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Records of Marriages by Nathaniel Thwing of Lincoln County, 1777-1816

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 37 (Jan. 1883).

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Copied from the original records and communicated by Walter E. Thwing, Esq., of Boston.

March 6. 1777. Mr. Adam Adams of Harpswell & Miss Mary McClary of Georgetown.

May 15. 1777. Mr. James Perry & Miss Susannah Gorham both of Woolwich.

July 23. 1780. Mr. Peter Allin & Miss Olive Call both of Pownalboro.

June 1. 1783. Mr. Amos Holland & Miss Mary Pray both of Pownalboro.

Oct. 7. 1783. Mr. William Patterson & Miss Elizabeth Call both of Pownalboro.

Feb. 5. 1784. Mr. Benjamin Eastman & Miss Anna Carr Barker both of Pownalboro.

Aug. 21. 1786. Mr. Henry Crawford & Miss Abigail Lynes of Pownalboro.

Oct. 26. 1786. Mr. Samuel Singleton & Miss Anna McGown both of Pownalboro.

Nov. 9. 1786. Mr. James Call & Miss Lydia Fitch both of Pownalboro.

Feb. 7. 1787. John Carnes & Miss Bathsheba Webb both of Pownalboro.

Oct. 16. 1787. Capt. Enoch Sampson of Bowdonham & Miss Margaret Reed of Topsham.

Apr. 17. 1788. Mr. Lemuel Allen & Miss Lucy Parris both of Pownalboro.

Oct. 29. 1789. Mr. John Segar & Miss Polly Knight both of Pownalboro.

Jan. 27. 1791. Mr. John Cook & Miss Anne Farnham both of Woolwich.

Nov. 6. 1791. Mr. James Bugnon & Miss Lucy Pouchard both of Pownalboro.

Dec. 25. 1791. Mr. John North & Miss Mehetable Trott both of Hallowell.

March 27. 1794. Mr. Richard Delano & Miss Huldah Stinson both of Woolwich.

Aug. 7. 1794. Mr. Andrew Johnson & Miss Margaret Clarke both of Pittston.

Aug. 14. 1794. Mr. George Pouchard Junr of Dresden & Miss Polly Reed of Woolwich.

Sept. 4. 1794. Mr. Archibald McCrea & Miss Lucy Rittall both of Dresden.

Jan. 1. 1795. Mr. Aaron Bickford & Miss Catherine Hudlette both of Dresden.

Same time & place. Mr. Obadiah Call Junr & Miss Betsey Rittall both of Dresden.

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Feb. 27. 1797. Mr. James Craig Junr & Miss Deliverance Call both of Readfield.

May 4. 1797. Mr. Joseph McGown & Miss Jane Pouchard both of Dresden.

Aug. 31. 1797. Mr. Thos Coss & Miss Lidia Barker both of Dresden.

Dec. 25. 1797. Mr. George Goodwin & Miss Sally Houdelette both of Dresden.

March 3. 1799. Mr. Willm Lewis Junr & Miss Polly Costelow both of Dresden.

March 7. 1799. Mr. Edward Mulliken & Mrs. Betsey Coffin both of Dresden.

Dec. 2. 1799. Mr. David Stinson & Miss Susanna Smith both of Woolwich.

Dec. 8. 1799. Mr. Benjamin Marshall & Miss Dorcas Call both of Dresden.

Jan. 1. 1800. Mr. Robert Bickford & Miss Mary Mayer both of Dresden.

Sept. 29. 1800. Mr. John Gaud & Miss Prudence Call both of Dresden.

Oct. 7. 1800. Mr. Benj. Parker. Jr. of Andover & Miss Lucy Pouchard of Dresden.

Oct. 8. 1800. Rev. Thomas Green of North Yarmouth & Mrs. Huldah Delano of Woolwich.

Oct. 9. 1800. Mr. Robert White Junr of Woolwich & Miss Mary Brown of Dresden.

Sept. 17. 1801. Mr. John Blair & Miss Elizabeth Marson both of Woolwich.

Jan. 24. 1802. Mr. Abiel Getchel of Vassalboro & Miss Letitia Harward of Bowdoinham.

March 9. 1802. Mr. John Punz Junr of Fairfield & Miss Sally Obrian of Dresden.

Dec. 12. 1802. Mr. James Convers Reed & Miss Keziah Convers Couch both of Woolwich.

Sept. 11. 1803. Mr. Reuben Hatch & Miss Susanna Peirce both of Dresden.

Dec. 4. 1804. Mr. Nathaniel Day Junr of Woolwich & Miss Sally Brown of Bowdoinham.

Dec. 16. 1804. Mr. Benjamin Davenport of Bath & Miss Lucy Eames of Woolwich.

Feb. 24. 1807. Mr. Robert Lincoln & Miss Elizabeth Lilly both of Woolwich.

Feb. 26. 1807. Mr. William Costelaw of Dresden & Miss Elizabeth Reed of Woolwich.

Nov. 5. 1807. Mr. Daniel Card Junr & Miss Nancy Stinson both of Woolwich.

Nov. 26. 1807. Mr. Joseph Wheeler of Bowdoinham & Miss Mary Hathorn of Dresden. [One of Judge Thwing's grand-daughters.]

Jan. 7. 1808. Mr. Alexander Blair & Miss Elizabeth Pollard both of Dresden.

March 13. 1808. Mr. Daniel Graves of Bowdoinham & Miss Catharine Hathorn of Dresden.

March 24. 1808. Mr. William Dickinson of Wiscasset & Miss Lucy Bailey of Woolwich.

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July 1. 1810. In Dresden Mr. Isaac Tull & Miss Sally Foster both of Wiscasset.

Nov. 22. 1810. Mr. John Dickerson of Wiscasset & Miss Susanna Bayley of Woolwich.

Sept. 11. 1811. Mr. Jonathan Whiting of Winthrop & Miss Susan Hathorn of Woolwich [grand-daughter of the Judge N. T.]

Dec. 23. 1813. Mr. James Blair Junr & Mrs. Elizabeth Card both of Woolwich.

June 19. 1814. Mr. John G. Gould & Miss Betsey Hathorn both of Woolwich. [grand-daughter of Judge Thwing.]

March 7. 1816. Mr. William Hiscock of Nobleborough & Miss Joanna Hathorn of Woolwich (grand-daughter of Judge Thwing).

Nearly all of above marriages took place at Judge Thwing's house on Thwing's Point, Woolwich, Maine.