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Early Vital Records of Jefferson (Part 2)

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 73 (July 1919). Notes in double brackets are original to the text; notes in single brackets are my own.

[p. 165]
Communicated by Harold Lewis Bond of Newton, Mass.
[[Concluded from page 103]]
Ezra Richardson and Mary Jackson married the 6th May 1806.
Ezra Richardson born 20th April 1784.
Mary [born] 6th March 1787.
Their children
Sally Richardson born 6th November 1806.
Abiatha [born] 29th August 1809.
Joseph [born] 17th January 1812.
Eunice [born] 25th December 1814.
Hannah [born] 23rd November 1816.
Mary [born] 7th June 1819.
Judson [born] 7th May 1821.
Ruth [born] [__] August 1823.
Justus [born] 5th January 1826.
[no name given] [born] 3rd February 1828.

Joseph Whitham [[sic, ? Witham]] married Sarah Robbins [[sic, ? Rollins]] [no date given].
Their children

[p. 166]
Lydia Whitham born 24th August 1790.
Josiah [born] 15th February 1793.
Sally [born] 21st [February] 1795, died 21st June 1864.*
Else [born] 22nd November 1798.

James Sinclair born at Lawfield, near Dunbar in the county of Haddington in the Kingdom of North Britain the 28th November 1771, married to Jane Johnson (born 20th November 1777) the 20th April 1809.
Their children
James H. Sinclair born 11th March 1810.
Martin [Sinclair] [born] 14th February 1812.

John Ring and Sally Whitham married [no date given]
John Ring d. [____] 1853.
Sarah [Ring] d. June 12, 1817.
Their children
Mary Ring born 21st December 1801.
David [born] 13th November 1803.
Pamelia [born] 17th December 1805.
Benjamin [born] 12th May 1808.
Eliza Ann [born] 1st April 1811.

Samuel Jackson and Betsy Waters married the 2nd February 1806.
Samuel Jackson born 7th September 1783.
Betsy [born] 9th February 1786.
Their children
Margaret Jackson [born] 30th April 1806, died 3rd April 1878.
Elmira [born] 16th September 1807.
Alden [born] 26th July 1810.
Samuel Waters [born] 30th November 1812, died 25th May 1896.
James [born] 10th April 1814.
Joseph A. [born] [no date given]
Sarah E. [born] [no date given]

John McCurdy's and Mary McCurdy's family
Calvin McCurdy born 19th January 1797.
Luther [born] 17th June 1799.
Mary [born] 31st July 1801.
Isaac [born] 3rd December 1803, died 4th August 1883.
William [born] 30th July 1806.
Abiel [born] 17th September 1809.
James [born] 6th [September] 1812.
Rosanna [born] 6th [September] 1812.

Stephen Lewis and Frances Lewis married [no date given]
Stephen Lewis born in Boothbay 5th January 1781.
Frances [born in Boothbay] 11th March 1784.
Their children
Frances Lewis born in Boothbay 9th April 1805, died 19th September 1815.
Sarah [born in Boothbay] 17th May 1807.
Ammon [born in Boothbay] 3rd August 1809.
Charlotte [born] in Jefferson 23rd February 1812.

Nicholas Kennedy and Susannah Kincaid married [no date given]
Nicholas Kennedy born 5th September 1779.
Susannah died October 1863.
Their children
Sally Kennedy born 3rd April 1804, died 25th June 1845.
Thomas [born] 28th January 1807, died 30th June 1857.
Against this entry are written in pencil, in Mr. Bond's copy of the records, the words "married Wright?"—Editor.

[p. 167]
Calvin born 3rd July 1809.
Luther [born] [no date given]
Mary [born] 22nd November 1811.
Eliza J. [born] 28th January 1814.
Samuel [born] 15th March 1816.

Archibald McAlister and [______] married the 6th December 1792.

Noah Farnham and [______] married 13th August 1799.
Noah Farnham born 28th March 1779.
[____] [Farnham] [born] 23rd September 1780.
Their children
Eunice B. Farnham born 8th October 1802.
Lois [born] 13th June 1804.
Daniel [born] 15th [June] 1806.
Mary B. [born] 2nd May 1808.
Eben [born] 16th April 1810.
Timothy [born] 20th July 1812.
Lewis [born] 1st August 1814.
Susannah [born] 29th July 1816.
Samuel [born] 15th April 1819.
Martha [born] 15th [April] 1819.
Jane D. [born] 13th October 1822.

Joseph Ross and Hannah Linscott married the 30th April 1797.
Joseph Ross born 8th December 1774.
Hannah [born] 12th January 1816.
Their children
Susannah Ross born 30th June 1798.
Joseph [born] 15th October 1801.
Ezekiel [born] 13th May 1804.
Hannah [born] 15th July 1808.
Fanny [born] 4th March 1810.
Mary Ann [born] 29th September 1813.
Emily [born] 12th March 1816.

Alexander Jones and Sarah Cunningham married the 14th June 1803.
Alexander Jones born 1st March 1778.
Sarah [born] 1789.
Their children
Milliken Jones born 28th November 1805.
William [born] 13th June 1807.
Allan [born] 14th December 1809.
Rosalinda [born] [__] June 1811.
Archibald [born] 10th May 1813.
Sally [born] 4th July 1814.
Mary Ann [born] [no date given]
Washington [born] [no date given]
Emily [born] [no date given]

Abiel Noyes and Nancy Weeks married the [__] September 1817.
Abiel Noyes born 13th January 1792, died 18th February 1845.
Nancy [born] 26th September 1795.
Hannah Noyes born 26th December 1817.

John Johnson 2nd and Betsey Holbrook married the 24th April 1817.
John Johnson born 18th May 1797.
Betsey [born] 25th December 1795.
William Johnson born 17th December 1817.

John Holbrook and Mary Trask married the 10th September 1801.
John Holbrook born 24th August 1766.

[p. 168]
Mary born 27th February 1777.
Their children
John Holbrook born 8th June 1802.
Thomas T. [born] 19th April 1804.
Joseph [born] 1806.
Lydia S. [born] 21st November 1808.
Sarah Y. [born] 19th March 1811.
Nancy [born] 14th April 1813.
Caroline [born] 3rd May 1815.

Abiatha Richardson and Hannah Jackson married the 17th September 1803.
Abiatha Richardson born 14th October 1780.
Hannah [born] 10th November 1785.
Their children
Samuel Richardson born 6th October 1803.
Joseph [born] 4th August 1806.

William Jackson and Mary Berry married the 24th September 1808.
William Jackson born 3rd April 1781.
Mary [born] 21st March 1783.
Their children
Rachael Jackson born 27th November 1808.
Hannah [born] 1st [November] 1810.
Jane [born] 2nd April 1812.
Alexander [born] 4th November 1814.
Eunice [born] 8th April 1817.
Orrington [born] [no date given]

John Noyes born 22nd April 1782.
Margaret Lash born 28th November 1785, died 25th March 1840.
Their children
Hiram Noyes born 8th August 1807.
Rachael [born] 22nd October 1809.
Aaron [born] 10th July 1812.
Paul [born] 1st June 1814.
Margaret [born] 17th November 1816.
Abial [born] 3rd September 1818.
Eliza [born] 27th January 1821.
Belinda [born] 5th [January] 1824.
John [born] 23rd April 1826.

Samuel Jackson and Eunice Rundlett married the 20th April 1780.
Samuel Jackson born 6th September 1754.
Their children
William Jackson born 3rd April 1781.
John [born] 24th January 1783.
Hannah [born] 10th November 1784, died 5th December 1834.
Mary [born] 6th March 1787.
Samuel [born] 13th [March] 1789, died 29th October 1852.
Nathaniel [born] 1st May 1791.
Eunice [born] 17th August 1793.
Alexander [born] 27th [August] 1795, died 15th December 1876.
Joseph [born] 4th September 1797.
Sarah [born] 24th May 1800.

Joseph Jackson and Hannah Kennedy married the 22nd February 1781.
Joseph Jackson born 11th May 1752, died 19th June 1831.
Hannah [born] 22nd February 1760, died 5th April 1823.

[p. 169]
Their children
Mary Jackson born 1st February 1782.
Samuel [born] 7th September 1783.
Rachael [born] 19th February 1785.
William [born] 24th December 1786.
Jane [born] 4th [December] 1788.
Hannah [born] 30th April 1791.
Nancy [born] 8th December 1792.
Elizabeth [born] 20th [December] 1795.
Eunice [born] 20th [December] 1795.
Lydia [born] 26th October 1799.
Rebecca [born] 26th February 1803.

Joseph Avery and Sarah Waters married the 3rd May 1801.
Joseph Avery born 8th April 1772, died 3rd October 1825.
Sarah [born] 18th May 1782, died 16th April 1852.
Their children
Abiel Avery born 30th January 1802.
Joseph [born] 7th April 1804, died 5th October 1892.
John W. [born] 29th July 1808.
Ira [born] 14th March 1811.
Samuel W. [born] 4th July 1814, died 10th August 1836.
Enoch M. [born] 4th [July] 1814.

Jonathan Noyes Jr. and Mary [______] married the 30th November 1789.
Jonathan Noyes Jr. born 10th June 1768.
Mary [born] 16th September 1768, died 15th July 1837.
Their children
Betsey Noyes [born] 3rd September 1790.
Ephraim [born] 3rd March 1793.
Nancy [born] 19th December 1796.
Benjamin [born] 15th June 1798.
Cyrus [born] 12th August 1800.
Eunice [born] 1st January 1805.
Margary [born] 2nd July 1809.
Milton [born] 12th May 1812.

John Catland died 9th April 1850.
Hannah [[?]] died 4th August 1827.
Their children
John Catland born 21st June 1800.
Patience [born] 5th September 1802.
Sally [born] 11th July 1805.
Rufus [born] 10th June 1806.
Joseph [born] 14th March 1809.
Robert [born] 31st December 1812.
Jane [born] 29th July 1816.
Hannah [born] 29th [July] 1816.

Ezekiel Flanders born 23rd December 1780.
Rhoda his wife [born] 15th February 1791.

Nath'l Noyes and Ann [______] married the 25th September 1796.
Nathaniel Noyes born 16th December 1772.
Ann [born] 16th [December] 1772.
Their children
Mary Noyes born 7th January 17__.
Lois [born] 23rd May 1801.
Abram [born] 3rd March 1803.
Sarah [born] 7th September 1806.

[p. 170]
Enoch Flanders born 10th April 1772.
Abigail Crocker [born] 5th June 1781.
Their children
Mehitable Flanders born 3rd May 1801.
Richard [born] 1st October 1802.
Rhoda [born] 24th August 1804.
Mary [born] 30th November 1806.
Eleanor [born] 1st December 1808.
Anna [born] 16th March 1811.
Dorothy [born] 23rd November 1815.
Samuel [born] 18th December 1817.

Phineas Ames senior and Mary Jones married the 13th June 1782.
Phineas Ames born 18th January 1758.
Mary [born] 19th April 1762.
Their children
Jonathan Eames born 13th January 1783.
Phineas Jr. [born] 8th September 1784.
Francis [born] 18th April 1786.
John [born] 28th February 1788.
Jane [born] 8th [February] 1791.
Mary [born] 14th December 1792.
Comfort [born] 5th August 1794.
Alice [born] 15th December 1797.
Olive [born] 5th July 1800.
Paul [born] 14th December 1802.
Louisa [born] 15th [December] 1804.
Maria [born] 27th February 1806.

Phineas Eames Jr. and Nancy Waters married 1st June 1806.
Phineas Eames born 8th September 1784.
Nancy [born] 1st June 1786, died 14th June 1852.
Their children
Ruth Eames born 24th July 1806.
Mary [born] 4th November 1807.
John [born] 6th May 1810, died 14th July 1810.
Rodney [born] 1st December 1811.
Nancy [born] 7th January 1814.
Alice [born] 23rd March 1816, died 5th January 1894.
Emily [born] 6th July 1818, died 1st October 1835.
Sarah Ann [born] [no date given]
Samuel [born] [no date given]
Charles W. [born] 19th November 1832.

Joseph Jackson Jr. and Mary Eames married the 28th June 1816.
Joseph Jackson born 4th September 1797.
Mary [born] 14th December 1792.
Their children
Mary Jackson born 27th December 1817.
Joseph [Jackson] 4th [born] 29th June 1819.
Phineas [born] 21st March 1821.
Austin [born] 22nd July 1823.
Olive [born] 11th January 1825.
Warren [born] 9th June 1829.

John Kennedy born 26th January 1774.
Hannah Taylor [born] 1st June 1773.
Married the 28th December 1797.
Their children
Daniel Kennedy born 11th July 1798.

[p. 171]
Elizabeth born 15th May 1802, died 25th May 1893.
William [born] 19th October 1804.
John [born] 8th April 1807, died 10th March 1808.
Cyrene [born] 3rd September 1809.
Otis [born] 23rd December 1811, died 10th November 1885.

Henry Kennedy born 23rd September 1799.
Rachel Lincoln (of Waldoboro)
Married 28th November 1828.
Their children
Lincoln Kennedy born 8th October 1829.
Semandel [Kennedy] [born] 15th December 1831, died 17th January 1833.
Henry S. [Kennedy] [born] 2nd December 1834.

Ebenezer Hall born December 18, 1786, died July [__] 1851.
Susannah Ross [born] 19th February 1777.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Ebenezer Hall Jr. born 30th August 1804.
Susan Hall [born] 16th July 1806.
Benjamin [born] 12th October 1808.
John [born] 20th March 1811.
Marietta [born] 4th [March] 1813.
Esther [born] 9th June 1815.
Willard [born] 23rd [June] 1817.

Nathaniel Meservey born 5th February 1769.
Ruth Winslow [born] 4th October 1777.
Married 1st January 1795.
Their children
Nathaniel Meservey Jr. born 28th October 1795.
Miles [born] 17th January 1798.
Samuel [born] 8th August 1799.
Elsie [born] 9th February 1801.
John [born] 12th October 1803.
Alden [born] 12th March 1805.
Sally [born] 16th January 1807.
William [born] 31st July 1811.
Caroline [born] 10th August 1813.
Nancy [born] 24th October 1816.
Jane [born] 18th March 1819.

Samuel Chisam* born May 21, 1791, died 7th July 1863.
Mary Ann Bond [born] 19th June 1789, died 24th August 1868.
Married 30th October 1816.
Their children
Mary Ann Chisam born 12th October 1817, died 12th October 1843.
Henry B. [born] 19th March 1819, died 24th January 1881.
Lucinda N. [born] 4th January 1822, died 22nd August 1864.
Alvina B. [born] 14th February 1824.
Samuel M. [born] 22nd September 1826, died 13th July 1848.
William [born] 14th August 1830, died 1st October 1864.

Alexander Clark born 29th January 1787, died 17th September 1835.
Essena [born] 9th April 1794.
Married [no date given]

*Samuel Chisam was baptized 19 Nov. 1809 by Rev. William Allen, and was ordained to the ministry in 1824 in Waldoborough, where he was pastor eleven years. In 1838 he began his pastorate in Jefferson, which extended over nine years, and he was afterwards pastor at Nobleborough for eight years.

[p. 172]
Their children
Hannah Clark born [no date given]

James Clark born 11th August 1758.
[______] Givins
Married 15th December 1785.
Their children
Alexander Clark born 29th January 1787.
Hannah [born] 29th June 1789.
John 3rd. [born] 4th December 1795.
Mary [born] 16th February 1797.
Elizabeth [born] 21st March 1798.
Charlotte [born] 11th April 1802.
Jane [born] 16th September 1806.

Patience Jones born 23rd December 1770, died 9th January 1830.
Married to James Clark 28th March 1810.
Almira Clark born 7th February 1811.

Joseph Clark
Elizabeth Kennedy born 8th March 1772, died 22nd March 1861.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Nicholas Clark born 6th August 1796, died 1st December 1856.
Joseph Jr. [born] 4th October 1798.
Jane [born] 26th March 1800.
Rosalinda [born] 4th November 1801.
Lydia [born] 31st May 1803.
Thomas K. [born] 25th June 1804, died 30th May 1850.

Abiel Kennedy born 29th June 1804.
Mary Ann Counce of Warren.
Married 7th May 1832.
Their child
Henry Edwin Kennedy born 13 September 1834.

William F. Bond born 12th January 1786, died 10th December 1850.
Hannah Jackson [born] 30th April 1791, died 13th March 1874.
Married 19th February 1812.
Their children
Harriet Bond born 4th September 1813.
Emeline [born] 12th June 1816.
Rebecca [born] 19th December 1819, died 19th February 1833.
William J. [born] 25th January 1822.
Abiel K. [born] 31st March 1825, died 3rd September 1887.
George S. [born] 31st March 1825, died 31st March 1865.

Henry Bond born 25th October 1749, died 10th December 1838.
Mary Ann Fullerton born 30th April 1748, died 16th March 1836.
Married 15th May 1774.
Their children
David Gilmore Bond born 20th June 1775.
Henry [born] 10th June 1777.
Polly [born] 12th January 1779.
Jennet [born] 1st [January] 1783.

[p. 173]
William F. born 12th January 1786.
Mary Ann [born] 19th June 1789.

Joseph Bond born 13th August 1803, died 30th May 1884.
Married (1st) 15th November 1833 Nancy C. Young, b. 5th June 1804, d. 25th Mch. 1838; (2nd) 25th February 1840 Margaret Jackson, b. 30th April 1806, d. 3rd April 1878.
Their children
James H. Bond
Joseph J.
Elzira born 9th March 1835, died 9th June 1891.
Nancy [born] [__] Jan. 1841, died 4th March 1841.

Henry Bond Jr. born 10th June 1777, died 19th December 1835.
Mary Jackson [born] 1st February 1782, died 28th April 1854.
Married 17th December 1801.
Their children
Joseph Bond born 31st August 1803, died 30th May 1884.
Hannah [born] 23rd July 1805, died 25th May 1892, at Washington, Me.
Henry K. [born] 17th October 1807, died 8th January 1892.
David N. [born] 27th November 1809, died 30th June 1861.
Mary Ann [born] 17th June 1813, died 23rd December 1851.
Alexander K. [born] 25th September 1815, died 9th June 1891.
Samuel J. [born] 4th May 1821, died 5th March 1894.
Allison [born] 5th October 1818, died 22nd January 1880.
Albion P. [born] 17th April 1823, died 28th December 1893.

Jonathan Jones 4th born 16th April 1768.
Nancy Flanders [born] 3rd July 1771, died 3rd March 1864.
Married 25th December 1795.
Their children
Nancy Jones born 25th September 1795.
Mary [born] 13th August 1796.
Sarah [born] 25th June 1798.
Jonathan 5th [born] 24th March 1799.
Martha [born] 10th May 1802.
Elizabeth [born] 18th April 1804.
Enoch [born] 14th March 1806.
Miriam [born] 22nd April 1808.
Rebecca [born] 10th May 1811, died 3rd November 1846.
Eunice [born] 23rd July 1813.

Jesse Rowell born 2nd January 1777, died 4th June 1850.
Fanny Jones [born] 11th February 1785.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Eliza Rowell born 25th April 1803.
Alden [born] 23rd December 1804.
Fanny [born] 12th July 1806, died 25th September 1811.
Olive [born] 28th April 1808.
Mary Ann [born] 22nd August 1809.
George J. [born] 26th March 1811, died 22nd May 1811.

Jesse Rowell and Susannah Linscott married [__] July 1812.
Their children
Jane Rowell born 8th May 1813.
Arlette [born] 14th September 1815.
Nancy [born] 31st August 1817.
Hannah [born] 7th October 1819.

[p. 174]
Sarah Ann born [__] August 1821.
David [born] 17th April 1823.

Josiah Wright born 5th November 1789, died 11th June 1844.
Arlette Hilton [born] 2nd February 1796, died 17th November 1815.
Married 17th November 1814.
Lewis Wright born 24th September 1815.

Josiah Wright and Alice Eames (b. 15th December 1797, d. 3rd June 1841) married the 23rd March 1817.
Their children
Reuben Wright born 13th August 1817.
Susan [born] 24th January 1819.
Emily [born] 25th September 1820.
Joseph [born] 16th May 1822.
Washington [born] 28th October 1823.
Alice [born] 30th March 1825.
Albert J. [born] 9th February 1827.
Mary S. [born] 6th December 1828.
Arlette H. [born] 17th November 1831.
Sarah B. [born] 28th December 1823.
Joseph C. [born] 20th July 1839.

Daniel Knights born [no date given]
Married [no date given]
Their children
Polly Knights born 16th August 1806.
Warren [born] 3rd February 1808.
Benjamin [born] 28th November 1809.
Betsy [born] 29th April 1812.
John [born] 10th October 1813.
Samuel [born] 1st February 1815.
Prudence [born] 7th March 1817.

David S. Hilton born 17th March 1798.
Sally Weeks [born] 24th September 1802.
Married 26th November 1818.
Their children
Mary Hilton born 17th April 1819.
Sally [born] 26th May 1820.
Julia [born] 11th September 1822.
Anastasia [born] 8th March 1825.

Godfrey Overlock Jr. born [no date given]
Lydia Clark [born] [no date given]
Married 26th October 1815.
Their children
Gardiner Overlock born 18th July 1816.
Sally [born] 3rd January 1819.
Olive [born] 13th March 1821.

Samuel Kincaid (Illegitimate) [[born]] 31st December 1811.

Daniel Weeks Jr. born 20th December 1800.
Eunice Jackson [born] [no date given]
Married [no date given]
Their children
Erastus F. Weeks born 7th June 1820, died 31st October 1883.
Eliza [born] 29th October 1822, died 27th April 1852.
Hannah [born] 10th May 1825.
Lot M. [born] 24th March 1828, died 18th October 1855.

[p. 175]
Nathaniel Meservey born (in Hope, Me.) 28th October 1795.
Rachel Jackson [born] (in Jefferson) 19th February 1785, died (in Jefferson) 27th January 1825.
Married the 24th June 1819.
Their children
Jonathan S. Meservey born 9th October 1819.
Emily [born] 25th November 1822.

Charles Robinson born 24th January 1792.
Elsey Meservey [born] 9th February 1801, died 8th February 1890.
Married 16th August 1821.
Their children
Nathaniel M. Robinson born 1st September 1822.
James [born] 6th March 1824.
Rachel [born] [__] January 1826.

David Kennedy born December 23, 1797, died December 27, 1833.
Nancy Shuman [born] [_____] 1799, died 17th September 1884.
Married 5th September 1819.
Their children
Nathaniel Kennedy 2nd born 15th January 1820, died 2nd September 1840.
Rosilla [Kennedy] [born] 31st August 1822.
George [Kennedy] [born] 2nd December 1824.
Mary Jane [Kennedy] [born] 22nd April 1826.
William Henry [Kennedy] [born] 9th May 1828.

Joseph Weeks Jr. born 5th March 1793.
Jane Jackson [born] 4th December 1788.
Married 8th April 1819.
Their children
Margaret Weeks born 20th October 1820.
Leander [Weeks] [born] 22nd November 1823.
Rachel [born] 1st April 1826.
Angella [born] 14th [April] 1828.
Ruthannah [born] 19th August 1831.

William J. Bond born 25th January 1822.
Rachel M. Weeks.
Married 17th December 1848.
Their children
Grace Bond
Frederika B. born April 1850, died 18 November 1853 [[sic, ? 1883]].
Neither were married.

George S. Bond born 31st March 1825, died 31st March 1865, killed in battle.
[______] Newhall
Married [no date given]
Edward Bond born 17th April 1855, died 4th June 1856.

Elias Haskell born 23rd September 1790.
Susan Wright [born] 10th October 1796, died 19th May 1885.
Married 23rd June 1817.
Their children
Caroline born 12th April 1817.
Lucy Ann [born] 28th December 1818, died 16th January 1819.
Susan [born] 7th May 1820.
Elias [born] 22nd June 1822.
Matilda F.
Calvin L.

[p. 176]
Minerva E. [____] 19th August 1831.
Hellen A.
Clara A.

Abiel K. Bond born 31st March 1825, died 3rd September 1887.
Sarah Jackson
Married [no date given]
Their children
Willis G. Bond
Avery J. [Bond]

James Whitehouse born 4th March 1796.
Sally Mowry [born] 21st June 1804.
Married 4th April 1824.
Mary Whitehouse born 3rd November 1824.

James Weeks born 10th January 1797.
Margery Partridge born 5th August 1801.

Henry K. Bond born 17th October 1807, died 8th January 1892.
Clara Jackson [born] 2nd November 1811, died 7th April 1899.
Married October 1837.
Their children
Herbert S. Bond
William H. born [______] 1840, died 5th March 1863, in battle.
James G. [born] [______] 1846, died 17th July 1864, in battle.

Lot Weeks born 30th November 1798, died 23rd September 1828.
Elizabeth Kennedy [born] 5th April 1802.
Married 29th September 1819.
Their children
Nathaniel Weeks born 10th January 1820.
Lenora [born] 16th October 1822, died 18th April 1828.
Elvina [born] 18th January 1824, died 11th December 1833.
Ambrose [born] 30th October 1825.

Elizabeth (Kennedy) Weeks m. (2nd) 30th Mch. 1831 Dr. Peter Gray.
Oliver C. Gray born 20th February 1832.
Thomas K. [born] 13th June 1834.
John D. [born] 23rd December 1835.

Alexander K. Bond born 25th September 1815, died 9ht June 1891.
Zulema Jackson [born] 23rd May 1821, died 10th April 1890.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Marshall A. Bond

Joseph Henry born 26th April 1792.
Phebe Sewall [born] [no date given]
Married 13th July 1824.
Their children
Edwin Henry born 13th November 1825.

Robert Clancy Jr. born 22nd December 1787.
Nancy [born] 18th [December] 1790.
Married [no date given]
Their children
John M. Clancy born 5th February 1814.
Edward [born] 12th June 1816.
Caroline [born] 22nd November 1818.
William [born] 18th May 1821.
Austin [born] 26th September 1823.

Jonas Call died 7th January 1881.

[p. 177]
Harriet Bond born 4th September 1813.
Married [[certificate given 11th November 1844*]]
Their children

Daniel M. Weeks born 17th April 1796.
Margaret Simpson [born] 16th October 1796.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Jones O. Weeks born 24th November 1819.
Martha [born] 3rd June 1821.
Hannah [born] 20th October 1822.
Simpson [born] 3rd September 1824.
Margaret [born] 28th April 1826.

William Young
Hannah Bond born 23rd July 1805, died 25th May 1892.
Married 10th December 1840.
Their children
Edward Young

John Hodgkins born [no date given]
Fanny Perkins [born] [no date given]
Married [no date given]
Their children
Asa P. Hodgkins born 18th September 1817.
Edward L. [Hodgkins] [born] 1st January 1820.
Sarah [born] 12th March 1822.
Sawyer [born] 18th April 1824.
Lucy [born] 20th November 1826.

Joseph T. Taylor
Emeline Bond born 12th June 1816.
Married 7th June 1842.
Their children
William B. Taylor
Charles S.

James Hall born [no date given]
[____] Hatch [born] [no date given]
Married [no date given]
Their children
Zilpha Hall born 16th April 1797.
Hannah [born] 16th [April] 1802.
Frederick [born] 25th September 1803.
Lemuel [born] 31st January 1805.
Jonathan [born] 14th November 1807.
Amos [born] 3rd August 1812.
Hiram [born] 27th [August] 1815.
Roxy [born] 14th January 1818.
West [born] 16th December 1822.
James W. [born] 29th July 1825.

Robert Robinson born [no date given]
Married [no date given]
Their children
Franklin L. Robinson born 28th September 1816.

*These words in [double] brackets were written in pencil.
†This word was written in pencil.

Their children

[p. 178]
Albert G. Robinson born 25th November 1818, died 12th August 1819.
Abigail J. [born] 12th June 1820, died 12th September 1822.
Lavonia D. [born] 22nd November 1822.

Robert H. Foye (of Montville)
Catherine J. Bond born 30th August 1813, died 1st August 1898.
Married 8th March 1842.
Their children
Fred B. Foye born [______] 1843.
Emma M.

Mryick [[sic, ? Myrick]] L. Weeks born 7th February 1813, died 3rd November 1890.
Harriet Walker
Married 5th February 1846.
Their children
Lucinda Weeks born 15th March 1848.
George F. [born] 8th September 1849.
Chester M. [born] 18th August 1851.
Annabel [born] 22nd June 1855.
Cora [born] 14th March 1857.
Hattie W. [born] 25th January 1861.
Martha C. [born] 26th March 1863.

James Blanchard (of Provincetown, Mass.)
Eliza A. Bond born 14 July 1811, died 23rd December 1892.
Married 25th April 1830.
No children
Eliza (Bond) Blanchard afterwards married (2nd) David N. Bond, a cousin; married (3rd) William Hooper of St. George.

Ebenezer Mayhew born in Farmington 17th August 1795.
Lucy Folsom [born] [in] Jefferson 1st May 1806.
Married 4th September 1825.
Their children
Charles B. Mayhew born 3rd June 1826.
Nathaniel B. [born] 10th September 1828, died 24th September 1856.
Adelaide S. [born] 17th January 1831, died 10th September 1831.
Edward D. [born] 3rd February 1835, died 16th September 1863.
Arletta [born] 7th June 1842.

Thomas Meservey born 23rd May 1806.
Caroline Johnson [born] [______] 1805.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Nancy Meservey born 13th September 1828.
Rebecca [born] 13th April 1831, died 15th September 1833.
Henry H. [born] 8th July 1833.

Nathaniel Kennedy
Polly Bond born 12th January 1779, died 22nd September 1831.
Married 12th July 1796.
Their children
David Kennedy born 23 December 1797.

[p. 179]
Henry born 23rd September 1799.
Elizabeth [born] 9th April 1802.
Abiel [born] 29th June 1804.
Mary Ann [born] 16th September 1806, died [_____] 1808.
Thomas [born] [__] April 1809, died [__] October 1831.
William N. [born] 22 November 1811, died [_____] 1833.
Mary Ann [born] 24th June 1814.
Justus R. [born] 14th March 1817.
Polly [born] & died [______] 1819.

Robert F. Avery born 27th January 1799.
Maria Dunton [born] 19th [January] 1810.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Belinda Avery born 4th February 1827.
Roxana [born] 12th July 1828.
Arletta [born] 9th March 1830.
Abiel [born] 19th June 1832.
Joseph D. [born] 15th September 1834.
Sarah M. [born] 27th July 1836.

Francis Joseph Mathews born in Nemour, France, 1st November 1805.
Eunice B. Farnham [born] 8th October 1809.
Married 15th November 1828.
Their children
Francis Weeks Mathews born 27th August 1829.
Miriam Jane [born] 16th January 1833.

Samuel W. Jackson born 30th November 1812, died 25th May 1896.
Lorinda Richardson [born] 30th August 1812, died 15th December 1895.
Married 24th December 1839.
Their children
James A. Jackson b. 13th Oct. 1830, d. 8th November 1841.
Samuel [b.] 17th July 1847, d. 31st July 1847.
Atwood [b.] 3rd January 1849, d. 8th May 1850.
Henry [b.] 23rd May 1845, d. 17th May 1850.
Abbie E. [b.] 29th March 1855, d. 7th May 1882.

Nathan Avery born 18th April 1785, died 18th December 1843.
Betsey Folsom [born] 4th December 1784.
Married [no date given]
Their children
Sophia Avery [born] 18th July 1808.
Lovina [born] 13th September 1811.
Hiram [born] 1st April 1813.
Otis [born] 31st March 1815.
Myrick [born] 9th April 1819.
James [born] 20th January 1821.
Nathan M. [born] 22nd April 1826.
Eliza Ann [born] 1st May 1828.

John Perham born 24th october 1793.
Lydia Day [born] 17th March 1798.
Married 14th September 1814.
Their children
Sarah Ann Perham born 23rd November 1818.
Jane [born] 4th May 1822.
Stephen [born] 1st November 1823.

[p. 180]
Adeline born 28th April 1826.
Caroline [born] 17th July 1829.
John Jr. [born] 8th June 1831.
Lydia Ann [born] 24th September 1832.
Edmund S. [born] 13th June 1834.
Leander [born] 20th September 1836.
Roxanna [born] 8th January 1839.

James Shepherd born 15th January 1796.
Nancy Noyes [born] 19th December 1795.
Married [__] August 1815.
Their children
Nancy Shepherd born 9th February 1816.
Louis N. [born] 22nd April 1819.
Carlton J. [born] 15th December 1820.
James Jr. [born] 5th May 1826.
Llewellyn [born] 8th January 1828.
Ruth Ann [born] 31st May 1834.
Emery W. [born] 17th April 1836.

Samuel Heath born 1st June 1787.
Sarah Ripley [born] 26th January 1790.
Married 1st January 1808.
Their children
Abraham Heath born 21st February 1808.
Lovania [born] 1st December 1809.
Sarah Ann [born] 11th February 1812.
William [born] 18th January 1816.
Samuel [born] 14th May 1818.
Asa [born] 21st September 1820.
Samuel [born] 1st April 1823.
Jotham [born] 1st September 1825.

Atwell S. Heath born 20th March 1854, son of Samuel and Ruth Ann W. Heath.

Amos Boyinton born 2nd April 1804.
Rachel Decker [born] 16th February 1808.
Married 3rd November 1825.
Their children
Alonzo W. Boyinton born 9th September 1826.
Naoma C. [born] 26th April 182_.
Amos H. [born] 8th [April] 18__.
Susan Jane [born] 26th August [____].
Lucy [born] 22nd December 1837.
Eliza Ann [born] 28th February 1839.
Merilla [born] 7th December 1841.

David Nichols Bond born 27th November 1809, died 30th June 1861.
Roxanna A. Holmes [born] in Belfast, 18th May 1814, died 6th October 1853.
Married 8th February 1837.
Their children
Abby Frances Bond born 16th 1839.
David M. [born] [__] November 1843, died 25th January 1865.
David N. Bond married (2nd) Eliza Bond Blanchard.

This name was written in pencil.

[p. 181]
Johnson Burbank born 27th February 1806.
Rachel B. Choate [born] 22nd January 1804.
Married 25th April 1835.

Allison Bond born 5th October 1818, died 22nd January 1880.
Lucinda Kennedy born [__] July 1819, died 22nd February 1887.
Married [no date given]
Their child
Minda Bond born [__] November 1848, died 28th May 1857.

Luther McCurda born 17th June 1799.
Ophelia Plummer [born] [no date given]
Married [no date given]
John E. McCurda born 24th March 1824.

Abiel Bran born 15th May 1817.
Hester Morse [born] [no date given]
Married 31st May 1849.

Joseph Ross born 15th October 1801.
Mary Perkins [born] 15th February 1800, died 25th April 1872.
Married 10th December 1823.
Their children
Susannah Ross born 17th September 1824, died 19th September 1845.
Mary J. [born] 21st February 1826.
Alphonso [born] 4th October 1827.
Ezekiel [born] 25th September 1829.
Joseph G. [born] 25th [September] 1832, died 14th October 1836.
Emma S. [born] 17th November 1836.

Leander Weeks born 22nd November 1823.
Mary J. Ross [born] 21st February 1826.
Married 17th January 1847.
Their children
Georgia Weeks born 4th November 1847.
Alphonso [born] 26th September 1849.

Albert Richardson born 21st December 1814, died 9th April 1898.
Mary Ann Bond [born] 17th June 1813, died 23rd December 1851.
Married 13th June 1843.
Their children
Albert Richardson born [no date given]
Adelaide [born] 15th December 1844, died 27th April 1850.
Amanda [born] 21st November 1846, died 28th April 1850.
Marshall [born] 1st August 1848, died 13th May 1850.

Jesse Hall born 12th July 1790, died 10th April 1840.
Mary Coffin [born] 11th April 1797, died 3rd July 1833.
Married 24th July 1819.

William Auld died 21st July 1852.
Jane Clark
Married 28th May 1831.

Samuel Jackson born 13th March 1789, died 29th October 1852.
Mary Weeks [born] 27th June 1792.
Married 10th May 1814.

William Ross born 17th August 1780.
Patience Linscott [born] 13th July 1780.
Married 13th December 1810.

John B. Parker born 2nd November 1819.
Elizabeth Moody [born] 12th June 1824.
Married 12th April 1840.

[p. 182]
Their children
Mary Ann Parker born 25th September 1843.
Roscoe G. [Parker] [born] 6th January 1846.
Henry Mandeville [Parker] [born] 25th [January] 1849.
Percival O. [Parker] [born] 25th September 1852.
Hannah Octavia [Parker] [born] 19th March 1856.
Elbridge [Parker] [born] 19th November 1859.

Amasa A. Vonnoh born 8th March 1814.
Mary Ann Pinto [born] 5th November 1813.
Married 26th December 1836.
Their children
Llewella Vonnoh born 22nd February 1838.
Ambrose L. [born] 14th October 1839.
Ann Matilda [born] 3rd February 1841.
Mary Ann Clark, second wife of Amasa A. Vonnoh, born 9th September 1813.
Married to Amasa [no date given]
Their children
Olive J. Vonnoh born 16th September 1852.
Junius E. [born] 3rd December 1853.
Clara M. [born] 21st [December] 1855.

Andrew Rice born 2nd April 1811, died 14th July 1898.
Mary [Rice] [born] 17th November 1818.
Married 22nd January 1841.
Their children
Ruth Ann Rice born 29th December 1841, died 4th November 1862.
John [born] 27th December 1842, died 31st July 1864.
Edward [born] 28th June 1844.
Leander [born] 22nd April 1846.
Charles [born] 3rd August 1848.
Augustus [born] 4th June 1850.
Amanda J. [born] 25th July 1852.
Mary E. [born] 28th August 1854, died 20th October 1854.

John N. Bond born 12th August 1812.
Susan B. Hayden born 9th December 1818, died 26th August 1865.
Married 17th June 1838.
Their children
Sarah Bond born 30th August 1839, died 9th April 1841.
Sidney Howard [born] 9th March 1841, died 28th March 1896.
Sarah Nicholds [born] 30th September 1842, died 20th November 1872.
George Mandeville [born] 11th November 1845.
Isabel Hayden [born] 1st June 1847.
Susan Caroline [born] 12th April 1849, died 16th November 1898.
Harriet Nichols [born] 24th July 1851.
John Frank [born] 9th December 1853.
John N. Bond married (2nd) 19th April 1868 Mary Jackson Whitehouse, d. 7th July 1872, aged 49 yrs. 7 mos.

Samuel J. Bond born 4th May 1821, died 5th March 1894.
Emily Wright [born] 25th September 1820.
Married [no date given]
No children
Emily (Wright) Bond married (2nd) Albert Richardson.

David S. Trask born, in Edgecomb, 17th March 1766.
Polly [born] [in Edgecomb] 14th September 1772.
Married [no date given]

[p. 183]
Their children
David Trask Jr. born, in Edgecomb, 2nd July 1794.
Lydia [born] [in] Jefferson 5th June 1797.
Israel [born] [in Jefferson] 17th May 1799.
Mary [born] [in Jefferson] 17th August 1801.
Jabez [born] [in Jefferson] 16th May 1804.
Elmira [born] [in Jefferson] 5th July 1806.
Joshua [born] [in Jefferson] 12th August 1808.
Monezer [born] [in Jefferson] 22nd March 1811.
Sofrona [born] [in Jefferson] 26th October 1813, died 21st March 1816.

Peter Dow born [no date given]
Married [no date given]
Their children
Thomas Dow born 23rd November 1789.
Elizabeth [born] 14th January 1791.
Jane [born] 21st August 1792.
Mary [born] 18th May 1793.
John K. [born] 1st March 1795.
Rebecca [born] 19th February 1797.
Jeremiah [born] 2nd November 1798.
Nelly [born] 2nd December 1801.
Fanny [born] 12th [December] 1803.
Sally [born] 28th November 1804.
Susannah [born] 21st [November] 1806.
Rosannah [born] 18th June 1808.
Hannah [born] [no date given]
William N. [born] 2nd February 1812.