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Pownalborough Militia Companies, 1777

Source: SCI/45X Massachusetts Archives Collection, 1603 – 1799, v. 293, pp. 174-175.

These militia rolls were obtained from the Massachusetts Archives by Philip Norcross Gross, who has generously granted permission to publish them here. Any errors in the transcriptions below are solely the responsibility of the present writer.

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A List of the training band and Alarm list belonging to Capt Daniel Scotts Company in the North Precinct in Pownalboro, Sept 17th 1777

Daniel Scott Capt
Samll Averill
Richard Bailey

Solomon Hercey
James Ayer
James Kincaid
Nathan Bailey

Jacob Lowel*
John Boynton*
James Clark Junr*
Asa Smith
Abram Lord
Antony Nelson
Benja [Cofrin?]
Benja Jackson
Benja Abbot
Bartholomew Fowles
David Plumer
Ebenezer Silvester
Henry Bond
John Bailey
John Plumer
John Starbord
Jacob Nelson
Joseph Carleton
Isaac Prince
Moses Gray Junr
Nabthula Muncey
Oliver Boynton
Samll Nelson
Samll Gray
Samll Kincaid
Stuart Hunt
Silvester Murphy
Suel Longfellow
Thos Jackson
Thos Prince
William Averill
Samll Averill Junr
Thadeus Bailey
Samll Kincaid Junr

Inlisted men for the
Continental Sirvice

Nathaniel Spofford
John Stone
John Shepherd
Thos Clark
[Archalel?] Dunlap
William Clark Junr
Robert Murphy
Ellek Mcallen
Hollis Hutchings
Benja Fletcher
Ruben Kincaid
Willm Clark
John Clark
Stephen Stuart
Sum total 71 poles

Alarm list

Christopher Erskin
David Nelson
George Erskin
Moses Gray
Israel Averill
William Clark
Henry Hodge
Job Averill
Samll Fletcher
Thos Murphy
John Nelson
Joseph Hutchings
John Boynton
James Hodge
Jonathan Muncey
Moses Carlton
David Carlton
James forrester

*These three men are perhaps designated "Corp" (Corporals).

A List of Capt Johnstons Company Training Band & Alaram Lists Pownalborough West Parish Sept 17th 1777

Barnabas Baker
Barnabas Baker Junr
Smith Baker
Joseph Jackson
Ruben Smith
Thos Smith
Jonathan Pinkham
John [Eldrid?]
Chaes Cushing Esqr
Roland Cushing Esqr
Davis Hatch
Joseph Doe
Samel Goodwin, Esqr
Samel Goodwin Junier
John Andrews
Jonathan Bowman Esqr
Christopher Jacquins
Robert Twy Cross
Peter Pouchard
Micael Stilfin
Francis Rittal
James Rittal
John Stain
David Baley
Nicholas Gardiner
Nathl Brown
Willm Lewis
Obadiah Call
Solomon Crosson
Stephen Call
Thos Densmore
Asa Densmore
Samel Densmore
John Gostelow
Nathan Dexter
Daniel Springs
Willm Paterson
Philip Call
James Call
Thomas Burns
Capt Jona Davis
Capt John Johnston
Jona Norcross
Jacob Carlow
Martin Carlow
John Paris
James Goud
Lazarus Goud
James Goud Junier
Abiathar Kendal
John Chaney
Jona Reid
Paul Bickford
George Stilfin
Corneilus Stilfin
Charles Stilfin
George [Stilfin?]
Lud Cassa Mayer
George Mayer
Philip Mayer
Lewis Houdlet
George Pouchard
Benjn Kendal
Willm Kendal
George Goud
Joseph McFerland
Joseph McFerland Junier
John McGown
Obadiah Call Junier
Samel Emerson
Mark Carney

Willm Obriant
Richard Kidder
Samel Marson
Abraham Choate
Nehimiah Choate
Abraham Choate Junier
Edmd Bridge
George Marson
Henry Bickford
John Barker
Carr Barker
Caleb Barker
William Pray
Daniel McCarty
Benjamin Davis
John Cotton Gokin
Samel White
Amos Reid
John McNammarrow
John Butler
Joseph Butler
Jeremiah Butler
John Lynes
Joseph Lynes
Richard Whalin
Coffin Moore
Jeremiah Goodwin
Peter [Allen?]
Peter [Allen?] Junier
Amos Allen

Number 100

Lincoln ss Pownalborough, Sept 17th 1777

The within is a true account of the whole Number of
persons in Capt Johnstons Company in the [west parish?] in Pownalborough afforesaid according to our best Knowledge

[Signed by:] Asa Smith, Edmd Bridge, selectmen of
Pownalboro, Major part

Lincoln County ss gardinerston, September 17th 1777
Then the above named Asa Smith & Edmd Bridge
appeared before me and made oath that the above List
is the Number of male Inhabitants within the Bounds of
Capt John Johnstons Company in the Town of
Pownalboro that is sixteen years old and upwards
on the first Day of January do

Before me Joseph North Jus[t?] Peace