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Centenarians and Nonagenarians of Sanford

Source: The History of Sanford, Maine, 1661-1900 . (Fall River, Mass., 1901).

[p. 383]
Five centenarians have died in Sanford: Susannah Davis, November 25, 1835, aged one hundred and four years; Patience Plummer, January 17, 1840, aged one hundred years, eleven months and twenty-seven days; Moses Tebbets, August 25, 1825, aged one hundred and one years, five months and thirteen days; Eleanor Worster, widow of William, November 24, 1852, aged one hundred years and six months; and Nancy Paul Welch, March 17, 1893, in her one hundred and first year,

Nonogenarians who have died in Sanford, or having long been residents of Sanford, have died elsewhere, are as follows, given alphabetically: Ephraim Allen, died November 14, 1868, aged ninety-one years; Lydia (Mrs. Ephraim) Allen, October 28, 1878, aged ninety-one years; Solomon Allen, December 19, 1826, ninety-eight; Hannah Bean, July 11, 1823, ninety-three; Joseph Bedell, December 31, 1851, ninety; Asenath (Mrs. George) Chadbourn, January 15, 1892, ninety-two years, one month, fourteen days; Abner Clark, September 16, 1882, ninety-two years, nine months, eight days; Mary (Mrs. William) Deering, July 13, 1859, ninety-three; Mrs. Lavinia Dodge, March 10, 1891, ninety-four years, nine days; Eliot Frost, January

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30, 1840, ninety-two years, nine months, four days; Hannah (Morrill) (Mrs. John) Frost, October 1, 1884, ninety-four; Abigail (Mrs. Timothy) Gowen, January 11, 1878, ninety-six years, four months, twenty-five years; Hepzabeth Gowen, February 15, 1897, ninety-two years, ten months; Stephen Gowen, March 14, 1846, ninety-two years, eight months, twenty-five days; Walter Gowen, July 18, 1887, ninety-two; Mrs. Hannah Haines, March 27, 1890, ninety-eight; Betsey (Mrs. Nahum) Hersom, October 25, 1893, ninety years, five months; Jane Hough, June 26, 1899, ninety-one years, five months, five days; Scholastique Hough, February 28, 1899, ninety-seven; James Hurd, June 16, 1837, ninety-one years, four months; Sarah (Mrs. Abijah) Hussey, November 28, 1877, ninety-two years, eight months, twenty-five days; Jane Jackson, March 4, 1855, ninety-one; Sarah Johnson, 1862 (?), ninety-five; Betsey Leavitt, August, 1858, ninety; Ithamar Littlefield, December 24, 1837, ninety-three years, eight months, twenty-seven days; Louisa Lord, July 11, 1899, ninety-two years, eight months, five months; Hannah (Mrs. Jeremiah) Moulton, November 25, 1869, ninety-one; Hiram Murray, May 28, 1886, ninety-three years, six months, two days; Margaret (Mrs. Michael) O'Connor, November 1, 1894, about ninety years; Mary (Mrs. John) Paine, May 15, 1861, ninety-two years, two months, ten days; Mrs. Lucy Parsons, October 21, 1871, ninety-two years, seven months, nine days; Mrs. Experience Perkins, October 4, 1889, ninety-two years, five months; Mary H. Perkins, April 11, 1895, ninety years, eight months, sixteen days; Moses Plummer, April 1, 1850, ninety-three years, six months; John Quint, June 24, 1856, ninety-five or ninety-six years; Gideon Ross, June 25, 1887, ninety years, three months; Keziah Smith, June 25, 1819, ninety-nine; Joseph Smyth, March 27, 1876, ninety-seven years, two months, twenty-eight days; Fannie (Mrs. Enoch) Stanley, March 26, 1876, ninety; John Stanyan, November 18, 1794, ninety-three; Mary (widow of Captain Jonathan) Tebbets, April 26, 1893, ninety-seven; Tirzah (Mrs. Simon) Tebbets, September 19, 1863, ninety-four; Priscilla Thompson, May 24, 1793, ninety; George Tripp, October 22, 1859, within a few days of completing his ninetieth year; Samuel Willard, December 12, 1792, ninety; Aaron Witham, July 14, 1841, ninety-one years, two months, ten days; Jerusha (Mrs. Joseph) Witham, June 23, 1883, ninety years, one month, eleven days.