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Marriages by Caleb B. Hall of Buckstown, 1798-1811

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 3 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1888).

[p. 178]
[Contributed by George H. Witherle, Esq., of Castine.]
1798, Nov. 13, Mr. Robert Blasdell, to Miss Jenny Sanders, of Plantation No. 2.†

1799, Feb. 4, Mr. Asa Littlefield, of Prospect, to Mrs. Hannah Ide, of Frankfort.

[1799,] July 9, Mr. Ephraim Emmerson, to Miss Patty Ames, both of Plantation No. 2.

[1799,] July 21, Mr. Isaac Hopkins to Miss Elizabeth Atwood, both of Hampden.

[1799,] Aug. 15, Mr. Elisha Higgins to Miss Mehitable Cobb.

[1799,] Nov. 8, Joseph Trott to Sally Shurburn, both of Plantation No. 2.

* Now Bucksport, where these parties all resided, except otherwise given.
† Now Orland.

[p. 179]
[1799,] Nov. 17, William Morgan to Rachal Page.

[1799,] Dec. 31, Mr. William French to Miss Polly Keys, of East River.

1800, Jan. 15, William Goodale to Miss Zuba Harding, both of Prospect.

[1800,] April 8, John Lamphir to Miss Sarah Ridley, of Prospect.

1800, July 3, Mr. Daniel Page to Mrs. Hannah Atwood.

[1800,] July 31, Mr. Simon Gross to Miss Betsey Williams, both of Orland.

[1800,] Aug. 27, Nathaniel Smith to Miss Sally Brown.

[1800,] Dec. 25, John Sherman to Miss Lucy Harding, of (?)

1801, Jan. 20, Capt. Samuel Keys to Miss Sukey Ginn, both of Orland.

[1801,] Feb. 17, John Harriman to May Finly, Daniel Harriman to Hannah Finly, all belonging to Orland.

[1801,] Nov. 29, Mr. Joshua Walcott to Mrs. Anna Goodale.

1802, May 27, Mr. Jeremiah Higgins to Mrs. Hannah Higgins, of Orland.

1803, Jan. 30, Mr. Abraham Anthony, of Frankfort, to Mrs. Betsey Barnes, of Prospect.

[1803,] Dec. 1, Thomas Ladd, of Frankfort, to Miss Lowell.

1804, April 12, James Grindle to Polly Harriman, both of Orland.

1804, May 10, Jeremiah Colston to Miss Phebe Lowell, both of Orland.

1805, Feb. 29, Hazen Carr to Miss Lydia Harriman.

[1805,] April 19, Abner Lamphir to Miss Nancy ______(?)

[1805,] Oct. 16, Samuel Lowel to Miss Mary McIntire, of Orland.

1806, Feb. 23, Mr. Wm. Eldridge to Miss Elizabeth Lewis.

1807, April 13, Arthur Lamphir, Jr., to Hannah Ames.

[1807,] April 23, Seth Smith to Miss Hannah Olbee.

[1807,] April 29, Mr. Nathan Cottle to Miss Rhoda Sawvarts(?)

[1807,] Sept. 10, Mr. Jeremiah Lowel to Miss Polly Wheeler.

[1807,] Nov. 5, Mr. Robert Lowel to Miss Lucy Lowel.

1808, Sept. 26, Mr. David Goodale to Miss Polly Ellis, both of Prospect.

[1808,] Nov. 20, Mr. John B. Sterns to Mrs. Bethiah Rider.

1810, Sept. 9, Francis Harwell to Hannah Thompson.

1811, Aug. 28, Champion Lamphir to Lucy Bragdon.