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Portland Marriages, 1804

Source: Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 9 (Portland, Me.: S.M. Watson, 1898).

The forenames and surnames of grooms have been switched to facilitate searching.

[p. 284]
Bartlett Adams and Charlotte Neal
John Ames and Aphia Pote
John Anderson and Hannah Jones
James Balfour and Polly Thomes
George Walker Brasbridge and Sally Willey
Thomas Bangs and Hannah H. Shaw
Joseph Baker and Elizabeth Hale
John Badger and Jenny Waters
William Bradbury and Olive Mitchell
Samuel Badger and Sally Willey
David Bradbury and Polly Henshaw
Aaron Brown and Olive Mitchell
Salmon Chase and Sarah Tyng Waldo
George Conant and Mary Pote
Josiah Clark and Elizabeth Newman
William Corbet and Sally Moses
Timothy Cochran and Lovey Lord
Walter Catin and Sarah Wiswell
Samuel Cobb and Sally Lunt
Cato Crosby and Rhoda McFarland
Thomas Cross and Laura Sanford
Jonathan Cobb and Bathsheba Yeaton
Peter Cutler and Sukey Davis
John Cowan and Sally Merrill
William Cross and Eliza Stevens
Nathan Davis and Eunice Caldwell
James Dean and Eliza Wood
Calvin Day and Mary Farnam
Solomon Dennison and Mary Warren
Andrew Drew and Lydia Warren
John DeCosta and Anna Adams
James Emerson and Almira Bowers
John Ervin and Martha Drinkwater
Stephen Emberley and Mehitable Sweet
James Flood and Eliza Parsons

[p. 285]
Charles Foster and Nancy Poland
Thomas Flinn and Mary Jones
James Farmer and Betsey Webb
William P. Griffin and Rachel Wiswall
Richard Green and Sally Crowninshield
James D. Hopkins and Dorcas Tucker
Francis Hart and Sally Baker
John Harman and Betsey Riggs
Simeon Hall and Harriet Thrasher
John Herbert and Mary Voax Clinton
William Huston and Elizabeth Eusties
James Milk Ingraham and Eliza Thurston
Henry Jones and Mary Windship
Robert Jenks and Sarah Rivers
Ezekiel Jordan and Nabby Bailey
Jeremiah Jordan and Rebecca Rice
Thomas Kain and Lydia Ingersoll
Walter Keaton and Sarah Wiswall
Stephen Longfellow and Zilpah Wadsworth
Josiah Lovis and Martha Bailey
Ephraim Lombard and Jane Larrabee
John Lake and Zeruiah Ruby
Samuel Mayberry and Sally Pettengill
William Mulloy and Hannah Sawyer
William Moody and Rachel Riggs
John Mire and Elizabeth Goodnow
Enoch Moulton and Sally Searl
Jerremiah M'Graw and Mary Humphreys
Benjamin Nason and Hannah C. Vaughan
John Nugent and Jane White
Johnson Pierce and Frances How
Eli Pierce and Betsey White
William Pierce and Mary Blake
Dustin Patch and Submit Shurtlief
Joel Prince and Sukey Morse
Henry Pearson and Sarah Sawyer
John Patterson and Lucy Peters
Benjamin Rich and Nabby Meserve

[p. 286]
Thomas Richardson and Rebecca Wescot
Thomas Rowe and Sophie Hemmenway
Enoch Riggs and Nancy Constable
Ebenezer Rubee and Matilda Chadwick
Samuel Richards and Rebecca Badger
Michael Smith and Anna Battelle
John Snelling and Margaret Scot
John Sullivan and Sukey Green
Enoch Shaw and Betsey King
Thomas Smith and Sally Sears
Ningo Sanders and Sally Ambee
James Slater and Precilla Roberts
Tristram Shepherd and Sally Smith
Samuel Starboard and Eunice Bailey
Daniel Sullivan and Sukey Green
Laman Shullabar and Rhoda Rowe
Thomas Tandy and Betsey Austin
Joshua Thornton and Elizabeth Burns
George Thomas and Anne Morse
Philip Threemer and Deborah Morse
David Tucker and Eliza Adams
John P. Thurston and Polly Tucker
William Warren and Patience Trip
Jonathan Wheelwright and Sarah Anderson
Boston Wright and Betsey Johnson
Thomas J. White and Polly Shepherd
Joseph Winslow and Charlotte Wood N. Noyes
Mark Walton and Sally Newman
John Yeaton and Nancy Burton
John Young and Fanny Fowler