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Marriage Intentions at Ellsworth and Vicinity, 1800-1810

Source: The Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 8 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1893).

[p. 115]

The following were found among the papers of Meletiah Jordan Esquire, of Ellsworth, and the parties are supposed to have been married by him.

June 22, 1800. Jacob Sawyer and Mrs. Elizabeth Fly both of Plantation No. 6. Moses Hammond Clerk of Plantation No. 6.

June 3, 1801. Oliver Maddocks of Plantation No. 6, and Sally Bunker of Epsom. Moses Hammond, Plantation Clerk No. 6.

July 13, 1801. Nathaniel Jellison of Ellsworth, and Sarah Young of No. 6, in Ellsworth. Theodore Jones, Town Clerk.

Aug. 5, 1804. David Hooper and Elizabeth Henderson both of Plantations 8 and 9 adjacent to Sullivan. George G. Butters, Clerk of Plantation.

Nov. 17, 1804. Peter Lancaster and Hannah Stanley both of Mount Desert. Thomas Richardson, Town Clerk.

April 2, 1804. Stephen Holt of Surry and Dorcas Lord of Trenton. Jacob Foster, Town Clerk of Trenton.

Oct. 29, 1804. Samuel Ball and Sally Young both of Sullivan. Jabez Simpson, Town Clerk.

Oct. 27, 1806. Joseph Lancaster and Nancy Moore both of Mount Desert. David Richardson, Clerk of Mt. Desert.

Mar. 3, 1810. Benjamin Jellison and Betsey Treworgy both of Mariaville, published at Ellsworth. George Brimmer, Clerk of Ellsworth.