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Marriages of Mainers Recorded in West Newbury, Mass.

Source: Vital records of West Newbury, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 (Salem, Mass.: The Essex Institute, 1918).

Osgood Brown, comb maker, a. 26 y., b. Albany, Me., s. Osgood and Sarah, of Albany, Me., and Ann M. Chase, a. 24 y., d. I. S. and M. N., May 3, 1846.* [p. 47]

Samuel Chase of Portland, Me., and Deborah Rogers, Nov. 20, 1823.* [p. 51]

Ezekiel Gowen, 2d m., shoemaker, a. 75 y., b. Kittery, Me., s. Ezekiel and Sarah, and Rachel Smith, 3d m., a. 76 yr. [a. 70 y., b. Newbury. int.], d. John and M. Cooper, Sept. 2, 1849. [Aug. 2. C. R. 2.; Aug. 11. int.]* [p. 62]

Elhanan W. Hill of Portland, Me., and Eliza Bailey, Oct. 5, 1820.* [p. 64]

Alfred D. Kelly of Chichester, N. H., s. Philip C., of Moultonborough, and Abigail, deceased, and Abigail B. Sawyer, wid. William, d. James Bean of Farmington, Me., and Hannah, 4 : 11 m. : 1841. C. R. 3. [p. 67]

Moses G. Merrill of Andover, Me., and Sarah B. Little, Oct. 11, 1838.* [p. 71]

Joshua C. Morse of Portland, Me., and Judith Worth, Dec. 23, 1835.* [p. 72]

Moses M. Ordway and Irene B. Nelson of Sacarappa, Me., int. Sept. 8, 1838. [p. 76]

Dr. Luther Rogers of Portland, Me., and Hannah Bailey, int. June 1, 1834. [p. 83]

William Stackpole of Albion, Me., and Abigail Follans[bee], Feb. 9, 1825.* [p. 87]

Josiah H. Tilton of Limerick, Me., and Mary E. Emery, int. Oct. 5, 1839. [p. 90]

Rev. Josiah H. Tilton of Limerick, Me., and Eliza T. Emery, July 26, 1843.* [p. 90]

*Intention also recorded.
C. R. 2. — church record, Second Congregational Church.
C. R. 3. — church record, Amesbury Monthly Meeting of Friends.
int. — intention of marriage.