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Additional Kennebec County Civil War Enlistments

Source: Henry D. Kingsbury and Simeon L. Deyo, eds., Illustrated history of Kennebec County, Maine, 1625-1799-1892 (New York, N. Y.: H.W. Blake & Co., 1892).

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From other sources than Captain Clark's preceding lists we find some records of soldiers claiming residence in Kennebec county. The brief record is appended:

Augusta.— Daniel D. Anderson July 18 63, Alden S. Baker w Oct. 19 64, William H. Berry d Aug. 28 64, John F. Brett d July 3 64. Jason R. Bartlett d in prison 64, Charles F. Bennett k Oct. 19 64, George W. Bemis d Aug. 63, Brad S. Bodge d of wounds May 8 64, John Bradley w, Thomas J. Bragg d May 28 64, Joseph Bushea k July 63. Phillips N. Byron k at Cedar Mt. 62, Henry C. Chandler d Mar. 1 65, Benjamin F. Colby p Aug. 19 64, Daniel C. Cunningham d Feb. 5 63, Elisha

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Cooley w Aug. 18 64, John Curtis d in prison, Lewis E. Clark w May 20 64, Eugene Cate d Oct. 9 64, William Dewall w June 17 64, Benjamin Douglas w July 63, Charles A. Davis w Apr. 4 65, Lieut. James Davidson, Leroy Farrar w June 64, Albert V. French w May 12 64, Seth B. Goodwin p 62, Charles Gannett p July 63, Artemas K. Gilley d July 64, Col. Thomas Hight, Antoine Harrogot w Sept. 64, Rodney C. Harriman d Sept. 64, William H. Hayward k May 16 64, James A. Jones p 62, Augustus Kachner p, Hiram Kincaid w Sept. 64, Samuel Lisherness d June 64, Virgil G. Lanelle d in prison 64, William H. Lowell d Feb. 65, Thomas B. Lambert p July 63, George McGraw w May 10 64, Henry Mullen d Apr. 65, George G. Mills d Nov. 64, Hiram B. Nichols w Aug. 64, William O. Nichols w Apr. 8 64, John B. Parker d of wounds May 64, Levi A. Philbrook w May 64, Charles K. Powers d of wounds July 64, Asa Plummer k May 64, Franklin Perry k May 64, Glenwood C. Pray d Apr. 65, Ezekiel Page w, Lieut. Nathaniel H. Ricker, William D. Randall w Sept. 64, John Riley k May 64, Charles W. Richards d Feb. 64, Morrill Rose w May 64, Charles F. Shaw d Jan. 65, Samuel Stevens w Oct. 64, Edward A. Stewart d May 63, Henry G. Smith w May 64, Henry Smith p 62, James Shortwell w May 64, William B. Small w June 64, Joseph H. Spencer d at Andersonville 64, Thomas B. Tolman d of wounds July 64, Henry W. Towns w June 64, Warren D. Trask d 64, Joseph Weaver d Jan. 64, Charles H. Warren w, Alonzo S. Weed d in Richmond prison Oct. 63, Stephen Wing k May 64, Baptiste Willett jun. w 64, Frank Williams w May 64, Capt. James M. Williams d of wounds June 64.

Albion.—Frank Brown d July 15 63, Chandler Drake d Mar. 62, Charles Gage w May 64, Lieut. Maxey Hamlin, Warren G. Johnson d Mar. 62, Edward L. Pray d Mar. 62, Oscar Rollins d Sept. 62, Allen Shorey d Mar. 63.

Belgrade.—Elbridge Bickford w 62, Asa J. Cummings d Mar. 62, Thomas W. Damon d 64, Elias Freeman d Mar. 24 63, Owen Getchell d July 64, James A. Lombard w 62, Hiram A. Mills d Oct. 64, Lyman Maxwell d Nov. 64, William L. Rollins w Oct. 64.

Benton.—Alphonzo C. Brown d in hospital 62, Jefferson W. Brown d Sept. 62, Alvin Gibson p 63, Royale B. Rideout d Oct. 62, James M. Rideout d Nov. 62, Albert M. Spaulding d Mar. 62.

Chelsea.—Mills O. Chase d Dec. 22 63, Lieut. William O. Tibbetts.

China.—Charles W. Allen d Oct. 13 64, Asst. Surg. D. P. Bolster, Joseph Babin w May 64, John W. Chisam d June 64, William Doe w 65, Henry A. Hamlin d in prison Aug. 64, William Holmes d Dec. 61, Israel D. Jones d June 63, William F. Priest d Feb. 63, Benjamin C. Studley p 62, Charles E. Washburn w 64.

Clinton.—George W. Emery d May 65, John Marco k at Fredericksburg, John H. Stevens w July 63, Herman P. Sullivan mortally w Aug. 64, George A. Weymouth k near Richmond Mar. 64, Thomas

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E. Whitney w d in prison June 04, David H. Whitten d Feb. 65, Elisha Whitten w 64.

Farmingdale.—Byron Lowell w Malvern Hill, William H. Mayo p Sept. 64.

Fayette.—Francis J. Folsom w Oct. 64, Charles W. Judkins w 65, Charles F. Palmer d of wounds May 64.

Gardiner.—George W. Austin w at Gettysburg 63, Arrington Brann d June 64, Calvin W. Brann d Sept. 64, Lieut. Calvin Boston d July 64 of wounds, George Clough d May 62, Charles A. Douglas w 64, Daniel Fitzpatrick k June 64, C. W. Gilpatrick d in prison 64, Frank Johnson w Aug. 64, Charles A. Jordan p 64, Danforth M. Maxcy d Aug. 63, Barney McGraw p 61, George H. Nason d Aug. 64, Joseph M. Ring d Dec. 63, Capt. George W. Smith, Capt. Oliver R. Smith, Franklin W. Swift w 64, John Smith w May 64, James W. Taylor k June 64, George F. Tyler w 64.

Hallowell.—Joseph L. Bailey w Oct. 64, Charles F. Campbell w 64, James S. Emerson k June 64, Edwin R. Gould k May 63, Lieut. Charles Glazier, Capt. Samuel L. Gilman, Henry D. Otis d Sept. 64, Joseph Pinkham d Aug. 64, Lieut. John A. A. Packard, John W. Rodgers d Jan. 65, Frank Sweetland d 65, George S. Sherborn w July 63, William F. Sherman d in prison 64.

Litchfield.—Capt. George W. Bartlett, Merton Maxwell d at Alexandria Sept. 62, Asst. Surg. Silas C. Thomas.

Manchester.—Josiah H. Mears w 64.

Monmouth.—Loring P. Donnell d Oct. 62, Corp. Lot Sturtevant d of wounds Apr. 65, Thomas Keenan p Oct. 64.

Mt. Vernon.—Arno Little w Oct. 64, David G. Morrell k May 64.

Pittston.—George H. Blair d July 63, George F. Bliss d July 64, Joseph S. Call k May 64, Lorenzo Cookson w May 64, Reuel M. Heath d of wounds May 64, Xenophen Heath d Oct. 62, Moses King w May 64, Warren Maines d of wounds June 64, Warren H. Moores w 64, Lieut. James G. Rundlette w June 64, Aaron Tucker d April 64.

Readfield.—Chap. George C. Crawford, Lewis E. Davis d May 62, Albert L. Deering w 63, Henry C. Kennison d June 62, Asst. Surg. Joseph D. Mitchell, Charles H. Robie w May 62, George W. Smith d Aug. 64.

Rome.—Capt. Hiram M. Campbell, Russell Clement w 62, Frank Fairbanks d Nov. 62, Lieut. Stephen H. Mosher, Joseph Meader k Oct. 64.

Sidney.—Asst. Surg. John S. Cushing, William H. Farnham Mar. 63, Thomas R. Holt mortally w July 64, William H. Hoxie p May 63.

Vienna.—Joseph O. Colley w, Nathaniel F. Dow d July 62, Benjamin F. Griffin w Aug. 64.

Vassalboro.—Josiah S. Arey d Aug. 64, Andrew J. Burgess d Mar. 65, Jeremiah Estes k Sept. 63, Charles H. Gibson k Sept. 64, Edwin

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W. Gould w June 64, Joseph H. Header d of wounds July 64, Timothy Nicholas w May 64, George E. Pishon d 63, Benjamin Weeks k May 64, Osa C. Wyman p 64.

Wayne.—Rufus Bessee d June 64, Edward P. Bussey d June 64, Valentine S. Cumner k June 64, Lieut. Clarence E. Frost, Robinson Sturtevant w and p 64, Thomas B. Wing d July 64.

Waterville.—Davis P. Arba w Sept. 64, Bickford Bennett d May 64, William Chapman k in battle 64, Hiram Cochrane d Dec. 63, John G. Gay d Dec. 64, Lieut. Daniel F. Goodrich, Joseph Jerow d in prison 64, Moses King p 64, Charles Love w 63, Lieut. Frederick Mason w Apr. 65, Euarde Paulette d of wounds July 64, James B. Pollon w and p '64, Henry Porter d July 64, Albert Quimby d 64, George Robinson k July 64, William A. Stevens k June 64, Joseph D. Simpson k July 68, Ellis Stephens k May 63.

West Gardiner.—Gardiner H. Fuller d Sept. 64, George M. Garland d Sept. 64, Sanford L. Pinkham d June 64, James H. Peacock d Apr. 64, Michael T. Smith d June 63, George W. Tyler d May 63.

Windsor.—Sylvenus T. Hatch p 64, Elias T. Libby w 64, John Scales p 64.

Winslow.— William F. Good d at Gettysburg 63, Christopher C. Sanborn d July 62, Hiram Wixon w Mar. 62, George L. Webber d Dec. 63.

Winthrop.— Lieut. Charles B. Fillebrown, Franklin M. La Croix d Jan. 63, John W. Leavett d Mar. 64, Orrin Perkins d June 6 64, William H. Pettingill w May 64, Capt. Albert H. Packard d of wounds June 64.

It would not be possible, at the present time, to secure a complete record, nor, probably, a complete list of the sons of Kennebec who performed their faithful, honest duty in the days of the nation's need. Many are known to have served in the navy, in the regular army and in the regiments of other states. The remaining list in this chapter includes the names of many of these, whose homes had been in the towns named.

Albion.—Reuben C. Jaquith, William H. Kidder, Augustus Drake, Alphonso Crosby, George W. Plummer, Crowell Robinson, Horatio Robinson, George Stratton.

Augusta.—Edward Boston, Ward Burns, Edwin T. Brick, Charles Goldthwaite, Benjamin A. Swan, Albert E. Snow, Fred O. Fales, Charles H. Gowen, J. A. Snow, William H. Davenport, Dana Estes, Henry T. Hall, George Albee, Henry W. Hersom, Lieut. Horace P. Pike, George Hamlin, Thomas Jones, Charles F. Moore, David McFarland, Benjamin F. Rust, Jesse Stover, Charles C. Hartwell, William Place, William W. Lord, James Newman, David Young, A. A. Whittemore, Paymaster Augustus H. Gilman, James McGrath, Henry Pond,

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William E. Tobey, Andrew Williamson, Brig. Gen. Seth Williams, Joseph Wedge, Charles Savage.

Belgrade.—Frank Abbott, George O. Austin, Charles Knox, Lendall Yeaton, Cyrus Q. Pray, Calvin Weaver, Robert Damon, James H. Dunlap, David Titcomb.

Benton.—Hiram Robinson, Charles Preston, Edward Preston, Abijah Brown.

Chelsea.—John F. Camiston, Samuel Chase, George Booker, Jerome Cosben.

China.—Dana H. Maxfield, Daniel Norton, Hiram Robinson, Francis A. Starkey, Edwin Ward, Frank Ward, Francis P. Ward, Jedediah F. Trask, Sandford Cotton, Wilder W. Mitchell.

Clinton.—Charles Hobbs, Richard Richardson, Roswell Welch.

Farmingdale.—James T. Hatch, William R. Hatch, William H. Higgins, Timothy Higgins, John E. Lombard, Alonzo M. Neal.

Fayette.—James W. Smith, Isaac M. Wentworth.

Gardiner.—Sewall Mitchell, George Merrill, Benjamin Rollins, Augustus Carleton, George E. Donnell, Mason G. Whiting, Charles E. McDonald, Charles F. Palmer, Charles R. Lowell, Charles W. Richardson, George W. Richardson, Nathan Willard, Michael Burns, Oliver Colburn, Hiram E. Davis, Augustus Dixon, Benjamin Lawrence jun., Joseph A. Sturtevant, Horace E. Neal.

Hallowell.—John Edson, Dwight Miner jun.

Litchfield.—Hartwell Keyes, John H. Keyes, Sylvanus D. Waterman, Melville A. Cochrane, Arthur L. Allard, Joseph G. Allard, William Henry Baker, Horace L. Smith, James Woodbury.

Manchester.—Henry Winslow, Charles B. Goldthwaite.

Monmouth.—Henry C. Thurston, Jonathan V. Gove, James R. Norris, Charles H. Ballou.

Mt. Vernon.—Horace O. Blake, Eugene A. Gilman, Orlando V. Andrews.

Pittston.— Alfred G. Hanly, Henry Allen, Franklin H. Cole, William H. Gray, Samuel Gray jun., George W. Stevens, Albion Still, John Still, Henry V. Thomas, William Warren, L. A. Albee, David B. Brookings, John P. Hale, John Handren, David McDonald, Sewell Ramsdell, Isaac D. Seyburn.

Readfield.—Augustus Hutchinson, Roscoe Luce, Horace A. Macomber, George D. Norton.

Rome.—Henry Perkins, Benjamin Tracy 3d.

Sidney.—Anson B. Barton, Henry Kenney, George Sawtelle, Allen H. Smith, Charles H. Brown, William L. Kelly, Henry W. Brown, Thomas F. Sanborn.

Vassalboro.—Amory Webber, George A. Emery, James S. Emery, Frederick A. Hopkins, Walter Phillips, John B. Elliott, Simon B. El-

[p. 166]
liott, John B. Stowe, Henry R. Calder, Zachariah B. Stewart, Eugene Whitehouse, Henry W. Worth, Harlow D. Weeks.

Waterville.—Alonzo Copp, John F. Gibbs, Samuel Haines, Albert W. Percival, Henry W. Percival, Benjamin C. Allen, Samuel H. Blackwell, John W. Emery, Samuel D. Emery, John W. Soule

Wayne.—Lloyd Clark, Charles A. Hall, William H. Holman, Daniel W. True, Williston Jennings.

West Gardiner.—James Whitney.

Windsor.—George W. Jackson, James Noon jun.

Winslow.—Horatio Morse, Edward Shurtleff.

Winthrop.—Lennan F. Jones, Charles E. Parlin, George W. Parlin, Lewis K. Littlefield, Moses B. Sears.