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Lincoln County Intentions of Marriage, 1790-1804

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 46 (January 1892). I have changed the format of entries slightly.

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Communicated by Benjamin N. Goodale, Esq., of Saco, Me.
[The second date, where it occurs, is the endorsed date of marriage].
I send some old Lincoln County intentions of marriage. They were among papers in my care. I do not know if they are on record, but probably most of them are. They may be of use to somebody.

Readfield.—Feb. 5, 1792.—Mr. Jeremiah Ellsworth [&] Miss Sally Doddge of Midletown.

Harpswell.—Jan. 10, 1793.—Mr. Daniel Webber of H. [&] Mrs. Abigail Sylvester of Pownalborough.

Bristol.—Sept. 26, 1794.—Mr. Stephen Stewart of B. [&] Miss Doley Horin of Pownalborough.

Edgecomb.—Nov. 12, 1794.—Mr. Solomon Gove Junr [&] Ruth Baker, both of this town.

Dresden.—May 18, 1795.—Mr. Stephen Munro Junior [&] Miss Mary Stilphen, both of D.

New Milford.—Aug. 17, 1798 (Jan. 14).—Mr. David Vining [&] Mrs. Jenny Gonell, both of New M.

Pittston.—Jan. 19, 1792.—Mr. Thomas Palmer [&] Miss Sarah Parsons of Newcastle.

[Pittston].—Jan. 14, 1793.—Mr. Joshua Folingsby Little [&] Miss Rebekah Dow, of Balls Town.

[Pittston].—Sept. 30, 1794.—Mr. Joseph Pulcifer Junr [&] Miss Mercy Brown, of Ballstown.

[Pittston].—Nov. 10, 1794.—Mr. Jonathan Moody [&] Miss Sally Palmer, both of P.

[Pittston].—Dec. 4, 1797.—Mr. Samuel Palmer [&] Miss Abigal Pratt, both of P.

Wiscasset.—Jan. 9, 1799 (m. Jan. 10, 1799).—Mr. William Wyman [&] Miss Nancy Coffin, both of this town.

Wiscasset.—Mar. 24, 1804 (Ap. 14).—Mr. Thomas Dorrel [&] Mrs. Elizabeth Todd.

[Wiscasset].—June 23, 1804 (June 23, 1804).—Mr. Francis Seuil [&] Mrs. Hannah Chace, both of W.

[Wiscasset].—Dec. 19, 1804 (Dec. 20, 1804).—Mr. Michael Wharton [&] Miss Betsey Grover, both of W.

Ballstown.—Feb. 24, 1791.—Mr. James Wears [&] Elizabeth Cunningham, both of B.

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Ballstown.—Nov. 5, 1792 (Dec. 13).—Mr. John McCurdy [&] Mrs. Mary Reves, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Dec. 20, 1792 (Jan. 17, 1793).—Mr. Moses Noyce, of Ballstown [&] Mrs. Sarah Kiah, of Pownalborough.

[Ballstown].—Dec. 28, 1792 (Jan. 10, 1793).—Mr. William Heel [&] Mrs. Susanna Shepherd, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Jan. 14, 1793 (Jan. 17, 1793).—Mr. Jacob Rowell [&] Mrs. Lucia Vining, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Feb. 4, 1793.—Mr. Joshua follensbury Little, of Pittstown [&] Mrs. Rebekah Dow, of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 18, 1793.—Mr. Timothy Plumer [&] Mrs. Hannah Hutchins, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 28, 1793.—Mr. Winthrope Weeks [&] Mrs. Hannah Hogskins, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Sept. 26, 1793 (Nov. 15, 1793).—Mr. Nehimiah Blake [&] Mrs. Anna Tibetts, both of Great Pond Settlement.

[Ballstown].—Oct. 22, 1793 (Jan. 3, 1794).—Mr. James Reves Jun. [&] Mrs. Lucia Trask, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Dec. 13, 1793 (Jan. 2, 1794).—Mr. John James [&] Mrs. Sarah Hutchins, both of Great Pond Settlement.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 8, 1794 (Mar. 10, 1794).—Mr. Abner Ford Jun. [&] Mrs. Susannah Fowles, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Aug. 11, 1794.—Mr. John Parker [&] Mrs. Lydia Rollens, both of B.

[Ballstown].—Sept. 20, 1794.—Mr. George Manson [&] Mrs. Susannah Coopper.

[Ballstown].—Oct. 4, 1794 (Oct. 10, 1794).—Mr. Michael Glidden [&] Mrs. Sally Hankley, both of B.

[Ballstown].—Oct. 20, 1794.—Mr. Joseph Pulsepher Junr of Pittstown [&] Mrs. Mercy Brown, of B.

[Ballstown].—Nov. 15, 1794.—Mr. Ebenezer Rollens [&] Miss Hannah Aulny, both of B.

[Ballstown].—July 29, 1795.—Mr. James Peasley [&] Mrs. Ruth Peasley, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Sept. 16, 1795.—Mr. Solomon Potter [&] Mrs. Rachel Bartlett, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Nov. 16, 1795 (Nov. 23 or 24).—Mr. Ezra Baley, of Newmillford [&] Mrs. Nancy Heath, of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Feb. 15, 1796.—Mr. Jacob Rowell [&] Mrs. Hannah Reves, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 10, 1796.—Mr. John Woodman Jr. [&] Mrs. Betsey Bourn, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 10, 1796.—Mr. Jonathan Peasley [&] Mrs. Katherine Murphy, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 17, 1796 (Mar. 31).—Mr. Nathan Longfellow Jun., of this plantation [&] Mrs. Elizabeth Jewett, of Newmilford.

[Ballstown].—Mar. 22, 1796.—Mr. Daniel Hayward [&] Mrs. Hannah Greenlief, both of this plantation.

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Ballstown.—May 14, 1796.—Mr. James Murphy Junr [&] Mrs. Rebekah Laitain, both of this plantation.

[Ballstown].—Sept. 4, 1796.—Mr. Nathaniel Noyce, of this plantation [&] Mrs. Anna (Currier?) of Newmillford.

Pownalboro.—Ap. 18, 1791.—Mr. Joel Pelton, of Seven mile Brook [&] Miss Anna Cottra, of P.

Pounalbouro.—Mar. 10, 1792.—James Norrass [&] Mary Eckorn.

Pownalboro.—Oct. 30, 1792 (Nov. 29, '92).—Mr. Asa Smith, Junr [&] Miss Nancy Singelton, both of P.

[Pownalboro].—Dec. 3, 1792 (Dec. 25, 1792).—Mr. Isaac Brawn [&] Miss Betsey Coockson, both of Ballstown.

[Pownalboro].—Jan. 14, 1793 (Jan. 17, '93).—Mr. Moses Noyes, of Ballstown [&] Miss Sarah Currier, of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—Jan. 16, 1793 (Jan. 24).—Mr. Daniel Webber Junr., of Harpswell [&] Miss Abigail Sylvester, of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—Jan. 21, 1793.—Mr. Nathan Dow [&] Miss Betsey Prible, both of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—Ap. 12, 1793.—Mr. Joseph Arnold, of Pownalborough [&] Miss Betsey Whittin, of (Great Pond so called).

[Pownalboro].—Sept. 3, 1794.—Mr. William Hodge [&] Miss Polly Avirell, both of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—Nov. 26, 1794.—Mr. Stephen Stewart, of Bristol [&] Miss Dolly Horn, of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—Nov. 2, 1795.—Mr. Joseph Carleton Junr [&] Miss Rebecca Erskin, both of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—May 15, 1800 (May 15, 1800).—Mr. Moses Owen [&] Mrs. Ami Herrington, both of Pownalborough.

[Pownalboro].—Ap. 6, 1801 (Ap. 7, 1801).—Mr. Peter Johnson [&] Miss Polly Lake, both of Pownalborough.

New Castle.—Mar. 15, 1790.—Mr. John Bradstreet, of Sheepscut great Pond [&] Abigail Gleddin, of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Sept. 29, 1790 (Oct. 19).—Mr. Daniel Clough [&] Miss Jude Greely, both of this Town.

[New Castle].—Nov. 13, 1790 (Nov. 18).—Joseph Bartlet [&] Nancy Muney, both of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Nov. 30, 1790 (Dec. 16).—Mr. Benjamin Plumer [&] Miss Nancy Bevis, both of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Dec. 21, 1790.—Mr. Francis Shoat [&] Miss Susanna Heath, of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Feb. 24, 1791.—Mr. James Wier (endorsed Wyer) [&] Miss Betsey Cuningham, both of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Sept. 1, 1791.—Mr. Ebenezer Filbrook (endorsed Phillbrook) [&] Sarah Osborn, both of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Sept. 29, 1791.—Mr. Benjamin Noice (endorsed Noyce) [&] Miss Lois Turner, both of this town.

[New Castle].—Dec. 31, 1791.—Mr. Isaac Davis [&] Miss Elizabeth Boyanton, both of Ball-Town.

[New Castle].—Jan. 24, 1792.—Thomas Palmer, of Pitts Town [&] Sarah Parsons, of this Town.

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New Castle.—Mar. 28, 1792.—Mr. John Huchings [&] Miss Joanna Weeks, both of Sheepscut Pond.

[New Castle].—Mar. 6, 1794 (Mar. 6, '94).—Mr. John Bumford [&] Miss Polly Averel.

[New Castle].—Dec. 18, 1794.—Mr. Jacob Creesey [&] Miss Polly Quigg, both of this town.

[New Castle].—Dec. 27, 1794.—Mr. William Malcher [&] Miss Abigail Berstow, both of this town.

[New Castle].—Mar. 23, 1796.—Mr. Edward Parsons, of New Millford (endorsed Pearson) [&] Miss Phebe Quigg, of this Town.