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Kennebec County Civil War Enlistments, 1862-65

Source: Henry D. Kingsbury and Simeon L. Deyo, eds., Illustrated history of Kennebec County, Maine, 1625-1799-1892 (New York, N. Y.: H.W. Blake & Co., 1892).

[p. 135]
[T]he legislature of 1868 passed an act authorizing that each town, city and plantation should receive as a reimbursement from the state one hundred dollars for each man furnished for the military service for a term of three years, under the call of July 2, 1862, and all subsequent calls, and in the same proportion for any man furnished for any shorter period.

. . .

No town which furnished its quota without the payment of at least one hundred dollars per capita was entitled to reimbursement under this act, unless the town appropriated the amount thus received to the benefit of the soldiers who enlisted, or were drafted, or, if deceased, to their legal heirs. Thus it became the duty of the selectmen of the respective towns to file lists of their citizens' military service under enlistments after July 2, 1862. These original rolls, by towns, authenticated by the selectmen's signatures, are among the most reliable documents in the adjutant general's office. The 3,813 names of enlisted men in the succeeding list are from those documents, transcribed for these pages, by Captain Thomas Clark, of the adjutant general's office.

Albion.—Moses Atkinson, Lieut. Amos J. Billings d July 28 63, Howard S. Bessey, Selden E. Brann, David Brown, Albert B. Brown, Emery Bruce, George Bolton, Charles A. Coleman, James A. Craig, Luther W. Crosby, Lewis H. Cofran, Seth R. Clark, Persia B. Clifford, John F. Clifford, Samuel Charlton, James H. Coombs, Isaac N. Coombs, John E. Copeland, William T. Cressey, Luther Davis, Charles A. Douglass, William D. Doe, Robert Dingley, John Donnough, Had-

[p. 136]
ley P. Doe, Martin V. Eldridge, Caleb F. Estes, Josiah Edwards, George W. Flood, Charles L. Feldtman, Albert P. Farnham, Charles G. Fowler, Edward Fox, John M. Gaslin, Henry S. F. Gerald, Joseph C. Gilman, George W. Gilman, Henry A. Griffith, Charles P. Gove, George W. Griffith, Adj. Sanford Hanscom, James Hodgkins, Cyrus S. Hamilton d, Eben Hanely, George F. Hopkins w May 6 64, Lewis E. Hopkins, Lewis E. Hovey, John M. Hussey, Stafford B. Jones, Charles Keene, William G. Kidder, Joshua Knights, William Leonard w May 6 64, Charles H. Libby, Rufus F. Lancaster, George W. Longfellow, Albert P. Leavitt, Isaac H. Libby d June 28 63, Herbert E. Lewis, Samuel Longley, Davis McDonald, Andrew G. Mudgett, George F. Martin, George Meader, John Mains, Jeptha C. Murch, Joseph L. Nado, Albert Norton, Isaac Y. Pierce, George F. Pease, Ezra A. Pray, Allen Parmeter, Alphonso C. Pray, Lieut. Osborn J. Pierce, George Rutledge, Calvin Rollins, Benjamin F. Runnels, Daniel Rollins, Simon Spaulding, Lieut. Joseph H. Spencer, Andrew H. Smiley d in Albion Aug. 19 63, Erastus M. Shaw, Edwin Staples, Warren B. Stinson, Orrin F. Stinson d Dec. 15 64, John F. Stackpole, William G. Stratton, Charles Seekins, Josephus Simpson, Gardiner P. Smiley d Mar. 28 63, E. N. D. Small, James M. Tyler k near Petersburg Oct. 24 64, Lieut. William H. Tabor, Charles B. Tabor, A. S. Weed, Algernon Weymouth, Isaac W. Whittaker, George M. Wiggin, Eugene Worthens, Orrin T. White, Nathan S. Winslow d in rebel prison Aug. 13 64, Samuel Wilder, Charles T. Whitten, Olney Worthens.

Augusta.—Peter Adley, Louis Alexander, Leverett A. Albee, George Allen w, Judson Ames, Charles Annable w May 12 64, Edward Anderson, George W. Andrews, Lieut. William R. Anderson, Lieut. Holman B. Anderson, Charles Arnold, Daniel Anderson, W. F. Applegate, Edgar Atkins, H. D. Austin, Charles W. Allen, Charles H. Arnold, Charles S. Avery paroled p Dec. 7 64, Riley B. Avery, George E. Allen, Orlando R. Achorn, Roscoe G. Avery, John G. Abbott, John F. Arnold w Oct. 13 64, Edward Austin d June 13 65, Charles F. Applebee, George Arbo, Josiah S. Arey jun., Charles M. Batchelder, Byron Branch, William M. Brick, Cyrus Bishop, William Burns, Charles Bushey, Benj. F. Barrows w and p 64, Amasa M. Bennett, Q. M. George W. Brown, William W. Bruce, S. H. Billington, Thomas G. Billington, John S. Brown d in Libby Prison Nov. 63, James D. Brooks w Dec. 13 62, James Britt, Samuel G. Brannan, Stephen B. Brannan, Joshua E. Blackwell, John H. Babcock, Darius Brooks d of wounds June 18 64, Joseph Brooks, William A. Brown, William Bolton, George H. Brick, Lieut. George A. Barton w May 6 64, James E. Bell, Benjamin Backliff, Edward K. Bacon, Lieut. Silas C. Barker p at Manassas, Isaac D. Billington, Edward Brady, Chap. Horace L. Bray, Thomas Brennan, Surg. George E. Brickett, Jesse M. Black, John W. Blomvelt, Walter L. Boynton, John W. Boynton, Peter R. Breen, Charles L. Brann, John

[p. 137]
H. Breene, Capt. Uriah W. Briggs, Col. Edwin Burt, Lieut. William H. Briggs, Joseph L. Brown, Joseph Bushey, William Barber, William Bready, John Buderman, Jonas Bruce, Joseph Bunk, Frank Babbitt, Charles F. Berry, Samuel Berry, Charles H. Bradbury, William Buckman, Hezekiah Bean, George H. Brackett, Isaac Bennett, Charles Clark, Augustus Chadwick, Charles C. Chagnon, Rodger Connelly d in rebel prison, Andrew Clark jun., Everett Colson, Richard Cunningham, Ezra G. Caswell jun., Thomas Cready, Thomas Clow, John Cunningham, John Canton, William Collins, James P. Capron, Alonzo Clark, Charles O. Chase, Thomas Cole, Anthony Conway, Morris Cogan, Rowland S. Clark d Feb. 27 63, Charles E. Caswell, David B. Cole, Albert Call, Lieut. William Campbell, William A. Campbell, Frank Carlin, Judah A. Chadwick, Elbridge G. Chick, George E. Chamberlin d in rebel prison Nov. 11 64, Reuel Chamberlin, Horace Church, Leander M. Clark, Reuel Clark paroled p, Stephen R. Clark, Theodore Clark d in rebel prison Nov. 1 64, George M. Clark, Clinton G. Clark, James H. Cook, John A. Clark, Llewellyn Clough, Joseph Cogan, John Connor, Lieut. George Cony, Lucius Cony, Robert A. Cony jun., Surg. Richard L. Cook, Eugene W. Cross, Robert Cochrane, Robert Crawford, Lieut. Warren Cox, Charles Cunningham, Maj. Nathan Cutler, Uriah Cunningham w June 26 64, D. H. Cunningham, Henry C. Daley, James Davis k May 8 64, David Day, Henry Day, William H. Day, Serg. Maj. John N. Dennen, George W. Dill d in hospital Feb. 4 65, William H. Dill, Benjamin R. Dingley, Lieut. Edward P. Donnell, Benjamin Douglass w July 20 64, Thomas Doyle, John E. Dresden, Edmund M. Dunham, Danforth Dunton, Capt. Robert T. Dyer, Sylvester Davis, James F. Doyle, George H. Devine, Thomas Doyle, John W. Dinsmore, Henry S. Donnell, George W. Dudley, Henry Dresser, Kneeland A. Darrow, Charles Dickson, William Dwyer, Peter Donnelly, George Donahoe, John F. Duggan, Frank Edgerty, Cyrus H. Elems w June 8 64, Charles F. Emerson, Sylvester S. Fall, Samuel S. Farnham, Gustavus A. Farrington d Oct. 30 64, Edmund Fay, George E. Field, Dennis Finnegan, George H. Fisher, Roland R. Fletcher, Edward Fogler w Aug. 18 64, Henry G. Frizzell, D. Fullock, Eugen S. Fogg, Miles Frain, Francis J. Folsom, Augustine Fowler, John Fenney, John Feeny, John Fitzgerald, Patrick Flenning, William J. Forbes, Andrew Fox, Alfred F. Gage, Marcellus Gale, Harvey R. Getchell, Artemus K. Gilley, P. P. Getchell, Lieut. Fred W. Gilbreth, Merritt Goodwin, Daniel Gordon, Charles H. Gordon d about June 15 64, Solomon Gordon, James R. Gordon, Josiah H. Gordon, William O. Grady, Leonard J. Grant d Mar. 6 64, Mark C. Grant, Calvin P. Green, John F. Greeley, Elbridge Gardiner, Edward Grover, John Greene, Lorenzo W. Hackett, Elisha Heath jun., Otis Haskell, William F. Hussey, Warren C. Harlow, Thomas A. Harvey, Abner Haskell, Hadley O. Hawes, Charles R. Haynes, John Hayes, Capt. Albion Hersey, Ed-

[p. 138]
ward H. Hicks, Charles E. Higgins, Henry Hodsdon, William H. Holmes, William Holmes, Charles P. Hubbard, George A. Hussey w July 3 63, Merrill Hussey, John F. Hussey, Capt. Charles K. Hutchins, Alonzo F. Hill, George H. Heath, Henry W. Hawes d Apr. 9 63, Simon Higgins, Amos A. Hansom, Greenfield P. Hall, Harvey A. Hovey, Valentine Holt, Daniel W. Hume, Patrick Hynes, David Haggerty, James Higgins, Henry Hugh, John Howard, F. H. Hamilton, John Hogan, Harry Ingraham, Martin Ingraham w June 14 63, Thomas F. Ingraham, John Jenkins, James Jordan, Lieut. Hannibal A. Johnson, John Johnson, William J. Johnson, Frank Jones, Llewellyn Jones, William Jung, William O. Kaherl, John Kavanagh, Stephen Keating, Edward B. Keene, Isaac Keene, John W. Kenney, Michael Kennedy, George Kelly, Thomas H. Kimball, William King, Henry G. Kimball w Aug. 16 64 d Dec. 12 64, Charles N. Kincaid w May 18 64, George W. Ladd, Frank H. Lailer, Col. Moses B. Lakeman, Nathaniel Lane k May 6 64, John Larrabee p June 29 64, Cyrus A. Langton, Hampton W. Leighton w at Gettysburg 63, Thomas Lilley d in rebel prison Nov. 16 64, Robert A. Lishness, Ruel Littlefield, Amasa Lord, Converse Lowell, Judson A. Lovejoy, Newman B. Lane, Robert Lishness, John Leighton, John Laughton, Daniel Lane, Martin Lynch, George C. Lawrence, Nelson G. Libby, Reuel Lambard, Timothy Lucey, Cornelius Lane, William H. Lyon, David S. Lyon, Henry A. Mann, Adj. Joseph H. Metcalf, Josiah M. Morse, William Morgridge, Hiram C. Moody, Daniel McGrath, James McGrath, John H. Moore, H. W. Merrill d of disease Mar. 27 65, Francis McBride, Patrick Maloney, Joseph Meek, Stephen S. Morse, Daniel B. Morey w May 20 64, John McMaster jun., John McMaster, Daniel Mahoney p Oct. 63, James W. Miller, Melville Merrill, Milford Mahoney, George E. Maloon, Charles J. Marden, Ambrose Marriner, Alfred J. Marston p June 22 d Sept. 12 64, Benjamin R. Marston, Charles L. Marston, Henry C. Marston, George T. Mason, Enoch Merrill, Amos Merrill, Florentus R. Merrill, Capt. Joseph H. Metcalf, Eben McFarland, John H. Miller, Stephen Miller, Charles Mile, Stephen McKenney, Henry A. McMaster, Wilder McMitchell, Charles F. Moore, James Moren, Edward Miner, James McGrath, James McGann, John Murphy, William Murphy p, Capt. J. D. Myrick, Timothy Mahoney, Thomas Minton, Fred E. Marshall, Daniel Murry, Fred Morrison, James Malone, Hugh McKenna, John R. Meyer, William F. Moody, Capt. William C. Morgan, William N. Murray d of wounds Apr. 2 65, Eugene Moraney, Oliver Marr, Isaac Moody w May 6 64, William G. Merrill d of disease 63, Thomas Murphy, Jeremiah Murphy k at Middletown Oct. 19 64, Thomas J. Nary, Albert H. Norcross, Patrick Naughton, Albert P. Nichols, Lieut. A. J. Nichols, Charles F. Nichols w June 63 p June 28 64, John W. Nicholas, Col. Joseph Noble, John B. Nutting, John O'Brien, John O'Neal, Patrick O'Gara, Whitman L. Orcutt, James Orrick, Samuel Orr, Dennis

[p. 139]
O'Brien, Samuel A. Packard, Albert H. Packard, James E. Parker, Charles B. Patterson, Daniel Pease, Frank W. Peaslee d of disease Mar. 6 65, George Peva, John W. Phinney, Augustus W. Plummer, Charles M. Phillips d Feb. 19 64, Allen Partridge, Capt. Edward C. Pierce, Phillip Piper p Oct. 19 64, George E. Pond, Charles H. Powers, Michael Powers, Joseph Pluskey, Jones F. Pratt, Eben E. Pushor, Nathan E. Quint, John Rappel, Sewall R. Reeves, Moses Richards, Orlando W. Richardson w May 16 64, Albert Ricker, James Rideout, Thomas B. Rideout, Andrew J. Riley, Lieut. George E. Rines, George F. Ray, Charles C. Rideout d Apr. 13 65, John Rollins, James B. Robbins w May 19 64, Philander W. Rowell, Franklin Ruffin, William Reed, Joseph Ruggles, Silas H. Runnell, Michael Ryan, Hollis M. Sabine, Capt. James M. Safford, Omar F. Savage, George Scates, Stephen M. Scates, Adj. Henry Sewall, Capt. Samuel G. Sewell, Lorenzo D. Shaw, Thomas Singleton, William B. Small, Augustus C. Smith, Augustus L. Smith, Charles F. Smith, Corp. George W. Smith, Wilson C. Smith, Lieut. William T. Smith, William E. Smith d in rebel prison Nov. 64, Orrin P. Smart w June 6 64, Greenlief Smart, Richard N. Smart, Joseph Snow, James F. Snow, Bt. Maj. G. T. Stevens, Lorenzo D. Stevens, George Stewart, Edward P. Sargent, John F. Short, David W. Small, John Stewart w July 9 64, Charles O. Stone, George A. Snow, Edwin F. Stone, Joseph M. Springer, Abraham Stickney, George H. Smith d at Augusta Maine Aug. 15 63, Homer R. Stratton, Albert M. Scott, Fred A. Sullivan, Daniel B. Savage, David Stuart, Michael Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, Jacob Sleeper, John Smith, August Smith, George Taylor, Howard W. Taylor, Richard C. Taylor, William W. Taylor, Everett Temple, Augustus G. Thomas, Lieut. James L. Thompson d of wounds June 6 64, Actor P. Thompson, William O. Tibbetts d of wounds May 1 64, Lauriston G. Trask, Anson T. Tilson, James R. Tibbetts, Henry Towle, Charles F. Tibbetts, Joseph A. Turner, Sumner W. Turner, Albion R. R. Twombley, Nicholas Vickolby, Charles Victor, Theodore C. Van Clasburg, Charles De Villenenoe, Charles H. Wade, George Wall, Lieut. William H. H. Ware, Jeremiah Watkins, John O. Webster, Col. James W. Welch, Thomas Welch, Benjamin Wells, John P. Wells d in rebel prison Jan. 12 65, Eben Wellman, Benjamin H. Wescott, Charles H. White, Caleb F. Wade, William A. R. Withee, Andrew P. Webber, William T. C. Wescott, Philander E. Worthley, Stephen Wing, Oliver P. Webber, Joseph Whitney, Henry A. Whitney, Eben B. Whitney, Michael Whalen, Charles Woodman, John L. Watson, George N. White, Frank White, Oliver Woodbury, Joshua R. Webber d May 28 63, William H. H. Ware, John Wentworth d at Barrancas Fla. Dec. 10 64, Nathaniel W. White, True Whittier, Fred A. Wilson, John Wilson, Albert N. Williams d July 3 63, Frederick A. Williams, Henry Williamson, Holmes B. Williamson, Reuel Williams, John Wills, Gilmore S. Wing, Atwell

[p. 140]
M. Wixson p 63, John H. Woodbury, Capt. Edward F. Wyman, Charles O. Wyman, William C. Young p d Aug. 24 64, David H. Young, A. J. Zimmerman.

Belgrade.—Joseph A. Ackley, Isaac Adams, Charles Allen, Bowman V. Ames, George E. Andrews, John W. Austin, Thomas J. Austin d of wounds Oct. 27 64, Theodore Ayer, Charles A. Bailey, Edwin L. Barker, William B. Bates, Charles M. Bickford, Milford Bickford, Thomas M. Bickford, William Bickford d Mar. 24 63, George F. Bliss, Franklin Brann, George H. Boston, George F. Breeden, William Brooks, Frederick C. Brookings, Franklin L. Bumpus, William Bushee, James Cavanaugh, Sylvanus W. Chamberlain, Nathaniel F. Clark d in hospital July 29 65, George Clark, Charles A. Clement, Thomas Crosby, Asa J. Cummings, Joseph S. Cummings, Charles C. Damren, James C. Damren, Willard H. Darmen, Charles A. Davis, George Dow, Charles F. Ellis, Freeman Ellis, George W. Emerson, Amasa T. Fall, Lorenzo Farnham, Otis B. Faulkingham, Samuel Fitzherbert, Thomas W. Flint, Daniel L. Folsom, William T. Foss, Sylvester W. Giles, William Garrett, George Guptill w Oct. 19 64, George Grant, Lieut. Henry W. Golder, Charles B. Goldsmith, George W. Grose, Henry Grover, Franklin Grant, John J. Gundlack, Guard Guard, George W. Glidden, John Hammond jun., John Harris, Rufus H. Hopkins, Ausburn Hutchins, Levi Higgins, William H. Huskins, Cyrus Huff, Rodna Flegwood, Charles A. Hinkley, Charles L. Hutchings, P. P. Hutchins, Henry L. Hotchkiss, Henry Huff, Samuel Jobbot, William Joneas, Silas P. Leighton, James A. Lombard, Allen Leavitt, Charles H. Littlefield d at Frederick Md. Apr. 25 65, Acel A. Littlefield k June 20 64, Manselus N. Libby, William H. Leighton, William Mathews, Harthorn Marston, Edward H. Merchant d in hospital July 18 65, Asal L. Merchant d in hospital July 25 65, Lyman Maxwell p, H. A. Mills, Alexander McDavitt, Michael McLaughlin, George McMullen, Edwin G. Minot d in hospital Sept. 17 64, Stephen C. Mills, Alphonzo W. McKay, George W. Morrill, Ambrose Merrow, Charles B. Moseley, Florence McCarty, James R. Nickerson, Everet A. Penney, William A. Parker, Fred B. Philbrick, John Patridge, Greenwood C. Pray, John W. Pray, Reuben H. Pray, John Putman, Fred E. Patridge, Leonard H. Pratt, George F. Parks, Gideon Powers, Asst. Surg. Ingraham G. Richardson, Joel Richardson, Royal Richardson d Aug. 15 63, J. D. Rhoades, William Rankins, Henry Richardson, Peter W. Swan d Apr. 1 64, Cathbert E. Stonehouse, Charles Simmons, Henry J. Spaulding, Edward L. Smith d Oct. 7 64, Aaron Simpson, George B. Stevens, Cyrus Shaw, Elijah J. Stevens, Joel Spaulding, Jesse Spaulding, David Strong, George F. Smith, Arthur Stewart, Ezra W. Trask w May 5 d Sept. 14 64, William A. Tibbetts, Miles J. Temple, Thomas C. Wadley, John Worster w at Petersburg June 19 64, Hiram G. Wellman, John W. Weaver, Charles H. Webber, George Warren, William V. White-

[p. 141]
house k July 24 64, George D. Wyman, William E. Willey, John M. Williams, Ruel Williams, A. J. Woodbury, William Wilbur, Thomas S. Wyman, Alphonzo H. Wadley d of wounds July 2 64, Jotham D. Young.

Benton.—Oliver Averill, Daniel R. Bartlett, Isaac S. Bicknell, Alpheus Brown, James A. Brown, Charles S. Buken, Benjamin F. Buzzell, Asbury Cole, Abijah Crosby, John Crowley, Daniel F. Davis, William L. Davis, Loren Dodge, John E. Douglass, Leander H. Dow d from injuries May 19 65, George W. Flagg, Gershan Flagg, Stephen Flood, Daniel S. Foss, James H. Foster, Charles Gage, Alvin Gibson, Charles Giles, George W. Grace, John Gray, Albert Gray jun., Charles Goodale, David Goodale d of disease Apr. 28 65, William H. Goodale, James Goodale, John M. Goodin, Joseph Conner, Freeman Hansworn, James F. Hern, Theodore V. Hill, James Henderson, Benjamin Hunter, John H. Hyer, Aaron Johnson, Henry Johnson, Isaac W. Kennerson, John F. O. Malloy, Watson D. Marston, David Mason, John O. Dodge w Oct. 27 64, Frank McGray, S. F. McKenney, John A. McKinney, William H. Morrill, Richard McVinet, Charles Noble, Henry Noble, Thomas Pamphay, Noah S. Paul, Lyman Pettigrow, A. R. Preston, Frank Raneo, Charles B. Reed, Henry M. Reed, Albert Rideout, George A. Roundy, George F. Runnells, James Ryan, Cyrus Savage, C. W. Smith, John Smith, Charles H. Spaulding, Charles Spaulding, Henry E. Spaulding, William Spaulding, John Spaulding, Hollis Spearing, Charles Spencer, Charles A. Speneer, Samuel Stacy, John H. Stephens, Alonzo Sylvester, Gershom F. Tarbell, Isaac Trask, Orrin S. Usher, Bowman Wood, Daniel Wood, Henry Wood, Ephraim Winship, Lorenzo Wyman.

Chelsea.—Charles E. Ames, Charles M. Bailey k Apr. 6 64, William H. Bolton, George T. Blanchard, Samuel L. Blanchard, Cyrus Brann, Daniel C. Brown jun., Rinaldo Brown, Plummer H. Butler, Edwin Cappers, Rinaldo A. Carr, John M. Chase d Feb. 20 63, Stephen Cobb w May 27 63, Alfonzo C. Collins, Augustus H. Collins k July 30 64, Augustus Collins, Frank Condon, Albert Cooper, Frank Cooper, Uriah Cunningham, David P. Cornish, William A. Drake, James S. Emerson, George A. Evans, Charles F. French, Stephen H. French, Arnold L. Foye, William A. Foye, Joseph L. Haskell, James F. Haskell, James Hogan, Joseph Irving, Ruel W. Keene, Wilbert W. Keniston, Otis W. Littlefield, Lorin N. Marston, Nathaniel H. Meader, Andrew Morang w May 12 64, William Morgan, Calvin Morang, Cephas Morang d July 17 63, Simon Morang, James G. Morang, Hiram Moulton, George H. Neal, Lyman C. Neal, Henry L. Patterson, Isaac L. Page, Reuben H. Page, John E. Page, George M. Perkins, Augustus H. Pinkham, Solomon H. Preble, Mark L. Rollins, Harrison B. Sanborn d 64. Charles M. Searls d June 8 63, Henry Stevens, Eben

[p. 142]
Tasker, James Wellman d July 7 64, Fred H. White, Henry E. White, Arad Woodbury d May 17 64, James M. Wright.

China.—Edwin Alley, John L. Allen, John C. Andrews, Joseph E. Babb, F. S. Barnard, William Bell, Asst. Surg. David P. Bolster, George A. Bosworth, Edmund Bragg, Everett H. Bridgham, John S. Briggs, Orpheus P. Brann, John Brown, Alonzo Burrill, John Burrill, Thomas E. Carpenter, Lendell S. Caswell, Gustavus B. Chadwick, Charles F. Choate, Stillman Choate, Thomas F. Clark, Osgood Coffran, Ezekiel L. Cole p Aug. 19 61 d Feb. 2 65, William J. Cole, Elias Collamore, Elisha Cooley, William B. Coombs, Joseph Coro w at Gettysburg 63, Atwell J. Cross, Watson W. Cross, Greenlief P. Curtis, Philip W. Day, Aaron Davis jun., John D. Davis, Wallace A. E. De Beque, Addison G. Deering, Adolphus W. Doe, George L. Dow, John Doyle, James H. Ellis, Orren Emerson, Jacob Emery d Aug. 27 64, Jeremiah H. Estes, Isaac W. Fairbrother, William H. Fairbrother, Reuben M. Farrington d 64, John Farris, Alvanna V. Farris d July 24 64, Oscar M. Fernold, Abisha B. Fletcher, Capt. Alfred Fletcher, Charles B. Fletcher, Eben L. Fletcher, Edward A. Fletcher, Edwin A. Fletcher, Charles Fowler, Alden H. Frazier, Oscar S. Frost, James E. Fulton, Frederick G. Gage, Samuel S. Galligar, Joseph Gelcott jun., Samuel D. Giddings, F. C. Goodspeed, Charles B. Greeley, Alfred M. Hamlin, Thomas E. Harrington, Joseph H. Haskell, Orrin A. Haskell, Oscar H. Haskell, George S. Hawes, Thomas E. Harrington, Myron C. Harrington, Ambrose B. Hanson, Quimby H. Hamilton d of disease Apr. 19 63, Stephen Harmon, Sylvester L. Hatch d of disease Sept. 23 65, Sumner Haskell, Joseph Hatch, J. W. Hall, Samuel C. Haskell, Edwin H. Hana, Andrew B. Hubbard, George K. Huntington w May 20 64, Fred E. Hutchinson, George H. Hussy, Charles H. Jackson, Willis J. James, Charles H. Johnson, Amos Jones, John Jordan, Edwin Kelley, Charles A. Ketchen d Jan 13 64, Charles Kellran, Amos Keller d Aug. 18 64 in Florida, J. Kempton, James Knichler d Sept. 18 64, Edwin D. Lee, Aaron Libby, Albanah H. Libby d in rebel prison, Llewellyn Libby, Moses Libby, Capt. Willard Lincoln, Charles F. Lord, Bartice S. Luce, John C. Marston, Orville W. Malcolm, John S. Marsh, James H. Mathews, Edward A. Maxfield, Frederick Maxfield d at China 63, Henry W. Maxfield, Dustan McAllister, Charles McCavron jun., Gardiner F. McDaniel, Burnam McKeene, Franklin Mitchell, Judson A. Mitchell d of disease Dec. 7 62, William W. Murphy, Winthrop Murray, James E. Mosher, Charles H. Nelson, Erastus F. Nelson, John Norris, Thomas Norton, Henry B. Page, Laforest Parmater, James H. Peavey, George S. Percival, Avery Percival d of disease July 30 63, William Perham, Franklin A. Perry, Mark Porter, Abraham R. Powers, Alden H. Priest, Charles Proctor, Lorin Proctor, George H. Ramsell, Henry C. Rice, Franklin D. Robbins, John L. Robbins, William Robbins, Everett Robinson, H. G. Robinson, Timothy Robinson,

[p. 143]
Henry A. Rogers, David Savage jun., Orrin L. Seco d Oct. 11 64, John H. Seekins, Eliab W. Shaw, Appleton W. Shorey p Aug. 19 64 d Feb. 64, Edwin Small, Herbert M. Starbird, Augustus H. Starkey d July 64, Samuel C. Starrett, William H. Squires, Benjamin F. Stetson, Charles F. Stevens, Charles B. Stuart, Alvin Sylvester, Henry H. Talbott, Atwell A. Taylor, Samuel A. Taylor, Charles H. Temple, Charles E. Thomas, William L. Toby, William B. Toby, Ambrose E. Trask, James O. Trask, Charles W. Turner, Elias Tyler w July 2 63 d July 15 63. Charles F. Waite, Orren B. Ward d Aug. 10 64 in New Orleans, Wilbur N. Ward, George Wentworth, Abner D. Weeks, Albert R. Ward, Freeman C. Ward, Howard G. Ward, Uriah E. Ward, Thomas B. Washburn, Richard Welch, George Wentworth, Charles W. Weymouth, E. A. Whitney, John Q. A. Whitley, Andrew D. Wiggins, James M. Wright, Charles Worthing, William P. Worthing w May 12 64, James Wyman, Lorenzo York, Edwin F. Young.

Clinton.—Albert Ames, Charles Andrews, Moses H. Arthur, Thomas Armstrong, Benjamin G. Bagley, Franklin Bagley, John H. Balow, George Barrow, Capt. Charles W. Billings d of wounds July 15 63, William M. Brown, Leroy T. Blackwell, Edward P. Blood, Alvin Brann, William Brenney, Charles S. Brimner d 63, John W. Brown, Rufus N. Brown, Capt. Samuel S. Brown, James L. Bush, Eben Burton, Peter Cane, Ezra S. Chase, Francis A. Chamberlin, Edwin J. Chase, James F. Chaney, John D. Chandler, Charles H. Clark or Card, George L. Cole, John S. Cleveland, Horace Cole, Patrick Connor k May 16 64, Jeremiah Conway, James L. Colmer, Patrick Dacey, Oliver W. Dickey d Mar. 17 63, Enos Dow, Gardiner L. Eastman, Shepard Eldridge, Freeman Emery, John Flarety d of disease June 24 63, Henry R. Flood, Francis P. Furber w May 6 64, Oliver P. Gates, James A. Gardiner, William F. Gerald w 63, Increase F. Goodwin, E. C. Goodwin d Mar. 28 63, Horace Goodwin, Jeremiah Goodwin, John H. Goodale, Lieut. Stephen R. Gordon, H. F. Harwood, George W. Hall, Simon Hall, John C. Hall, Isaac C. Hodgdon, Asa Holt, George W. Holt d Apr. 11 63, John D. Hoffman, Osgood Howland, Q. M. Albert Hunter, Melvin Hunter, Charles A. Jaquith, John M. Jewell, James Johnson, Stephen M. Johnson, Henry P. Jones, Lyman B. Kimball, Jesse Kimball, Samuel Leighton, Amos Leonard w 64, Wilson C. Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, Joseph G. Linnell, Francis Low jun., Nelson Mallett, Alpheust Manson, Alexander McDonald, Albert C. McMaster, John Morrill, John McKenney, Hason McNully, George S. Mullen, Thomas J. Murphy, Milford Nye, Adelbert L. Orr, Oliver P. Paul, William H. Pearson, Herbert D. Perkins, Charles C. Pierce, John G. Pierce, Thomas A. Patter, Samuel D. Prescott, Stephen H. Powell, William Prescott, Michael Quiley, Horatio N. Reed, Ezra R. Reed p June 22 64, John Renchler, Stephen B. Rhodes, Perley H. Richardson, George Ricker, Joseph F. Rolf, Peter Rudnick k Nov. 12 64, John Ryan, Wil-

[p. 144]
liam Ryley, Elias D. Rowell, Lieut. Marcus Rowell, Theodore H. Smith, Albert T. Snow, Franklin Snow, Daniel Y. Sullivan, Oscar M. Sabine, Thomas Scanlon, Francis Seede, George E. Snow, Perry Snow, Albion Spurling, James C. Spaulding, Lewis B. Spaulding, John Spikes, Merritt Stinson, Erastus Tarball k May S 64, Calvin Taylor d Apr. 24 64, James Thurston, Charles F. Tibbetts, John H. Taylor, John Thompson, Jeremiah Thornton, Daniel Thurston, Charles L. Totman d of disease Mar. 2 63, John A. Totipan w May 27 63, John F. Townson, Laforest P. True, Montgomery Tuttle, Norman Vault, Henry F. Waldren, James W. Waldren, David S. Wardwell, John C. Walter, Retire W. Webber, Daniel J. Wells, Alfred Weymouth, John Weymouth, Marshall Weymouth, Osgood Weymouth, Warren Weymouth, George Whitten, Otheo W. Whitten, John W. Willey, Charles T. Winslow, Henry Young.

Farmingdale.—James Andrews, Alverdo Averell, Horace W. Baker, Marcellus Blair, George W. Briggs, Edmund J. Brookings, George Campbell, Ezekiel Chapman, John Clery, Charles A. Cooke, James S. Cote, Charles R. Curtis d July 8 64, William H. Curtis w July 1 63, James R. Dill, Joseph C. Dill, Alfred Douglass, George S. Fogg, Sumner Gardiner, Samuel S. Glidden, Jonathan S. Goodrich, John P. Greeley, Timothy Higgins, Benjamin S. Hodgdon, John Holmes, Joel Howe, G. W. Hunt, Charles W. Johnson, Edward Kelley, Joseph S. Lowell, John A. Lyons, Albert McCausland, Alonzo McCausland, Moses B. McCausland, Charles Meader, Charles B. Millett, Gustavus Moore, Henry M. Neal, John H. Pease, J. A. Perkins, Charles T. Rice, George W. Rice, John G. Robie, George H. Seavey, Reuben Seavey, Daniel R. Shaw, Joseph E. Sims, Horace L. Smith, Lieut. Emilus N. D. Small, George H. Stone, Frank Sweetland, William H. Sweetland, James D. Tibbetts, Samuel L. Tibbetts w, S. C. Thomas, John W. Waterhouse, Nathan W. Walker, William Wiley.

Fayette.—Philip C. Adams, C. H. Bacheldor, Osbert L. Basford, Benjamin F. Bruce, Michael Buckley, Milton W. Burnham, Francis A. Bryant, Arthur D. Chase, Lieut. Adolphus J. Chapman, Martin V. B. Clark, Loren S. Clough, Charles L. Crane, Francis A. Crane, Mark F. Ditson, John F. Dwyer, Isaac Emerson, Samuel H. Fifield w Dec. 13 62 d Dec. 29 63, William H. Fish, H. H. Folsum, Stephen H. French, Asst. Surg. Albert G. French, Charles H. H. French, Clarence C. Frost, Stephen Fellows, Lovell L. Gardner, Calvin S. Gordon, Lewis C. Gordon, John C. Gurney, William Hasty, Edgar Hathaway, Charles Hunter, William H. Irish, Charles L. Jones, Edwin C. Jones p Aug. 19 64, Moses I. Jones, Sylvester H. Jones, Daniel Lennon, Henry Magan, John Mangan, Elijah D. Marden, George L. Moore d of wounds May 20 64, Daniel W. Morrill, Timothy Nickoles, Tyler Newton, Albert A. Palmer, Thomas Powers, William H. Richmond w May 19 64, E. P. Sanborn, James Scott, Marcus M. Small, James W. Smith, Robert

[p. 145]
Smith jun., Josiah H. Sturtevant, Lewis F. Sturtevant, John H. Thurber, Edward M. True, Lieut. John H. True, Isaac Warren, Samuel D. Weed, James M. Wiswell, Charles W. Wing.

Gardiner.—John E. Atkins, Capt. Eleazer W. Atwood, Col. George M. Atwood, Adj. George E. Atwood, Peter Aliff, Lieut. Ellis W. Ayer k Sept. 9 64, Lieut. Alfred G. Brann, Sanford Brann, Appleton Babb, Edward Bird, James H. Booker, Mark G. Babb, George A. Bowie, Roscoe G. Buck, Daniel Brann d in rebel prison Nov. 1 64, Lieut. Cyrus W. Brann, George H. Baker, William Brann d in hospital Feb. 1 64, James S. Benson, George H. Berry, Charles P. Brann, Lieut. Frederick H. Beecher, Emery H. Brann, S. S. Bennett, Lieut. Thomas A. Brann w at Fair Oaks, Lanson G. Brann d of disease May 11 64, Daniel Booker, Edward Brush, John W. Bennett, John Burke, Michael Burnes, Gideon Bowley jun., Edward Brown, Daniel Brooking, Daniel Black, Emery M. Brann, David R. Campbell, Albert E. Clary, George W. Church, Cornelius Card, George W. Cheney, John H. Crowell, John P. Church, George W. Cross, Abiel Cowen, Pell Clason, George Clark, John Coleman, Patrick H. Cummings, Pell Clason, Albert Dudley, Charles W. Dill, Charles B. Dexter, Ambrose Dudley, Dorson M. Dale, Aaron Dudley, John S. Dennis, Frank W. Dirgen, James Delaney, John Ducott, Ambrose S. Douglass, Silas A. Dixon, Charles E. Deering, J. W. Douglass, Stephen W. Dana, Charles F. Davis, Robert Davis w at Gettysburg July 1 63, Charles W. Dill, Thomas Douglass d Mar. 3 64, Joseph C. Dill, Albert Dudley, Ruel M. Dunlop, Augustus Dudley, I. C. Dalton, Howard Doyle, Randall Eldridge w Aug. 18 64, John H. Emerson, Franklin Eastman, Amasa P. Elwell, B. F. Flanders, E. B. Follett, Charles F. Garry, George W. Gardiner, Q. M. Franklin Glazier, Edward Gould, James A. Goodwin, Ichabod Gray, Nathaniel P. Goodwin, Charles H. Godney, James Gallagham, Benjamin F. Goodwin, William H. Gardiner, Rufus C. Gerry, Frank Gilbert, Fred E. Gowell d Sept. 15 64, William C. Gardiner d Nov. 16 64, C. F. Gray, William Garland, John Grant, George H. Hooker, David Haines, A. M. C. Heath, Ora K. Hinkley, William H. Huntington w at Gettysburg July 9 63, Israel W. Holbrook, Phineus B. Hammond, Henry Harrison, Joseph S. Hill, Charles A. Hildreth, Surg. Thadeus Hildreth, Silas N. Hinkley, James Horn, Warren Hooker, Lieut. Melvin S. Hutchinson, Albion T. Hutchinson, Ora K. Hinkley, Seth C. Hutchins, William W. Hutchinson, George H. Harrington, George N. Houghton, Daniel R. Hodgdon w Feb. 6 64, William Hall, George Holmes, Charles F. Hutchinson, P. B. Hammond, Charles E. Handy, Joseph E. Hooker, William R. Hutchins, Andrew Hooker, C. A. Hooker, Capt. Charles T. Hildreth, William H. Hodges w Feb. 6 64, George Jackson, Elisha James jun., Abram Jordan, Thomas P. Jordon, William Jordan d Nov. 21 64, Joseph A. Jordan, Stephen E. Johnson,

[p. 146]
Freeman A. Johnson, Major Kelley, George W. Kelley, Edward Kelley, Samuel W. Kimball jun., Henry Kimball, John P. Kirk, Capt. George S. Kimball, Benjamin C. Kittridge, Alfred W. Knight, John Lawson, Charles F. Lawrence, Lieut. Horatio S. Libby, William Libby jun., Benjamin Lincoln, Ivory Littlefield, Frank Lord, William H. Lunt, Nicholas Maker, Smith R. Morrill, John Montgomery, Amos Muzzy, Augustus W. McCausland w July 1 63, Albert McFarland w Dec. 13 62, Asa Moore, John C. Meader, Rufus S. McCurdy, Charles H. Merrill, John A. Mann, William H. Merrill w June 12 64, Jesse A. Meader, James S. Morang, James H. Morang, Nicholas Maher, George Moore, Charles H. Martin w Feb. 6 64, Alfred A. Mann d of wounds Apr. 22 65, Patrick Mulligan, Peter McCann, George E. Maker, John Miller, Amasa R. Meader, Benjamin A. Merrill, Ansel L. Meader, Thomas McNamara d Aug. 15 64, Clark D. Meader, James H. Morang, Loring C. Marriner, John F. Merrill d Nov. 11 65 in Florida, Mitchell R. Nobridge p June 25. Ingraham P. Nickerson, Gideon P. Noyes, Alden Norton, Luther Oliver, Alfred Oliver, James R. Peacock, Thomas Page, David Page, Charles H. Potter d of wounds June 2 64, David Potter, Almon J. Packard, Jacob Patterson, William S. Peacock, George R. Parsons, Sidney Porter, Lieut. James A. Pray k June 18 64, Joseph J. Perry, Leander Potter, Samuel F. Pope, C. W. Price, Lorenzo Quint, Joseph A. Ricker, Peter Reves, Benjamin F. Ring, Daniel W. Robinson, James R. Rosignal, John F. Royal, Hiram H. Ricker, George E. Rhodes, John Ray, William H. Robinson p July 63 w in action 64, William J. Rowe, Charles M. Stevens, David H. Stevens, William F. Sherman, Jacob M. Steward, Mandred O. Savage w May 6 64, Everett B. Small, Charles Senaque, William H. Simmons, Capt. George W. Smith, William C. Stoddard, John Shea, H. W. Smith, Leander Stanley, David S. Stevens, Calvin W. Smith, George B. Safford, Benjamin S. Smith, Horace Sturtevant, Martin C. Stephenson, Merrill Savage, Harrison A. Sturtevant, William H. Stackpole, Charles L. Swift, Eugeane A. Smith d Aug. 22 64 at New Orleans, James L. Stoddard, Frank W. Sawyer d Oct. 9 64, Alex. Simpson w May 10 64, Timothy W. Sheehan, Robert S. Starbird d Aug. 4 63, Benjamin C. Smith, David S. Stevens, Thomas E. Smith w Apr. 1 65, Naham Spear, George F. Strong, Charles D. Smith p in 64, William K. Savage, Charles Sprague k Dec. 13 62, Aaron Stackpole, James O. Smith, Lieut. Sanford W. Syphers, William F. Swift, Francis A. Taylor, William F. Taylor, Simeon P. Taylor, George F. Taylor, Abijah W. Tripp, George W. Taylor, Silas H. Taylor, George W. Tyler, Martin Tyler w June 3 64, Elbridge Thomas, Caleb Taylor p July 30 64, William F. Taylor, Martin Taylor, John S. Towle, Peter Thorp, Alonzo F. Tinkham, Charles H. Tabor d at Annapolis Sept. 17 63, Leonard L. Taylor, Elijah Towsier, Edmund S. Towsier, Emerson Turner jun., David H. Wakefield, William Wallace, William S. Ward, Charles M. Winslow,

[p. 147]
Charles A. Washburn, William B. Webber, Charles H. Welch, Charles W. Webber, William H. Wilson, William White, Owen Woods, William H. H. Waterhouse, Cyrus K. Witham, Chester Whitney p Sept. 27 64, Thomas B. Whitney, George W. Wakefield, Franklin Williams, Stephen D. Wakefield, Andrew Ware, William Wallace, George M. Washburn, Winfield S. Witham, Moses S. Wadsworth, Phineas Witham, James T. Williams, Wesley Webber, George M. Wentworth, Warren E. Welch d Jan. 26 65, Joseph W. Welch, Charles O. Wadsworth w June 24 64. William O. Wakefield, Warren C. Waterhouse, George E. Webber, John M. Webber.

Hallowell.—Cyrus Allen, Eben P. Allen, Moses H. Arthur, John D. Bailey, Asa E. Bates, Elijah H. Barter, William C. Bartlett, Josiah Bean, Rufus Besse, George W. Booker, Albert Borner, Charles M. Burley, Hugh Burns, Charles A. Brown, Albert S. Buswell, Horace E. Choate w Aug. 16 64, George L. Crummett, Alvah H. Davis, Winfield S. Dearborn d of disease June 14 63, George F. Douglass, Thad. H. Fairbanks, Albert Flye, William Flye, William A. Forrest, George A. Francis, Samuel S. George, Owen Getchell, Eugene B. Getchell, William H. Gilman, Edward R. Gould, William C. Gray, Surg. John Q. A. Hawes, William W. Heath, John R. Holt, Joseph E. Howe, James H. Howard, George W. Hubbard, Col. Thomas H. Hubbard, Alvin T. Huntington, Buzzella L. C. Hussey, Horace S. Jackson, Henry A. Johnson, Lewis E. Kauffer, Morris Kennedy, Thomas Keenan supposed prisoner, Waldo B. Keen, William H. Libby d in New Orleans June 28 64, Thomas C. Littlefield, Michael McColler, Edward Minor, George O. Morrill, Capt. Charles E. Nash, Winslow Niles, John O. Northy, Darius Nye, Simon C. Paine, Lieut. John A. A. Packard, Silas Palmer, Thomas L. Palmer, Charles E. Pinkham, Sanford L. Pinkham, Levi W. Pitts, Ashbury F. Pottle, Ellas N. Remick, James K. Reynolds, George S. Ricker d Mar. 21 64, Levi Robinson, John W. Rogers w, George S. Rowell, Lieut. Edwin W. Sanborn, Lieut. John W. Sanborn w Sept. 19, George E. Shurborn, Augustus H. Smith k May 5 64, Emery N. Smith, Thomas Smith d in hospital Oct. 12 64, Richard D. Smith, Michael T. Smith, William R. Stackpole, Nahum R. Stone, Francis B. Swan, Joseph W. Swan, Jeremiah Sullivan, Charles H. Thing, William Thurston, Elijah C. Town, Elisha Towns, Reuben A. Towns, Capt. Orville T. Tuck, Thomas E. Wagoner, John W. Welch, Reuben A. Wentworth, George Whitcom d of wounds June 6 64, Charles H. S. White, George O. White w at Gettysburg, Robert A. Witherell, William P. Wood, Samuel Wynoskey, Dunbar H. Young.

Litchfield.—Charles H. Adams d Oct. 20 62, Thomas B. Aderton p 64, d in prison Dec. 12 64, Franklin A. Bailey, G. W. Baker, Lieut. William C. Barrows, Allen G. Barrows, William Berry, William H. Bosworth, George W. Brown, William O'Brien jun., Cyrus E. Burke, Morrill

[p. 148]
Burke, John S. Buker, James H. Buck, Lieut. Joseph W. Burke, Joseph Cameron, John C. Chandler, Charles G. Clifford, William W. Cook d of disease Apr. 1 63, Davis S. Curtis, John H. Davis, George P. Day, George R. Douglass, Clement H. Douglass, John Dyer, Henry D. Earl, Dennis Gatchell, Andrew J. Goodwin, Marcellus Goodwin, Amaziah E. Googins, Levi Gordin, Nathaniel O'Gowell, John D. Gowell, Abiel W. Hall, David Harmon, Augustus Hatch, Joseph S. Hatch, Wilson M. Hattin, Charles M. Hattin, John Holland jun., Daniel G. Huntington, Fred E. Hutchinson, Nelson G. Hutchinson d of disease Aug. 14 63, Benjamin G. Hunter, Lieut. Amos M. Jackson, Joseph E. Jack, Samuel Jackson, William L. Johnson, Thomas H. Lambert, Joseph E. Latham, Joseph Sawyer, John Lewis, Napoleon D. O. Lord, Daniel McAlister, Josiah A. Marston, Joseph Y. Maxwell, Joseph H. Maxwell w Apr. 24 64 d July 5 64, Isaac Meader p 64, George Meader, Joseph Meader, Augustus Merrill, David Mitchell d Sept. 11 64, Alexander McNear, Elijah Nickerson, Jonathan Newell, James O. Nickerson, Edward E. North, Charles E. Parks, Daniel W. Perry, George S. Perry, Charles W. Potter, John Potter, Alden H. Powers, James W. Powers, Corrector K. Richardson k May 6 64, Lorenzo M. Richardson d Apr. 13 65, James Ricker, Daniel W. Robinson, Andrew S. Robinson, Charles G. Runnells, George E. Safford, John D. Smith w June 22 64, David G. Smith w May 17 64, Charles A. Smith, Richard Spear, Col. Isaac W. Starbird, Charles D. Starbird w Aug. 14 64, William W. Stevens, James O. Stevens, Joseph B. Stevens, George N. Thurlow, Orrin A. True, Daniel G. True, Anson Turner, Jones M. Waire, George D. Wakefield, George S. Wedgewood, Newton J. Wedgewood, Baptiste Willet jun., William C. Williams, Henry Wilson, Tom Wolf, Daniel W. Woodbury, William Wyman.

Manchester.—Alonzo C. Atkins w Oct. 2 64, John H. Avery, Bradford S. Bodge, Elbridge Y. Brainard d June 21 64, Edward A. Bowman, James Brazor, William C. Blake, Heman B. Carter d in rebel prison Jan. 20 64, Alonzo Campbell, Hiram W. Campbell, John B. Campbell w at Gettysburg 63, Leonard Dearborn, Joseph L. Dow d Apr. 26 65, Nathaniel F. Dow, Lieut. Loring Farr, Frank S. Harriman d Jan. 10 64, John H. Haskell, John Harlor, Joseph T. Hewin, Thomas Hill, William H. Hock d at home Aug. 10 63, Elias Howard, John F. Hutchinson, Charles F. King, Voramous Kimball, Charles W. Lincoln, John P. Lowell d of disease Aug. 7 63, George A. Levering d July 20 63, Byron Lowell, Ira Mason, Thomas Mason, James F. Mears, William F. Nickerson, Augustus Parsons, Charles W. Sinclair, James Smith, Joseph A. Spencer, Marshall Thaxter, Jairus Towle, James Wade, Daniel H. Wheaton, Alden Wright, Marcellus Wells.

Monmouth.—James H. Allen, Charles W. Ayer, Edwin F. Bailey, Samuel W. Barker, David Bartlay, Mathias A. Benner, Samuel D. Blake, Samuel T. Blake d of wounds June 5 64, Lieut. Ara C. Brooks d Sept. 26 62, Horace Burrill, Michael Burke, John S. Chandler, Wil-

[p. 149]
liam B. Chick w May 20 64, James H. Chick, Leander L. Clark, Simon Clough, David H. Coburn, William Coburn, Con Collins, Charles H. Crowell, C. F. Cummings, Alexander H. Day, Charles E. Day d in Libby Prison Dec. 19 64, Silenus Decker, George E. De Witt d of disease Nov. 9 64, Almon B. Donnell, Edwin L. Donnell, James E. Dudley, Edward Durgin, Nathaniel J. Emerson, Charles C. Ellis p June 30 64, Stone G. Emerson, Warren Farrar, James S. Field, Lemuel T. Field d Apr. 23 64, Andrew J. Fogg, Daniel W. Folsom, Alpheus S. Folsom, George D. Frost d Sept. 64, George W. H. Frost, Horace C. Frost, Samuel A. Frost, William B. Frost, John Fuller, John F. Furbush, David H. Gilman, William Gray, Joseph D. Greenlief, Alanson G. Hall, David S. Hall, George E. Hathane, Willard K. Hathorn, William C. Hannaford, Charles H. Hinklay k May 12 64, Joseph E. Howard, John F. Howard, George S. Hutchinson, James Jaquith d Dec. 1 63, John H. Johnson p Sept. 16 64, Thompson S. Keenan p 64, George J. Ketcham, Samuel J. King, Philip Kighrigan, George L. Landers, Lewis Lane, Lyman E. Leach, Benjamin F. Leighton p June 29 64, Cephas H. Leighton, Charles H. Leighton, George W. Marston, David T. Moody, Frank G. Moody, Frank S. Mountfort, Charles E. Nason, Charles A. Norcross, Constant F. Oakman, William Paddaux, John Perry, James A. Pettingill d of disease Jan. 12 63, Andrew B. Pinkham, Joseph W. Pinkham, Charles E. Plummer w May 5 64, Charles H. Prescott, James M. Prescott, Herald A. Price, Wilbur F. Priest, George H. Putney p at Antietam, Edwin G. Randall, Charles A. Reed d Feb. 17 64, William Regan, Carlton K. Richardson, Edward A. Richardson, Lieut. James D. Robie, Frank Ronco, James F. Rowe, William Rowkes, Albert J. Sharp, William H. Shorey d July 4 63, Josiah Smith, Jeremiah Spelman, Lucias C. Stockin, Lander C. Thompson, Charles F. Thurston, Jerry E. Thornton, Nathaniel W. Titus, Howard P. Todd, John F. Tolman, Samuel T. Torsey, Charles E. Towle, William A. Tozier, Francisco Wadsworth, Cyril N. Walker, Thomas Ward, Peter Wedge, Philip Wedge, Edward P. White w Apr. 1 65, Edward Wilkes, John A. Wilcox w at Antietam 64, David Wilson d of disease Mar. 8 63, Samuel F. Wing, Samuel S. Wyman.

Mt. Vernon.—Charles A. Allen, James M. Allen, Jonathan Allen, Orlando V. Andrews, John Bartlett k Apr. 1 65, Charles P. Bazin, George W. Bean, Moses T. Bean, George Blake, John D. Blake, James Bennett, D. C. Bagley, Josiah P. Bradbury, John Bubier, Alvin Butler, Henry H. Cain, George A. Carson d Nov. 21 64, Almon B. Carr, Gilman N. Carr, Stephen Carroll, Benjamin J. Cram, Stephen A. Cram, Charles B. Creighton, Henry A. Davis d May 5 63, Samuel Davis, Heman N. Dexter, Charles Dolloff, John Doe, Hiram T. Drew, George E. Dudley, Calvin Dunn, Cornelius Dutton, Joseph W. Fogler, Frank M. Furber d of disease Sept. 19 65, Charles H. Gordon, Emery H. Gordon w May 27 63, John H. Gordon, John S. Gordon, Henry S. Gordon, Samuel H.

[p. 150]
Gordon d of wounds June 30 63, Nelson Gould, Madison F. Glidden, Benjamin Hamilton, William H. Hantoon, George W. Hanna d Dec. 14 64, Leroy D. Hopkins d Dec. 26 04, Thomas S. Hopkins, Lieut. George C. Hopkins, Frank Hubbard, Samuel G. Hutchinson, William C. Jackson, William H. Jackson, Charles N. King, Erastus O. Kelley, Gancelo King d July 30 63, George E. Knox, John A. King w May 27 63, Edwin L. Ladd, Edson M. Lougee, Nicholas R. Lougee, Delano Leighton w, Leander S. Leighton d July 18 63, Timothy Leighton, James E. Linscott, William McGoud, Harthon Marston, William B. Morse, Stephen Norton jun., Charles Oaks, Melvander Packard, Benjamin F. Paul w 64, Fred B. Philbrick, Dudley O. Philbrick, Maurice S. Philbrick, Milton P. Philbrick, Lemuel Porter, Orestes H. Porter d Mar. 8 63, Orville Porter, George Prentice, John Ryan p Apr. 9 65, George O. Reed, Joshua B. Smith, Henry G. Smith, John Smith, Arthur Smith, Marcellus Smith w May 12 64, Ezra Smith w Sept. 4 64, James Shaw, Leander Shaw, Richard Shorey, Lloyd H. Snell, Francis C. Stewart, John M. Stockwell, Emulus D. Small, Hilton H. Sidelinger, James M. Stevens, George A. Storer d Aug. 24 64, John Swatz, Charles H. Smith w May 12 64, Everett Thing, Charles Thompson, John R. Teague, Walter Vail, Joseph Ward, James Wardwell, Elisha L. Wells, George Whittier, James L. Whittier, Samuel Whitney, Albert L. Willis, John Willitt, Charles B. Wyman, Lieut. George W. Woods.

Pittston.—William Allen, Charles Allen, Edmund Allen, Alvin G. Bailey d June 22 63, Hiram Barker, John Berry, George L. Blair w July 13 63, William Blair, Eli Blair, John F. Blodgett, George H. Blodgett, Eben N. Brann, Edward Brown, Eben Brookings w Aug. 16 64, Samuel C. Brookings k July 2 63, John Brookings, Mark C. Cass w Oct. 19 64, Elisha S. Chase, John L. Clark, William Connor, James S. Colburn, Isaac Crocker, Benjamin F. Crocker, Llewellyn Crocker, Roland H. Cutts, John Desmond, William Day d Apr. 19 64, Fred Dobson, Michael Donovan, E. H. Doyle, Thomas Doyle, John G. Drake, Edwin Dudley, Lewis H. Dudley, Lewis C. Dudley, William H. Dudley, Charles E. Fillebrown, O. B. Frank, John Gallagher, Wilbert H. Gilman, Frederick Goud, Humphrey Grant, John Grant, George W. Goodwin, Albert Goodwin, Hamilton Goodwin, Joseph H. Goodwin, James A. Hall, William D. Hanover, George T. Haley, Benjamin B. Hanson, Adj. Charles C. Hinds, Enoch Hollis jun. p Aug. 25 64, Charles Hunt, Kingsbury Hunt, Lewis Hunt d Dec. 4 64, Reuben Heseltine, Thomas Hunnewell, Charles A. James, James Jackson, Josephus James w July 3 63, George W. James jun., Hiram S. James, Lewis W. James d of disease Apr. 9 63, Charles H. Jones, Albert Jordon d of disease Mar. 19 63, Joseph C. King, William King d of wounds June 18 64, William Katon d in New Orleans Oct. 4 64, Howard Lamson, Lieut. Eugene Leeman, Clarence Leeman, Elbridge Mames d of disease Dec. 10 62, Alden Marson, Charles B. Mansir d at home

[p. 151]
July 10 64, Alden Marson, Benjamin Marson d of wounds July 11 64, George H. Martin, Sawyer McLaughlin, Charles W. Moody, Edwin W. Moody, Leonard Moody, Lucius Moody, Edward Morton, Edward Mosher d on transport May 23 64, John Moulton, Wesley Murphy d in hospital Aug. 12 64, William H. Noyes, William W. Paris w June 4 63 p Dec. 18 64, P. W. Parker, William H. Paris, Melvine Parsons, George W. Palmer, James H. Peacock, Hartley Peasley, Myrick Perham p June 22 64, Ellery Pinkham, Thomas D. Pinkham, William Pinkham d at Point of Rocks Aug. 13 64, Mellen Potter, David Pottle, Moses Pottle, Hiram Pratt, Loren A. Pushard, Fred P. Pulsifer, Charles E. Ramsdell w May 6 64. Sew. D. Ramsdell, Eben Richardson, Bradford H. Reed, Jesse Reed, T. A. Richardson, Capt. Asbury C. Richards, Daniel W. Robinson, Patrick Ryan, David F. Shea, Lincoln L. Sheldon, Joseph W. Stuart, Joseph F. Silver, O. A. Sibley, Joseph A. Shea, James L. Small w May 18 64, David Small d of wounds May 13 64, Calvin C. Smith, John H. Sprague, John B. Stevens, George W. Stevens w July 15 64, John Stewart, Harrison Stewart, A. M. Stilphen, John W. Tarr, Henry Thompson, James F. Thompson, Jesse M. Troop, Lieut. Melvin C. Wadsworth, Alphonso R. Warren, Charles M. Warren, Charles N. Ware, Moses A. Ware, Warren Ware, Auguste Wagner, Charles E. Webster, Frederick L. Wells, Joseph A. White, David White, Pary R. Winslow, Albert O. Wood, John Wyman, Lieut. George T. Yeaton, Benjamin Young w July 3 63.

Readfield.—W. H. H. Adams d Apr. 18 63, Freeland N. Albee w, George L. Armstrong, Reuben Atwood, George R. Allen, James Barnes, Milton A. Bean, Edward Beathan, Benjamin B. Brown, Charles C. Brown w July 18 d at Hilton Head Dec. 5 61, Samuel E. Brown d Mar. 18 63, Charles H. Bubier, George B. Bodwell, Walter C. Boyington, Charles H. Chapman d Mar. 19 63, William Coakley, Charles B. Cobb, Lewis E. Clark, Albanus Clough w June 3 64, Francis D. Clough, John S. Craig, Edwin H. Cram, Charles S. Crowell, Robert M. Cunningham, Capt. Hiram A. Dalton, Charles L. Davenport, Thomas Devins, George Diplock, William H. Dunham, J. P. Dudley, Orrin C. Estes, Elnathan S. Fairbanks d July 7 63, Dudley S. Fogg, Enos Foster w d Sept. 4 63, Francis J. Folsom, Edwin Freeman, John Galvin, Stillman P. Getchell, John W. Gilman w Sept. 30 64, Martin Coding, Robert Gordon, Daniel E. Gordon, Joel H. B. Goss, George W. Graves d of wounds, Charles E. Hall, Charles W. Hamlin, Abba C. Hicks, Henry Holmes, Jonathan Howe, William H. Hunt, Jefferson D. Hunton, Emery L. Hunton, William H. Hutchins, George W. Jackson, Noah Jewett 2d, Dennis B. Jewett, Joseph P. Johnson, Moses King, Frederick S. Knowlton, James M. Ladd d Mar. 7 63, George M. Lane, Frank Lancaster, William H. F. Libbey, Samuel Lisherness, John Little, Daniel H. Lovejoy, Frank Manson, Levi Martin, F. R. McKeen, William Morrill, Frank J. Norton, Charles E. Palmer

[p. 152]
Ansel B. Perkins, Nathan Peva, Charles H. Philbrick, Henry Pooler, John Putman, C. V. Putten, A. A. Robertson, William L. Robbins, Joseph F. Rogers, Michael Russell, Lieut. George A. Russell, Nahum Q. Sanborn, Thomas Sawtelle, Gustavus Smith, Lucias Smith, Nathan Smith, Asa V. Starville, Daniel Sullivan, John B. Tarr, Dexter Taylor, Silas C. Thomas, H. C. Thomas, Ferdinand Tinker jun., Charles H. Torrey d Apr. 28 65, James Turner, George H. Waugh, Lewis Webber, Nathan Wentworth, John M. Williams, George R. Williams, Leonard L. Wing, Thomas J. Woodworth, Eben H. Wing, Horace G. Yeaton.

Rome.—Benjamin Austin, Arthur E. Charles, Benjamin F. Charles w at Gettysburg 63, William H. Cook, Lorenzo Cookson, George H. Cunningham, Moses Cunningham, William Dinnon, Hartley Rasters, Frederick Z. Eaton, Charles Edwards, James H. Erskine, George Fairbanks, George E. Fifield, Ebenezer Foss d Jan. 1 63, William H. Foss, Levi Gorden, John McGraw, Ira Hammon, Charles Hunnan, David M. Kelley, Otis B. Kelley, John Loftus, Joseph P. Littlefield, Edward L. Martin d Mar. 3 63, Mark McLaughlin, Abram I. Meader, William H. Merrow, William Meyor, Baxter C. Moshier, Charles R. Moshier, George Moshier jun., Israel Moshier, William Moshier, Abram H. Mundy, Albert Page, Andrew C. Perkins, Hezekiah S. Perkins, Robert Perkins, Robert A. Ripley, Edward A. Robbins, Emons Robinson, John F. Robinson, Isaiah M. Sawtelle, Levi E. Stevens, Samuel I. Stevens, Charles Taylor, William Thomas, Edward Thompson, Henry Turner, William H. Ward jun., Moses Warren, Increase E. Watson.

Sidney.—Henry A. Annis, William A. Arnold, Charles E. Avery w and p May 5 64, Artemus R. Bacon, Charles H. Bartlett, William H. Bean w May 27 63, William Bennett, Thomas S. Benson, Hartson M. Bragg, Austin Bragg, George B. Brown, William M. Burgess, Charles Butler, Edward Butler, Frank Butler, Alfred L. Burgess d July 4 63, Ephraim L. Chamberlain, Enoch S. Chase, Lieut. Martin V. B. Chase, Lorenzo D. Clark d Oct. 8 63, George A. Clark, Franklin L. Connor, Amasa L. Cook, Benjamin T. Curtis d Aug. 5 63, Jedediah Cronkhite, Thomas J. Cunningham, Henry C. Davenport d May 6 63, Roscoe G. Davenport d Feb. 27 63. Charles H. Davis, Andrew Denifer, John Dexteeter, Benjamin F. Dow, Henry J. Dyer d on transport Oct. 12 64, Sullivan Ellis, William Ellis, Patrick Falney, Eben M. Field, Albus T. Field, Joseph F. Field, Eben M. Field, Timothy R. French w June 3 64, Mark Frost, Joseph A. Gray, Horace Hall, Henry A. Hallett, Q. M. John Ham, Enoch B. Hamlin, Albert H. Hallett, Simon C. Hastings, H. W. D. Hayward, William W. Hersom, Melville Irish, John Kelley, Harvey M. Leighton, Granville B. Libby, Joseph M. Lincoln, Samuel S. Longley, Sewall Lovejoy w May 6 64, David Low, David A. Low, John Mahon, Fred H. Mann k June 3 64, James S. Marble p May 10 63, Darius Meader, Daniel McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, John McRay, Winslow

[p. 153]
H. McIntire d of wounds June 15 61, Charles H. Nason d Aug. 1 64, Hiram B. Nichols, Thomas M. Packard, David O. Parks, Henry R. Perkins, Mulford B. Reynolds p June 24 64, William H. Reynolds, George M. Reynolds w, Asa Robbins d Sept. 22 64, Hiram Robinson, George W. Rollins, Joseph Royal, Edward B. Sanderson, Charles W. Sanderson d of wounds June 18 64, Charles E. Sawtelle, Justine A. Sawtelle, Samuel W. Scofield, Charles Sherman d Mar. 24 63, A. B. Sibley, Augustine Smiley d at Stevensburgh Va. Jan. 5 64, Eben Springer, George E. Staples, Jeremiah C. Stephens, Daniel Sughire, Jethro H. Sweat w May 16 64, William H. Stewart, Leavitt Thayer, James W. Vanwart, Silas N. Wait, George Whitney, Alexander Wilson, Richard W. Withee, Alonzo Wixon d Aug. 27 63, Edward Wixon, Vernal A. Woodcock, Adj. Joseph T. Woodward.

Unity Plantation.—Orison T. Brown, George W. Flagg, Sicard Felix, George A. Hanson, Elisha Libby, Joseph McClure, William A. Powers.

Vassalboro.—Benjamin Adams, Peter Aikin d in hospital Nov. 13 65, George J. Allen, George E. Allen, James U. Atwood, Charles L. Austin, William A. Austin w Mar. 27 63, Stilman G. Bailey d Nov. 24 62, George Baker, George Baldwin, George W. Barnes, Lieut. Edwin C. Barrows, Charles Baxter, Isaac F. Bourne, Oliver Brackett, Joseph O. Bragg, Robert C. Bragg, Lewis Bragg, Jefferson D. Bragg, Robert C. Brann, Hiram N. Brann, Frederick Bridge, Benjamin Bubier, C. D. Bubier, Ambrose Burgess d Dec. 26 62, Antome Cady, Michael Cain, Darius Cain, James R. Carney, Henry F. Chadwick, Samuel Chute, Edwin W. Clark, George W. Clififord, Robert Cole, Edmund G. Coleman, Charles E. Collins, William E. Cox, Charles S. Crowell, John Dalton, Albert F. Day, H. G. Dickey, Samuel K. Doe, Lewis B. Doe accidentally k Jan. 4 63, James R. Eaton, John Emerson, James S. Emery, William English, Redford M. Estes, John H. Estes w July 2 63, Gustavus K. Estes k Oct. 27 63, William D. Ewes, H. A. Ewes w July 1 64, George W. Fairfield, Orrin Farnham, Lorenzo Farrington, Elbridge C. Fassett d July 12 63, Andrew Flanigan, Thomas Flanigan, John H. Frazier, Charles A. Freeman, John M. Fogg, Willard O. Fogg, Robert M. Fossett d Oct. 25 62, Joseph E. Fossett, Norman H. Fossett, James Footman, George H. Gardner, Henry W. Gardner, Joseph C. Gardiner, Abraham Gorow, Eliheu Getchell, Van T. Gilbert, Charles Gibson w in action May 27 63, Joseph A. Glazier, E. R. Goff, Lawrence Griffin, Rishworth Gray, Henry A. Hamilton, Charles L. Hamlin w at Gettysburg 63, James H. Handy d Apr. 17 63, John Hart, Michael Harmon, Edwin P. Hatch w, Michael J. Hanlin, William P. Hawes, G. Hayford, Henry Heath, Charles H. Holt, Stephen A. Hoyt p July 1 63, C. W. Hussey, Isaac Hussey, George H. Hussy k in action May 12 64, Waterman T. Hutchins, John F. Irving d May 18 63, James W. Irving, Preston B. Jones, R. F. Jordan, William Keaton, William Keefe,

[p. 154]
Robert J. Kitchen d Sept. 30 64, L. R. Lambard, Samuel R. Latte, Wardman Littlefield, Ezra B. Lord, Prescott M. Lord, George M. Lufkins, H. W. Lyon, Lieut. Thomas A. Maxfield, John McCormick w in head at Manassas, William McCormick, Fred E. Mellen, Shepherd H. Marrow, James McGuin, Horace S. Mills p Apr. 1 65, Albion B. Mills d of wounds Aug. 7 63, Jacob N. McKay p May 2 63 w, Artemas McKay, Robert McMahon, Peter McNalley, Simon Morrison, Charles A. Morse w 63, Thomas Moody, Alexander Murrey, Daniel Nicholas, James Nicholas, John Olson, Joseph P. Phillips, James Phillips, Frank W. Pierce, Greenlief Pillsbury, John T. Pratt, Albert H. Pratt, Orrin Prebble, H. F. Priest k at Gettysburg July 1 68, Edward A. Priest d at New Orleans Mar. 7 65, James S. Priest, N. P. Randall, William Reed, John Regan, F. T. Reynolds, Orson F. Richardson d Oct. 62, Edward Rice, Reuben F. Robbins, Oliver P. Robbins, Harlan P. Robbins, Lieut. Henry H. Robbins, Albert F. Roberts, George W. Sabin, Isaiah C. Sabins, Varnum B. Saulsbury, Charles H. Savage, Warren Sennett, Warren Seward p from Aug. 18 64 to Mar. 65, Charles F. Shaw, Edmund R. Shaw d of wounds Apr. 24 64, G. F. Shaw, Eugene Shaw, George Shaw, Charles W. Shaw, Walter B. Shaw w May 12 64, Melville B. Sherman d Apr. 9 63, Charles Simpson, Robbert H. Sinclair, Lieut. Bradford W. Smart, Robert Smart, Sylvester Smart, Wilbur F. Snow d of wounds June 1 64, W. M. Starkey d Mar. 13 63, William R. Starkey, Samuel J. Starkey, Alonzo Stillings, Charles Sullivan, William Sweeney, Frank P. Taber d at Warrenton, William F. Taber, Charles F. Tarbell k in action May 27 68, C. W. Taylor, John Tibbetts p Sept. 16 64, William W. Tibbetts, C. E. Tobey, Warren H. Tobey, Josiah Totten, William I. Towne, J. M. Underwood, George H. Waldron d Apr. 15 68, George W. Ward, Henry Ware, Edwin A. Warren, A. S. Webber, Gustavus H. Webber w in action 63, Virgil H. Webber k at Gettysburg July 1 63, Charles E. Webber d Apr. 4 63, Benjamin Weeks, William White, James D. White, Hollis M. White, Henry W. White, George C. Wentworth, Edwin A. Wentworth, Franklin Wentworth d Feb. 6 64, William Wentworth, George H. Willey, Samuel W. Wood, Jacob H. Woodsum w May 27 63, Ed. E. Worth, Francis Worth d at Washington Jan. 14 64, Benjamin F. Worth w Aug. 18 64.

Vienna.— Robert Baldwin, George W. Barker, Isaac A. Bent, James H. Bean, Leonard Bean, John Brown, Orlando Brown, Rice Brown, George W. Briggs, Charles S. Bunker, Jonathan Burgess, Nahum Cole, Joseph O. Colley, Valentine S. Cumner, Almon Cunningham, Edward E. Davis, Henry E. Dexter p July 1 68, Lendall C. Davis, Emulus M. Dearborn, Calvin H. C. Dearborn, Henry F. Dowst, John Alanson Dowst w May 19 64, Selden M. Dowst, Sewall Dolloff, Samuel D. Eaton, Frank Fairbanks, Josiah M. Fellows, Freeman C. Foss, Asst. Surg. Stillman P.Getchell, Dennis Grover d Nov. 20 62, Noah Hoyt, Upham

[p. 155]
A. Hoyt, Isaac M. Hutchins, George R. Ireland, John F. Johnson, Fred A. H. Jones, Silas R. Kidder, Samuel W. Kimball, Charles W. Kimball, Charles Ladd, Anthony W. Little, George Lord, Arno Little, Ethan Little, Eugene E. Mooers, John Augustus Morrill, John Morrill, Nathaniel B. Moulton, Charles L. Nichols, Charles E. Philbrick d in prison Dec. 28 64, James A. Pettengall, Augustus F. Smart, George A. Smith w May 6 64, Ephraim M. Tibbetts, Llewellyn Tozier, Daniel Tozier, Marcellus Wells, Alvah Whittier, Emulus F. Whittier, Fred M. Whittier, Henry Whittier, Howard Whittier, John Almon Whittier, Perley Whittier, Reuben D. Whittier, Charles H. Wight, Martin V. B. Williamson, Richard H. Wills, John R. Witham d in hospital July 3 65.

Waterville.—Charles Abear, Manley Allen, George E. Alexander, Leroy Atkinson, John Avery, Col. Isaac S. Bangs, Charles Bacon, Andrew J. Basford, John H. Bacon, Alexander Bailey, John W. Barnes, John H. Bates, William Bates k at Gettysburg July 1 63, Nelson G. Bartlett, Portal M. Black, John Blair, Charles H. Blackstone, Daniel Blackstone, Capt. William E. Brooks, George C. Blackstone, William Valentine w, Bennett Bickford, Cyrus Bickford, Hiram Billings, Asst. Surg. Frank Bodfish, Warren Boothby, Henry H. Bowden, Lieut. Martin T. V. Bowman, Orrin Bracket, Elisha R. Branch, Milton H. Branch, James Brown, William W. Brown, John Bubier p, Levi Bushy, George H. Bryant, Charles M. Branch, John G. Calder, Joseph Cary, Henry A. Chandler, George Chase, Isaac Check, Albert M. Clark, Charles H. Clark, Selden I. Clifford, Augustus Campbell, Moses W. Cook w at Gettysburg July 1 63, Andrew Cookran, Alonzo Copp, Lieut. William H. Copp, John H. Caruth, Prentice M. Cousins, Levi Coyonette, Carlton Cress, Charles E. Cross, Joseph Cross, Francis M. Cunningham, Walter L. Cummings, Arba S. Davis, Daniel B. Davis, Octavus A. Davis p Sept. 16 64 d in prison Nov. 14 64, George H. Dearborn, Thomas Dearborn, George Delaware, William H. Dewolfe, Henry A. Dore, Levi A. Dow, George H. Downs, Nelson Drake, Frank Dusty w May 12 64, Hadley P. Dyer w May 27 63, James A. Dyer, Luther Ellis w June 6 64, Paul Enwan w Apr. 23 64, Stephen Ellis, Sullivan Ellis, Francis H. Emery, Leander H. Evans, Nathaniel S. Emery, William H. Farnham, Lieut. C. A. Farrington d of wounds June 27 64, Dennis M. Foster, Dudley C. Frazier, George B. Frezzille, Henry W. Frost, Franklin Q. Fuller, Moses H. Gallefer p Sept. 16 64, John Garland w May 17 63, George Garney, Ezekiel Gerald, Lieut. George C. Getchell, J. F. Gibbs, George R. Gleason, Russell Gleason, Albert J. Gray, Joseph Greene, Lieut. Alonzo Goff, Daniel F. Goodwin, John F. Goodwin, Lieut. Foster D. Goodrich, George Cormier, Charles W. McGuyer, William H. Ham d Nov. 25 64, Fred C. Hatch, Joseph H. Hatch, Wilson Hawes, Thomas G. Herbert, Milford Hersom, Samuel T. Hersom, William H. Hersom, Albert H. Higgins, George Hill,

[p. 156]
Frank E. Hitchings, Hiram Horn w Oct. 10 64, Llewellyn Horn, David F. Houghton, Lieut. John H. Hubbard w in action May 27 63, Lieut. George W. Hubbard, Henry C. James, Frank Jilcott, George J. Jones, Sidney Keith, John King, John J. Kirby, Sylvanus Knox, William Knox, Chap. Henry C. Leonard, Capt. Addison W. Lewis, Lieut. Edward C. Leon 2d, David J. Lewis, Henry H. Libby, Charles W. Louden, William Love, Charles W. Low w, William H. Low, Frank B. Lowe, A. M. Lowell, Charles F. Lyford d Dec. 14 62 James M. Lyford p July 1 63, William Henry Macartney, Joseph Marshall, Daniel E. Martin, Hugh McDonald, Deugald McDonald, Harrison Merchant, Charles W. Merrill, Daniel McNeal, John McGilvey, Timothy McLaughlin w Feb. 6 64, Daniel Magrath, John Morrison, Earnest Morton, Francis B. Mosher, Madison Mosher, George Mayers jun., Charles D. Murphy, Joseph Murrey, Lewis Murrey, George E. Muzzey, George E. Muzzey, William H. Newland, Frank H. Oliver, Ezekiel Page, Benjamin Parker, John H. Parker w July 27 64, Orlando I. Pattee, John M. Peavey, Charles H. Penney, Everett A. Penney, Ira D. Penney d in rebel prison Jan. 10 65, William H. Penney d at New Orleans Mar. 5 64, James L. Perkins, Howard Perkins, Richard Parley, Charles Perry, George Perry, George Pierce, Lieut. Andrew Pinkham, Edwin Plummer, John H. Plummer, Ephraim Pooler, Joseph Pooler d July 14 64, Andrew H. Porter, John Porter, Edmon E. Prescott, Peter Preo, Alexander W. Pulcifer, Clement Quimby, George Ranco, William Rankins, Lorenzo D. Ray, Robert Rey, Joseph Richards, Moses Ring, John Roderick, David Rowan, Ervin J. Rogers, Addison H. Rowe, Joseph Sands, Capt. George S. Scammon, Stephen D. Savage w May 6 64, James A. Sawyer, Edgar Scates w Sept. 30 64 d June 3 65, William J. Sharp, Resolve Shaw, Alfred Shepherd, Elbridge Shepherd, Richard A. Shepherd k at battle of the Wilderness May 6 64, Lieut. Charles R. Shorey, Albert R. Smiley, Charles N. Smiley, Allen Smith, James T. Smith d Nov. 29 62, John M. Smart, Martin B. Soule w, Josiah Scule d June 6 65, Cyrus Southards, Nathan F. Spauldin, Edwin C. Stevens k Aug. 18 64, George E. Stevens, William H. Stevens, William D. Stevens, Capt. William A. Stevens, Charles H. Stewart, Nathan M. Sturtevant, Reward A. Sturtevant, Martin Tallows k Oct. 8 64, Vedar Tashus, Got Teatlip, George Teatlip, Adin B. Thayer p 64, George S. Thing, David T. Thomas, John P. H. Thomas, James Thompson, James H. Thorn, Samuel J. Thayer, Albert F. Tozier, Henry M. Tozier, Capt. Henry E. Tozier k Dec. 10 64, Walter N. Tozier w Apr. 9 64 d in hands of enemy Apr. 14 64, George C. Tracy, Alexander Trask, Elbridge Trask, Thomas E. Treson, Levi Vique, James Wade, N. A. Ware, Andrew P. Watson, James H. Webb, James B. Welch, Moses A. Welch, David Woodbury, James O. West w May 12 64 d May 23 64, Howard W. Wells w at Fredericksburg, John C. Willey, George A. Wilson, Henry Wingate, Hiram C. Winslow, An-

[p. 157]
drew J. Williams, Albert B. Witham, William W. Wyman d of wounds June 1 63, Hiram Wyman, Hiram R. Wyman, Increase Wyman, Eugene H. Young.

Wayne.—Samuel W. Adams, Paschal B. Allen, Thomas J. Bartlett, Benjamin F. Berry, Square F. Bishop, Josiah M. Bishop d Nov. 2 64, James Boutin, David L. Boyle, Orison S. Brown, Freeman W. Bunnell, James H. Carson, Martin Cassey, James Colkins, Thomas Clark, Charles M. Connor, Othna Crosby, Francis M. Cumner, Edmund F. Davis, James Davis, Patrick McDermott, Edward G. Dexter, George M. Dexter, Henry A. Dexter, Nathan P. Downing, Sidney F. Downing, Lieut. Henry N. Fairbanks w Apr. 28 64, Q. M. O. A. Fillebrown, John Forrester, Levi F. Foss d Jan. 12 65, William H. H. Foss, Albion B. Frost, Lieut. Clarence C. Frost, David G. Frost, Charles Hall, Lieut. George W. Hall, Edwin W. Harrington, Michael Hart, Chauncy Higgins, William H. House, F. A. Hutchinson d Dec. 24 64, Seth W. Jennings, William H. Johnson, William Jones, Cyrus Keller, James Kelley, Elijah Knapp, Davis E. Lane, Daniel Lothrop, Charles M. Lovejoy w 64, George G. Luce, John Maguire, Andrew J. Maxim d Nov. 18 62, Benjamin F. Maxim, Daniel H. Maxim, Charles H. McNear, James Murphy, Solomon A. Nelke, Capt. Grafton Norris, George O. Norris, Augustus Parlin, Joseph A. Penley, Sewell Pettingill, Adelbert Pratt, William W. Pratt, Elias H. Raymond, John S. Raymond, John R. Raymond, Russell F. Reynolds, Charles V. Richards, E. K. Richardson, Abington H. Ridley, John P. R. Sleeper, Elhanan Smith, Lieut. Joseph O. Smith, Orrin A. Snow, John L. Spear d Dec. 29 64, James B. Stetson, George S. Sturtevant, Valmore Sturtevant, William V. Sturtevant, Cleveland Swift, Millard F. Thing, Henry W. Towns, James O. Trask, John E. Welch, William Wilson, Charles E. Wing, Leonard L. Wing d in hospital at New Orleans, Llewellyn T. Wing, Lewis H. Wing k before Petersburg Sept. 11 64, William A. Young w June 2 64.

West Gardiner.—Arthur B. Andrews, Hiram Babb, Jonathan C. Bartlett, Charles H. Bailey, John Blanchard jun., Lieut. Alfred G. Brann, Calvin N. Brann, John E. Brann w May 6 64, David Campbell, F. A. Chesley, Daniel M. Cole d July 30 63, Charles O. Crosby d Aug. 12 64 at New Orleans, Allen T. C. Crowell, William H. Crosby, R. Cunningham, James A. Cunningham, Oliver L. Dennison, Charles E. Dillingham, Charles H. Dill, John Edgecomb, A. K. P. Edwards, William W. Eslar, Benjamin F. Fairbanks, Edwin Fairbanks, William H. Fairbanks, George S. Fogg, W. Forrest, George W. Fuller, Gustavus Fuller, Gardiner H. Fuller, George W. Garland, Hannibal George, Alfred Grover w June 2 63, George E. Grover, Lester Guilford k Feb. 64, Charles E. Howard, David H. Haines, Hiram Haines, William F. Haines, Robert G. Hildreth d 63, John T. Hatch, William H. Jewett, Charles O. Knox, August Kuehew, James Marston, George E. McCausland d July 28 63, Charles H. Merrill, F. L. Merrill w 64, M. A. Morse,

[p. 158]
James A. Mosher, Joseph H. Neal, George W. Newell, George Newell, Simon Nudd, William Parker, Dexter W. Page, Jacob Page w at Antietam, Charles W. Patterson, Solomon E. Peach w 64, Edward Peacock jun., Solomon Peacock, Thomas A. Pinkham, Augustus B. Plummer, Ansel L. Potter, Emerald M. Potter, Simeon Potter, John A. Potter, Rosco H. Potter, George F. Reed, James W. Robinson, James Robinson, Gardiner Roberts jun., George A. W. Rooker, George Ross, Alonzo Sampson, Elisha P. Seavey, Hubbard C. Smith, Charles Small, Lieut. Oliver R. Small, Alvin Spear, Charles A. Spear, Franklin Spear d Feb. 4 63, John A. Spear, John Spear 2d, John A. Spear, Joseph M. Spear, Joseph F. Spear w Feb. 6 64, Justin F. Spear, Milton C. Spear, Richard H. Spear k June 23 64, Gardiner Todd, Joseph Trafton, Edward W. Wakefield d of disease, Tene Wendenburg, A. W. Whittier, Elbridge E. Whittier, Nickolas Williams.

Windsor.—Charles H. Ashford, Homer P. Barton, Charles H. Barton, Eloin C. Barker d of disease at Alexandria Va., Reuben W. Brown, Abram Bryant, Frank U. Butler, Charles J. Carroll d July 10 63, Freeman Casey, Abram Choat, Henry B. Coombs, Warren H. Colby, Decator S. Chapman d May 28 63, Elbridge B. F. Colby, Joseph Carver, Thomas M. Clark, George G. Colby, George W. Craige, Albert N. Craige, George W. Chapman k May 6 64, A. C. Davis, William H. Dearborn d May 8 63, Moses J. Donnell, George F. Doe d of wounds received Aug. 25 64, Yeaton Dunton, James W. Dackendoff, Laforest Dunton d Feb. 26 63, George Duval, James M. Evens, Charles E. Forsaith, Stephen L. French, Charles F. French, George H. French, James Garrity, Maddison T. Glidden, Granville Coding, John W. S. Gould, Alonzo E. Gove, Elias Gove, Elijah S. Grant, Nathaniel N. Gray, Capt. John Goldthwait, Daniel Hallowell, John Hallowell jun., William Hallowell, David D. Hanson, William H. Harriman w Aug. 23 64, William H. Hilton, Charles A. Hilton, John Hutcherson, Daniel W. Hutcherson, John B. Hunt, Ira B. Hyson, John F. Hyson, Jeremy D. Hyson, Daniel L. Jackson, John Johnson, Daniel H. Jones, Benjamin R. Jones, William G. Keen, James W. Kendall, William Laskey, Edward H. Leach, Franklin P. Lewis, Marcelous C. Lynn, John Lynch d Mar. 17 63, Andrew K. Maguire, Erastus Marr, George L. Marson, John Martin, Charles H. Maxwell w May 20 64, George W. McDonnel, Leonard H. Merrill, Melvin A. Merrill, Enoch Merrill, George W. Merrill k in action May 6 64, Abram Merrill, James F. Merrill, Isaac N. Marsh, George R. Mitchell, Benjamin H. Moody, Appleton Merrill, John McPherson, Daniel McDickens, Andrew J. Murch, John B. Murray, James O'Brien, James O'Donnell, William H. Peva w Aug. 16 64, Nathan R. Peavey, Fred C. Perkins, Lieut. Warren H. Pierce, Alphonzo Pierce d Nov. 64, Isaiah H. Pierce d of wounds received May 18 64, Everts P. Plummer, David Potter, William F. Proctor, Sumner B. Proctor, Samuel Reeves, Charles A. Reynolds, Timothy W. Rey-

[p. 159]
nolds, Roswell Richardson, Jasper Robinson, William Russell, David O. Sawtell, John Simmons, Rockwell Scribner, William H. Seekins k May 27 63, Frank Smith, John Smith, James Stanley, Nathaniel W. Stetson jun., Levi W. Sterns, Joseph A. Stewart, Samuel S. Thompson, James B. Tobin, Stephen Trask d Sept. 25 63, Ruel W. Trask, John Tye, Marcelous Vining, Granville B. Warren d Aug. 3 63, Charles Watson d Oct. 64, Charles O. Watson, L. H. Whitehouse, John Q. Wentworth, Andrew F. White, James S. Wingate, Lieut. Frederick D. Wight, Luther Witham, George P. Wyman, Reuben Vining.

Winslow.—Ashman Abbott d Apr. 16 63, Edward S. Abbott d Apr. 17 63, Stephen H. Abbott, Daniel B. Abbott, Albert A. Abbott, Melville C. Blackwell, Samuel M. Bragg, Joseph Brown, William Brown, Lemuel Bubier, Eben A. Brook, Daniel Burgess, Charles M. Bryant, Orin Burgess, Alfred H. Buchard, William Cohoon, Charles A. Coleman, George W. Cushman, J. S. Dodge, Alfred T. Dunbar, Benjamin F. Dunbar d of wounds June 14 63, Capt. Joseph Eaton jun., Albert Ellis, Henry Ellis, Henry W. Ellis, John R. Flagg, William H. Flagg, D. French, Lieut. Charles P. Garland, Capt. Joseph P. Garland, Henry W. Getchell, Adelbert M. Gray, Leonard Goodrich, George E. Gullifer, William Gullifer, Henry A. Hamlin, John Harris, Charles Hollis, Ira D. Hodges, George W. Hodges d May 3 63, Francis D. Hodges, Josiah D. Houston, William A. Keag, Albert S. Kelley, Frederick King, Edward Lynch, Charles E. Low, Sumner Merrill, James Moony, George P. Morrill, Albert A. Morrill, Isaac Morrill, Addison Morrill, Frank E. Nelson, Oscar W. Nichols d in prison, L. W. Packard, Ambrose H. Palmer jun., John Palmer k Feb. 4 65, William T. Patridge, George W. Pillsbury, Hiram S. Pollard, Charles Pillsbury, Albert Plummer, John R. Pollard, Charles Pollard, George A. Pollard p Oct. 19 64, John R. Pollard, Homer Proctor, David O. Preast, William T. Preble, John T. Preble, Albert Plummer, Hanes C. Quimby, Ansel P. Rankin, Thomas G. Rice, Elmerin W. Richards, Seth M. Richardson, Alex. A. Richardson, Edward B. Richardson, Francis E. Robinson d Sept. 16 64, Zenas M. Shaw, Winthrop Shurland w June 18 64. Winthrop Shurland, Hollis Simpson, Albert R. Smiley, Ellis Smiley, Charles E. Smiley, Isaac Sanborn, Albert Southard, Theodore M. Southard, George L. Spaulding, Henry Spaulding, John W. Storkey, Howard H. Taylor, William Taylor k at Gettysburg 63, Richard W. Underwood, John F. Walker, Charles E. Washborn, John B. Wheeler, Howard R. Wilson, John S. Wilson d of wounds Nov. 13 64, Albert Withee, Bradley B. Withee, John Withee, William F. Wood k May 6 64, John P. Wyman.

Winthrop.— Ruel D. Allen, John L. Armstrong w May 6 64, Willard S. Axtelle w May 5 64, George A. Batchelder d July 20 65, Roswell D. Bates, Asst. Surg. John F. Bates, William H. Bates, Frank Beal, George W. Beal, Watson C. Beals, William H. Beny, Samuel D. Besse, William Bird, Darius Blanchard, Benjamin A. Bragdon, William Breckler,

[p. 160]
Henry F. Bridgham, Franklin S. Briggs d Aug. 3 63 in hospital, James M. Brown, Sewall M. Bubier, Andrew J. Burgess, Benjamin F. Burgess, Roswell Burgess, Jacob T. Byron, Josiah B. Byron, Joseph H. Caulfield, Solomon B. Gates, Albert Chandler d of wounds July 1 64, Charles H. Chandler, Charles W. Chandler, Charles A. Chandler d of wounds July 2 64, Enoch S. Chase, Samuel G. Chandler w July 2 63, Edgar U. Churchill, Isaiah M. Cookson, Samuel B. Coombs, Eli N. Cookson, Josiah L. Cobb, Thomas Connor, Charles E. Cottle, Reuben H. Crosby w, John F. Cummings d of disease Aug. 4 63, Thomas M. Daniels, Calvin Dearborn, Charles H. Dearborn, Thomas Dealy, Harry Dickey, Frank S. Dwyer, John Dyer, Josiah N. Eastman, Lieut. William Elder, William H. Emery, Joseph W. Esty, David Farr, Melville N. Freeman, William F. Frost, David P. Freeman, Lieut. John F. Gaslin, Bethuel P. Gould, Rufus H. Gould, John C. Gaslin, Samuel M. Gilley, Apollos Hammon d Sept. 29 64 at New Orleans, Samuel Hanson, William H. House, Joseph A. Hall, Stephen P. Hart, Charles W. Heaton, Willard C. Hopkins, George Howard, Henry A. Howard, John L. Hutch, Samuel Jackson, David D. Jones, John A. Jones, John W. Jones, Lennan F. Jones, William H. Jones d of disease Apr. 1 64, Shepherd H. Joy, William DeForest Kelley, John O. Lawrence d, Henry S. Lane, Edward N. Leavitt, George W. Leavitt, James W. Leighton, Lewis R. Litchfield, S. W. Lovell, Edwin Ladd, Charles H.. Longfellow. Augustine R. Lord, John E. Lowell, Lieut. Daniel Lothrop, Nelson H. Martin, Albert Moore jun., George H. Morton, Alden F. Murch, Roy P. Moody, George W. Nash, Henry O. Nickerson, James Nickerson, Owen St. C. O'Brien, Thomas A. Osborn, Horatio M. Packard, Isaac N. Packard, Thomas M. Packard, Andrew P. Perkins, Benjamin C. Powers, George Perkins, William H. Pettengill w May 12 64, John Pettengill, Winfield S. Philbrick, Silas Perry d July 24 64, Elias Pullen, George F. Rankin, James M. Robinson, John Robbins, Jacob Savage, John Shea, Enoch H. Skillings, Benjamin B. Smith, George L. Smith d at Annapolis Oct. 28 64, Harrison N. Smith d July 16 65, Frank W. Stanley, Henry H. Stevens, J. Wesley Stevens, Lorenzo D. Stevens d July 26 65, Daniel W. Stevens, Capt. E. Lewis Sturtevant, Hiram H. Stilkey, Newell Sturtevant, Josiah Snell, Aaron S. Thurston, Stephen A. Thurston, Charles A. Thompson, Gustavus A. Thompson, Frank B. Towle, Henry F. Tilton, Joseph A. Toby, Joel W. Toothaker, Charles L. Towle jun. d in service, Edwin F. Towns, William P. Varney, Isaac W. Wardwell, Dura Weston, Isaac Watts d Oct. 20 65, Sullivan R. Whitney, Edward P. Whiting, George W. Williams, George W. Wing, Henry O. Wing, Hubbard R. Wing d Sept. 1 64, Thomas F. Wing, Henry D. Winter, Elias Wood, Franklin Wood, George W. Wood, Amaziah Young d Aug. 14 64, John F. Young.