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Corinna Civil War Soldiers

Source: Lilla E. Wood, A brief history of Corinna, Maine, from its purchase in 1804 to 1916 (Bangor, Me.: J.P. Bass Pub. Co., 1916).

[p. 54]
From the office of the adjutant general was obtained this list of soldiers credited to quota of Corinna, Maine, Civil War. Total enlisted from Corinna. 152:

Russell F. Parkman

John Knowles

Goeth E. Stubbs

John Y. Clark

Samuel Libby

John P. Nickerson

Clement C. Libby

Mory Mulliken

Joseph R. Stone

William Nickerson, Jr.

Joseph H. Knox

Jesse R. Stone

Rufus B. Harmon

Leander M. Libby

John M. Salford

Llewellyn L. Willey

Daniel P. Raymond

Joseph Carter

Daniel W. Pettingall

Leonard Palmer

Lewis W. White

Gipson C. Patten

Forest E. Steward

Abram Young

Owin R. Hole

Wilber F. Hubbard

David F. White

Justin B. Atkins

Luther Young

Isaac Morse

William F. Blaisdell

Edward Copp

William O. P. Copeland

Alfred Veazie

Joseph J. Elder

Charles H. Leighton

Lewis F. Leighton

George C. Blalsdell

Francis Babb

Dennis Sherburn

Charles H. Lancaster

Melvin J. Perry

George J. Osborne

John Bigelow

Melvin J. Allen

Charles P. Osborne

Llewellyn Copeland

James Smith

Horatio Knowles

Nelson F. Libby

Corodon O. Stone

Prentiss Shaw

Lewis B. Morrill

James W. Bachelder

Charles H. Sprague

Moses Clark
Robert Givin, Jr.

Francis Givin

Henry J. Foster

Eben Andrews

A. J. Knowles

Prentis P. Allan

Morris Harrington

John Martin

Edward Carroll

Thomas Farley

James Bradley

John Winchester

Albert S. Lander

Ansel Hannan

Charles F. Packard

Alphonse P. Crowell

Charles E. Dearborn

Otis Brooks

Daniel W. Osgood

Azero Mills

Roscoe V. N. Knowles

James Babb

Charles W. Costigan

Merrit Southard

Leonard H. Dearborn

James P. Ireland

Ivery M. Barker

William Bond

Frank W. Clements

Henry F. Caswell

Stephen S. Burrill

Jonathan Libby

C. C. Knowles

Orin Winchester

John M. Carson

Charles H. Elder

Charles E. Thompson

Samuel Libby

George C. Roberts

George W. Knights

Archibald Shepard

Michel LeClair

Thomas McMan

William H. Moor

Mitchell Deveau

Sylvester H. Milliken

Sylvester E. Kimball

Stephen F. Whalen

Manly Copeland

John J. Weeks

Chelsey Shaw

James C. Lander

Albert G. Gould

Samuel Gould, Jr.

Albion S. Carter

John McIntire

[p. 55]
Marion H. Osgood

Edwin Gabby

Abial Lancaster

Ezra B. Ricker

Jacob A. Launder

Aaron Frost, 2d

John W. Pettingill

Samuel Weeks

William Weeks

Paul M. Fisher

John C. Weeks

George B. Fisher

George H. Mower

Charles S. Stone

Henry F. Weymouth

John D. Young

Abner Brooks

Samuel Dean

Charles Knowles

John R. Burrill
Alvah R. Graffam

Samuel C. Graffam

Josiah P. Nickerson

Charles Nutter

Elijah G. Tibbetts

Bailey J. P. Washington

Luther Stubbs

John H. Maines

James M. Batchelder

Portal M. Black

Thomas Clark

James P. Copeland

Henry J. Foster

Francis Given

Robert Given, Jr.

Henry Nason

Henry Nason, Jr.

Charles H. Sprague

Joseph H. Weymouth

Stephen F. Wheeler.

This does not include soldiers enlisted elsewhere, but afterwards residents of Corinna.