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Some Residents of Castine and Penobscot, 1785-1790

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 1 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1885).

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Copied from the account book of Col. Gabriel Johonnot, of Castine, beginning Dec. 25, 1785, and running to 1790, and showing names, occupations, and places of residence of those with whom he had business.

1786. Jona. Lowder, excise officer, wife Deliverance, and dau. Avis and Widow Preble. Whittemore & Preston, merchants, ______ Whittemore, William Preston. Edward Carter, laborer, and son. Andrew Steel and Charles Stewart, laborers. Aaron Banks, yeoman, and Aaron, Jr. Joseph Perkins, yeoman and mariner. Turner & Lawrence, shipwrights. William Turner, shipwright. Joseph Junin, merchant, (the same who was afterward murdered at Bangor, Feb. 18, 1791.) John McCullum, tailor. James Smith. Widow Avis Preble. Mark Hatch, yeoman, and sons James, John, Mark and Jonathan. Nath. Green, laborer. James Douglass and wife. Robert Calef, for writ, John Page vs. Job Philbrook. Samuel Matthews, mother Abigail and sister Tirzah. John Perkins, yeoman, daughters Betsey and Sally. Thomas Williams, laborer. Giles Johnson, William Boynton. Samuel Bartlett, blacksmith. William Goodrich, laborer. Hudson Bishop, mariner. Dorcas Cousins, spinster. Reuben Grindle, yeoman. Thomas Knox. Zachariah Lawrence and wife, also of Duck Trap.

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John Lee, merchant and naval officer, succeeding George Billings, Esquire, about 1787; had brother Silas, (prob. of Wiscasset;) gave order to Isaac Clewley, and paid for qualifying John Brewer, Sept. 21, 1787, and John Peters, May 6, 1788, as deputy naval officers. Benjamin Lincoln, sail-maker. Joseph Calef, cooper. Josiah Wardwell, yeoman. John McDermot, laborer. Widow Elizabeth Wescott and dau.-in-law. Thos. Nutter. Solomon Kimball and daughter. Matthias Rich, merchant, wife and "girl Esther." Samuel Rogers, blacksmith, goods delivered Charles Ford, Ruth Devereux and Sally Hancock. Joseph Perkins, yeoman, Mrs. Phebe, sons James, Joseph and William, and his negro girl. Benjamin Lunt, sail-maker. David Howe, silversmith. Archibald Haney, yeoman, and wife (he seems to have had an extensive business with Col. J.) Ephriam Cook, shoemaker, and wife. John Bray, mariner. Thomas Boden. John Hancock, housewright. Nath. Palmer, ship carpenter. James Jones, laborer. David Moore, carpenter. Seth Gardner, Robert McLellan, Eben Roby. Joshua Woodman, innholder. Widow Mary Archibald. Francis Adams, laborer. Widow Mary Crawford, son James and Miss Peggy. James Crawford, hatter. John Hazleton. James Pollard, laborer, and son D. Preble(?) Richard Hunnewell, trader, and negro man Emanuel. Jacob Webber, Ben Courtis, Samuel Magridge, James Barton(?) and wife. Winslow & Joy, merchants. Samuel Winslow. Thatcher Avery, yeoman and mariner, cr., by three passages from Boston to Penobscot, Dec. 6, 1786, Mrs. J., Mr. J., and Mrs. Morris, 6s. each, 18 shillings; also, March 21, 1788, my passage, 6 shillings, and son Joseph, 4 shillings. Israel Webber. Angus McIntire, laborer; also of Duck Trap. Hezekiah Pollard, laborer. Wheelwright and Billings, merchants. Samuel Wheelwright. William Rouse, baker. Knox & Woodman, inn-holders. William Wescott, yeoman, and son Thomas. William Stone. Daniel Costin, laborer. John Barton. Oliver Mann, physician. Thomas Binney, shoemaker. Nathaniel Farley. Eben Webster. John Coner, blacksmith.

Thomas Nutter, Gershom Varnum, and Daniel Perkins, yeoman. Joshua Grindle, Joseph Hibbert, Jr., and wife, and Nancy. Joshua Gray, Jr., Christopher Gray, and John Gray, yeoman. William Grindle. Francis Boden, mariner. Ephraim Lord. John Mitchell, yeoman. John Grindle. Samuel Knowles. Samuel Wescott and wife. Samuel Veazie and wife. Josiah Jacobs, laborer, "of the Neck." Thatcher Avery, for drawing apprentice's indenture to bind his boy, William Jipson. Archibald Haney, for taking depositions of John Douglas, John Condon and Eliphalet Lowell.

George Billings, naval officer, 1785-6. [Second who held the office.] Widow Alice Connor. John Condon, yeoman. Samuel Mitchel, laborer. David Wilson. William Nutter and wife Sarah. Widow Mary Perkins,—cr., by keeping my house from 29th May to 29th June, 28 days, at 6s. per week. Geo. Woodhouse and Jacob Webber,

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laborers. William Wescott. Nath. Perkins, yeoman and mariner. Thomas Wasson, yeoman. Seth Blodgett, mariner. John Bray, do. Moses Blake, yeoman, and his son-in-law, Luxford Gooding(?) Samuel Russel, David Haws, Richard and Moses Blaisdell, yeomen. Neal McGee, laborer. Jeremiah Jones. James Taylor & Son. William Webber, tanner. Olivia Jordan. Ben Howard, of Carrying Place Falls, Ben Howard, Jr., and Samuel, son of Ben Sr. Peletiah Freeman, yeoman, and son Richard. William Presson, shopkeeper. Freeman and Binney. Retire Whittemore. Oliver Parker, yeoman. Widow Mehetabel Littlefield. John McDermot, laborer. Abraham Witham, yeoman. James Douglas, blacksmith. William Reedhead, cooper. Josiah Leavitt, physician. Thomas Fields, mariner. Widow Mary Stover. William Stover. Richard Whittemore, shoemaker. Polly Haden. William Farley, trader. Samuel and John Wasson, yeomen. Daniel Lancaster. Jeremiah Wardwell, Daniel Blake and Joseph Lowell, yeomen. Thomas Phillips, merchant. William Parker, do. Abagail Matthews and son Sam. Barnabas Higgins, carpenter.

Jesse Holbrook, mariner, son-in-law Fields Coombs, son Prince, Jonathan, Francis, May 10, 1788—Col. J. bought 1-2 of Holbrook's Mills at Goose Falls for £210. John Bakeman and son John. Andrew Blake. John Courson and Reuben Mayo, yeomen. Michael Dyer and dau. Isabella. John Carleton. Joseph Young.