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Leeds Marriage Intentions, 1851-1875

Source: J. C. Stinchfield, History of the town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine (Lewiston, Me.: Press of Lewiston Journal Co., 1901).

[p. 343]

Phineas Neal of Fayette and Amanda A. Carver, Feb. 17.
Lewis Churchill and Ruth Pettingill, Feb. 17.
John Packard, Jr., of Dover and Elizabeth Knapp, March 3.
Joshua Elder of Lewiston and Araminta Pettingill, Feb. 24.
Cyrus Alden of Auburn and Mrs. Charlotte Lane, March 10.
Abner P. Campbell of Bowdoinham and Olive S. Curtis, March 12.
Nemiah B. Bicknell of Boston, Mass., and Sarah Millett, April 15.
Lucius Andrews of Livermore and Sarah Moulton, April 21.
Ward H. Jennings and Almira Parcher, May 5.
Leonard H. Jennings and Sarah L. Judkins of Fayette, April 28.
Henry C. Millett and Olive B. Rose, May 5.

[p. 344]
Hartley Gray of Embden and Lovina Fish, July 21.
Charles Owen and Martha A. Adams of Litchfield, Aug. 12.
Azel Burnham and Rosannah Sturtevant, Aug. 12.
Benjamin F. Lane and Harriet Herrick, entered Sept. 8.
Gustavus A. Jennings and Elvira A. Jennings, Sept. 28.
Josiah L. F. Grant and Rebecca Rose, Sept. 29.
John H. Hanscom and Marinda J. Gilbert, Dec. 22.

John Keene, Jr., and Orrilla J. Ellms, Feb. 17.
Benjamin F. Howard and Fannie C. Gould, March 16.
Orison Leadbetter and Lucy L. Dunham, March 23.
Charles Towle of Gardiner and Eliza Carver, March 23.
Edmond S. Deane of Buckfield and Hannah S. Brown, March 23.
Valentine R. Bridgham and Mehitable C. Josselyn, March 23.
John F. Gray of Greene and Zilpha A. Rose, May 6.
Abner Curtis, Jr., and Mary H. Curtis, June 9.
William Frost and Elizabeth Lothrop, Aug. 3.
Granville Richmond and Eliza E. Owen, Sept. 21.
Joseph P. Johnson of Monmouth and Aurelia A. Stetson, Sept. 28.
Charles Brown of Carroll and Lydia Turner, Oct. 5.
Lorenzo P. Stetson of Greene and Lucy S. Bates, Nov. 2.
Nelson Rose and Emeline B. Proctor of Canton, Nov. 23.

Emery Foss of Wayne and Sarah E. Foss, Feb. 15.
George Bishop and Susan Lowell of Monmouth, Feb. 29.
Charles C. Sylvester and Hannah Sylvester, March 14.
Orson Lane and Susan E. Boothby, March 21.
Francis D. Millett and Lucina Phillips of Auburn, March 28.
Isaiah B. Additon and Eliza A. Jennings, April 25.
Jeremiah Sylvester and Rachel Brown, entered April 25.
Freedom W. Gould and Adelia Perley of Livermore, May 15.
Benjamin Turner and Harriet H. Lane, entered June 5.
Horace Herrick and Sophronia L. Palmer, entered June 24.
George B. Greenwood of Monmouth and Sarah F. Gould, entered Aug. 28.
Albert W. Sumner and Lucy A. Robbins, entered Sept. 13.
Arza G. Lothrop and Martha J. Ramsdell, entered Oct. 10.
Jessie R. Hall of Brunswick and Judith L. Gilbert, entered Nov. 1.
Jonathan Moulton of Wayne and Lucy M. Foss, entered Dec. 4.
Sylvanus Hammon of Greene and Sophrona Beals, entered Dec. 31.

[p. 345]
John Lewis of Paris and Penelope Rose, entered March 27.
Isaac Cushman and Angeline Harvey of Winthrop, entered March 28.
Dana Goff of Auburn and Orintha H. Foss, entered June 3.
Melville C. Mower of Greene and Hannah L. Jennings, entered May 28.
Samuel P. True and Susan W. Stinchfield, entered June 29.
David S. Wilson of Hillsboro, N. H., and Laverna C. Thomas, entered Aug. 29.
Aruna B. Beals and Nancy E. Ridley of Jay, entered Aug. 30.
John D. Millett and Augusta Millett, entered Sept. 17.
Judson A. Lane and Ann H. Foss, entered Sept. 18.
Amos H. Woodward of Lowell, Mass., and Eunice F. Foss, entered Oct. 2.
Granville C. Carver and Margaret S. Moses of Standish, entered Oct. 8.
Ebenezer Stinchfield and Diodama Larrabee, entered Oct. 8.

William C. Lincoln and Mahala Bishop, Feb. 4.
Josiah C. Hammon of Greene and Ann M. Howe, Feb. 14.
Gilman Moulton and Mrs. Jane Carey, March 21.
James B. Walker of Turner and Prudence Dillingham, March 18.
Benjamin Swain of Wayne and Hannah W. Stinchfield, April 20.
Rev. Joseph Crehore of Bath and Ellen L. Mitchell, May 17.
Sumner Bailey of Turner and Sophrona Sylvester, June 5.
Calvin M. Rose and Annorille Proctor of Canton, July 18.
Charles S. Knapp and Vesta A. Sole, Oct. 2.
Charles W. Prescott of Monmouth and Elmira Mountford, Oct. 25.
Charles H. Lane and Sarah Turner, Nov. 12.
Patrick Manley and Mary Powers, Nov. 17.
John Turner and Elizabeth B. Manwell, Nov. 22.
Thomas C. Foss and Elizabeth L. Cobb, Dec. 12.

Leonard G. Sampson and Martha J. Hodgdon, Jan. 9.
Charles White and Adeline Bradford of Turner, Feb. 24.
Samuel Leadbetter and Mrs. Aurelia Bridgham, March 18.
Andrew J. Hinkley of Monmouth and Mary A. Newton, April 13.
Zopher Deane and Susannah Burnham, May 4.
Rowland A. Gilmore and Cynthia L. Lothrop, May 12.

[p. 346]
Robert F. Wheeler and Rhoda E. Beals, July 28.
Isaiah Gifford of Albion and Cynthia W. Turner, Aug. 6.
Nathaniel Harris of Greene and Lydia Jane Curtis, Aug. 19.
Isaac A. Strout of Wales and Betsey A. Rose, Sept. 10.
Isaiah B. Keen and Eliza Jane Skillings of Strong, Sept. 23.
Sylvanus C. Merrill and Rosina Manwell, Oct. 14.
John Carver, 2d, and Mary Ann Packard, Oct. 19.
Isaac Ridley and Marva Keen of Palmyra, Oct. 20.
John Y. Merrill and Nancy Manwell, Oct. 28.
William H. Huskins and Sarah T. Pearl of Mt. Vernon, Dec. 19.
Charles C. Lane and Mary J. Lothrop, Dec. 24.
James Carver and Mary Fish, Dec. 31.

Roscoe G. Lindsey and Eliza Ann Berry, Jan. 16.
Sewall Stinchfield and Hannah E. Raymond of Wayne, Jan. 22.
William Wing and Francis A. Bates [sic], Jan. 22.
Josiah Turner and Hannah E. Dunham, March 1.
David Grant and Tabitha R. Mitchell, March 26.
Amasa Wheeler and Rosine Harris, May 13.
Moses H. Mitchell (of Letter E) and Jane P. Knapp, June 3.
Horatio L. Williams and Betsey Boothby, June 4.
Benjamin Pearson of Abington, Mass., and Mary L. Hutchins, Sept. 5.
Sewall A. Allen of Greene and Lovisa Additon, Sept. 20.
Sturges N. Jennings and Martha A. Turner, Sept. 21.
John P. Hodsdon of Jay and Laura A. Curtis, Nov. 16.
Cylena H. Bates and Mary H. Sturtevant of Monmouth, Dec. 17.
John C. Hammon of Livermore and Mary Bates, Dec. 28.

Benjamin F. Lewis of Paris and Nancy G. Rose, Jan. 14.
Jabez G. Gould of Monmouth and Olive E. Bates, April 20.
Rollin F. Jennings and Harriet S. Frost, April 22.
Rodolphus Jennings and Lenora M. Hosley, April 30.
John F. Jennings and Eliza A. Additon, April 30.
Ebenezer Stinchfield and Clarissa Judkins of East Livermore, May 26.
John Burnham, Jr., and Hannah Sturtevant, certified July 16.
Oren S. Bates and Tiley Lindsey, certified Aug. 15.
Salmon Brewster and Mrs. Laverna C. Gilmore of Wayne, certified Aug. 30.
Job C. Dennen and Harriet L. Berry, certified Sept. 19.

[p. 347]
Russell S. Linscott of Boston, Mass., and Dorcas Ellen Foss, Oct. 25.
James A. Berry of Fayette and B. Jane Wheeler, Dec. 19.

Stephen Jones of Turner and Mrs. Celia Cushman, Feb. 1.
Thomas J. Additon and Rozilla Smart of Parkman, May 30.
John H. Johnson of Monmouth and Deborah J. Maloon, June 5.
Oliver S. Gilbert and Lucia H. Turner, June 14.
John H. Bates and Jane B. Cook, June 17.
William A. Burnham and Lucinda A. Sturtevant, June 17.
John C. Keene and Josephine Gilbert, Sept. 12.
Edwin S. French of Turner and Lydia W. Leonard, Sept. 18.
George B. Lane and Viola A. Ramsdell, Oct. 24.
David E. Trask and Mary J. Bishop, Nov. 3.
Chessman Curtis and Prudence E. R. Gooch, Nov. 6.
John Burnham and Sarah Magna, Nov. 13.
Isaac H. Bean of Norridgewock and Rebecca Wheeler, Dec. 20.
William H. Francis and Ziporah Perley of Livermore, Dec. 25.

Adoniram J. Foss and Theressa M. Howard, Jan. 24.
Thornton Lyford of Boston and Emily Woodman, Jan. 31.
Barnabas Davee and Hannah L. Knapp, Feb. 16.
David R. Berry and Rhoda A. Knapp, Feb. 27.
Franklin S. Francis and Charlotte Millett, March 2.
Stephen R. Deane and Victoria H. Turner, April 2.
Ensign Otis and Laura B. Howard, April 30.
Abisha Sturtevant and Phebe Bates [no date given].
Robert S. Thomas of Greene and Helen A. Ballou, July 27.
Henry M. Brewster and Angela Bishop, Aug. 27.
Aaron Mower of Greene and Anna A. Rackley, Sept. 15.
George Burnham and Sophrona Sturtevant of Wayne, Sept. 7.
Amos Stetson of Wayne and Priscilla H. Smith, Sept. 17.
William J. Warren of Boston and Anna C. Turner, Sept. 24.
Wesley D. Wheeler and Dora H. Wardwell of Greene, Oct. 25.
Jeremiah P. H. Sullivan of Winthrop and Esther A. Carver, Nov. 4.
Orson Lane and Viora G. Boothby of Lewiston, Dec. 17.
Giddings L. Foss of Farmington and Cordelia Gould, Dec. 31.

[p. 348]
Willard Lothrop and Emeline L. Boothby, Jan. 10.
John Beals and Mary H. Wilber of East Livermore, Jan. 26.
Alanson Rose of Greene and Mary G. Rose, Feb. 3.
Cyrus H. Tobin and Elizabeth A. Wigglesworth, Feb. 10.
Joel Fairbanks of Monmouth and Mrs. Achsa Ramsdell, Feb. 13.
Albion K. P. Mower of Turner and Vanelia E. Sylvester, March 10.
John C. Prescott of Wayne and Ellen Ellms, May 4.
Nathan Bishop and Lucy D. Skillings, May 5.
Elisha P. Ramsdell and Lucy C. Mitchell of Greene, May 6.
Amos B. Bishop and Almira A. Wheeler, May 22.
Gessius F. Jennings and Orra M. Foss, May 24.
John O. Beals and Ellen J. Howe, May 30.
John O. Palmer and Abigail R. Lane, June 2.
Rowland B. Howard and Mary Ellen Patten of Bath, Aug. 14.
Perry Grant and Caroline R. Millett, Oct. 15.
George E. Fogg of Greene and Octavia E. Maloon, Dec. 21.
Charles W. Stuart of Belgrade and Miranda Parcher, Dec. 22.

Llewellyn J. Gould and Mary Jane Millett, Jan. 5.
Earl F. Caswell and Augusta M. Young of Belgrade, Jan. 21.
George T. Smith of Windham and Orissa D. Lamb, Feb. 2.
Seth Fish and Tirzah Ann Carver, Feb. 19.
Lucius Smith of Readfield and Nancy Tobin, March 3.
Joshua Weymouth of Webster and Orissa A. Bates, March 16.
George H. Peare and Ann E. Blackstone of Turner, April 23.
L. Mellen Sylvester and Saphila C. Metcalf of Hope, Aug. 10.
Reuben Beals of Greene and Octavia F. Wheeler, Oct. 19.
Daniel W. Stevens of Winthrop and Matilda Bates, Nov. 15.
Rufus K. Peare and Hannah C. Maxim of Wayne, Dec. 8.
Joseph G. Gott and Rose E. Stinchfield, Dec. 28.

Ward B. Howard and Hannah L. Howard, Jan. 2.
William H. Fuller and Polly C. Keen, Jan. 15.
James N. Atwood of Livermore and Mary E. Knight, Feb. 22.
Benjamin F. Trask and Tabitha A. Millett, March 6.
William Luce Beals of Wales and Elvira Wheeler, March 28.
Wheaton Bates and Mrs. Jane Moore of Lewiston, May 9.
William W. Edgecomb of Livermore and Rufina A. Carver, May 23.
John H. Trask and Mary E. Brown of Livermore, May 31.
Chessman D. Gould and Sarah E. Gardner, July 12.

[p. 349]
Rufus Trask and Mary J. Burnham, Aug. 16.
Roscoe V. Shaw of Greene and Emma Deane, Aug. 24.
Amos P. Grant and Almira J. Libby, Sept. 20.

Patrick Murray and Margaret O'Conners of Lewiston [no date given].
Gustavus W. Lane and Helen M. Snow of North Bridgewater, Mass., Feb. 17.
David B. Beals and Lydia A. Howe, Feb. 28.
Alexander Mank and Roxanna Bishop, April 4.
Eli Berry of Wayne and Esther A. Lane, April 5.
Augustus B. Caswell of Greene and Ann N. Mann, May 30.
Jeremiah T. Burnham and Carrie M. Hodgdon, Aug. 2.
Hiram H. Gilman of Hallowell and Sarah J. Wheeler, Aug. 18.
William B. Canwell of Franklin Pl't'n and Ellura Bishop, Sept. 12.
John F. Jennings and Emeline Foster, Sept. 19.
Milton W. Burnham and Betsey M. Farrington of Fayette, Sept. 29.
John R. Mitchell and Rozillah Berry of Wayne, Nov. 28.
Joseph M. Curtis and Sarah Jane Hodsdon, Dec. 4.
Charles Woodman and Jerusha Ann Hagden of Madison, Dec. 25.
John F. Lewis and Eliza A. Verrill of Auburn, Dec. 30.

Wm. M. Sawyer of Stoughton, Mass., and Betsey C. Bates, Jan. 10.
James W. Libby and Octavia J. Berry, Jan. 19.
Wm. B. Sumner and Julia A. Lindsey, Jan. 24.
James E. Bates and Augusta L. Wheeler, Feb. 8.
Stephen W. Grant and Mary A. Smith of Veazie, March 31.
Thomas W. Mower of Greene and Laura E. Blue, April 9.
Cyrus Bishop and Fiducy A. Wellington of Livermore, June 4.
John C. Stinchfield and Catherine H. Graves of Wayne, July 3.
Albert Mann and Polly Fuller, Aug. 14.
Henry T. Frost and Clementine J. Chandler of Winthrop, Aug. 10.
Wm. E. Elder of Lewiston and Lydia Pettingill, Sept. 3.
Augustus B. Jones of Lewiston and Vesta C. Wing, Dec. 30.
William H. Foss of Wayne and Viora A. Carver, Dec. 31.

[p. 350]
Levi Owen and Amanda T. Curtis, Jan. 8.
John E. Woodman and Laura Whitamore of Fayette, Jan. 18.
Cyrus B. Lane and Lydia A. Lothrop, Jan. 25.
Willam Stout and Lucretia A. Robinson of Webster, Feb. 1.
Jerome Ridley of Wayne and Clara Knowlton, Feb. 3.
Cyrenus Berry of Wayne and Maria P. Abbott, Feb. 10.
Asa Libby and Adeline Skillings, Feb. 19.
Jason M. Ridley of Wayne and Abbie L. Stinchfield, March 12.
Davis Francis and Mrs. Julia Ann Fernald, April 23.
William H. Erskins of Wayne and Lucretia Petingill, June 1.
Lucius Clark Robbins and Sally S. Train of Philadelphia, June 21.
Ebenezer Curtis and Cordelia Briggs, July 21.
William P. Pettingill of Monmouth and Hannah Owen, July 31.
Henry A. Brown and Susan Jane Towle, Oct. 5.
Ebenezer Wheeler and Marcia Pullen of Monmouth, Oct. 26.
Jonathan Lovewell of Livermore and Eliza P. Gould, Nov. 12.
Salmon C. Brewster and Henrietta Libby, Dec. 23.
Lucius C. Dunham and Marcia E. Andrews, Dec. 26.

Duane S. Wing and Clara C. Howard, Jan. 5.
Thomas B. Norris of East Livermore and Mary E. Cobb, Jan. 29.
Thomas S. Rose of Greene and Hortencia W. Rose, Feb. 20.
Everett Lindsey and Mary Jane Howard, March 11.
Albert L. Additon of Greene and Florence A. Turner, May 1.
George E. Minot of Belgrade and Effie C. Parcher, June 5.
William Bodge and Josephine S. Tenny of Raymond, June 25.
Asa I. Soule of Phillips and Prudence A. Briggs, June 23.
Charles F. Lindsey and Mrs. Mary J. Trask, July 13.
James H. Libby of Turner and Orrah A. Millett, Aug. 2.
Rodelphus H. Gilmore of Iowa and Rose E. Deane, Aug. 8.
S. B. Harmon of Lewiston and Mrs. Lydia W. French, Aug. 11.
Orin E. Bates and Anna Waymouth of Webster, Aug. 23.

Joseph H. Bridgham and Rozillah Abbott, Jan. 4.
Arcadius Pettingill and Lois J. Norris of Wayne, Jan. 12.
John Abbott and Lucretia D. Gould of Wayne, Jan. 13.
J. L. B. Farrington of Wilton and Orrah A. Boothby, Feb. 19.

[p. 351]
Clabon Carter and Mary Fager, Feb. 22.
Dexter W. True of Livermore and Celestia A. Hosley, May 1.
Wallace R. Leadbetter and Irene E. Nichols of Monmouth, May 10.
Frank M. Higgins and Flora L. Lothrop, Sept. 10.
George E. Wardwell of Greene and Elacta D. Gilbert, June 6.
Martin Maxim and Amanda Adams of Lewiston, June 21.
Aaron Hartt of Brookline and Helen M. Libby, July 14.
Benjamin P. Winslow and Emily F. Quimby of Greene, Sept. 7.
Stephen D. Knapp and Lizzie B. More of Livermore, Oct. 29.
L. H. Foss and Clara O. Woodford, Nov. 9.
Warren L. Lothrop and Abbie F. Knowles of Corinna, Nov. 23.
Granville Richmond and Isabell W. Jones of Turner, Dec. 10.
Charles D. White and Clara E. Palmer, Dec. 24.
Thomas H. Boothby and Sarah C. Libby, December [no day given].

Hezekiah S. Gordon and Pebe J. Gordon, January [no day given].
William R. Pettingill and Fannie P. Libby, Aug. 15.
David Trask and Rosannah Hanscom [no date given].
Marcellus F. Cushman and Frances M. Pettingill, Aug. 20.
Samuel Walker of Litchfield and Mrs. Martha A. Owen, Sept. 12.
Moses Fogg and Lizzie D. Williamson of Greene, Sept. 13.
Charles A. Wing of Franklin and Sarah E. Burnham, Nov. 20.
C. W. Battles and Mira B. Knapp, Nov. 16.
Lorenzo Leadbetter and Jennie O. Hall of Turner, Nov. 22.
Francis E. Howe of Greene and Elenor C. Pettingill, Dec. 24.

John F. Keith and Sarah F. Hill, Feb. 2.
Augustus S. George and Huldah J. Sprague, Jan. 29.
Frank G. Foss and Vesta T. Foss, Jan. 31.
Thomas J. Hallowell and Eliza A. Libby, Feb. 26.
Russell L. Gould and Ada S. Greenwood, Mar. 14.
Almon L. Ray and Eliza J. George, Oct. 6.
Everett Lindsay and Mrs. Eliza A. Lindsay of Monmouth, Oct. 20.
Rufus F. Burnham and Mrs. Rosilla Burnham, Nov. 2.
George Parcher and Carrie W. Norton, Nov. 17.
Benjamin H. Boynton of Rumford and Emma E. Libby, Nov. 22.
Alonzo Davis of Gorham and Carrie A. Foster, Nov. 28.

[p. 352]
Hiram Q. Hammond and Rose S. Frost, Dec. 2.
Charles W. Libby and Phœbe C. Levitt, Dec. 2.
George T. Bishop and Julia H. Byrom of Phillips, Dec. 23.

Robert Burell and Mrs. Fannie Swinton of Auburn, Jan. 21.
Almon L. Ray and Eliza J. George, Jan. 25.
John Coleman and Sarah R. Soper, April 11.
Solomon Dyer and Julia A. Trufant, April 23.
Levi Bates and Maria E. Cook, April 30.
George H. Douglass of Gorham and Hattie A. Foster, May 5.
Ebenezer Stinchfield and Almira Berry, May 13.
Amos F. Thomes and Mary E. Soper, June 19.
Philo C. Gilbert and Mary C. Ellenwood of Lowell, Nov. 20.
Henry A. Libby and Carrie E. Boynton of Rumford, Dec. 5.
Jeremiah F. Burnham and Abby P. Taylor, Dec. 17.
A. House, Jr., Monmouth, and Mrs. Zipporah C. Gordon, Dec. 27.
Benjamin Gilbert and Amanda F. Wagner, Dec. 29.

Charles R. Libby and Emma R. Day of Monmouth, Jan. 12.
D. H. Dearborn of Monmouth and Lucy Robbins, March 8.
George E. Gilbert and Amanda J. Chase of Buckfield, April 5.
Franklin J. Lindsay and Huldah L. Richmond of Livermore, April 11.
Melvin Berry and Kate M. Foss, April 15.
John A. Wheeler and Helen L. Gilbert of Winthrop, April 29.
Horatio Bradford of Paris and Laura M. Larrabee, May 2.
William R. Millett and Viora H. Gordon, May 30.
Thomas J. Harrington and Jane A. Burnham, August 1.
George W. Wing and Sarah F. Harrington of Livermore, Sept. 2.
Herbert L. Millett and Lydia A. Gordon, Sept. 2.
George E. Watts and Hattie A. Work, Sept. 14.
Charles L. Thomas of Greene and Mary Deane, Oct. 5.
Columbus P. Hosley and Bessie A. Bodge, Oct. 15.
Henry B. Greenleaf and Lourana Maguire, Oct. 24.
Henry F. Pettingill and Adelia M. Gordon of Vienna, Nov. 21.

Lorenzo Leadbetter and Hattie A. Foster of Wayne, Jan. 21.
Stephen Knapp and Mrs. Abbie E. Marden, Feb. 20.
Charles Wentworth and Mrs. Eunice Magner, May 14.
George Tarr of Brunswick and Flora E. Hallowell, Aug. 20.
Lendall S. Caswell and Thressa H. Parsons, Sept. 3.

[p. 353]
Louville W. Gould and Mary E. Gray, Sept. 14.
Thomas W. Curtis of Gardiner and Mary Ann Day, Nov. 14.
Lewis L. Lindsay and Flora C. Curtis, Nov. 18.
James McCluskey and Anna L. Libby, Dec. 22.
George E. Carver and Augusta A. Sprague, Dec. 24.
Charles R. Besse of Vienna and Lydia J. Boothby, Dec. 25.
Chandler F. Cobb and Ella Gordon, Dec. 31.

E. M. S. Abbott and Helen S. Weston of Readfield, Jan. 2.
Amos H. Bishop and Mrs. Thompson of Strong, Feb. 20.
John L. Plummer of Monmouth and Victoria Wheeler, Mar. 4.
Sewall W. Stinchfield and Jennie S. Teague of Mt. Vernon, May 9.
Horace H. Burbank and Fannie M. Sprague, May 22.
John E. Carver and Jennie L. Richards, May 25.
S. C. Merrill and Addie E. Rose, June 4.
Frank E. Gould and Sarah L. Peare, June 28.
Thomas I. Jepson and Columbia H. Berry, Aug. 6.
Herbert L. Grant and Addie N. Smith, Nov. 21.
Edgar Rose and Adelia Rounds of Auburn, Dec. 5.

Minot Williams of Bowdoin and Lucy E. Rowe, March 25.
Henry M. Beals and Anvalette Caswell of Auburn, April 4.
John W. Beckler and Mary F. Ham of Wales, April 30.
James S. Wing and Ellen F. Hallowell, May 15.
S. P. Libby and Emma L. Norris of Wayne, May 25.
Davis P. True and Bessie R. Stinchfield of Auburn, May 31.
Roscoe P. Wheeler and Sarah S. Bodge, August 28.
Lewis S. Wheeler and Rosemand Waterhouse of Poland, August 29.
William H. Wing and Lilla E. Hallowell, Sept. 20.
David Sturtevant and Betsey A. Burnham, Sept. 20.
John Dumley and Ellen Lynch, Oct. 23.
Frank H. Hussey and Annie L. Merrill of Etna, Nov. 24.
Walter P. Foss and Hattie F. Cox of Farmingdale, Dec. 23.
Horace F. Alden of Turner and Esta B. Hussey, Dec. 30.

Isaac C. Libby and Albina L. Fogg, Feb. 11.
Wallace W. Mower of Greene and Lizzie J. Pettingill, March 15.
John A. Burnham and Lucretia D. Taylor, March 16.

[p. 354]
Peltiah F. Libby and Mrs. Mary Ann Knowlton, May 5.
Warren Carver and Hannah E. Mower, July 9.
Charles S. Moody and Millie E. Shorey of Monmouth, Dec. 24.