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Marriages in Pownalborough, 1787-1801

Source: The Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 9 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1895).

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1787 TO 1794.

By Thomas Moore, Minister of the Gospel.
1787, Jan. 22, Daniel McKenney and Easter Williamson.

[1787,] Feb. 15, John Shorey and Jane Boyinton.

[1787, Feb.] 20, Sam'l Hilton and Nancy Hopkins, both of a place called Ball Town.*

[1787,] March 4, Thomas Rogers and Martha Spafford.

[1787, March] 28, Abraham Chote and Abagail Norris, both of a place called Ball Town.*

[1787,] April 12, Peter Bryson and Elizabeth Huse.

[1787, April] 22, John Frizell and Hannah Curtis.

[1787,] May 23, Abraham Heath and Mary Brand, both belonging to the head of Sheepscot river.

[1787,] June 19, Joseph Hilton and Sarah McKenney.

[1787,] July 1, Sampson Sheaf of Woolwich and Elizabeth Chase.

[1787,] August 2, Jacob Pressey and Sarah Cushin.

[1787, August] 6, Joseph Oakes and Betheney Elmes.

[1787,] Sept. 17, Benjamin Waldo and Rachel Perrey.

[1787, Sept.] 25, Benaiah Boker and Lydia Galloway.

[1787, Sept.] 27, James Clarck and Hannah Clarck.

[1787,] Oct. 6, William Foster and Jane Williamson.

[1787, Oct.] 23, Moses Carleton, Junior, and Abigail Waters of Newcastle.

[1787,] Dec. 16, David Payson and Bettey Payson.

[1787, Dec.] 30, Joseph Penrics (?) and Betty Colbey.

[1787,] Jan'y 6, Sam'll Chapman and Salley Grey.

[1787, Jan'y] 10, Joshua Boynton and Bettey Hilton.

1788, Jan'y 31, Ebenezer Gove and Prudence Davis, both of Edgecomb.

[1788,] April 4, David Trask and Elizabeth Gove, both of Edgecomb.

[1788,] June 5, Isaac Hilton and Nabby Howard.

[1788,] July 4, John Cunningham and Mary Murray, both of Newcastle.

1787, April—Joseph Tarr and Albiel Cooper, both of Newcastle.

[1787,] Nov. 8, Isaac Farmsworth and Polly Webster, both of Edgecomb.

[1787,] Jan'y 4, Samuel Lang and Frana Dammon, both of Edgecomb.

[1787,] Dec. 5, James Colby and Mary Wood, both of Edgecomb.

1788, Jan'y 3, David Gove of Edgecomb and Lydia Alley of Boothbay.

By Thomas Rice, Justice of the Peace.
1788, March 3, John Thompson and Ann Brookings.

Note. When no town is named the person belongs in Pownalborough.
*Now Whitefield or Jefferson.

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By Jonathan Bowman, Just. Pacis.
1780, March 16, Richard Kidder and Hannah Eastman.

1781, June 19, Elijah Robinson of Bowdoinham and Abigail Norcross.

[1781,] Dec. 31, George Marson and Molly McGown.

1782, June 1, Jonathan Hatch of Bowdoinham and Peggy Marson.

[1782,] March 6, Benj. Noble of Kennebeck and Sarah Doe.

[1782,] Dec. 8, John Sibley and Jane Pochard.*

1784, August 16, Samuel Emerson and Mirabah Cressey.

[1784,] Sept. 8, Daniel Lingham of Sandy River† and Elizabeth Emerson.

[1784,] June 22, John de Pleresky, Esq., and Nancy Pochard.

1782, March 21, William Springer of Bath and Mary Norcross of Pittston.

1785, Nov. 29, James Dudley of Pittston and Sybel Chenney.

1786, June 19, Thomas Owen and Hannah Norcross, both of Pittston.

[1786,] March 23, Gardiner Williams of Pittston and Polly Wass.

1789, Feb. 19, Moses King and Polly Pochard.

1787, Sept. 20, Nathan Hatch of Bowdoinham and Anna Goodwin.

1788, June 17, Francis Rittal, Jr., and Betsey Mayers.

[1788, June] 19, Jeremiah Goodwin and Peggy Clency.

[1788,] Dec. 6, Abraham Southward and Susannah Paris.

By John Gardiner, Justice of the Peace.
1788, Oct. 20, Samuel Emerson and Prudence King.

1789, Jan'y 21, Thomas Davis of Hallowell and Jane Bunyon.

By Rev. Thomas Moore.
1788, July 13, Capt. James Kennedy and Mary Grey.

[1788, July] 17, Stephen Adams and Olive Trask, both of Edgecomb.

[1788,] Sept. 14, Spencer Bennet and Mrs. Mary Rundlet.

[1788,] August 25, Scribner Moody and Martha Bayley.

[1788,] Oct. 2, John Holbrook and Bettey Dean.

[1788,] Nov. 5, Nathan Dole and Anna Greenleaf.

[1788, Nov.] 27, James Snell of Woolwich and Elizabeth Young.

[1788,] Dec. 10, Aaron Chote and Elizabeth Acorn.

[1788, Dec.] 24, Abel Cresey and Polley Cookson.

[1788, Dec.] 25, Capt. John Tucker and Jane Forister.

[1788, Dec.] 30, Joseph Holbrook and Sally Huse.

1789, Jan'y 1, David Munsey and Martha Cochran.

[1789, Jan'y] 14, Jacob Horn of Boothbay and Lydia Chase of Edgecomb.

[1789, Jan'y] 18, James Jackson and Rebecka Lambert.

[1789,] Feb'y 8, James Parker and Rebecka Groves.

[1789, Feb'y] 15, William Blair and Sarah Cockran.

[1789,] March 5, Samuel Waters and Anna Clark.

[1789,] May 7, Silas Smith and Bettey Barnard.

[1789, May] 14, Robert Morrison and Sukey Carlton.

[1789, May] 19, William Reed and Martha Reed, both of Boothbay.

[1789, May] 24, Daniel Dodge and Martha Davis, both of Edgecomb.

[1789, May] 26, John Erskine of Pownalborough and Joannah Smith of Woolwich.

*Both died in Passadumkeag.
†Now Farmington.

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1789, June 14, Joseph Pinkham and Ellis Cunningham, both of Edgecomb.

[1789,] July 14, James Jewett and Lydia Hilton, both of Edgecomb.

[1789, July] 23, David Cunningham of Edgecomb and Sally Day of Newcastle.

[1789, July] 23, John Holmes of Newcastle and Sally Dole.

[1789,] August 27, Wm. Hodge and Anna Gove, both of Edgecomb.

[1789, August] 27, David Caniston and Sarah Beath, both of Boothbay.

[1789,] Nov. 12, John Getchel and Kezia McKenney.

[1789,] Dec. 10, Henry Kenney of Boothbay and Elizabeth Emerson of Edgecomb.

1790, March 4, Volantine Nutter and Hannah Boyinton.

By David Silvester, Justice of the Peace.
1790, July 29, Samuel Collins and Rachel Vowdy, both of Edgecomb.

[1790,] Oct. 11, Samuel Jackson and Miriam Coffin.

[1790, Oct.] 30, Daniel Fegan and Anna Holland McMahan.

[1790,] Nov. 25, John Young and Aphia Hilton.

1791, Feb. 2, William Gove and Eunice Trask, both of Edgecomb.

[1791,] April 5, Robert Wheelwrite and Abigal Oliver.

[1791, April] 17, Nath'l Norton and Lydia Card.

[1791,] June 12, Jonathan Williamson, Jun'r and Abigal Williamson.

[1791, June] 19, Robt. Colby Grenough and Abigal Hill.

[1791, June] 22, Isaac Young, Jun'r, and Sally Dunlap.

[1791, June] 26, John Davis and Miriam Lamson.

[1791,] Oct. 25, Nath'l Stevens of Woolwich and Hannah Reed.

By Thomas Rice, Justice of the Peace.
1791, Oct. 6, Joseph Clark and Jerusha Forester.

[1791,] Nov. 17, James Young and Abigal White.

[1791, Nov.] 17, Cornelius Atkins and Rachel Love.

[1791, Nov.] 17, Wm. Ellis and Rebecca Clark.

[1791,] Dec. 25, John Metcalf of a place called Brookfield,* and Anna Hilton.

By David Sylvester, Justice of the Peace.
1791, Nov. 17, Wm. Billings and Rachel Chase.

[1791,] Dec. 11, John Thompson Hilton and Martha Hilton.

[1791, Dec.] 17, John Brown and Harriat Parsons.

1792, Jan'y 15, Moses Brickett and Abigal Bradley.

[1792,] March 15, Jacob Hood and Polly Gove, both of Edgecomb.

[1792, March] 16, Mathew Sevey Williamson and Patience Nason.

[1792,] August 5, Josiah Godard and Sally Sevey.

1793, Jan'y 15, Joseph Frizell and Polly Langdon.

1794, Feb. 2, John Appleton and Mrs. Susannah De Lature.

By Henry Hodge, Just. Pacis.
1795, Feb'y 19, John Smith and Sally Carlton.

By Timothy Parsons, Justice of the Peace.
1801, Feb'y 9, Samuel Hinckley of Thompsonborough and Elizabeth Lord.

*Now Anson.