney of Windham. Oct. 21 : 1844, Mr. Daniel Glines to Miss Rebecca I. Russell, both of Gorham. Nov. 3 : Mr. William Mugford, to Mrs. Betsey Bragdon. Dec. 2 : Mr. O. T. Hall to Miss Sarah M. Harris, both of Gorham. Dec. 3 : Mr. Marshall Morton, to Miss Abigail Westcott, both of Gorham. Jan'y 12 : 1845, Mr. Isaac McDonald, to Miss Betsey L. Allen. March 16 : Mr. John Goodell, to Miss Esther McCullor. March 8 : Doct. Phineas Ingalls of Standish to Miss Ruth Elder of Gorham. Nov. 10 : Mr. Barney Sanders, of Portland, to Miss Eleanor Brown of Windham. Nov. 28 : Mr. Henry H. Boody of Windham, to Miss Eliza Lombard of Standish. Dec. 2 : Mr. George A. Senter, to Miss Elizabeth Hooper. Jan'y 15 : 1846 Mr. Leander Shaw, to Miss Mary Yates, both of Standish. April 26 : Mr. Joseph W. Parker of Gorham, to Miss Mary Lombard of Standish, and Mr. William W. Colley, to Miss Jane Price, of Standish. July 19 : Mr. James Nason of Gorham, to Miss Rebecca Moody of Standish. June 16 : Mr. James Furbish to Miss Maria Hall. Oct. 4 : Mr. Daniel Hawkes of Portland, to Miss Elizabeth B. Austen of Windham. Oct. : Mr. Joel Rand to Miss Emma Kennard. Nov. 29 : Mr. Robert Dodge of Porter, to Miss Sarah M. Kemp of Gorham. Mr. Mark C. Mayberry, of Gorham, to Miss Ann M. Waite of Standish. Mar. 5, 1847, Mr. Abner Bachelder, to Miss Mary York. April 25, Mr. Samuel Richards of Portland, to Miss Mary Ann Nason of Windham. June 1 : Mr. Barnabas Connell, to Miss Lovina Manchester, both of Gorham. Oct. 13 : Mr. Josiah Little, to Miss Betsey Crague. Jan'y 16 : 1848 Mr. Joseph Elder, of Orono, and Miss Lydia C. Elkins of Windham. April 4 : Mr. Josiah Mayberry, to Miss Rebecca Elkins. April 13 : Mr. Abel F. Hutchinson of Lynn, Mass, to Miss Deborah Hawkes of Windham. June 12 : Mr. Albert P. Pennell of Portland, to Miss Ann M. Varney of Windham. June 18 : Mr. Samuel Cobb to Miss Lucinda Libby. Sept. 19 : Mr. George A. Sawyer of Portland, to Miss E. W. Varney of Windham. Nov. 7 : Mr. Archelaus Dole of Casco, to Miss Sarah Huston of Windham. Dec. 31st Mr. William Elkins of Windham to Miss Caroline M. Elder, of Gorham. April 22 : 1849, Mr. David Phinney, and Miss Persis B. Burbank. Apr. 30 : Samuel Green to Miss Elizabeth Shedd, both of Westbrook. May 1 : Mr. Benaiah Hall of Gorham, to Miss Ann S. Cummins, of Norway.

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March 16, 1851, Mr. Thomas Berry, of Poland, to Miss Eliza Staples, of Windham. Mar. 25, Mr. Isaac Webb, of Bridgton, to Miss Jane W. Fogg, of Windham.

[p. 168]
April 11, 1852, Mr. Ebenezer Legrow to Miss Elizabeth Ward. May 11, Mr. Reuben Allen, of Windham, to Miss Hannah Coolbroth, of Scarborough. Dec. 16, 1852, Mr. Samuel Garland to Miss Catherine Wiggin. Jan'y 8, 1853, Mr. Albion K. Partridge, of Westbrook, to Miss Sarah P. Hawkes, of Windham. January 26, Mr. Amos Hawkes, of Windham, to Miss Edna Gowen, of Westbrook. March 17, Mr. John Q. A. Eastman, of Buxton, to Miss Mary M. Harding, of Standish. May 10, Mr. Peter McIntosh to Miss Hannah F. Legrow. July 4, Mr. John Elliott, of Falmouth, to Miss Charity Varney, of Windham. July 13, Mr. Edward T. Smith to Miss Eliza Marston. Aug. 6, Mr. Henry M. Allen to Miss Lorana W. Dolley.

April 18, 1851, Maria Baker, aged 16 years. May 29, Deborah Loveitt. May 30, infant child of Josiah Mayberry. June 28, Edward Frost. July 15, Edward Trickey, aged 16 years. Sept. 6, infant child of Mr. Hall. Sept. 18, Mr. Oliver Haskell's child. Sept. 21, Mr. Benaiah Hall's wife and infant child. Nov. 28, child of Mr. Allen, Great Falls. Dec. 18th, Ezra Brown, Esq., aged 69 years. Jan'y 3, 1852, a child of Wm. Varney, aged 3. Jan'y 15, old Mr. Tukey, aged 95 years. March 5, Amos Pride's daughter and her infant child. March 11, Mrs. Holt, daughter of David Kemp. April 6, Miss Haines, aged 19. May 26, Mrs. Wheeler, at Great Falls. June 16, Mary Caroline Rice, aged 17. Aug. 22, Mary J. Pride, aged 26. Sept. 26, Elizabeth Porterfield, at North Windham. Nov. 2, Edward Trickey Hanson, aged 15 months. Nov. 25, Helen M. Hall, daughter of Gen. Daniel Hall, aged 18 years. Jan'y 25, 1853, Miss Isabella McIntosh, 78 years. Feb'y 2, Mr. Nathaniel White, aged 54 years. March 14, Mrs. Basheba Purington, aged 90 years, 5 months. March 17, child of Mr. Elijah Hawkes, aged 18 months. March 23, Mrs. Moody, Standish Neck, aged 54 years. April 3, Mr. Gershom Manchester, aged 92 years, 11 months, 20 days. April 17, Mr. Lufkins, West Windham, aged 46 years. April 24, Joshua Jordan, son of Barbara Jordan, aged 19 years. June 9, Mrs. Jacob Allen, aged 63 years. July 8, Mrs. Betsey Ann Jones, aged 25 years. July 5, David Kemp, aged 60 years. July 13, Mr. Hall, at William Baker's. July 18, infant of Mr. Braizier's, at North Windham. Sept. 8, Mr. Ezra Hanscom, aged 78, "Ireland." Sept. 9, infant daughter of Wm. Rogers. Sept. 13, Ann Elizabeth, Daughter of William Rogers, aged 4 years. Sept. 23, Mrs. Jane Legrow, wife of Joseph, aged 56 years.