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Marriages in Cooper, 1822-1827

Source: John Elliott Bowman, comp., "Marriages at Cooper, Me.," New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 85 (Boston, Mass.: The Society, 1931), p. 349.

Marriages at Cooper, Me.—The following marriages are taken from the last leaf of an account book kept by John Cooper of Cooper, Me., which is now in the possession of Harold Clarke Durrell of Kennebunkport, Me.

Record of Marriages by John Cooper in the Town of Cooper, viz.,

William McPheters to Rebecca Averill, both of Cooper, July 21, 1822.

Jonathan Munson to Mary Pineo, both of Cooper, Dec. 8, 1822.

James Pineo to Rosanna Smith, both of Cooper, Apr. 10, 1823.

George W. Blake of No. 13 to Jane Foster of Cooper, May 18, 1823.

James Love to Elva Hallowell, both of Cooper, Nov. 4, 1824.

John Arbuckle to Margaret McClannan, both of Cooper, Dec. 2, 1824.

James McLaughlin to Elizabeth Kerr, both of St. Andrews, Feb. 9, 1825.

John L. Garnett to Melinda Tuell, both of Cooper, Mar. 10, 1825.

Warren Hill to Mary Sadler, both of Cooper, Apr. 13, 1825.

John Sevey, Junr. to Phebe Harmon, both of Plantation No. 20, June 12, 1825.

Samuel Hopkins to Betsy Leland, both of Cooper, Dec. 8, 1825.

Hiram Pineo to Sally Bryant, both of Cooper, Apr. 6, 1826.

Ezra Foster to Sarah Munson, both of Cooper, Oct. 31, 1826.

John Wooden Foster to Emma Munson, both of Cooper, June 7, 1827.

Otis Mitchell to Sally Pineo, both of Cooper, Dec. 30, 1827.

Boston, Mass.               John Elliott Bowman.