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Bucksport Marriages, 1793-1802

Source: Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 5 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1890).

[p. 179]
From the Town Records.*
1793, Sept., Abner Clements and Amy Lowell.

1794, June 1, Elijah Goodale and Anna Clements.

1799, July 9, Ephraim Emerson and Patty Eames of Pl. No. 2.†

[1799,] July 21, Isaac Hopkins and Elizabeth Atwood, of Hampden.

[1799,] Aug. 15, Elisha Higgins and Mehetable Cobb.

[1799,] Nov. 8, Joseph Pratt and Sally Sherburn of Pl. No. 2.

[1799,] Nov. 17, William Morgan and Rachel Page.

[1799,] Dec. 31, William French, of Prospect, and Sally Keys, of No. 2.

1800, Jan. 5, William Goodale and Zuba Harding, of Prospect.

1798, Nov. 13, Robert Blaisdell and Jennie Saunders, of No. 2.

1799, Feb. 4, Asa Littlefield, of Prospect, and Hannah Ide, of Frankfort.

1800, April 8, John Lampher and Sarah Ridley, of Prospect.

[1800,] July 3, Daniel Page and Hannah Atwood.

[1800,] July 31, Simon Grose and Betsey Williams, of Orland.

[1800,] Aug. 27, Nath. Smith and Sally Brown.

[1800,] Dec. 21, John Sherman and Lucy Harding, of Prospect.

1801, Jan. 20, Samuel Keys and Sukey Ginn, of Orland.

[1801,] Dec. 18, Solomon House and Sally Rich.

[1801,] March 8, Clark Cottle and Sally Hildreth.

1802, July 22, John Benson and Sally Buck.

[1802,] Dec. 5, Eli Harrington and Sarah Cobb.

*All supposed to be of Bucksport unless otherwise named.
†Now Orland.