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A Declaration of the Inhabitants of Scarborough, Falmouth, Black Point, and Casco, 1663

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 5 (Boston, Mass.: Samuel G. Drake, 1851).

[p. 264]
1663 4 July}A Declaration of ye Townes of Scarborow & Ffalmouth Black Point & Casco to be Presented to ye Hond Court att York.
Wee ye Subscribers according to a petition presented by some of vs to ye Hond Generall Court of ye Massachusetts doe herby Declare that we are not willing to contend or Determine who shall be our Gouernours butt in that to submit to whom itt shall please ye Lord & our Soueraing to appoint ouer vs Neither to resist any power whereby any man shall be legallie cast in any Civill action or Criminall. Yet wee are nott willing to subject or submit ourselves to ye claims of either Authorities in this province or Countie for fear of bringing our selues into further trouble till itt shall bee Determined by his Maiestie our Soueraing Lord ye King to whom we properlie belong, but if itt shall so please ye Claimes of both Authorities to act according to ye agreement all wels wee shall willinglie and Cheerfulli Submit thereto Till wee haue a definite resolution from our Soueraing Wee doe Likewise Declare our griefe of Spiritt for ye hard and vnciuill cariage & vsage wch not Long since exercised vpon an Antient officer amongst vs who acted in his Maiesties Name and for ought we know by Authoritie Deriued from him and ye Daylie threatnings which are Daylie putt forth concerning them yt joyned with him in acting & those yt obayed in submitting and as wee conceiue in Confidence wee are bound to Doe the vtmost of ovr endeauors for ye preseruation of any from amongst vs to be vsed in ye Like manner by reason wee are fullie perswaded yt ye Honrd Covrt neur gaue any order for svch acting and yt some of vs haue often heard him & others declare yt if ye Hd General Covrt had ovght to say against them they would be willing to goe if they sent but ye Least officer for them. Subscribed by vs   fourth day of Juli 1663.
Ambros bowdin Senior Roger Vicars Michall Maddine Joell Maddine Tho Hammett Samuel Gakman Walter Kendall Authur Alger And [blot] Alger [or Algar] Tho : Elkin Mr. Wm Smith Mr. Richard Foxwell John Timin John Libee Senior John Jackson Peter Hinkson Christopher Elkins Antonie Roe William Smallall Jonas Bayli Christopher Collins Andrew Browne Phillip Griffin George BartlettJohn Kowell Mr. Henry Watts John Libee Junr John Austin Jane Mackworth widow Ffrancis Neall Richard Martin Ffrancis Small Robt Corbin George Ffelt Nathaniell Whorf Thomas Sandford Robert Sandford Benjamin Hatwell John Guye Samson Penlie Theod Cleark Lawrence Dauis Thomas Greenslad Edward Mannering John Winter Will Batten [?] Ralph Turner
Original Paper.
Another rendering of this list is cited on page 21 of The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire (Portland, Me., 1928-1939):
222b Petition against Mr. Cleeve and Others. (Spring of 1663).—Doc. Hist. iv. 308. By the original, Mass. Arch. iii. 287: Alter Benj. Halwell to Hatwell [Atwell]. Alter Samson Perli to Penli. Alter Edw. Macering to Manering.