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1820 Census: Dennysville, Washington County

Source: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Fourth Census of the United States, 1820. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1820. M33. Roll 37.

This transcription was generously provided by Joan Rines, and was proofread by Christopher Dunham. Any errors that remain are solely the responsibility of the proofreader.

Only the first fifteen fields are shown below. Those entries that include additional data are marked with a . Entries followed by a are accompanied by a notation. Click on a name to view an individual's expanded entry.

Key to entries:

a. Free white males under 10
b. Free white males of 10 and under 16
c. Free white males of 16 and under 18
d. Free white males of 16 and under 26
e. Free white males of 26 and under 45
f. Free white males of 45 and upwards
g. Free white females under 10
h. Free white females of 10 and under 16
i. Free white females of 16 and under 26
j. Free white females of 26 and under 45
k. Free white females of 45 and upwards
l. Foreigners not naturalized
m. Persons engaged in agriculture
n. Persons engaged in commerce
o. Persons engaged in manufacturing
[p. 267]
Dennerson Haynes200010100100100
Zadock Hearsey100021221110200
Perez Hearsey021301012010500
Theophs Wilder 4th210010101100100
Caleb Hearsey000101021100200
Adna Hearsey210210120010400
Isaih Hearsey000001000010100

[p. 268]
Isaih Hearsey Jr100010320100100
London Delap000000000000000
David Scott000100101001001
Saml Leighton230110120010200
William Lincoln100100001000100
Jonas Farnsworth010020111000100
George Laighton000011001000100
George Nutter200110211000200
Thos Walker010010000000100
Thos O. Lovejoy000010001000001
Theophilus Wilder Jr220211002100500
Bela Wilder110211010110400
Theodore Wilder100020100100200
Wm Woodworth100100011000100
Wm Ferroll300010100100100
Jona Reynolds320101120100400
Andrew Sprague200011100100100
Moses Clark110201003010300
John Leighton021201212100400
John Clark110010320100100
Lydia Smith200000100100000
James Mason200010101000100
James Thorn000010000000100
Gideon Dexter010010300100100
Wm Wilson010301112011100
Priscilla Allen300000000100000
Jas R. Lurchin300100001001100
Josiah Chubbuck000010000000000
Michl Dougherty010001410101100
Benjamin Dudley000101001000100
Jas Mahar310010110100100
Joseph Dudley Jr000100001000100

[p. 269]
Ebenr Thomas000001000000001
Edmund Mahar000001010010000
Joseph Mahar100102002000100
Philippa Harper000010010010100
Joseph Dudley010001000000100
Charles Hinkley000010201000100
Joseph Garnett440001202100300
Elisha Davison1001104201010100
Wm Maker200010100100100
John Smith010010200010100
Richd Smith010001000010000
Benj. Wilber400010010101000
Jas. Blackwood000001100110000
Matthew Blackwood001000101000100
Willm Blackwood000101001000100
Jas Blackwood Jr300010100100100
Saml Wilber100001100010100
Widow Bridges010000100010000
Abm. Bridges200100001000100
Jas Carter Jr100100001000100
Saml Blackwood010001000010100
Jas Carter012301110010300
Michl Dunn100010001001100
Solo Cushing000101000010100
Jerh Mitchell200010201000100
Amos Stiles300010101100100
Henry Motz300010001001100
Widow Wood010000000010000
Danl Sprague100010010100100
Zenas Wilder000101001010001
Theophs Wilder 3d100010101000100

[p. 270]
Isaac Bowman000100001000100
Danl Bosworth Jr.000010101000100
Christopher Benner Jr.300010100100100
James Farley000010101100100
Christopher Benner000001000010100
Daniel Smith020001000010100
Louisa Spooner100000000100000
Wm Mayhew321110121100400
Daniel Bosworth121101001010200
Wm Preston320010101100200
Simon Page300010101000100
Nathan Preston001201000010200
Ebenr C. Wilder211312313113302
William Kilby011201021010102
Theodore Lincoln120111222111200
John Smith100100101000001
Haskell Runnells100100101000100
Isaac Runnells000100101000100
David Runnells Jr.200100201000100
William Kilby Jr.100110110100100
Thos Eastman130010200100002
John Kilby000100211000100
Theophilus B. Morgan211110111100002
Susanna Allan111200111010300
Abner Gardner000011001010100
Zenas Wilder Jr100110220100101
Nathl Sawyer000010001000100
George Stevens000100000000000
Warren Gardner110102102010300