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Belfast Marriages, 1886-1890

Source: Joseph Williamson, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine. (Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913), Vol. 2.

[p. 547]
Jan. 1. Alvin T. Knowlton and Gussie H. Rolerson, both of Morrill.
[Jan.] 5. Bainbridge H. Knowlton and Fannie E. Reeves.
[Jan.] 6. In Oakland, Benjamin J. Hinds and Miss Lillian M. Belanger, of Oakland.
[Jan.] 7. In Bangor, John A. Colby, of Haverhill, Mass., and Miss Ada M. Young, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 10. Henry B. Albee, of Tremont, and Annie B. Hart.
[Jan.] 12. In Bangor, Harry C. Young, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Ada L. Marston, of Orrington.
[Jan.] 15. Richard E. Berry, of Cambridgeport, Mass., and Elizabeth M. Kelly.

Feb. 10. George J. Brown and Leiella Caro Rowell.
[Feb.] 13. Samuel B. Littlefield and Evlin Potter.
[Feb.] 20. In Santa Clara, Cal., E. F. Blanding, of Boston, and Miss Minnie E. Goodenough, recently of Belfast.

Mar. 6. Almon L. Hopkins and Clara E. Temple.
[Mar.] 13. Edward E. Babcock and Ella L. Cottrell.
[Mar.] 15. Lewis H. Hart and Jennette L. Cunningham.
[Mar.] 17. S. Verrill Jones, Jr., and Fannie M. Casey.
[Mar.] 28. Fred Wallace Herrick and Miss Cora Etta Grant.
[Mar.] 29. In Waldo, Alonzo T. Beckwith and Miss Lizzie M. Choate, of Windsor.

[p. 548]
Apr. 3. Oscar C. Wentworth and Eugenia L. Sawyer, both of Knox.
[Apr.] 3. Charles William Coombs and Miss Agnes Lorena West.

May 1. Andrew Lewis Robbins and Mrs. Jane Dearborn, both of Augusta.
[May] 6. William W. Blazo and Miss Nellie E. McKeen.
[May] 19. Ira S. Grady and Miss Alice S. Hartshorn.
[May] 22. In Searsport, Russell Brier and Miss Emma K. Field, of Searsport.

June 2. Charles Haraden Field and Miss Emma Moreland.
[June] 9. Elmer Alfred Sherman and Miss Kate Laura Rankin.
[June] 19. John Frank Rich and Miss Mary Perry French.
[June] 19. In Wakefield, Mass., George H. Copeland and Miss Annie L. Ladd, of Biddeford.
[June] 21. In Bristol, Wellington Young and Miss May H. Davis, of Bristol.
[June] 23. Charles H. Hoffses and Miss Carrie L. Pearson, both of Morrill.

July 4. In Searsport, Irving McClellan Cottrell and Miss Agnes F. McMahan.
[July] 20. In Bangor, F. A. H. Pillsbury, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Amelia Harriman, of Bucksport.

Aug. 1. In Brooks, Edmund Ames and Rose Nickerson.
[Aug.] __. In Prospect, Nathan B. Foss and Miss Mabel L. Webber.
[Aug.] 10. In Searsport, Charles Kinney, of St. John, N. B., and Miss Eliza J. Howard.
[Aug.] 12. John M. Crosby and Miss Vesta A. Harris.
[Aug.] 18. Fred T. Churchill, of Belmont, and Ella G. Rivers, of Searsmont.
[Aug.] 21. Charles B. Farrar, Jr., and Miss Ida L. Cunningham.
[Aug.] 23. John McCobb, of Presque Isle, and Mrs. Joanna McCorrison.
[Aug.] 27. Orin A. Wade and Miss Dellie E. Wentworth.
[Aug.] 27. In Monroe, Fred H. Cousins, of Monroe, and Miss Emma J. Patterson.

Sept. 1. Winslow H. Webber and Mrs. Maria L. Cleaves.
[Sept.] 25. Charles J. Konitz, of Belmont, and Miss Lizzie Banks.
[Sept.] 27. Charles F. Drinkwater and Miss Minnie R. Lane, both of Northport.
[Sept.] 29. In Boston, Frederick Smyth, of Boston, and Elizabeth A. Farnham, formerly of Belfast.

Oct. 4. William Henry Quimby and Miss Annie D. Blodgett.
[Oct.] 5. William R. Towne, of Virginia City, Nev., and Miss Nellie Maud Mitchell.
[Oct.] 12. Fred W. Perkins and Miss Carrie Beckwith.
[Oct.] 14. In Waltham, Mass., Percy M. Sleeper and Miss Ada B. McLeod, of St. John, N. B.
[Oct.] 20. Fred H. Mathews and Miss Clara A. Morison.
[Oct.] 21. Ariel D. L. Hayes, of Portland, and Miss Pamelia R. Wadlin.

[p. 549]
Oct. 23. Frank A. Robbins and Miss Mary C. Knight, both of Searsmont.
[Oct.] 30. In Malone, N. Y., Frank A. Conant, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Anna M. Heath, of Malone.
[Oct.] __. In Dayton, Nev., Albert Perkins, formerly of Belfast, and Mrs. Nancy Collier, of Dayton.
[Oct.] 30. Ellery R. Bowden and Miss Alice A. Hart.

Nov. 3. In Boston, Edwin L. Stephenson and Mattie A. Whitney, of Boston.
[Nov.] 6. Horatio M. Welch and Mrs. Irene Small.
[Nov.] 11. In Boston, John D. Avery and Miss Aroline B. Lane.
[Nov.] 13. Frank W. Rhoades and Miss Annie M. Calderwood.
[Nov.] 17. In Des Moines, Iowa, Edward A. Dyer, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Sarah E. Whitrick, of Chicago.
[Nov.] 17. In Edmeston, N. Y., Rev. Edward C. Smith, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Metta G. Richards, of Edmeston.
[Nov.] 17. William P. Underwood and Miss Annabel Miller.
[Nov.] 25. Elroy A. Atwood, of Amesbury, Mass., and Mrs. Georgie M. Rogers, of Portland.
[Nov.] 25. In Knox, Abner B. Clement and Miss Alfreda E. Sheldon.

Dec. 8. William F. Shaw and Miss Cynthia M. Evans, of Monroe.
[Dec.] 10. Hiram B. Darby and Mrs. Annie Cullnan.
[Dec.] 14. Edwin L. Howes and Miss Hattie N. Morrison.
[Dec.] 28. Albert P. Colson and Miss Gertie May Pettee.
[Dec.] 31. John W. Sleeper and Miss Ida F. Knowlton.

Jan. 2. Clifton E. Mayo, of Stockton, and Miss Helen M. Mason.
[Jan.] 3. James E. Roberts, of Vinalhaven, and Miss Emma A. Wise.
[Jan.] 19. In Bangor, Joseph F. Buck, of Bucksport, and Miss Sarah E. Patten, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 20. In Charlestown, Mass., Thomas A. Winter, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Lizzie G. Boyd, of Charlestown.
[Jan.] 25. In Edgartown, Mass., Capt. Gilbert J. Hart, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Clara E. Smith, of Edgartown.

Feb. 1. In Washington, George Flanders and Miss Nellie M. Pinkham.
[Feb.] 17. Walter H. Richards and Miss Myra B. Wise.
[Feb.] 19. William H. Blodgett and Miss Orinda A. Wing, both of Morrill.
[Feb.] 23. Shubael C. Rich and Miss Mary F. Dunbar.
[Feb.] 23. Henry A. Whitten and Miss Georgietta J. Nickerson.

Mar. 3. In Searsport, Fred G. Cox and Miss Alida M. Sargent.
[Mar.] 10. Henry Saunders and Miss C. M. Gunn.
[Mar.] 10. Leroy Corbett, of Brattleboro, Vt., and Miss Alice F. Macomber.
[Mar.] 16. Ambrose J. Morison and Miss Ida M. Mace.

[p. 550]
Mar. 17. William A. Gentner, of Waldo, and Minnie E. Brown, of Swanville.
[Mar.] 23. Van Rensselaer Neal, of China, and Mrs. Margaret S. Jackson.
[Mar.] 26. In Belmont, Leander P. Thomas and Miss Hettie Elms.

Apr. Elmer M. Coombs and Miss Lizzie E. Hubbard, both of Waldo.
[Apr.] 10. Leslie Hawes and Miss Esther McCartie, both of Prospect.
[Apr.] 16. Walter E. Sylvester and Miss Flora Kimball.
[Apr.] 20. Alton Keen Braley and Miss Susan Emily Hassell.
[Apr.] 24. Wilmot Hamilton and Miss Estella Grant, of Frankfort.
[Apr.] 27. Luther Calderwood and Mrs. Arthur Gardner.

May 2. Thomas W. Finn, of Boston, and Miss Belle Norton.
[May] 5. James F. Noyes and Miss Harriet L. Stephenson, of Waldo.
[May] 21. Andrew B. Evans and Miss Melissa Jane McIntosh.
[May] 28. In South Weymouth, Mass., William S. Mitchell, of Rockland, Mass., and Miss Dora H. Lewis.
[May] 30. George O. Grindle, of Brooksville, and Mrs. Rosilla Harriman.

June 1. George Alden Gilchrist and Miss Annie Laura Frost, both of Rockland.
[June] 4. In Montville, Albea E. Hutchins and Miss Lizzie H. Leonard.
[June] 4. John N. Cox, of Montville, and Miss Addie F. Cooper, of Morrill.
[June] 6. John J. Sewall, M. D., and Miss Abbie L. Atwood, both of Monroe.
[June] 9. In Cleveland, O., Melville Tilden Marshall, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Catherine M. Palmer, of Cleveland.
[June] 12. In Waldo, George A. Wilson, of Waldo, and Lilla F. Jackson.
[June] 13. Will D. Moore, Jr., of Brockton, Mass., and Miss Nellie A. Libby.
[June] 18. Clarence H. Billings, of Rockland, Mass., and Mrs. Annette B. Collins, of Boston.
[June] 19. In Freedom, Charles A. McKenney and Miss Evie J. Kenney.
[June] 27. In Boston, Hon. Albert Cargill Burgess and Miss Mary Elizabeth Kenney, of Boston.
[June] 27. In New York, C. Hervey Howes and Miss Grace Wells.
[June] 29. Edward E. Wescott and Miss Annie J. Aldus.
[June] 30. In Verona, William G. Sawtelle and Miss Abbie S. Greer.

July 2. John A. Nash and Miss Etta E. Thompson, of Morrill.
[July] 3. Frank J. Nickerson and Miss Jennie S. Brown, both of Swanville.
[July] 6. John B. Walton and Miss Emma B. Leathers.
[July] 24. Frank H. French and Miss Florence M. Weed.
[July] 25. In Los Angeles, Cal., J. H. Henry, of Los Angeles, and Miss Ella, daughter of William N. Hall, formerly of Belfast.

[p. 551]
July 28. Near Coney Island, N. Y., Charles M. Berry, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Bessie Darling.

Aug. 1. In Charlestown, Mass., William F. Roberts, of Charlestown, and Miss Annie Mabel Roix.
[Aug.] 7. In Jackson, Charles M. Perkins and Miss Abbie E. Jewett.
[Aug.] 9. In Poland, Elisha L. Harris and Miss Alice McDonald, of Minot.
[Aug.] 14. In Astoria, N. Y., Alonzo S. Patterson and Miss Kate Crossley, of Astoria.
[Aug.] 21. Osie E. Dutton and Miss Celie I. Wentworth, both of Waldo.

Sept. 3. Melvin Charles Murch and Miss Carrie Ella Simmons.
[Sept.] 9. George A. Beckett and Mrs. Mary E. Staples, of Monroe.
[Sept.] 15. In Augusta, William Hugh Harris, of Belfast, and Miss Mattie North.
[Sept.] 15. Otis Bowen and Miss Emma Shaw.
[Sept.] 20. Chester Edward Perkins and Miss Alice A. Cain, of Montville.

Oct. 1. Joseph Pinkham, of Montville, and Mrs. Elizabeth Nickerson.
[Oct.] 2. Eli W. Knowlton and Miss Fannie A. Seekins, both of Swanville.
[Oct.] 3. Eben Franklin Bramhall and Miss Alice Abbie Coombs.
[Oct.] 5. In Camden, William H. Baker and Miss Isa L. Hall, of Camden.
[Oct.] 10. Samuel Adams and Miss Annie Kaler.
[Oct.] 28. Chester M. Walker, of Montville, and Miss Mary A. Heath.

Nov. 2. John F. Creasey and Miss Alice M. Wood, both of Morrill.
[Nov.] 5. Leslie Porter Miller and Miss Mabel Lennie Wilson.
[Nov.] 5. George L. Elwell, of Waldo, and Miss Lucy E. Bates.
[Nov.] 11. In Charlestown, Mass., Willard H. Burbank, of Boston, and Miss Mary Lizzie Knowles, formerly of Belfast.
[Nov.] 15. in Thompsonville, Conn., Edward Alden, formerly of Belfast, and Agnes Ronald, of Thompsonville.
[Nov.] 17. William H. Reeves and Mrs. Jane McFarland.
[Nov.] 19. Thomas E. West and Miss Lena R. Perkins.

Dec. 1. Henry Hudson Sides and Miss Cora Matilda Clark.
[Dec.] 3. Henry A. Furbish and Miss Harriet M. Holmes.
[Dec.] 5. William Andrew Clark and Miss Minnie E. Tolman.
[Dec.] 6. Hollis B. Moody, of Montville, and Miss Abbie L. Woodbury.
[Dec.] 8. George B. Dyer and Miss Laura B. Toothaker, both of Searsmont.
[Dec.] 14. Herbert E. Bradman and Miss Inez M. Nickerson, of Searsport.
[Dec.] 17. Jefferson L. Larrabee and Miss Lilian C. Stephenson.
[Dec.] 24. Edwin D. Burd, of Boston, and Mrs. Eva T. Lewis.
[Dec.] 24. Charles F. Marshall, of Northport, and Miss Inez M. Ordway.
[Dec.] 26. Stephen L. Murch, of Belmont, and Miss Carrie Perry.

[p. 552]
Jan. 1. Israel A. Gardner and Miss Alma L. Bradstreet.
[Jan.] 2. R. Warren Hurd and Miss Louise M. Wasgatt, both of Bangor.
[Jan.] 3. David S. Cressey and Mrs. Vesta M. (Rolerson) Freethy.
[Jan.] 5. In Appleton, Selwyn Thompson and Miss Abigail M. Burkett, of Appleton.

Feb. 1. In Lowell, Mass., George F. Darby, of Fitchburg, Mass., and Miss Georgie Belle Libby.
[Feb.] __. James W. Mahoney, of Lawrence, Mass., and Miss Rebecca Parker.
[Feb.] __. In Chelsea, Mass., Arthur E. Crowell, of Boston, and Miss Sylvira K. Robert.
[Feb.] __. In Portsmouth, Va., Ralph Henry Howes and Miss Isa M. Conant.

Mar. 5. Wales Elms and Miss Hannah V. Tower, both of Lincolnville.
[Mar.] 21. Ralph Shute and Miss Orilla C. Knight.

Apr. 5. In Belmont, Lincoln Blanchard, of Belmont, and Mrs. Georgia A. Frost.
[Apr.] 21. Albert L. Mudgett and Miss Eveline A. Hawkins, of Waldo.
[Apr.] 29. John Wade, of Lincolnville, and Miss Lilla Belle Sellers.

May 3. Ambrose Pearson, of Morrill, and Miss Mabel Stewart, of Montville.
[May] 7. Arthur L. Gray and Miss Media A. Kimball.
[May] 7. Lewis Brewster and Mrs. Joanna McCorrison.
[May] 9. Charles W. Berry, of Montville, and Miss Nettie Manson.
[May] 14. Charles Howard, of Limestone, and Miss Sadie A. Logan.
[May] 19. In Belmont, Nathan Whitten and Miss Mary E. Saunders, of Belmont.
[May] 22. In Boston, Henry Andrews, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Augusta Ehrlich, of Boston.

June 2. In Bangor, Hedley V. Butler, of Bangor, and Miss Linda Anderson.
[June] 5. Theodore H. French and Miss Eva G. Jackson, of Waldo.
[June] 6. In Boston, Edward O. Thorndike and Miss Ida M. Chase.
[June] 13. Charles M. Wallace and Miss Mary J. Simmons, of Waldo.
[June] 14. In Boston, F. C. Gray and Miss Veretta I. Brier.
[June] 16. Frank Merrill Bailey and Miss Mary Emily Holmes.
[June] 24. Ephraim Robbins, Jr., and Miss Annie B. Young.
[June] 27. Jacob M. Auspland and Miss Nettie A. Garland, both of Searsport.

July 6. Charles F. Wood, of Northport, and Miss Georgia I. Piper.
[July] 14. Franklin S. Coombs and Mrs. Sarah A. Burgess.
[July] 17. Alden H. Robbins and Miss Laura Parsons, of Lynn, Mass.
[July] 25. Ben Hazeltine and Miss Annie Agnes Durham.
[July] 29. Frank Henderson and Miss Elvira R. Lufkin, both of Monroe.

[p. 553]
Aug. 1. Capt. Millard F. French, of Lincolnville, and Miss Myra A. Thurston.
[Aug.] 6. In Hingham, Mass., L. P. Coffin, of Boston, and Miss Fannie E. Carter.
[Aug.] 21. In Lynn, Mass., Edwin F. Dunbar, of Lynn, and Miss Edith E. Hayes.

Sept. 10. Emerson J. Hills and Miss Alice S. Hilt, of Warren.
[Sept.] 10. Albert C. Mosman and Miss Nellie J. Hobbs.
[Sept.] 22. Charles F. Merriam and Miss Lillie J. Nickerson.
[Sept.] 24. Frederick C. Stockwell, of Stirling, Mass., and Miss Matilda H. Small, of Clinton, Mass.

Oct. 4. In Malden, Mass., Joseph E. Fernald, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Carrie S. Chesnut, of Malden.
[Oct.] 5. In Westboro, Mass., Aurelius A. Packard and Miss Adelia C. Wadsworth.
[Oct.] 6. Everett M. Hart and Miss Flora D. Sawyer.
[Oct.] 7. In Avon, Mass., Herbert M. Flagg, of Brockton, Mass., and Miss Beatrice C. Smith.
[Oct.] 16. Charles E. Washburn, of Middleboro, Mass., and Miss Cyrissia M. Dickey.
[Oct.] 27. Herbert A. Wiley and Miss Wealthy L. Fisher.
[Oct.] 27. George E. Thomas and Mrs. Emma H. Meservey.
[Oct.] 28. Anders Peter Olsson and Mrs. Eliza Fannie (Foss) Crockett.
[Oct.] 29. Charles Everett Crawford and Miss Phoebe Elizabeth Dunbar.

Nov. 5. Samuel P. Strickland, of Bangor, and Miss Tammie S. Colson.
[Nov.] 6. Eugene Myrick, of Vinalhaven, and Miss Belle Knowlton, of Deer Isle.
[Nov.] 6. In Lynn, Mass., Herbert W. Edgecomb and Miss Rebecca N. Baker, of Lynn.
[Nov.] 10. Frank E. Clark and Miss S. Alberta Whittaker.
[Nov.] 10. John W. Batchelor, of Melrose, Mass., and Miss Edith E. Rackliffe.
[Nov.] 19. Oscar S. Erskine, of Prairie Island, and Miss Isabel Brier.
[Nov.] 27. John R. Waterman and Miss Augusta Hicks Banks.
[Nov.] 29. Charles R. Fletcher and Miss Laura B. Cottrell.
[Nov.] 29. John W. McIntire and Mrs. Addie Dockham.

Dec. 2. Hiram Pitcher Farrow, of Belmont, and Miss Marianna Thurlow.
[Dec.] 20. In Rochester, N. Y., Frank Bowdoin Mathews, recently of Belfast, and Miss Addie L. Richmond, of Rochester.
[Dec.] 25. James Howard Howes and Miss Mary Hazeltine.
[Dec.] 25. Maitland B. Smith and Miss Isabel M. Briggs.
[Dec.] 26. Adrian C. Tuttle and Miss Minnie M. Wentworth.

Jan. 12. In Boston, William Murry, of Vinalhaven, and Miss Delia Ward.

[p. 554]
Feb. 2. In Northport, Albert R. Thurston and Mrs. Catherine Peavey, of Northport.
[Feb.] 17. Willard D. Sanborn and Miss Carrie Stevens.
[Feb.] 28. James W. Wood and Mrs. Sarah E. Dunbar.

Mar. 2. James W. Sholes and Miss Hattie R. Clement.
[Mar.] 7. In Lynn, Mass., Fred E. Philbrick and Miss Eva J. Spaulding, of Waldo.
[Mar.] 13. Alzo M. Carter and Miss Kate W. Turney.
[Mar.] 16. In Seattle, W. T., Theophilus Cypher, of Seattle, and Miss Rosetta Ellen Read.
[Mar.] 16. Fred D. Alexander and Miss Callie A. Hallowell.
[Mar.] 20. In Liberty, George Ulmer White and Mrs. Sarah A. Brier, of Liberty.
[Mar.] 24. Charles W. Braddock and Miss Juila E. Spinney.
[Mar.] 30. James E. Patterson and Miss Jennie Curtis.

Apr. 6. Fred P. Mahoney and Miss Mary J. Smith.
[Apr.] 7. In Waldo, John A. Emmons and Miss Lelia C. Smith, of Waldo.
[Apr.] 21. In Vinalhaven, John N. Burgess, of Vinalhaven, and Mrs. Mary L. Young.

May 4. Merritt A. Moody and Miss Laura H. Herrick, both of Northport.
[May] 6. Frank Adams Knowlton, of Fairfield, and Miss Isabel N. Swett.
[May] 6. In Monroe, George W. Madden, of Greenfield, and Miss Edna J. Allen.
[May] 27. In Searsport, Ward N. Hicks and Miss Lillian E. Carter.

June 3. Stephen Thurston and Miss Mary E. Hopkins.
[June] 5. In Lowell, Mass., Dr. Malon E. Brande, of Boston, and Miss Clara E. Griffin, formerly of Belfast.
[June] 8. Charles M. Young, of Searsmont, and Miss Estella A. Bean.
[June] 9. In Rockland, Howard Murphy and Mrs. Hattie E. Perkins.
[June] 12. Charles Woodbury Frederick and Miss Emma Lena Pierce.
[June] 21. Thomas S. Erskine, of Morrill, and Miss Nora J. Whitcomb.

July 7. In Searsmont, Francis Hiram Welch and Miss Annie E. Russell.
[July] 13. Fred S. Hutchins and Miss Elizabeth L. Crockett, of Castine.
[July] 20. James B. Waterman and Miss Georgie E. Forbes, of Brooks.

Aug. 1. Henry White Clark and Miss Carrie Belle Mahoney.
[Aug.] 7. George A. Brown and Miss Lizzie N. Cummings, both of Prospect.
[Aug.] 7. Albert M. Eames, of Stockton Springs, and Miss Amanda K. Mathews, of Searsport.
[Aug.] 10. Charles Edward White and Miss Mary E. Pierce.
[Aug.] 27. In Malden, Mass., Lewis M. Nickerson and Miss Edith C. Stearns, of Melrose, Mass.

[p. 555]
Sept. 3. In Boston, Morrill Smith, of Lynn, Mass., and Miss Helen C. Libby, recently of Belfast.
[Sept.] 3. In Hampton, N. H., Eugene S. Campbell and Miss Ellen Rosina Ross, recently of Belfast.
[Sept.] 4. In Buffalo, Thomas Whittier Lothrop, recently of Belfast, and Miss Helen W. Herges, of Buffalo.
[Sept.] 10. In Bangor, Mark P. Pendleton and Miss Inez L. Matthews, of Bangor.
[Sept.] 10. Walter F. Brier and Miss Sadie F. Sawyer.
[Sept.] 12. Charles A. Mahoney and Miss Vesta H. Perkins.
[Sept.] 14. Clement A. Smith and Miss Flora E. Dunbar.
[Sept.] 15. Laforest E. Webb, of Unity, and Miss Annie L. Condon.
[Sept.] 15. Andrew Llewellyn Ellis and Miss Hannah Maine Gillum, both of Swanville.
[Sept.] 17. Francis W. Whitmore, of Washington, and Miss Mary H. Stewart.
[Sept.] 21. Thomas C. Nickerson and Miss Mary Ada Nickerson, of Searsport.
[Sept.] 28. In Northport, Linwood J. Hanson and Miss Flora Belle McMahan.

Oct. 2. In Morrill, Frank E. Nash and Miss Susan N. Bruce.
[Oct.] 7. Everard Allen Wilson and Miss Ellen A. Duffie.
[Oct.] 8. Charles A. Doe, of Fort Payne, Ala., and Miss Susie Durham Black.
[Oct.] 17. William Brown Snow and Miss Eva V. Gray.
[Oct.] 24. Fred E. McKeen and Mrs. Frances E. McCorrison.
[Oct.] 27. Lindley E. Morrill and Miss Cecil J. Ordway.
[Oct.] 28. Edward W. Goodwin, of Waltham, Mass., and Miss Nellie Florence Burgess.

Nov. 3. In Waterville, Sidney A. Lowe, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Lentie Emerson.
[Nov.] 6. George O. Carkin, of Portsmouth, N. H., and Miss Isabelle Cooper, of Morrill.
[Nov.] 6. Frank J. Dorr and Miss Nancy C. Gray.
[Nov.] 7. In Knox, Wilbert W. Farnham, of Knox, and Miss Nelcenia J. Herrick.
[Nov.] 9. Lewis S. Banks, of Scarboro, and Miss Abbie E. West.
[Nov.] 24. William P. Casey and Miss Nora Cullnan.
[Nov.] 27. George M. Coombs, of New London, Conn., and Miss Jessie A. Pierce.
[Nov.] 28. Adelbert E. Brown, of Swanville, and Miss Georgia A. Clemons, of Monroe.
[Nov.] 29. William A. Wood and Miss Lottie Abbie Bowen.

Dec. 3. Arthur H. Cooper, of Auburn, and Miss Henrietta R. Forbes.
[Dec.] 21. Samuel Morse and Miss Isabella Poor.
[Dec.] 24. Edwin White Heath and Miss Flora Jane White.

[p. 556]
Dec. 29. In Cambridgeport, Mass., E. P. Craig, formerly of Belfast, and Miss A. Gertrude McLeon.
[Dec.] 31. In Bethel, Elbridge Simmons Pitcher and Miss Emma Belle Pitcher, of Bethel.

Jan. 6. Edgar L. Macomber and Miss Nellie Scott.
[Jan.] 7. Ulysses Grant Eastman and Miss Hattie A. Elms.
[Jan.] 12. In Northport, Eugene Black and Miss Lucy Jane Lear, of Northport.
[Jan.] __. In Seattle, Wash., David Warren Phipps, of Seattle, and Miss Annie S. Davidson.
[Jan.] 23. Joseph A. McKeen and Miss Elmira A. Sholes.

Feb. 4. Lewis Brewster and Mrs. Joanna McCloud.
[Feb.] 8. In Portland, Clifford B. Fowler and Miss Emma A. Staples, of Portland.
[Feb.] 10. In Searsport, Noah S. Blethen, of Frankfort, and Miss Eugenia Grant.
[Feb.] 15. Joseph A. Clough and Miss Madora F. Godfrey.
[Feb.] 15. William Lincoln West and Miss Sarah E. Pierce.

Mar. 2. Wilfred Elmer Jones and Miss Hattie Leonese Gilmore.
[Mar.] 8. William F. Whitcomb and Miss Carrie L. Holmes, of Swanville.
[Mar.] 25. Walter D. Staples and Mrs. Emmie A. Davis.
[Mar.] 31. In Searsport, Stillman Daniel Flood, of Searsport, and Miss Manny Idella Nickerson.

Apr. 3. Percival Cutter Peirce and Miss Leola A. West.
[Apr.] 5. Melvin J. West and Miss Sarah C. Ham, both of Frankfort.
[Apr.] 12. Clarence O. Gay and Miss Ida M. Penney.
[Apr.] 19. Hiram C. Hoffses and Miss Maud L. Coombs.
[Apr.] 19. Isaac N. Closson and Miss Carrie Taylor, both of Searsport.
[Apr.] 25. In Sedgwick, James A. Young, of Brooklin, and Mrs. Lizzie P. Gray.
[Apr.] 25. In Brooklyn, N. Y., James Crosby, of Bangor, and Miss Emily, daughter of Edward Alden, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 26. Leonard P. Tribou, of Hampden, and Miss Emma E. Condon.

May 11. In Worcester, Mass., Henry C. Holden, of Worcester, and Mrs. Mary E. Segar.
[May] 17. George W. Chaples and Miss Mary C. Bailey.
[May] 17. Leslie F. Nash and Miss Maud C. Cain, both of Montville.
[May] 31. Benjamin Libby and Miss Mary A. Clark.

June 2. In Atco, N. J.,W. T. Bill, of Fergus Falls, Minn., and Miss Cora B. Frye.
[June] 10. In Detroit, Mich., Ralph Emery, recently of Belfast, and Miss Louise M. Buxton, of Detroit.
[June] 11. Forest Elmer Cottrell and Miss Henrietta M. Brown.
[June] 22. In Waldo, Edward B. Sprague, of Frankfort, and Miss Almatia B. Johnson.

[p. 557]
June 25. Charles Henry Russell, of Lawrence, Mass., and Miss Rovene Burnette Wentworth.
[June] 28. In Waltham, Mass., Edward F. Fisher, of Waltham, and Miss Jean Wason Ferguson.

July 1. In Bangor, F. E. Carle, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Elcena J. Phillips.
[July] 5. In Searsport, John S. Gilmore and Mrs. Annette Gilmore.
[July] 10. Hollis Baker, of Hampden, and Miss Lillie M. Cilley, of Brooks.
[July] 12. Alfred Walton and Mrs. Caroline W. Bowen.
[July] 14. Edward B. Fletcher and Miss Annie E. Millburn.
[July] 19. Cassius R. Dickey and Miss Georgie M. Rolerson.
[July] 20. Fred H. Young and Miss Von Etta B. Moody, of Searsport.

Aug. 2. Samuel Myers Hurlburt, of New York, and Mrs. Vesta Veazie Fobes.
[Aug.] 2. In Palmero, Paul H. Graisbury and Miss Bertha L. Nash.
[Aug.] 6. Gustavus Clark Kilgore and Miss Abbie N. Otis.
[Aug.] 6. Daniel H. Wagner and Mrs. Dora H. Mitchell.
[Aug.] 12. Samuel Batson Holt and Mrs. Ida M. Robinson.
[Aug.] 14. In Northport, John M. Crosby and Miss Lottie A. Jordan.
[Aug.] 22. Willis B. Fletcher and Miss Nellie S. Parker.
[Aug.] 30. In Brockton, Mass., Walter B. Briggs, of Boston, and Miss Grace W. Patterson, recently of Belfast.
[Aug.] 30. In Stockton Springs, Edwin M. Crocker and Miss Emma E. Mudgett, of Stockton Springs.

Sept. 6. Frank G. Mixer and Miss Lilla M. Black.
[Sept.] 6. James Everett Patterson and Miss Jennie Dodge.
[Sept.] 7. Daniel W. Brackett, of Clinton, and Miss Annie A. Bean.
[Sept.] 10. Fred C. Winters, of Portland, and Miss Nellie Frances Haney.
[Sept.] 12. Edwin L. Bowden and Miss Lydia M. Dunbar.
[Sept.] 14. In Deer Isle, Benjamin S. Stevens and Hannah J. Gross, of Deer Isle.
[Sept.] 22. Austin Woodbury and Miss Lovina W. Jackson, both of Knox.
[Sept.] 23. Wendall P. Reynolds and Miss Mittie M. Ellis, of Monroe.
[Sept.] 25. Charles B. Ring and Miss Edna B. Graves, both of Montville.

Oct. 1. In Los Angeles, Cal., Paul R. Hazeltine, formerly of Swanville, and Miss Gertie Ames.
[Oct.] 6. George H. Robertson and Miss Bertha A. Seekins, of Swanville.
[Oct.] 6. Charles G. Havener and Miss Lizzie E. Gilbert.
[Oct.] 8. Perrin Ellis White, of Boston, and C. Louise Chapman.
[Oct.] 11. In Palermo, James A. Leighton, of Albion, and Miss Martha Jane Pillsbury.
[Oct.] 14. In Boston, Benjamin F. Shute, of Boston, and Miss Althea L. Shute, formerly of Belfast.

[p. 558]
Oct. 14. Samuel Hodgkinson and Miss Amy E. Danforth.
[Oct.] 15. Waldo B. Newton, of Boston, and Miss Anna E. Gilmore.
[Oct.] 16. In Lowell, Mass., Luther F. Davis, of Lowell, and Miss Theresa F. Davis, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 17. In Big Timber, Mont., Manus L. Wentworth, of Waldo, and Miss Mabel C. Mosher.
[Oct.] 17. In Winterport, James F. Hutchins, of Winterport, and Miss Lydia J. Robbins.
[Oct.] 22. In Washington, James F. Crocker, of Washington, and Miss Ella, daughter of the late John W. Osborne, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 27. William Engle, of Holyoke, Mass., and Mrs. Dora C. Dudley.
[Oct.] 28. In Swanville, Edward F. Ellis and Miss Mary C. Applin, of Swanville.

Nov. 3. Fred LeRoy Payson and Miss Ellen J. Pierce.
[Nov.] 5. In Brunswick, Ga., Frederick Willis Angier, formerly of Belfast, and Miss Josephine Luke, of Brunswick.
[Nov.] 19. In Worcester, Mass., Frank E. Bowker, of Fitchburg, and Miss Sadie M. Locke, formerly of Belfast.
[Nov.] 26. George Jones and Miss Carrie M. Beckwith.
[Nov.] 27. Herbert F. Smith and Miss Ilie A. Wentworth, of Waldo.

Dec. 1. A. C. Morse and Miss Annie E. Achorn, both of Belfast.
[Dec.] 1. Lincoln C. Wade, of Lincolnville, and Miss Bertelle Fenwick, of Morrill.
[Dec.] 10. Albert Martin Carter and Miss Susan Maria Colburn.
[Dec.] 14. In Oakland, Cal., H. M. Eddy, of Bridgeport, Conn., and Mrs. B. Lewis, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 15. George F. Walton, of Jersey City, N. J., and Miss Mildred Clements, of Waldo.
[Dec.] 16. In Stockton, L. W. Brickett and Miss Lizzie B. Stowell, of Stockton.
[Dec.] 16. In Philadelphia, Penn., Jean Théodule Francisque, Count de Sibour, and Kathryn Louis Bailey, of Philadelphia. The Count de Sibour is a grandson of the late Judge Alfred Johnson, of Belfast.
[Dec.] 24. Shubael M. Dunton, 2d, and Miss Edna L. McCobb, both of Lincolnville.
[Dec.] 24. William G. Preston and Miss Mae M. Billings.
[Dec.] 25. James Edwin Nickerson and Miss Cletie Norah Bean.
[Dec.] 30. William E. Patterson, of Northport, and Miss Rose M. Wade, of Lincolnville.