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Buxton Church of Christ Admissions, 1764-1818

Source: The Records of the Church of Christ in Buxton, Me., During the Pastorate of Rev. Paul Coffin, D.D. (Cambridge, Mass.: Press of John Wilson & Son, 1868).

[p. 12]
1764, May 6.—Daniel Leavit.

1764, June 3.—Mary Coffin wife of Parson Coffin.

1765, Sep. 1.—Mary wife of John Nason.

1767, Sep. 6.—Jacob Bradbury Jr. & Mary his wife.

1769, Oct. 1.—Rachel wife of Rich:d Clay.

1770, Aug. 5.—Abigail wife of Daniel Leavit.

1770, Oct. 7.—Will. Bradbury & wife Susanna.

1771, June 9.—Isaiah Brooks.

1775, June 4.—Thos Bradbury & wife Ruth.

1776, Sep. 1.—Sarah wife of John Hopkinson.

1776, Sep. 1.—Sarah wife of Joseph Leavit.

1778, Jan. 8.—Elizabeth wife of Danl Appleton.

1778, Nov. 8.—Nathl Hill and Martha his wife.

1779, May 23.—Ebenr Wentworth & Jane his wife.

1779, Aug. 8*13—Chase Parker & Ruth his wife.

1779, Sep. 19.—Samuel Sands and Mary his wife.

1787, Aug. 12.—Theodore Thompson & Eliza: his wife.

1788, Sep. 7.—Sarah Redlon wife of Ebenezer.

1792, May 13.—Enoch Billings & Mary his wife.

1793, Sep. 8.—Miss Elizabeth Coffin.

1793, Sep. 8.—Miss Phebe Paine.

1793, Oct. 27.—Barnabas Sawyer & Lydia his wife.

1793, Oct. 27.—Humphy Merrill & Eliz: his wife.

1793, Nov. 3.—Jno Eaton & Jemima his wife.

1795, Feb. 15.—Mercy Appleton wife of John.

1795, May 31.—Samuel Hill & Susanna his wife.

1796, Dec. 4.—Royal Brewster & his wife Dorcas.

1790, June 1.—James Palmer and Mary his wife.

1797, June 6.—Jacob Bradbury of Limerick.

1798, May 20.—Sally wife of Luther Brown.

1799, Aug. 18.—Sam: Smith & his wife Mary.

1800, July 6.—Nancy wife of Mark Dresser.

* This has a mark of 13 above the 8. The 13th of August that year was Sunday.—C. W.

[p. 13]
1802, Oct. 31.—Lydia wife of Edmd Woodman.

1803, July 31.—Ephm Sands Aet. 84.

1806, May 8.—Mary Daughter of Rev Paul Coffin.

1806, May 8.—Sarah wife of Doctor Ezra Dean.

1806, Aug. 10.—James Emery & his wife Catharine.

1807, Aug. 2.—Hannah wife of Luther Crocker.

1809, July 2.—Josh Rounds & his wife Susanna.

1809, July 2.—Phins Towle & his wife Sarah.

[1809,] July 2.—Joseph Donald.*

1811, Apl. 28.—Michael Hanson.

1811, Sep. 1.—Mary wife of John Messerve.

1811, Decr 1.—Asa Brown.

1812, Sep. 6.—Susanna Coffin.

1812, Sep. 6.—Sarah wife of Isaac Boynton.

1815, Aug. 6.—Susanna, wife of Jno Crecy.

1816, Sep. 5.—Isaac Libby and Abigail his Wife.

1816, Sep. 1.—Rebecca wife of Pel. Harmon Jr.

1817, May 4.—Elizabeth Coffin Brewster.

1817, Oct. 22.—Levi Loring, now pastor by letter from Saco ch :

1818, Apl. 26.—Madam Sophia Loring. By letter.

[1818,] Oct. 9.—Miss Mary Scamman Hill.

[1818,] Apl. 30.—Elizabeth wife of David Coffin.

1818, May 10.—Daniel Hanson 2d

[1818,] May 10.—Betsey wife of Asa Brown.

[1818,] June 7.—Thomas Bradbury by letter.

[1818, June 7.] Sally wife of Ebenr Wentworth Jr.

[1818, June 7.] Thos Emery & Hannah his wife.

[1818,] June 7.—Elizabeth wife of Stephen Harmon.

[1818, June 7] Jabez Bradbury & David Smith.

[1818, June 7] John Messerve.

[1818, June 7] Hannah Tole Daugr of Phin: Tole.

[1818, June 7] Sally wife of Alex: Joss.

[1818,] July 7.—Samuel Cutts & his wife Sarah.

[1818,] July 7.—Susanna wife of David Smith.

* Otherwise and commonly spelled Dunnell in Buxton.—C. W.