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Trenton Marriages, 1793-1825

Source: The Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 8 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1893).

[p. 120]
1793, Oct. 18. John Smith, fourth, and A. Eaton of Mt. Desert.

1794. John Wentworth and Lydia Fletcher.

[1794,] April 5. "Abraham Somes"* of Mount Desert and Johanna Beal, of a place called Bowdoin entered into the Sacred Covenant of Matrimony after being lawfully published,
      Before me,
John Green, Town Clerk.
[Signed]      Abraham Somes.
Johanna Beals

1795, Nov. 4. Benjamin Googins and Jenny McFarland.

1800, April 4. Stephen Veazie of Islesborough and Patty Harding.

1803, Jan. 6. Joseph Austin and Peggy Berry.

[1803,] Dec. 1. William Richards and Hepsibah Hadley, of Eden.

1805, Dec. 26. Solomon Stevens and Betsy Thomas of Eden.

1805, Nov. 4. Geo. Butler of Sullivan and Polly Googins by Jahaziah Shaw, Esquire.

[1805,] Dec. 26. George Googins of Sullivan and Sarah Butler by the same.

1805, May 26. David Bartlett and Elizabeth Wilbur.

1807, Nov. 22. Elias Townsend of Surry, and Apphia Foster.

1809, June 8. Aaron Salisbury and Peggy Bunker of Mt. Desert.

1813, Dec. 6. David Marshall and Lydia Haines.

1814, Feb. 24. W. Smith and Sally Salisbury.

[1814,] Dec. 23. Amos Dolliver of Mt. Desert and Bathsheba Cousins.

1825, Mar. 7. Anderson Hopkins and Polly Anderson.

1823, Jan. 1. Jabez Salisbury of Ellsworth and Nabby Young.

1824, Sept. 20. Moses Lambert and Mary Higgins.

*I believe this to be Capt. Abraham Somes, Sen., the first settler at Mt. Desert; his second marriage; I find no other Abraham Somes there. Johanna (Jordan) Beal was the widow of Edward Beal who was one of the first settlers at Ellsworth.