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Buxton Church of Christ Marriages, 1763-1819

Source: The Records of the Church of Christ in Buxton, Me., During the Pastorate of Rev. Paul Coffin, D.D. (Cambridge, Mass.: Press of John Wilson & Son, 1868).

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1763, May 5.—Daniel Leavit & Abigail Bradbury both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1764, Sep. 27.—Stephen Palmer and Elizabeth Bradbury both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1765, Mar. 8.—Jabesh Sawyer of Falmo' & Mary Pennel of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1765,] May 9.—William Bradbury & Susanna Hopkinson both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1766, Apl. 17.—Joshua Heairl of Berwick & Hanh Bradbury of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1766,] May 8.—Jacob Bradbury Jr & Mary Goodwin both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1766, May] 29.—Richard Palmer & Jane Hopkinson both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1766,] June 27.—Ebenr Bean of the Block House & Elizabeth Thomas of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1766,] Decr 18.—Joseph Dyer of Biddeford & Phebe Wheeler of New Salem.

1767, Apr. 20.—Joshua Kimball & Martha Elden both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1767,] July 9.—Benja Bradbury & Mary Elden both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1767,] Nov. 5.—Samuel Sands & Mary Bradbury both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1767,] Dec. 10.—Joseph Atkinson and Olive Woodman both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1768, Feb. 18.—Samuel Hasaltine & Hanh Boynton both of Narragansett, No. 1.

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1768, July 28.—Thomas Smith & Rhode Rounds both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1769, July 14.—Isaiah Brooks & Sarah Burnham both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1770, Jan. 14.—Jonathan Bollin & Sarah Roberts both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1770,] Apr. 3.—John Owen and Sarah Bradbury both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1770,] Sep. 13.—Moses Atkinson & Rebecca Woodman* both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1770,] Nov. 15.—Thomas Pennel & Lydia Sands both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1770,] Decr 6.—Caleb Hopkinson & Widow Sarah Safford both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1771, July 18.—John Boynton jr. of Narragtt No. 1. and Hannah Elwel of Pepperrellboro'.

[1771,] Sep. 12.—John Appleton & Mercy Bradbury both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1772, Jan. 30.—John Woodman of Narragtt No. 1 & Mary Bean of the Block house.

[1772,] May 12.—Nathan Elden & Elizabeth Roberts both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1772, May] 14.—Ebenezer Wentworth & Jane Merrill both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1772,] Aug. 27.—Jabez Lane & Sarah Woodman both of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1772,] Nov. 12.—Duglass Robinson & Sarah Hasaltine both of Narragansett, No. 1.

1773, Apr. 8.—William Hanscom of Pepperrellboro' & Elizath Sands of Narragansett, No. 1.

[1773, Apr.] 29.—Daniel Fields of Pepperrellboro' & Rachel Redlon of Buxton.

[1773,] July 1.—Abel Merrill & Elizabeth Page both of Buxton.

* Daughter of Joseph Woodman, and first child born in Buxton after the permanent settlement of the town in 1750.—C. W.

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1773, Der 30.—Samuel Beard of Scarboro' & Dorothy Bradbury of Buxton.

1774, Jan. 13.—James Moody & Elizabeth Donald both of Buxton.

[1774, Jan.] 31.—Daniel Hodgsden of mast-camps, & Sarah Bean of the Block House.

[1774,] Apl. 26.—John Edgerly & Abigail Brooks both of Buxton.

[1774, Apl.] 28.—Amos Chase of Limington & Emma Elden of Buxton.

[1774,] May 19.—Jabez Bradbury & Sarah Atkinson both of Buxton.

[1774,] Aug. 11.—Ephraim Sands Jr of Buxton & Elizabeth Stone of Gorham.

[1774,] Nov. 17.—Joseph Bradbury & Patience Goodwin both of Buxton.

1775, Jan. 19.—Humphry Merrill & Elizabeth McLucas both of Buxton.

[1775,] Oct. 3.—Joseph Ayer of Pearsontown & Eunice Clark of Little Falls.

1776, Apr. 25.—Benjn Donald* Jr. of Buxton & Susanna Davis of Pepperrellborough.

[1776,] Sep. 5.—Joseph Chase of Limington & Olive Woodman of Buxton.

[1776,] Nov. 5.—Samuel Merrill Jr. and Anna Eaton both of Buxton.

[1776,] Decr 12.—John Sands & Mary McLucas both of Buxton.

1777, Apl. 3.—Chase Parker & Ruth Hasaltine Both of Buxton.

[1777,] May 8.—Joses Hopkinson & Elizabeth Merrill both of Buxton.

[1777,] Aug. 10.—Joseph Donald* and Ann Woodman both of Buxton.

* Commonly spelled Dunnell.—C. W.

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1777, Sep. 21.—Capt. John Lane & Widow Hannah Hasaltine both of Buxton.

[1777,] Oct. 12.—Joseph Rankins & Mehitabel Donald* both of Buxton.

1778, Jan. 1.—Jonathan Boothby and Mary Small both of Limington.

[1778,] Mar. 12.—James Woodman and Mary Hancock both of Buxton.

[1778,] Nov. 8.—Phinehas Towle & Sarah Leavit both of Buxton.

[1778, Nov.] 19.—William Andrews and Martha Goodwin both of Buxton.

[1778,] Dec. 22.—John Mclucas & Margaret Brown both of Limerick.

1779, June 24.—Thomas Redlon and Martha Merrill both of Buxton.

[1779,] Nov. 25.—Ebenezer Whitney & widow Sarah Thompson both of Buxton.

[1779,] Dec. 8.—Joseph Goodwin and Mary Hasaltine both of Buxton.

[1779, Dec.] 16.—Elijah Bradbury & Sarah Lane both of Buxton.

1780, Feb. 17.—Ebenezer Redlon & Sarah Hancock both of Buxton.

[1780,] Apl. 6.—Daniel Hill and Sarah Leavit Both of Buxton.

[1780,] May 11.—Ezekiel Bragdon & Mary Roberts both of Buxton.

[1780,] Oct. 12.—Jonathan Gillman & Elizabeth Woodman both of Buxton.

[1780, Oct.] 19.—Brice Boothbay & Miriam Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1780,] Nov. 9.—William Davis & Abigail Fletcher both of Pepperrellboro'.

* Commonly spelled Dunnell.—C. W.

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1780, Nov. 30.—Henry Flood & Elizabeth Lewis both of Buxton.

1781, Apl. 9.—Adam Cochran of Newcastle & Miriam Lewis of Buxton.

[1781,] June 7.—John Nason Jr. of Little Ossipee & Mary Fowl of Buxton.

1781, July 1.—John Elwel & Abigail Cole both of Buxton.

[1781, July] 5.—Gibbons Elden & Susanna Whitney both of Buxton.

[1781, July] 12.—Joseph Tomes of Gorham & Abigail Weston of Buxton.

[1781, July] 26.—Lemuel Rounds of Buxton and Molly Whitney of Gorham.

[1781, July] 29.—Nathaniel Edwards & Susanna Maxwell both of Buxton.

[1781, Sep. 20.—Samuel Smith & Mary Rounds both of Buxton.

[1781,] Oct. 4.—Phinehas Hanson & Elizabeth Bunker both of Buxton.

[1781, Oct.] 11.—Joseph Nason of Little Ossipee & Hannah McLucas of Buxton.

[1781, Oct.] 18.—John Cole Jr. & Lucretia Woodsom both of Buxton.

[1781,] Nov. 8.—Joseph Roberts & Lydia Burnham both of Buxton.

[1781,] Nov. 29.—Nathaniel Woodman & Bethia Brooks both of Buxton.

[1781,] Decr 13.—James Rounds & Rachel Clay both of Buxton.

1782, Apl 16.—Daniel Whitmore of Gorham & Anna Hill of Buxton.

[1782, Apl] 22.—Thomas Harmon & Lydia Elden both of Buxton.

[1782,] May 23.—Daniel Bryant of Pepperrellboro' & Sarah Merrill of Buxton.

[1782,] July 14.—Jonathan Boothby of Little Ossipee & Anna Hasaltine of Buxton.

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1782, Aug. 22.—William Hancock & Elizabeth Leavit both of Buxton.

[1782,] Sep. 12.—Thomas Atkinson & Anna Safford both of Buxton.

1782, Oct. 31.—William Shute of Scarboro' & Hannah Bryant of Pepperrellboro'.

[1782,] Dec. 12.—Nathaniel Knight of Falmo' & Ruth Elden of Buxton.

1783, Jan. 9.—Isaac Berry & Anna Coolbroth both of Buxton.

[1783,] Apl. 17.—Samuel Crocket jr of Gorham & Betty Picket of Buxton.

[1783,] May 28.—Samuel Woodsom & Eunice Atkinson both of Buxton.

[1783,] Aug. 17.—Robert Martin & Rosanna Cole both of Buxton.

[1783,] Sep. 4.—Jonathan Bean of Little Falls & Phebe Brooks of Buxton.

[1783, Sep.] 25.—Jonathan Clay & Ester Flood both of Buxton.

[1783,] Dec. 25.—Elisha Andrews & Betty Garland both of Buxton.

1784, Jan. 29.—Thomas Davis & Charity Smith both of Buxton.

[1784,] Feb. 18.—Jonathan Rummery & Priscilla Davis both of Little Ossipee.

[1784,] Mar. 27.—David Redlon and Mary Lane both of Buxton.

[1784,] July 8.—Abiathar Woodsom & Susanna Roberts both of Buxton.

[1784,] Sep. 14.—Uriah Graffham & Lydia Edgcomb both of Buxton.

[1784, Sep.] 23.—Enoch Strout & Mercy Small both of Little Ossipee.

[1784, Sep.] 28.—Robert Brooks & Rebecca Hopkinson both of Buxton.

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1784, Decr 16.—Samuel Thompson & Elizabeth Rounds both of Buxton.

1785, Feb. 24.—Abijah Lewis & Betty Eldridge both of Buxton.

1785, Apl. 3.—David Young and Elizabeth Small both of Little Ossipee.

[1785,] May 12.—Abraham Bracket & Susanna Miller both of Little Ossipee.

[1785,] Sep. 8.—Winthrop Bradbury & Susanna Hasaltine both of Buxton.

[1785,] Nov. 3.—Jacob Dearborn & Susanna Runnels both of Buxton.

[1785, Nov.] 6.—John L. Hancock & Hannah Prescot both of Buxton.

[1785,] Dec. 15.—John Wentworth & Hannah Elwel both of Buxton.

[1785, Dec.] 27.—Samuel Brooks & Lucy Berry both of Buxton.

1786, Feb. 4.—John Lane Jr & Elizabeth Woodsom both of Buxton.

[1786, Feb.] 19.—Theodore Thompson & Elizabeth Sands both of Buxton.

[1786,] Apl. 6.—Samuel Hovey Jr of Buxton & Deliverance Jose of Scarboro.

[1786,] May 27.—Jabez P. Bradbury & Sarah H. Whitney both of Buxton.

[1786,] June 25.—Richard Tyrell* & Mary Bean both of Buxton.

1786, Sep. 21.—Thomas Millar of Little Ossipee & Elizab. Smith of Little Falls.

[1786,] Oct. 29.—Ephraim Woodman of Buxton & Olive Bryant of Pepperrellboro'.

[1786,] Nov. 23.—Theodore Atkinson & Polly French both of Buxton.

1787, Mar, 16.—Nathaniel Cole & Elizabeth Clay both of Buxton.

* It is not quite clear whether this is Tyrell.—C. W.

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Marriages Subsequent are annually returned To the Town Clerk.
1787, May 3.—Nathaniel Dunn Jr of Gorham & Elizab. Atkinson of Buxton.

[1787, May] 30.—Ephraim Bryant of Pepperrellboro' & Martha Kimball of Buxton.

[1787,] June 14.—Joshua Woodman Jr & Sarah Wheeler both of Buxton.

[1787, June] 21.—Samuel Strout of Gorham & Jerusha Emery of Buxton.

[1787,] Nov. 29.—Nathaniel Townsend & Judith Redlon of Little Falls.

1788, Jan. 3.—Joseph Hobson & Rebecca Sawyer both of Buxton.

[1788,] Feb. 14.—Solomon Smith & Hannah Flood both of Buxton.

[1788,] Apr. 29.—Edmd Knight of Buxton & Sarah Smith of Little Falls.

[1788,] May 5.—Samuel Andrews & Hannah Elden both of Buxton.

[1788, May] 8.—Enoch Billings and Mary Cutts both of Buxton.

[1788, May 8.] Joseph Billings & Lydia Hobson both of Buxton.

[1788,] Aug. 14.—Chase Parker of Buxton & Sarah Merrill of Limerick.

[1788,] Sep. 18.—Lemuel Bolter of Standish and Mary Davis of Little Ossipee.

[1788,] Oct. 30.—Unite Graffam & Grace Kelley both of Buxton.

[1788,] Nov. 20 Benja Smith of Little Falls & widow Anna Berry of Little Ossipee.

[1788, Nov.] 26.—Matthias Redlon of Buxton & Dorcas Williams of Pepperrellboro'.

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1788, Nov. 27.—Abel Andrews & Elizabeth Treworgy both of Buxton.

[1788, Nov. 27.] Daniel Bradbury of Limerick & Molly Wingate of Buxton.

[1788, Nov. 27.] Thos Lowell of Bridgeton & Sarah Ayer of Buxton.

1789, Jan. 1.—Barnabas Whitney & Sarah Walker both of Buxton.

[1789, Jan.] 22.—Ebenezer Ayer & Elizabeth Moor both of Buxton.

[1789, Jan.] 25.—Ephraim Holms of Scarboro' & Elizabeth Hasaltine of Buxton.

[1789,] May 7.—Winthrop Eldridge & Anna Lewis both of Buxton.

[1789, May] 21.—Joshua Kimball Jr & Abigail Heairl both of Buxton.

[1789,] Sep. 6.—Cadwallader Gray & Joanna Garland both of Buxton.

[1789,] Nov. 9.—Daniel Eliot & Lydia Johnson both of Little Ossipee.

1790, Jan : 10.—Solomon Newcomb & Hannah Jackson both of Buxton.

[1790, Jan :] 28.—John Merrill & Rebecca Lane both of Buxton.

[1790,] Feb. 7.—Gibeon Edgecomb & Abigail Lane both of Buxton.

[1790, Feb.] 18.—Josiah King of Pepperrellboro' & Mary Woodsom of Buxton.

[1790,] Mar. 2.—Daniel Kimball & Molly Bryant both of Buxton.

1790, Mar. 4.—Samuel Bradbury & Sarah Hutton both of Buxton.

[1790,] Apl. 15.—Eliphalet Parker of Buxton and Jane Small of Little Ossipee.

[1790, Apl. 15.] Moses Frost and Sarah McKenney of Little Ossipee.

[p. 228]
1790, Sep. 2.—Thomas Leavit & Martha Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1790, Sep.] 9.—Amos Whitney of Buxton and Mary Smith of Gorham.

[1790,] Nov. 10.—William Elwel & Molly Sawyer both of Buxton.

[1790, Nov.] 18.—Dominicus McKenny and Mary Hasty both of Little Ossipee.

1791, Jan. 10.—Reuben Bracket & Jane H. McArthur both of Little Ossipee.

[1791,] Mar. 17.—Thomas Lewis & Sally Baston both of Buxton.

[1791,] June 23.—Daniel Mitchel & Anna Small both of Little Ossipee.

[1791, June 23.] John Small and Hannah Small both of Little Ossipee.

[1791,] Aug. 28.—Willm Anderson of Little Ossipee & Sarah Hardy of Little Falls.

[1791,] Sep. 18.—Moses Bradbury and Mercy Garland both of Buxton.

[1791,] Oct. 20.—Ephraim Sands Tertius & Abigail Ayer Both of Buxton.

[1791,] Nov. 16.—James Pike of Buxton and Mary Smith of Little Falls.

[1791, Nov.] 24.—Josiah Paine & Elizabeth Ayer Both of Buxton.

[1791,] Dec. 1.—Dennis Johnson & Rhode Johnson both of Little Ossipee.

[1791, Dec.] 8.—Moses Woodman & Abigail Leavit both of Buxton.

1792, Jan. 12.—John Leavit & Molly Dolloff both of Buxton.

[1792, Jan. 12.] Nathaniel Sawyer & Shuah Small both of Little Ossipee.

[1792, Jan.] 26.—Simeon Jordan & Molly Sands both of Buxton.

[p. 29]
1792, Feb. 25.—Philip Fowler Jr of Newmarket & Hannah Cutts of Buxton.

[1792,] Apl. 12.—Mark Manson & Catharine Cox both of Limington.

[1792, Apl.] 19.—Samuel Smith and Martha Banks both of Little Falls.

[1792,] May 14.—Peter Babb & Thankful Bangs both of Buxton.

[1792,] June 21.—John Newcomb Jr and Sarah Thompson both of Buxton.

[1792,] Aug. 23.—Daniel Leavit Jr. & Hannah Boynton both of Buxton.

[1792,] Oct. 9.—Stephen Bean & Molly Smith both of Little Falls.

[1792, Oct.] 11.—Joseph Smith of Little Falls & Deborah Kimball of Buxton.

[1792,] Nov. 1.—John Atkinson and Olive Haley both of Buxton.

[1792, Nov.] 7.—Robert Edgecomb & Susannah McKenney both of Limington.

[1792, Nov.] 29.—Simon Henderson dwelling in, and Alice Smith of, Buxton.

[1792,] Dec. 6.—Daniel Boynton Jr. & Mary Moor both of Buxton.

[1792, Dec.] 16.—Stephen Hopkinson & Martha Garland both of Buxton.

[1792, Dec.] 20.—John Eaton Jr & Kezia Dearborn both of Buxton.

1793, Jan. 3.—Clement Dennet & Molly Leavit both of Buxton.

[1793, Jan.] 24.—Samuel Leavit Jr & Hannah Garland both of Buxton.

[1793,] Mar. 14.—Jereh Dealing of Scarboro' & Molly Sawyer of Buxton.

[1793, Mar.] 17.—Jacob Stevens & Mary Redlon both of Buxton.

[p. 30]
1793, May 30.—Thos Lord Jr of Limerick & Sarah Bradbury of Buxton.

[1793,] July 4.—Elias Boothby of Gorham & Abigail Murch of Buxton.

[1793,] Sep. 18.—Coleman Phiney of Gorham & Peggy Moor of Buxton.

[1793, Sep.] 19.—Stephen Murch of Buxton & Miriam Watson of Gorham.

[1793,] Oct. 24.—Levi Elwel & Thankful Rounds both of Buxton.

[1793,] Nov. 7.—Jabez Sawyer Jr. & Elizabeth Hanson Both of Buxton.

[1793, Nov. 7.] William Lane of Hiram & Ellis Haines of Buxton.

[1793, Nov. 7.] Benjamin Newcomb & Sarah Lewis both of Buxton.

[1793, Nov. 7.] Henry Whitney and Abigail Walker both of Buxton.

[1793, Nov.] 25.—William Bolter & Molly Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1793, Nov.] 28.—Nathaniel Gould of Gorham & Elizabeth Coffin of Buxton.

[1793,] Dec. 8.—Nathan Hopkinson and widow Betty Andrews both of Buxton.

[1793, Dec.] 10.—John Palmer & Martha Elden both of Buxton.

[1793, Dec.] 19.—Jacob Redlon & Mary Townsend both of Little Falls.

[1793, Dec.] 20.—Benja Nason of Limerick & Mary Edgcomb of Limington.

1794, Feb. 4.—John Berry & Anna Myrick both of Buxton.

[1794, Feb.] 25.—John Millar of Flintstown & Polly Wood of Buxton.

[1794,] Mar. 6.—Aaron Eldridge & Jane Lewis Both of Buxton.

[p. 31]
1794, Mar. 16.—John Ewing & Elizabeth Leavit Both of Buxton.

[1794,] Apl. 6.—Isaac Lane & Ruth Merrill Both of Buxton.

[1794,] May 17.—Ezekiel Edgcomb of Little Falls and Alice Lane of Buxton.

[1794,] July 17.—Ebenezer Thorndick of Cape Elizabeth & Sarah White of Buxton.

[1794,] Aug. 14.—Moses Atkinson Jr. of Little Falls & Elizabeth Woodman of Buxton.

[1794, Aug.] 21.—Joseph Hanson & Joanna Sawyer both of Buxton.

[1794, Aug.] 25.—Timothy Hasaltine & Hannah Berry both of Buxton.

[1794,] Oct. 5.—Moses Smith and Sarah Palmer both of Little Falls.

[1794, Oct.] 9.—Clement Messerve of Scarboro' & widow Elizabeth Gilman of Buxton.

[1794, Oct.] 15.—Edmd Pendexter of Cornish & Mary Fields of Little Falls.

[1794, Oct.] 23.—Zebulun Murch of Gorham and Molly Pennel of Buxton.

[1794,] Nov. 20.—Amos McCorison & Sally Smith both of Buxton.

[1794, Nov. 20.] Simon Newcomb & Sally Moody both of Buxton.

1795, Jan. 8.—Willard Bangs & Dorcas Thompson both of Buxton.

[1795, Jan.] 29.—Benjamin Leavit & Susanna Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1795,] Feb. 18.—Isaac Scamman Jr of Pepperrellboro & Anna Leavit of Buxton.

[1795, Feb.] 19.—Isaac Murch of Gorham & Charity Smith of Little Falls.

[1795,] May 31.—James Moody of Buxton & Mary Heairl of Little Falls.

[p. 32]
1795, Oct. 25.—Jonathan Brooks & Abigail Owen both of Buxton.

[1795,] Nov. 19.—Benjamin Bradbury Jr. and Betsey Eaton both of Buxton.

[1795, Nov.] 22.—Royal Brewster & Dorcas Coffin both of Buxton.

1796, Jan. 7.—Joseph Cookson of Buxton & Jane Labun of Gorham.

[1796, Jan.] 14.—Samuel Nason of Little Falls & Molly Haines of Buxton.

[1796,] Feb. 11.—John Babb and Betsey Murray both of Gorham.

[1796,] Mar. 21.—Nathan Elden Jr. & Hannah Parker both of Buxton.

[1796, Mar.] 29.—Daniel Smith & Molly Runnells both of Buxton.

[1796,] Aprl. 4.—Richard Kimball & Polly Boynton both of Buxton.

[1796,] May 22.—Abraham Bickford of Falmouth & Susanna Redlon of Buxton.

[1796,] June 8.—John Palmer of Little Falls & Charlotte Lane of Buxton.

[1796,] Sep. 4.—Samuel Came & Ruth Kimball both of Buxton.

[1796, Sep.] 22.—Jonathan Davis of Gorham and Mary Murch of Buxton.

[1796,] Oct. 30.—Edmund Woodman & Lydia Crocker both of Buxton.

[1796,] Dec. 15.—Ebenezer Lewis & Lydia Thompson both of Buxton.

1797, Jan. 10.—Joseph Linscot & Anna Gillpatrick both of Little Falls.

[1797, Jan.] 19.—Theophilus Waterhouse and Susanna Ayer both of Buxton.

[1797,] May 11.—Robert P. Marrs of Scarboro' & Olive Plaisted of Buxton.

[p. 33]
1797, May 14.—Isaac Fogg of Scarboro' & Sarah Rounds of Buxton.

[1797,] June 26.—Edmund Watson of Gorham and Betsey Cresy of Buxton.

[1797,] Aug. 10.—Samuel Sands Jr. & Mehitable Donald both of Buxton.

[1797,] Nov. 9.—Daniel Gookins of Pepperrellboro' & Olive Junkins of Buxton.

[1797, Nov.] 30.—Daniel Lane & Kezia Hanscom both of Buxton.

[1797,] Dec. 21.—John Eldridge & Dorothy Smith both of Buxton.

1798, Jan. 4.—John White Jr. of Buxton & Nancy Mathews of Cape Elizabeth.

[1798, Jan. 4.] James Gillpatrick & Elizabeth Haley both of Little Falls.

[1798, Jan.] 11.—Asa Smith & Hannah Heairl both of Little Falls.

[1798, Jan.] 29.—Willm Paine Jr. of Gorham and Hannah Cresy of Buxton.

[1798,] Feb. 22.—Hugh Warren and Polley Foster both of Buxton.

[1798,] Mar. 15.—Thomas Warren of Pepperrellboro' & Abigail G. Junkins of Buxton.

[1798,] Apl. 29.—Elihu Gunison & Betsey Round both of Buxton.

[1798,] May 10.—Thomas Snow & Lydia Sands both of Buxton.

[1798, May] 27.—Nathan Nason & Susanna Smith both of Little Falls.

[1798,] Oct. 14.—George Elwell of Gorham & Mehitabel Cain of Buxton.

[1798,] Nov. 18.—Samuel Wentworth and Anna Keay both of Buxton.

[1798, Nov.] 29.—Levi Elwell & Abigail Boothby both of Buxton.

[p. 34]
1798, Dec. 13.—Thomas Decker and Sally Cole both of Buxton.

[1798, Dec.] 27.—Israel Rich of Standish & Rhoda Smith of Buxton.

1799, Jan. 10.—William Dyer & Jane Palmer both of Philipsburg.

[1799,] Feb. 3.—Stephen Leighton of Limerick & Hannah Sawyer of Buxton.

[1799,] May 9.—Theophilus Waterhouse & Hannah Ayer both of Buxton.

[1799, May] 16.—Joseph Baldwin Jr. & Eliz: Chamberlain both of Pepperrellborough.

[1799,] June 19.—Joses Palmer & Mary Atkinson both of Philipsborough.

[1799,] Sep. 8.—John Hanson and Dorcas Elden both of Buxton.

[1799,] Oct. 13.—Elisha Newcomb & Rebecca Lewis both of Buxton.

[1799, Oct.] 27.—Thomas Emery Jr. & Polley Woodman both of Buxton.

[1799,] Nov. 14.—Magnus Redlon & Hannah Redlon both of Philipsboro'.

[1799, Nov.] 17.—John Billings & Alice Donnell both of Buxton.

[1799, Nov.] 24.—Ephraim Woodman & Elizabeth Billings both of Buxton.

[1799, Nov.] 26.—Capt. Jedidiah Smith of Phillipsburg and Margaret Tibbets of Waterboro'.

[1799, Nov.] 28.—Jonathan Clay Jr. & Esther Thompson both of Buxton.

[1799,] Dec. 5.—Joseph Decker of Buxton & Anna Fields of Phillipsboro'.

1800, Jan. 5.—Henry Flood & Jemima Tibbets both of Buxton.

[1800, Jan.] 19.—Henry Lane Rolf & Alice Thompson both of Buxton.

[p. 35]
1800, Mar. 12.—Elijah Hanson of Somersworth & Joanna Wentworth of Buxton.

[1800, Mar.] 30.—William Bradbury & Susanna Dunel both of Buxton.

[1800,] June 5.—Archelaus Quimby of Falmo' & Patience Rounds of Buxton.

[1800, June] 22.—Joseph Parker of Gorham, or a transient Person & Sarah Newcomb of Buxton.

[1800,] July 6.—John Hill and Polley Lane both of Buxton.

[1800, July] 9.—James March of Scarboro' & Salley Jose of Buxton.

[1800, July] 13.—John Woodman Jr. & Joanna Woodman both of Buxton.

[1800,] Aug. 3.—James Merrill & Martha Crocket both of Buxton.

[1800,] Oct. 26.—Mark Smith and Alice Woodman both of Buxton.

[1800,] Nov. 26.—Willm Fogg of Scarboro' & Abigail Millikin of Buxton.

[1800,] Dec. 4.—Samuel Lewis and Phebe Irish both of Buxton.

[1800, Dec.] 14.—Samuel Elliot and Anna Goodwin both of Buxton.

[1800, Dec.] 25.—Robert Sawyer of Buxton & Lydia Townsend of Phillipsburg.

1801, Jan. 15.—Tristram Eaton and Betsey Woodman both of Buxton.

[1801,] Feb. 19.—James Libbey and Sarah Sands both of Buxton.

[1801,] May 3.—John Murch Jr. of Gorham & Polly Boynton of Buxton.

[1801, May] 31.—Ebenr Robards of Cape Elizabeth & Sarah Thorndick of Buxton.

[1801,] June 7.—Samuel Hopkinson and Elizabeth Appleton both of Buxton.

[p. 36]
1801, June 11.—Daniel Kelley and Dorcas Holmes both of Buxton.

[1801,] Sep. 3.—Elisha Furbush & Dorcas Lord both of Buxton.

[1801, Sep.] 24.—James Rounds and Polley Sands both of Buxton.

[1801,] Oct. 11.—William Butterfield and Susanna Boothby both of Buxton.

[1801, Oct.] 18.—Tristram Hanson and Patty Towle both of Buxton.

[1801, Oct.] 25.—Living Lane and Love Dunnel both of Buxton.

[1801,] Nov. 12.—Elijah Hamblen of Gorham and Jane Murch of Buxton.

[1801, Nov.] 22.—John Woodman Esq. & Widow Dorcas Elden both of Buxton.

[1801, Nov.] 24.—Jonathan Hopkinson of Phillipsburg & Hannah Jose of Buxton.

[1801, Nov.] 25.—Doct. Ezra Dean of Berwick & Sarah Coffin of Buxton.

1801, Nov. 26.—John Edgerly and Lucy Merrill both of Buxton.

[1801,] Dec. 3.—John Dealing of Scarboro' and Abigail Sawyer of Buxton.

[1801, Dec.] 13.—Andrew Palmer & Sarah Heairl both of Phillipsburg.

1802, Jan. 4.—Robert Cochran & Taffena Thomson both of Buxton.

[1802, Jan.] 14.—William Dunnell and Sarah Woodman both of Buxton.

[1802,] Mar. 4.—Reuben Norton & Eleanor White both of Buxton.

[1802,] May 13.—Samuel Black and Polley Millikin both of Buxton.

[1802,] June 6.—John Beard of Buxton & Elizabeth Woodsom of Pepperrellboro'.

[p. 37]
1802, June 16.—John Edwards and Eunice Smith both of Buxton.

[1802,] July 4.—Abraham Peavey & Olive Downs both of Phillipsburg.

[1802, July] 11.—Thomas Berry Jr. and Salley Berry both of Buxton.

[1802, July] 25.—James Palmer of Phillipsburg & Elizabeth Bradbury of Buxton.

[1802,] Aug. 1.—Daniel Flanders & Hannah Boynton both of Buxton.

[1802,] Sep. 10.—John Davis Jr. & Eunice Sands both of Buxton.

[1802, Sep.] 23.—Ethan Wilber of Scarboro' & Phebe Libby of Buxton.

[1802,] Oct. 26.—Thomas Paine of Gorham and Sarah Hill of Buxton.

[1802, Oct.] 28.—Amos Ridlon & Salley Emery both of Buxton.

[1802,] Nov. 25.—Josiah Davis of Gorham and Martha Hill of Buxton.

[1802, Nov.] 25.—Obadiah Tibbets of Phillipsburg & Lydia Haines of Buxton.

[1802,] Dec. 6.—Paul Dresser and Sally Holbrook both of Buxton.

[1802, Dec.] 9.—Samuel Cobb of Gorham & Tabitha Elwel of Buxton.

[1802, Dec.] 23.—James Ridlon of Phillipsburg & Sarah Hopkinson of Buxton.

1803, Jan. 10.—William Wentworth & Betsey Merrill both of Buxton.

[1803, Jan.] 27.—Edward Harmond of Scarboro' and Ruth Harmond of Buxton.

[1803,] Mar. 2.—Peter Steel & Mary Hanson both of Buxton.

[1803,] June 26.—James Davis Jr. of Limington & Olive Haynes of Buxton.

[p. 38]
1803, June 30.—Samuel Banks of Phillipsburg & Jane Boynton of Buxton.

[1803,] July 31.—Samuel Watts of Gorham & Miriam Cresey of Buxton.

[1803,] Aug. 30.—Amos Taylor & Nancy Haley both of Phillipsburg.

[1803,] Sep. 15.—James Pennell & Jane Berry both of Buxton.

[1803, Sep.] 22.—Stephen Andrews Jr. of Portland & Hannah Millikin of Buxton.

[1803, Sep.] 29.—Jonathan Norton and Polley White both of Buxton.

[1803,] Nov. 20.—David Patrick of Gorham & Betsey Jordan of Buxton.

[1803,] Dec. 1.—George Rounds & Susanna Hanscom both of Buxton.

[1803, Dec.] 1.—Moses Rounds & Sarah Davis both of Buxton.

[1803, Dec.] 4.—Thomas Sands and Sarah Hanscom both of Buxton.

1804, Mar. 8.—Paul Wentworth & Sarah Fields both of Buxton.

[1804, Mar. 8.] Eli Clemons of Hiram & Ruth Hanscom of Buxton.

[1804,] Mar. 29.—Benaiah Hanscomb & Abigail Sands both of Buxton.

[1804,] April 1.—Isaac Stone of Scarboro' & Hulda Libby of Buxton.

[1804, April] 2.—Joel Libby and Hannah Knight both of Buxton.

[1804, April] 24.—Samuel Paine of Gorham and Lucy Junkins of Buxton.

[1804,] May 9.—Coleman Danford of Eaton & Ethedosha Rounds of Phillipsburg.

[1804, May] 23.—Artemas Richardson of Baldwin & Mary Thompson of Buxton.

[p. 39]
1804, June 7.—Samuel Tarbox of Biddeford & Dorcas Plaisted of Buxton.

[1804, June] 10.—Daniel Hanson and Dorothy Hanson both of Buxton.

[1804, June] 21.—George Strout of Gorham and Comfort Emery of Buxton.

[1804, June] 24.—Samuel Merrill the third and Elizabeth Owen both of Buxton.

[1804,] July 5.—William Hopkinson of Buxton & Catharine Redlon of Phillipsburg.

[1804, July] 16.—Tappan Wentworth & Elizabeth Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1804,] Aug. 23.—Samuel Redlon & Polley Redlon both of Phillipsburg.

1804, Sep. 7.—Simon Blake of Barrington & Betsey Palmer of Buxton.

[1804, Sep.] 27.—William Tarbox of Phillipsburg & Lydia Davis of Buxton.

[1804,] Nov. 12.—Benjamin Haines Jr. & Jemima Redlon both of Buxton.

[1804, Nov.] 29.—Daniel Mason & Polley Plaisted both of Buxton.

[1804, Nov. 29.] Samuel Dunnel & Achsah Hill both of Buxton.

[1804, Nov. 29.] Edward Flood and Polly Tibbets both of Buxton.

[1804,] Dec. 26.—John Martin and Abigail Berry both of Buxton.

1805, Mar. 14.—Nahum Elwel & Sarah Edwards both of Buxton.

[1805,] Mar. 21.—Joseph Rounds jr. & Hannah McCorson both of Buxton.

[1805,] Mar. 31.—Isaac Hancock and Anna Rand both of Buxton.

[1805,] Apl. 25.—Andrew Bradbury of Phillipsburg & Deborah Cresey of Buxton.

[p. 40]
1805, Apl. 28.—Simeon Goodwin Bradbury & Ruth Sands both of Buxton.

[1805,] May 5.—Ephraim Sands the fourth & Molly Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1805,] July 6.—Jeremiah Fogg & Betsey Bryant both of Buxton.

[1805, July] 14.—Michael Shute of Phillipsburg & Olive Leavit of Buxton.

[1805,] Sep. 1.—John Dodge of Gorham & Betsey Harmon of Buxton.

[1805, Sep.] 19.—John Maddox of Waterboro' & Rebecca Barker of Phillipsburg.

[1805,] Oct. 24.—John Watson of Waterford and Polley Hopkinson of Buxton.

[1805,] Nov. 28.—Eliphalet Hamblen and Bettey Edgerly both of Buxton.

1806, Jan. 23.—Theodore Powers and Ruth Elden both of Buxton.

[1806,] Feb. 6.—John Warren of Gorham and Sukey Adams of Buxton.

[1806, Feb.] 9.—Nathaniel Durgan & Jane Smith both of Buxton.

[1806, Feb. 9.] Michael Hanson & Salley Wentworth Both of Buxton.

[1806, Feb.] 23.—Samuel Rounds the third & Hittey Libbey both of Buxton.

1806, Feb. 27.—Isaac Redlon and Mercy Emery both of Buxton.

[1806,] Mar. 13.—Dearborn Taylor Blake & Ruth Goodwin both of Buxton.

[1806,] June 1.—William Eaton of Gorham & Mehitable Jose of Buxton.

[1806, June] 5.—John Sands & Anna Hanscom both of Buxton.

[1806, June] 29.—Jonathan Moulton and Hannah Hanson both of Buxton.

[p. 41]
1806, Aug. 3.—Samuel Edgerly and Mehitable Rankins both of Buxton.

[1806, Aug.] 14.—Paul Huston Jr. & Charlotte Elwel both of Falmouth.

[1806, Aug.] 31.—William Waterman of Phillipsburg & Betsey Watts of Buxton.

[1806,] Nov. 16.—Benjamin Whitney and Anna Bangs both of Buxton.

[1806, Nov.] 26.—Thomas Thomes of Standish & Mehitable Whitney of Buxton.

[1806, Nov.] 27.—John Sands Jr. of Porterfield & Charlotte Steel of Buxton.

[1806, Nov. 27.] Jonathan Watson of Scarboro' & Hannah Andrews of Buxton.

[1806, Nov. 27.] Ebenezer Wentworth Junr. & Salley Woodman both of Buxton.

[1806,] Dec. 8.—Rev. Abner Flanders & Abigail Bradbury both of Buxton.

1807, Jan. 8.—Seth Fogg & Elizabeth Coolbroth both of Buxton.

[1807,] Feb. 22.—Edward Gordon of Phillipsburg & Susanna Redlon of Buxton.

[1807,] Mar. 19.—Samuel Edwards & Lucy McDonnell both of Buxton.

[1807, Mar.] 26.—Abel Smith of Standish & Betsey Eldridge of Buxton.

[1807,] Apl. 9.—Amos Mason & Elizabeth M. Plaisted both of Buxton.

[1807, Apl. 9.] Timothy Ayer and Hannah Merrill both of Buxton.

[1807,] May 14.—Alexander Jose and Salley Emery both of Buxton.

[1807,] July 5.—Joel Marshal of Saco and Elizabeth Kimbal of Buxton.

[1807, July] 9.—Noah Cole and Hannah Wallace both of Buxton.

[p. 42]
1807, July 26. William Bragdon and Martha Owen both of Buxton.

[1807,] Aug. 27.—Christopher Rand Jr. of Gorham & Dorcas Hanson of Buxton.

[1807,] Oct. 1.—Joseph Fogg of Scarboro' and Apphia Millikin of Buxton.

[1807,] Dec. 24.—Jonathan Davis of Gorham & Sally Murch of Buxton.

[1807, Dec.] 24.—Jabez Bradbury and Mrs. Mary Billings both of Buxton.

1808, Mar. 3.—John Gould of Leeds and Olive Andrews of Buxton.

[1808, Mar.] 6.—Thos. Atkinson of Phillipsburg & Mrs. Alice Billings of Buxton.

[1808, Mar.] 17.—David Paine and Betsey Lamb both of Buxton.

[1808, Mar.] 24.—Stephen Palmer and Mrs. Mary Poke both of Buxton.

[1808,] Apl. 24.—Silvanus Davis and Phebe McDonald both of Buxton.

[1808,] Aug. 25.—Nathaniel Rice Jun. & Mercy Emery both of Buxton.

[1808,] Nov. 27.—Jacob B Owen and Rebecca Murch both of Buxton.

[1808,] Dec. 1.—Enoch Coffin and Polley Smith both of Buxton.

1809, Jan. 26.—Samuel Libbey and Elizabeth Towle both of Buxton.

[1809,] Feb. 9.—Lemuel Sawyer and Mrs Love Lane both of Buxton.

[1809,] Mar. 16.—Samuel Thomes of Standish & Olive Norton of Buxton.

[1809, Mar. 16.] John Donnell and Rachel Sawyer both of Buxton.

[1809,] Apl. 20.—Joseph Nason Jr. of Phillipsburg & Hannah Norton of Buxton.

[p. 43]
1809, June 25.—Abel Merrill Jr. of Turner & Abigail Hill of Buxton.

[1809,] Aug. 20.—John Moses of Scarboro' & Olive Harmon of Buxton.

[1809,] Nov. 2.—John Messerve and Mary Edwards both of Buxton.

[1809, Nov.] 29.—Elijah Davis and Sarah Sawyer both of Buxton.

[1809, Nov.] 30.—Asa Brown and Betsey Sands both of Buxton.

[1809,] Dec. 14.—Jabez Pennell and Mercy Redlon both of Buxton.

[1809, Dec.] 18.—Amos Millikin of Saco & Sarah Millikin of Buxton.

1810, Feb. 4.—John White of the Plantation called Green near Belfast and Lydia Pennell of Buxton.

[1810,] Feb. 25.—Joseph Elwell Jr. and Betsey Nelson both of Buxton.

[1810,] Mar. 29.—Isaac Libby Jr. and Susanna Rounds both of Buxton.

[1810,] May 13.—John Berry and Anna Rankins both of Buxton.

[1810, May] 30.—Elias Libby and Martha Bradbury both of Buxton.

[1810,] June 17.—Jonathan Hamlen of Standish and Deborah Murch of Buxton.

[1810,] Oct. 21.—Elijah Jackson of Pittston and Abigail Cutts of Buxton.

[1810,] Nov. 28.—Amos Woodman of Leeds and Mary Bradbury of Buxton.

[1810, Nov.] 29.—Reuben Moulton of Scarboro' and Mary Andrews of Buxton.

[1810,] Dec. 6.—John Fogg of Phillipsburg and Hannah Knight of Buxton.

[1810, Dec.] 23.—Thomas Moulton of Scarboro' and Betsey Lane of Buxton.

[p. 44]
1811, Jan. 1.—John Owen and Elizabeth Cah-Hill [sic] both of Buxton.

[1811,] Apl. 11.—Henry Neal and Sarah McDonnels both of Portland.

[1811,] Oct. 6.—Joseph Dearborn of Biddeford & Tamar Woodman of Buxton.

[1811,] Nov. 17.—Samuel Hill and Anna Dunnel both of Buxton.

[1811, Nov.] 21.—Jonathan McKenney and Polley Millikin both of Buxton.

1812, Feb. 9.—Phinehas Parker of Gorham and Mary Butterfield of Buxton.

[1812, Feb.] 21.—James Grover Jr. of Bethel and Sarah Brooks of Buxton.

[1812, Feb.] 23.—Stephen Merrill and Dorcas Sands both of Buxton.

[1812,] Apl. 2.—Daniel Irish of Gorham & Abigail Frost Rounds of Buxton.

[1812,] May 14.—Nathaniel Smith and Abigail Paul both of Buxton.

[1812,] June 4.—Samuel Woodman and Anna Knight both of Buxton.

[1812,] July 1.—Greenleaf Clark Watson of Gorham & Lydia Sands Thompson of Buxton.

1812, July 2.—Moses Boynton and Sarah Knight both of Buxton.

[1812,] Sep. 8.—Joseph Bradbury Junior & Ruth Libby both of Buxton.

[1812,] Nov. 26.—William Sweetser Jr. of Scarboro' and Sally Usher of Buxton.

1813, Feb. 18.—Phinehas Hanson 3d and Salley Emery both of Buxton.

[1813,] Sep. 19.—John Rankins and Eleanor Hanscom both of Buxton.

[1813,] Oct. 25.—Joseph Woodman Jr. Esqr. and Susanna Coffin both of Buxton.

[p. 45]
1813, Dec. 16.—Daniel Blake of Gorham and Thankful Davis of Buxton.

1814, Jan. 2.—Stephen Patrick of Gorham & Esther Harmon of Buxton.

[1814,] May 25.—John Andrews of Scarboro' and Anna Woodman of Buxton.

[1814,] Nov. 20.—Stephen Hanson and Betsey Donnell both of Buxton.

[1814,] Dec. 1.—Dodavah C. Spencer and Isabella Harmon both of Buxton.

[1814, Dec.] 29.—Pelatiah Harmon Jr. and Rebecca Coffin both of Buxton.

1815, July 23.—John Tarbox and Lucy Merrill both of Buxton.

[1815,] Oct. 12.—Benjamin Tappan Chase & Submit Woodman both of Buxton.

[1815,] Nov. 9.—Samuel Chamberlain and Rebecca Owen both of Buxton.

1816, Jan. 14.—Daniel Mosher of Gorham and Octavia Woodman of Buxton.

[1816,] June 22.—Allen Jordan of Gorham and Betsey Adams of Buxton.

[1816,] July 8.—Isaac Lapham of Pittston and Dorcas Cutts of Buxton.

[1816,] Sep. 29.—John Hanscom Jr. and Polley Hill both of Buxton.

[1816,] Oct. 10.—Robert Wentworth and Salley Harding both of Buxton.

[1816,] Nov. 17.—Asael Hasaltine and Mercy Leavit both of Buxton.

1817, Mar. 31.—Daniel Thompson and Rebecca Sawyer both of Buxton.

[1817,] May 11.—Samuel Goodwin and Mary Emery both of Buxton.

[1817,] Oct. 1.—John Johnson of Hollis and Ruth Woodman of Buxton.

[p. 46]
1818, Apl. 22.—Ebenezer Ballard & Martha Hanscomb both of Buxton.

[1818,] June 11.—Phinehas Thompson & Polley Norton both of Buxton.

[1818,] July 16.—Theodore Knight of Westbrook & Asenah Thompson of Buxton.

*1819, Jan. 28.—Nicholas Smith of Hollis and Mary Sands of Buxton.

*[1819,] Nov.—H. W. Eaton of Biddeford & Mary Brewster of Buxton.

* These were married by Dr. Coffin, but the handwriting of the original entry is not his.