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Georgetown Militia Company, 1757

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 4 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1889).

[p. 138]

John Parker, Capt
Thomas Williams, Lieut
William Stinson, Sergt
John Tozier, Sergt
George McCobb, Sergt
George Rogers, Sergt
Benjamin Pattee, Drum

Joseph Prible
Charles Snip
Thomas Motherwill
James Stinson
John McPhetric
Archible McPhetric
Andrew Mcfaden
Daniel Mcfaden
Alexander Drumond
James Drumond
John Stinson
James Stinson
Charles Huard
Jeremiah Pattee
John Conland
Ebenezer Pattee
Jeremiah Spinney
Hennory Spinny
Seth Tar
Benjamin Tar
William Hereford
Daniel Morse
Francis McMoan
Mark Walsh
Timothy Reardon
Bryant Linor
Thomas Higon
George Bolton
William Juet
John Wright
John Hinkly
Arthur Pearcey
Thomas Pearcey
William Camble
William Camble Jr
Peter Brown
Jersian Day
Cornelius Hall
James Hall
Samuel Blithan
John Dunn
Peter Heal
Robart Poor
Mathew McKenney
George McKenney
Mathew McKeney Jr
Nathaniel Meaha, McMahon?
Thomas Mcfaden
Dennis Rian
Samuel Hinkely
Samuel Hinkely Jr
Thomas Trafton
John Oliver
Joseph Burber
Joseph Grow
David Oliver
Aden Oliver
John Quin
George Rogers
Richard Poor
Joseph McIntire
Samuel Walles
James Blethen
Michael Thomas
Andrew Benet
Henry Blithan
John Mane
Timothy McKurk
John Poterfield
Abram Joy
Sylvester Row
John McCobb
Michael Doyel
William Kely
Edward Coffe
William Walles
John Macebray
Benjamin Ridout
Nicholas Ridout
William Ridout

[p. 139]
Nathaniel Wyman
John Blithen
John Fisher
John Spinny
Thomas Carrol
John Wealan
William Combs
Hugh Rodgers
James Nicholas
Stephen Day
Peter Peasly
John M Mar
Joseph Malcom
Daniel Lewis
George Young
William Malcom
Michael Shion

James McCobb
William Rodgers
Allen Malcom
Nicholas Rideout
York, May 4, 1757.

Then appeared William Butters Clark of the foot company of Militia in Georgetown under the command of Capt. John Parker and made oath that the written is a true list of the training soldiers in said company, and also of those that live within the bounds of said company that are obliged to attend upon an alarm.
Attest, Samuel Denny,    
Justice of the Peace.

Massachusetts Muster Rolls, Vol. XCV, page 344.