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Some Norridgewock Marriages, 1814-1816

Source: Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 7 (Portland, Me.: S.M. Watson, 1893).

[p. 63]

Mr. Editor:
I have in my possession a copy of The Massachusetts Manuel, (Boston, June 1814,) by William Burdick, which contains the records of some marriages solemnized at Norridgewock by the Reverend Josiah Peet, Congregational minister of that town. The entries are made on a blank leaf near the beginning ot the manuel and on a fly-leaf at the end. The book is interleaved, and has various manuscript notes as to places where Mr. Peet preached. It has lost its binding and been otherwise abused, and was found among some old paper junk. The record of these marriages is worth saving, and for that reason I send the following copy to the MAINE HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL RECORDER for permanent preservation.

Aug. 28, 1814, Calvin Selden, Esqr., with Harriet Sawtell, both of Norridgewock.

Nov. 29, David Gilman, with Lucy Bixby, both of Norridgewock.

Dec. 14, William Farnsworth, with Susan Tarbell, both of Norridgewock.

Feb. 23, 1815, Peter Gilman, Junr., with Susan T. Coffin, both of Norridgewock.

April 9, Enoch Whittier, of Athens, with Eunice Shipley, of Solon.

May 7, Laban Lincoln, of Hallowell, with Sybil Squire, of Norridgewock.

May 24, James McGuire, with Leah Warren, both of Norridgewock.

Sept. 10, Arthur Dinsmore, Junr., with Patty Houghton, both of Anson.

Nov. 21, Capt. Thomas Patten, with Joanna Harlow, both of Norridgewock.

Jan. 4, 1816, Isaiah Booker, with Cybil Kimball, both of Canaan.

May 2, Isaac Hagget, of Anson, with Mary Gilman, of Norridgewock.

July 3, Joseph Viles with Eleanor Heald, both of Anson.

Oct. 3, Richard Hilton, with Fanny Weld, both of Anson.

Nov. 7, Jonah Clark, with Elizabeth Perkins, both of East Pond Plantation.