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Trenton Marriage Intentions, 1790-1821

Source: The Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 8 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1893).

[p. 167]
1790, June 2, Jonas Farnsworth of Union District and Peggy Lewis formerly of Ipswich.

1792, May 17, Charles Smith, east side Union river to Miriam Garland of Trenton. This publishment forbid by Miriam Garland June 4. The above publishment renewed by Charles Miller.

1793, Apr. 2, Joseph Burk and Deborah Shackford.

1794, Sept. 4, Joseph Barnes and Lydia Thompson.

[1794,] Dec. 11, Benjamin Joy and Abigail Green.

[1794,] June 8. John Smith, Jr., and Sally Parker.

1795, June 5, James Fletcher and Mrs. Lydia Trueworthy of a place called Bowdoin.

[1795,] Aug. 31, Elisha Whitaker and Mrs. Ruth Heath.

1798, July 6, William Gadcom and Peggy Lane.

1799, Jan. 12, Oliver Wooster and Betty Cook of Sullivan.

1802, Abraham Young and Susanah Salisbury of Eden.

1804, Jan. 10, Stephen Holt and Mrs. Dorcas Lord.

[1804,] Feb. 12, Joseph Remick and Priscilla Noble.

[1804,] Aug. 25, Timothy Harding and Mrs. Lucy Viza (?)

1805, Apr. 28, David Bartlett and Elisabeth Wilbur.

1807, Jan. 19, Wm. Brown and Sally Lord.

1808, July 15, John Tinker and Mrs. Eunice Moore of Surry.

[1808,] Oct. 15, Geo. Waterston and Elisabeth Coate.

[1808, Oct. 15] Reuben Salisbury 3d and Bashaba Cousins of Eden.

[1808,] Oct. 29, Isaac Lord and Abigal Moore of Surry.

1809, July 2, Samuel Davis and Mrs. Elis. Godfrey of Gouldsborough.

1811, Apr. 20, David Higgins and Molly Barnes.

1816, Oct. 2, Job Anderson and Polly Ruman (?)

[1816,] June 15, Joseph Wood and Rachel Clay of Blue Hill.

[1816,] Aug. 14, Moses Springer and Lydia Card of Plantation No. to.

1817, Feb. 24, Thomas Anderson and Lucy Burk.

[1817,] June 25, Nathaniel Burns and Olive Higgins of Eden.

[1817,] June 28, Stephen Higgins and Prudence Abbot.

1820, Feb. 19, James Stevens of Ellsworth and Peggy Anderson.

[1820,] Apr. 5, Timothy Jordan of Ellsworth and Patty Bunker.

[1820,] Sept., Moses Grant of Sullivan and Charlotte Jordan.

[1820,] Nov. 5, Capt. John Hopkins and Jane Murch of Ellsworth.

1821, Mar. 8, Ben. Bunker and Nancy Haynes.

[1821,] Nov. 28, Allen Hopkins and Mary Uran of Sullivan.

[1821,] Nov. 30, J. Haines and Mary Cousins.

[1821,] Dec. 24, William Whitaker and Jane Googins.