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Machias Marriages, 1776-1798

Source: The Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 9 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1895).

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(From loose papers in Town Clerk’s Office.)
The oldest book of records contains the date of the filing of Intentions, and in a few cases the statement of marriage and the name of the minister or justice who officiated, but no dates of marriages are given for several years. The autograph reports supply this deficiency in part.

James Lyon, son of Zopher Lyon of Newark, in East New Jersey, born the 1st of July, 1735, and Martha Holden, daughter of Daniel Holden of Cape May, in West New Jersey, and born the 24th of December, 1749, were married February the 18th, 1768.

Children born in Onslow, Nova Scotia.
Ludlam, Jan. 1, 1769.
Phebe, Sept. 26, 1770.
Born in Machias, Mass. (Province of Maine.)

James, Sept. 1, 1772.
Jeremiah, Jan. 26, 1775; d. Sept. 13, 1783.
Martha, May 1, 1777.
Hannah, Nov. 15, 1779.
Henry, May 29, 1782.
Sarah Shannon, June 28, 1784.
Amelia, Oct. 17, 1786.

Joseph Averill and Sarah Stone, both of Machias, April 11, 1776.

Capt. John Long and Sarah Scott of Machias, August 8, 1776.

Benjamin Pettegrew and Eunice Larrabee of Machias, April 8, 1777.

Benjamin Foster and Ruth Scott of Machias, April 20, 1777.

Ludwick Holway and Martha Eliot, widow, of Machias, April 27, 1777.

Elisha Ingersoll (?) Finney and Remember Evans, both of Chandlers River, June 3, 1777.

Eathan Waterhouse Comstock of New London, Conn., and Molly Adams, widow, of Machias, June 22, 1777.

Benjamin Harmon and Sarah Hill, both of Machias, Nov. 20, 1777.

Simeon Woodward, late a British soldier, and Dolly Draket of Cape Bay, March 12, 1778.

James Noble Shannon and Chloe Ayer, widow, of Cumberland, Nova Scotia, May 14, 1778.

* There were printed in volume VI, page 148, of this magazine, "Machias Marriages" which were sent to me as such. They were probably "Intentions of Marriage." Editor.

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Thomas Harvey, soldier, and Elizabeth Bryant of Machias, August 4, 1778.

John McDonald and Hannah Allen, October 6, 1778.

John Archer and Elizabeth Tupper, November 18, 1778.

Josiah Libbee and Sarah Holmes of Machias, November 26, 1778.

Lewis Delesdernier and Sarah Brown of Pleasant River, January 16, 1779.

Matthias Collin and Jean Wass, both of Township No. 6, January 18, 1780.

Daniel Small of No. 6 and Elizabeth Tucker of No. 5, January 25, 1780.

James Eastman and Margaret Bryant, February 18, 1780.

Doctor Edwards and Silence Holmes, both of this place, April 20, 1780.

Hebberd Hunt of Passamaquoddy and Lydia Hix of Mispecka, May 17, 1780.

Nathan Dresson and Elizabeth Rummery, both of Passamaquoddy, July 4, 1780.

Robert Cates of Narraguagus and Mary Holmes of Machias, Sept. 1, 1780.

Joseph Newman and Charity Young, both of Passamaquoddy, Nov. 9, 1780.

William Crow and Mary Cary of Passamaquoddy, Nov. 13, 1780.

Stephen Fountain and Abigail Ricker, of Passamaquoddy, Nov. 13, 1780.

James Archibald of Machias and Fanny Campbell of Narraguagus, August, 1780.

Jonathan Berry and Hannah Knight, both of Machias, Nov. 4, 1781.

Timothy Andrews of Little Machias and Ann Clarke of Cape Ann, March 4, 1782.

Hugh Davis of Salem and Sarah Richardson of Machias, June 6, 1782.

Silvanus Sevey of Machias, and Lidia Cates of Narraguagus, Aug. __, 1782.

John Munson and Sarah Niles, both of Machias, May 18, 1783.

Benjamin Getchell of Schoodic and Mehitable Meserve of Machias, Aug. 26, 1783.

Obed Libbee of this place and Polly Hill of Black Point, Sept. __, 1785.

Charles Randell and Bathsheba Bean, both of Chandler's River, Nov. 15, 1785.

James Crocker and Rebekah Berry, both of Machias, Dec. 3, 1795.

John Sanborn and Elizabeth Parker, both of Machias, Sept. 28, 1786.

Enoch Sanborn and Hannah Day, widow, both of Machias, Oct. 15, 1786.

John Blyther and Sarah Foss, both of Machias, Oct. 16, 1786.

Josiah Wilson, Jr., and Jerusha Drisko, both of Pleasant River, Nov. 16, 1786.

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Thomas Thorp and Eunice Kelley, widow, both of Machias, March 29. 1787.

Stephen Smith, Jr. and Hannah Hill, both of Machias, Aug. 30, 1787.

Michael Dowdall and Amy Morse, Aug. 5, 1788.

Noah Mitchel and Molly Foss, Sept. 14, 1788.

Marshall Thaxter and Lucy Drew, Oct. 2, 1788.

Josiah Phinney, and Sarah Meserve, March 19, 1789.

Philbrook Brown and Anna Gardner, March 22, 1790.

William Chase and Lucy Smith, June 20, 1790.

Capt. Jonas Farnsworth and Peggy Lewis, late of Ipswich, June 23, 1790.

Aaron Sevey and Susannah Gardner, Aug. 18, 1790.

Josiah Hitchins and Mrs. Sarah Hill, Sept. 14, 1790.

Jacob Noyes of Newburyport and Rhoda Richardson of this place, Dec. 1, 1790.

Aaron Hanscom and Rhoda Smith, Dec. 9, 1790.

Abijah Foster and Apphia Talbot, Dec. 12, 1790.

David Finney and Mary Stephens of Pleasant River, June 26, 1791.

Jacob Penniman and Polly Burnam of this place, Nov. 10, 1791.

Francis Miller of this place and Mrs. Lidia Whitney, late of Black Point, Jan. 30, 1792.

Joel Foster and Polly West of this place, May 17, 1792.

Samuel Foster and Comfort Scott of this place, June 5, 1792.

Andrew Hovey and Mary Singley of this place, June 14, 1792.

Dan'l Foster and Mrs. Betsey Hawes of this place, Dec. 2, 1792.

Joseph Foss and Ruth Fogg of this place, Dec. 23, 1792.

Marriages by Joseph Pierpont, Justice of the Peace, Plantation No. 22.*
John Howard to Widow Sarah Libby, both of Buck’s Harbor, May 10, 1790.

Samuel Suel Merrit to Sarah Tupper, both of Plantation No. 22, June 14, 1790.

Nath'l Cavely Kelly to Abigail Kelly, both of Plantation No. 22, Oct. 17, 1790.

Arthur Hill Gilmore to Mary Knight, both of Plantation No. 22, April 3, 1791.

Christopher Wass to Mary Dyer, both of Plantation No. 5, April 7, 1791.

William Tibbetts of Plantation No. 6,† to Eliz. McDonald of Plantation No. 22, April 5, 1792.

"Levi Booker marriage to Elizabeth Watts was before the existence of the county, therefore omitted in this certificate."

* Plantation No. 22, now Jonesborough.
† Plantation No. 6, now Addison.

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Marriages by Stephen Jones, Esq.
Patrick Ennis and Pauline Obrian, both of Machias, Dec. 31, 1792.

Eliakim Perkins and Peggy Bean, both of Plantation No. 22, March 23, 1793.

Joseph Bryant and Lydia Beal, both of Plantation No. 22, April 22, 1793.

Francis Miller and Sarah Conners, both of Machias, April 29, 1798.

John Palmer and Mercy Albee, both of Machias, May 17, 1798.

Jonathan Longfellow jun. and Peggy Longfellow, both of Machias, Dec. 29, 1798.

Marriages by George Stillman, Justice of the Peace.
Abner Larrabee and Jenny Chase, July 19, 1792.

Samuel Goodale and Deliverance Macomb, June 17, 1794.

Isaac Hanscom and Betsey Pineo, July 27, 1794.

Joseph Larrabee and Sally Foster, Aug. 7, 1794.

Jonathan Pineo and Betsy Bracy, Oct. 23, 1794.

Samuel Brown and Hannah Chase, Nov. 13, 1794.

Eliakim West and Polly Hall, March 28, 1795.

Edward Clark and Huldah Hoit, April 16, 1795.

Otis Pineo and Louis Hanscom, Oct. 1, 1795.

David Gardner and Lidia Stephens, Dec. 3, 1795.

Eleazer Chase and Alice Hall, April 12, 1796.

Ebenezer Ayers and Sally Scott, April 17, 1796.

William Sanborn and Polly Crocker, May 22, 1796.

Marshall Thaxter and Susanna Sevey, July 17, 1796.

Amly Nash and Hannah Foss, July 26, 1796.

John Day and Betsey Tebbits, Nov. 6, 1796.

Jirah Phinney and Rebecca Toby, Oct. 19, 1797.

Robert Eliot and Ruth Scott, Oct. 25, 1797.

David Pineo and Priscilla Hill, Dec. 13, 1797.

James Miller and Phebe Fogg, Dec. 17, 1797, of Plantation No. 22.

Machias Republican.