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Marriages by Col. Gabriel Johonnot of Castine, 1787-1788

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 1 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1886).

[p. 102]
Taken from his day book by J. W. P.

1787, Dec. 11. Paoli Hewes to Pamelia Cottrel.

[1787, Dec.] 19. Christopher Mitchell Gray to Margaret Howard.

[1787, Dec.] 25. Nel McGee to Susannah Howard.

[1787, Dec.] 20. Simeon Parker to Mary Perkins.

1788, Jan. 30. Charles Turner Thomas to Mary Gilkey, (of Islesboro.)

[1788,] Apr. 3. Malachi Orcutt to Sarah Hovey.

[1788, Apr.] 22. Wm. Moore to Christian Courson.

[1788,] May 22. John Bakeman, Jr. to Sarah Young.

[1788,] July 8. Robert McGee to Sarah Webber.

[1788,] Sept. 23. Thomas Slack to Mary Marks.

[1788, Sept.] 30. Rogers Lawrence to Fanny Hancock.

[1788,] Dec. 16. Thomas Wasson to Polly Carter.