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Record of Marriages by Cornelius Norton, Jr., of Industry

Source: William Collins Hatch, A History of the Town of Industry, Franklin County, Maine (Farmington, Me.: Press of Knowlton, McLeary & Co., 1893).

[p. 447]
1805. Nov. 7. Wm. Talcott and Betsey Thomas, both of Farmington.

1806. Jan. 23. Nehemiah Cobb, Bath, and Lois Vaughan, New Vineyard.

[1806] March 27. Bassett Norton, Farmington, and Phebe Read, Stark.

[1806] June 24. Reuben Hatch, Farmington, and Thankful Collins, New Vineyard.

[1806] Aug. 21. Apollos Pratt, New Vineyard, and Relief Hatch, Farmington.

[1806] Aug. 21. Jonah Vaughan and Rebecca Morton, both of New Vineyard.

[1806] Sept. 11. Ebenezer Vaughan and Sarah B. Norton, both of New Vineyard.

[1806] Nov. 27. Isaac Norton and Katy Cane, both of New Vineyard.

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1807. Feb. 19. Truman Luce* and Rebecca Collins, New Vineyard.

[1807] March 5. Ichabod Norton and Ruth Kempton, both of Farmington.

[1807] June 1. David Porter, Farmington, and Jane Butler, New Vineyard.

[1807] July 24. Rowland Luce and Eunice Mason.

[1807] Sept. 17. Hugh Stewart, Jr., Farmington, and Patty Luce, New Vineyard.

[1807] Oct. 11. Solomon Luce, New Vineyard, and Mrs. Nancy Norton, Farmington.

[1807] Nov. 12. James Hersey and Susan Butler, both of Farmington.

1808. March 3. Elijah Robbins and Abigail Luce.

[1808] March 31. Stephen Dillingham, Fairfield, and Eunice Cothren, Farmington.

[1808] June 19. Ezra Heath, Avon, and Sarah Wright, New Vineyard.

[1808] Sept. 26. John Bates, Avon, and Eunice Askins, Bristol.

[1808] Oct. 20. Zebulon Manter and Rebecca Norton, both of New Vineyard.

[1808] Oct. 23. Mayhew Norton and Nancy Willard, both of Farmington.

[1808] Nov. 29. John Voter, Strong, and Priscilla McLain, Farmington.

[1808] Dec. 1. Joseph Collins, New Vineyard, and Annah Hatch, Farmington.

[1808] Dec. 1. Benjamin Baker and Nabby Roach, both of Farmington.

[1808] Dec. 13. Joseph Titcomb and Mehitable Belcher, both of Farmington.

1809. June 31 [sic]. Elijah Waugh, Stark, and Sophia Ferrand, New Vineyard.

[1809] Dec. 10. William Morton and Sally Ridgeway, both of New Vineyard.

*Where no residence is named, Industry is to be understood.

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1810. July 22. James Ridgeway, 2d, New Vineyard, and Relief Roach, Farmington.

1811. March 6. Zebediah Barker and Mary Merrill, both of Strong.

[1811] April 10. Samuel Hoyt, No. 3, Curvo, and Elizabeth Sawyer, Freeman.

[1811] Dec. 5. Nathaniel Backus and Eunice Johnson, both of Farmington.

1812. Jan. 14. James Gray and Eliza Norton, both of Strong.

[1812] Dec. 20. Increase Hawes, Strong, and Betsey Morton, New Vineyard.

1813. Aug. 7. Ephraim Cowen, Farmington, and Hannah Jewett.

[1813] Nov. 25. Elijah Manter and Mrs. Betsey Small, both of New Vineyard.

1814. March 20. James Jones Wilbur, Plantation No. 6, and Sarah Norton, Strong.

[1814] May 5. Jacob Eaton, Farmington, and Mary Davis, New Vineyard.

[1814] Aug. 18. Wm. Presson, New Vineyard, and Judith Merrill, Freeman.

1815. Aug. 31. Isaac Wilson, New Vineyard, and Rebecca Norton.

1817. Dec. 16. David Caine, New Vineyard, and Mary N. Butler.

1818. Feb. 26. John Gott, Stark, and Serena Norton, New Vineyard.

[1818] June 28. David H. Harris and Polly C. Davis.

[1818] Aug. 20. Capt. James Mayhew, Strong, and Mira Allen.

1819. June 15. Patrick Lawler, 2d, Bristol, and Judith Barker, Strong.

1820. March 19. Isaac Cook, Norridgewock, and Charlotte Ferrand, New Vineyard.

[1820] Aug. 6. John Clayton and Lucy Pratt, both of Strong.

[1820] Nov. 30. Levi Y. Lambert and Eliza Gray.

[1820] Dec. 14. Joseph Davenport, Phillips, and Ruth Heath, Freeman.

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1821. March 3. John Dow and Mary Smith, both of Anson.

1822. Feb. 21. Plimington Daggett, New Vineyard, and Hannah Snow.

[1822] March 19. Elisha Luce and Lydia Butler.

[1822] March 21. Josiah Hinkley and Mercy Williams.

[1822] April 18. James Hardy, Strong, and Hopestill Cutler.

[1822] May 9. Zebina Weld, Strong, and Esther Ridgeway, New Vineyard.

[1822] Dec. 31. Hanson Hight, Jr., Norridgewock, and Caroline Ferrand, New Vineyard.

1823. Jan. 26. Nathan Cutler and Lydia Baker, Wilton.

[1823] March 20. Elijah Butler and Naomi Viles, both of New Vineyard.

[1823] April 8. Benjamin Allen, Farmington, and Sophronia Norton.

[1823] Oct. 12. Samuel Butler and Martha Norton.

[1823] Nov. 13. Jonathan Welch and Lois Reed, both of Strong.

1824. Feb. 10. Benjamin Jennings, Anson, and Sarah B. Butler.

1825. Nov. 17. Henry Cutler and Esther Hall, Strong.

1826. March 2. Moses H. Lord, Gardiner, and Deborah Luce.

[1826] March 16. Elijah M. Anderson, New Vineyard, and Sarah Vaughan, Strong.

[1826] March 23. Adin Briggs, Jr., Stark, and Susan Cottle.

1829. March 26. Ephraim Hackett and Mary Anderson, both of New Vineyard.

1831. Nov. 3. Levi Cutler and Margaret M. Norton.

1833. Oct. 29. George W. Weld, Cornville, and Abigail Ridgeway, New Vineyard.

1834. March 25. Barzilla D. Dyer, Strong, and Betsey Cutler.

[1834] June 12. Seth Cutler and Abigail S. Norton.

1835. Jan. 1. John Baker and Hannah Willard, both of New Vineyard.

1836. March 10. James K. Comings, Farmington, and Mary G. Eveleth.

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1836. April 28. Arnold Hardy and Lois Vaughan, both of Strong.

1839. July 23. Jesse Pratt, Jr., and Amanda S. McLain, Farmington.