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Machias Marriage Intentions, 1805-1810

Source: The Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 9 (Bangor, Me.: Chas. H. Glass & Co., Printers, 1895).

[p. 74]
June, Roswell Wheeler Smith and Lydia Oakes.

[June,] Thomas Hanscom and Dolly Berry.

[June,] Levi Fairbanks and Mary Crawford ? of Northborough.

[June,] Isaac Ames and Nabby Clark, of No. 22.

[June,] George S. Smith and Sally Farnsworth, of Dennysville.

[June,] Nathan'l Marston and Lydia Reynolds, of Addison.

[June,] Harrison O. Thatcher and Debby Smith.

[June,] Isaac Dudley and Polly Barnes.

Oct. 22, Geo. Fall and Sarah Munson.

Mar. 26, Henry Thompson and Lydia Berry.

[Mar. 26,] Ezekiel Rich and Elizabeth Foster.

[p. 75]
May 6, Thomas Wright and Lucy Fillmore ?

[May] 14, John Maddin and Polly Johnson, of Jonesboro'.

[May 14,] Edward Clark and Dorcas Foss.

[May] 28, Patrick Penney and Sophia Thing ?

July 14, Henry Lyon and Betsey Crocker.

Aug. 1, Thomas Boxwell ? and Susanna Niles.

Sept. 1, Richard M. Foster and Thankful Phinney.

Oct. 15, Micah J. Talbot and Betsey Rich.

Oct. 27, Moses Holmes and Jane Larrabee.

Nov. 1, Jesse Fenlason and Olive Seavey.

Nov. 10, Samuel Dennison and Polly McGuire ?

Jan. 7, William Foss and Hannah Doyle.

Jan. 11, John Dennison Jr. of Plantation No 11, and Polly Lyon.

[Jan. 11,] Nath'l Munson ? and Susannah Weston.

Mar. 11, John Carlton of Jonesborough and Sally Sawyer.

[Mar. 11,] Josiah Noyes Jr. of Jonesboro' and Betsy Kelly.

April 7, Ebenezer Albee and Sally Shaw, of Dennysville.

[April 7,] Aaron M. [______] and Nabby Crocker.

[April] 15, James Hawes and Charlotte M. [______].

May 12, Levi Chase and Ruth S. Foster ?

[May 12,] Samuel Fenlason and Sally Hathaway.

[May 12,] Israel Andrews and Olive Andrews.

July 5, Elias Foster and Lucy Dorman.

[July] 15, Wm. Chaloner and Louisa Holden Foster.

Sept. 5, Benjamin Hoit and Polly Whitehouse.

Sept. 9* John Phillips and Martha Dore.

Oct. 25, John Kellar and Susanna Phinny.

[Oct. 25,] David Bagley and Sally Tinney.

[Oct.] 27, John C. Talbot and Mary Foster.

Dec. 15, Ephram Brown and Polly Berry.

Mar. 5, Samuel Holmes and Martha Larrabee.

[Mar.] 17, John Larrabee ? and Katy Connors.

April 20, Jeremiah O'Brien and Elizabeth Pope.

Aug. 4, John Chaloner and Susanna Scott.

Oct. 29, John Jones and Hannah Adams.

June 11, Abraham Ames and Susan Clark.

*Perhaps 1809.