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Settlers in St. George's River, Medumcook, and Broadbay Prior to 1760

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 46 (Apr. 1892).

[p. 119]
From the Knox Manuscripts in the possession of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, vol. 50, folio 166.

St. Georges upper Town.*
Samuel Boages
James Howard
Samuel Howard
Andrew Killpatrick
William McIntire
Robert Spear
Moses Robinson
Finly Kelagh
William Allen (Deceased)
Thomas Greg
Andrew Mountford
Charles Peoples Deceased
Robert McCrea do
      Barnet do
Ministerial Lott
School masters do
Meeting house do
David Patterson
John McCurdie
Thomas McCurdie
John Mecom
David Creighton
William Starret
Archibald Gambell
Daniel Farrel
Abraham All
Thomas Killpatrick
John Killpatrick
Henry Alexander
John Alexander
John North
Abraham Creighton
William Walker
William James
Alexander Lermond
William Lermond
Hugh Scott
John McCrachen
Christopher Hindbury
Boice Cooper
Deacon Young
John McLean
Allexander McLean
Hugh McLean
Alexander Cambell
John Griffin (Deceased)

Lower Town.
Capt Gilmore
Thomas Palmer
William Falley
Henry Handly
Robert Young
John McCarter
John Peirson
Josiah Quinsey
William Smith
William Howard
Thomas Howard
Thomas Proctor
William Lamb
Ministerial Lott
Richard Lamb
Capt Thomas Saunders
Edward Lamb Senr
William Lamb
Edward Lamb Junr
Benjamin Burton
Charles Proctor
John Palmer
Yardley Lewis
Daniel Lewis
Charles Lewis (Deceased)
Hugh Carr
John Annis
John Brown
Walter Meloney
Michal Rawley
Thomas Carney
Owen Madden
Vacant Lott
Archibald Fullerton
John Brown
2 Vacant Lotts
Joseph Rivers
Moses Robinson Junr
Benjamin Pumery
Dennis Fogarty

*Now Warren, Maine.—Ed.

[p. 120]

William Henderson
Vacant Lott
Richard Fornis
Reverend Robt Rutherford
Samuel Hathorn
Richard Rutherford
Robert Rutherford Junr
William Hathorn
Alexander Hathorn
Jabez Hatch
Paul Jamison
George Young
William Young
Alexander Fosset
Thomas Felix
Dunbar Henderson
Saunder Jamison
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Obins

At Medomcook.
William Davis Senr
Zacheriah Davis
William Davis Junr
John Davis
George Bigmore
William King
John Bigmore
Samuel Jamison
Abiah Wadsworth
Ezekial Bradford
Sedate Wadsworth
Joshua Cushing Junr
Noah Hill
Joshua Cushing Senr
Josiah Aldridge
Baker Hutchins
James Cook
Joshua Bradford
Edward Thomas
Esau Thomas
Alexander Jamison
Jason Wight
       Wight Senr
Elisha Crasman
Esau Thomas

There are ten Vacant Lotts Laid out by the Surveyor in Medomcook.

Robert McClerge
John Demorse
John George Smith
Patrick Kenna
Henry Getsinger
Jacob Wallis
John Refuse
John Leah
John Lowrey
Capt John Ulmer
Paul Docterman
Louran Sides
Philip Fogilar
Martin Smith
Michal Walse
Mulican Snyder
David Rominger
Philip Rominger
Jacob Ulmer
Matthias Remilee
Capt Thomas Perkins
Capt John Fairfield
Morris Achorn
William Hilton Senr
William Hilton Junr
Jacob Achorn

Suppos this List was made previously to the Year 1760.

Supposed to have been written by Capt John North, who died in the Year 1763.
Copy from the Original In the possession of Mr Saml Winslow.

*Now Friendship, Maine.—Ed.
†Now Waldoborough, Maine.—Ed.