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Orono Marriage Intentions, 1808-1816

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 3 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1888).

[p. 177]
1808, March 1, Elisher Norcross, and Lydia Fall, both of Orono.

[1808,] Dec. 21, Thomas Turtelotte and Charlotte Inman, of Orono.

1809, Feb. 22, Daniel Inman and Jane Mansel, both of Orono.

[1809,] Sept. 12, Rufus Trafton of Sunkhaze settlement and Nancy Spencer, of a place called Great Works.

[1809,] March 10, John Bennoch of Orono and Lucretia Holland, of Eddington.

[1809,] Dec. 29, Henry Davis, of Orono and Huldah Page, of Bangor.

[1809,] Dec. 30, Elisha Evens and Abigail Eayers, both of a place called Passadumkeag.

1810, Jan. 12, Duty Inman and Sally Lyshon, both of Orono.

[1810,] Jan. 13, James White and Polly White, both of Orono.

[1810,] Jan. 13, Nathaniel Hinkley and Lavina Eddy, both of Orono.

[1810,] Jan. 27, Hezikiah Hildreth and Dorothy Freese, both of Sunkhaze settlement.

[1810,] Feb. 20, Ebenezer Rowell, of Eddington and Abigail Bussell, of Sunkhaze settlement.

[1810,] March 2, Benjamin Gilpatrick and Lydia Cross, both of Lincoln Town, so called.

[1810,] March 15, Otis Pearson and Abigail Page, both of Orono.

[1810,] May 5, Levi Lancaster, of Bangor, and Olive Turtelotte.

[1810,] May 18, John Hall and Dutie Knox, both of Piscataquis.

[1810,] May 28, James Spencer and Annie Eayers, both of Passadumkeag.

[1810,] July 21, James Warren and Sally Ring, both of Orono.

[1810,] Sept. 8, Elisher Lyshon and Judy Richards, both of Orono.

[1810,] Dec. 6, Retire W. Freese and Fanny White, both of Orono.

1811, Feb. 11, Mathew Oliver and Polly Marsh, both of Orono.

[1811,] March 22, Ethan Chandler and Lavinia Read, both of Orono.

[1811,] Apr. 11, Jesse Babcock and Betsey Marsh, both of Orono.

[1811,] Dec. 16, Richard Webster and Mary Lowell, both of Orono.

[1811,] Dec. 16, Christopher Judkins and Nancy Gordon, both of a place called Mattawamkeag.

1812, Feb. 15, Abraham Lunt and Esther Robertshaw, both of a place called Passadumkeag.

[1812,] Apr. 18, William Anderson and Dorcas Hinkley, both of Orono.

[1812,] June 12, James Page and Lucy Houston, both of Orono.

[1812,] Oct. 20, Allen Inman and Abigail Page, both of Orono.

[1812,] Oct. 24, Henry Inman and Sarah Davis, both of Orono.

[1812,] Nov. 26, Elias Davis and Dorathy Hoyt, both of Olamon.

[1812,] Dec. 17, John Perry and Abigail Davis, both of Olamon.

* Orono was incorporated March 12, 1806.

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1813, Feb. 16, Israel Ingalls, of Old Town and Polly Lord, of Olamon.

[1813,] Apr. 10, John Marsh, of Orono, and Betheah Freese, of Sunkhaze.

[1813,] Nov. 25, Isaac Freeze Jr. and Mehitable Warren, both of Orono.

1814, July 16, Jesse Wheeler, of Olamon, and Hannah Cummins, of Passadumkeag.

1815, Jan. 9, Ziba Marsh, of Orono, and Sally Colburn, of Pittston.

[1815,] March 3, Rowlin Dudley and Ann McIntire, both of a place called Board Eddy Plantation.

[1815,] May 10, Joseph A. Wellington, of Great Works and Sally Ingalls, of Oldtown.

[1815,] Aug. 21, Stephen Turtelotte and Betsey Ring, both of Orono.

[1815,] Sept. 22, Phineas Vinal, of Oldtown, and Abigail Marsh, of Orono.

[1815,] Nov. 13, Budd Parsons of Bangor, and Mary Hinkley of Orono,

[1815,] Dec. 23, David Ring and Katherine Clark, both of Orono.

1816, March 13, Joseph Lyshon and Polly Mansel, both of Orono.

[1816,] Apr. 16, Samuel Stevens, of Sunkhaze, and Sally Marsh, of Orono.

[1816,] July 20, William McPhetres, of Orono, and Nabby Harthorn, of Bangor.

[1816,] July 27, Stephen Page and Priscilla Aearman, both of Orono.

[1816,] Sept. 24, Joseph Page and Thankful Page, both of Orono.

[1816,] Oct. 5, Nathaniel Lunt and Sally Gray, both of Orono.

[1816,] Oct. 16, Simeon Hildreth and Sarah Beverage, of Sunkhaze Settlement.

[1816,] Nov. 2, William Colburn Jr. and Fanny Jameson, both of Orono.

[1816,] March 13, Jeremiah Colburn and Susan Graves, both of Orono.