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Some Sumner Vital Records, 1834-1878

Source: "Sumner, Maine: Vital records, 1798-1891," FHL US/CAN Film 12245.

Most births and deaths recorded in Sumner prior to 1892 are included in the extensive family records published in recent issues of The Maine Genealogist. The following is a list of deaths, and a few births, for which no place was found in those family records. It is found at the end of the second book of vital records for the town.

Several entries are struck out in the original text. A few of these were erroneous; the rest may be found entered in the appropriate family records.

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Record of the death[s] of those whose names are not on the Town Record

Samuel Robins died March 5th 1838

Widow Lydia Bryant died March 9th 1839

Widow Deborah Bishop known as Widow Deborah Knights Died June 22d 1837 Aet. 105 yr

John Drake Died February 18th 1834

Molly Drake Died February 6th 1840

Abram Heath Died Novr 19th 1841

Sarah Irish Died March 5th 1843

John Farnum Died March 5th 1843

Oliver Turner Died April 8th 1843

Betsy Lawrence Died March 22d 1844 Aet 88 yr 4 m

Harriet Thompson Wife of Amiel Thompson 2d Died May 27th 1844

A Child of Alexander Mayhew Strangled with a bean Sept 21st 1844 ["Delphina Mayhew" written after date.]

Mary Annette Rice Died March 18th 1846

Mary Dunn Wife of Elias G. Dunn Died April 11th 1840

Alexander Libby Jr Died July 20th 1846 by hanging himself cause unknown

Samuel Churchell Died Aug 19th 1846

Seth Gurney Died September 8th 1846

Benjamin Frye Died Janr 12 1847

Rachel Foster Died June 14th 1847

Miriam Russel Died June 16th 1847

Reuben Chandler Jr Died Oct 24th 1848

Asa Moore Died June 2d 1849

Alvan C. Doten Died Feb 19th 1850

Betsey Starbird wife of John Starbird Died March 12th 1850

Washington Foster Died July 3d 1850

Joseph Crocket Jr was found hanged by the neck & dead in a house lately occupied by him at Jackson Village July 4th 1850 cause unknown

Addison Fuller Died Oct 23d 1850

Hannah Turner Died Dec 15th 1850

Sarah Farnham Died Sept 4th 1851

Joseph Lawrence Died July 5th 1852 Aged 82 years

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Record of Births whose names are not on the Town Record

George Washingtonian Hall son of Lot Hall born September 14th 1842

A Child Born unto Jonathan Ryerson June 22d 1853

A Child Born unto James S. Benson Dec 1st 1853

A Child Born unto Jennett H. Heath May 15 1853

Mrs. Gowell died at Allen G. Abbotts in Sumner. She was the wife of Charles Gowell. March 15th 1854

Mar. 23, 1854. Died in Sumner formerly of Perue. Her name was Lucyetta Davenport.

Wife of James J. Abbott died March 26th 1854

A Child born unto Richmond Tuttle April 1854.

Olive Lumbard Died June 21st 1854

Nathaniel Foster Died June 21st 1854

James S. Kidder Died Sept 11th 1854 by the accidental discharge of his gun at his Mothers residence in Sumner

Lucia Bryant died Sept. 12th 1854

October 2d 1854 A Child Born unto Lazarus Warren

A Child of James J. Abbott died Dec 6th 1854

A Child Born unto Meserve Gerry 1855

A Child Born unto Hezekiah S. Farrar March 1855

Lucetta Starbird died June 22d 1855

Drowned in Sumner Sunday July 22d 1855 Son of Samuel Thornton of Franklin Plantation

Drowned in Sumner on Sunday July 22nd 1855 James Thorington (Irish) Aged 22 years.

Died in Sumner, Franklin L. Gerrish July 15 1855

S. T. B. Willey Died Nov. 29—1855

A Child Born unto Thomas H. Barrows Dec 30th 1855

A Child born unto D[illegible]

Chloe wife of Thomas Decoster died March 13th 1856

Died in Sumner June 13th 1856 Frederic A. Spaulding only son of Axel Spaulding Esq. of Buckfield

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Abijah Warren Died October 13th 1842

Olive Churchill Died July 25th 1856

Enoch Morrill Died Aug 22, 1857

D. Robinson Died Aug. 1857

Josiah Tilson Died March 22, 1857

Mrs. Heath Died July 17th 1857

Emely Tucker Died Nov. 17, 1857

Mrs. Harvey Barrows Died June 5, 1858

Child Born of Rosilla P. Rowe Dec 1858

Abigail Lawrence Died Dec 30th 1859

Lewis Doten Died April 7th 1859

Rufus Noyes Died May 18, 1860

Mrs. Nancy White Died July 31 1860

Ezekiel Turner York Died Nov. 3d 1860 Aged 12 years

Mrs. Rebecca Warren, Wife of Lazarus Warren, Died March 19, 1861

Mrs. Miriam Higgins Died March 22d 1861 Aged 92

Lucy Beckley Died April 29th 1861

Mrs. Lucinda Barker Died Sept. 2d 1861

Benjamin Pratt Died June 23d 1862

George W. Gowell

George W. Gowell Born Nov. 27, 1861 son of Charles & Elizabeth M. Gowell

Mrs. Abigail Bray [died] Nov. 10, 1865, aged 76 yrs. & 8 months

Barnum J. Hines Died March 7th 1872

Polly Noyes Wife of Phileman Noyes Died April 2nd 1872

Lydia J. Damons Child Alfonso L. Damon Born Nov 4th 1871 Died Jan 7th 1872

Lydia J. Damon Died Feb. 18th 1872

Jonathan Pulsifer Died March 18th 1876

Rufus K. Harlow Died May 21st 1874

Erastus W. Pendleton Died July 22nd A. D. 1877

Sylvinia Dorr [____] Oct. 22d 1877