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Intentions of Marriage Registered in Wayne, 1851-1875

Source: History of the town of Wayne, Kennebec County, Maine: from its settlement to 1898 (Augusta Me.: Maine Farmer Pub. Co., 1898).

[p. 144]

John Magner and Harriet Maxim, both of Wayne, April 6.
Charles H. Foss and Zipporah S. Richmond, both of Wayne, April 13.
Woodbury Stinchfield and Frances M. Fuller, both of Wayne, May 18.
Marshall Whitney of Portland and Sarah A. Gordon of Wayne, May 26.
Edward J. Pullen of Wayne and Esther L. Johnson of Jay, June 22.
Geo. W. Ford of Readfield and Lydia Evans of Wayne, July 13.
Moses Greenwood of Wayne and Mehitabel Chute of Wilton, July 20.
Daniel E. Bartlett of Wayne and Harriet B. Watson of Farmington, Aug. 24.
Alden Cushman of Oxford and Susan R. Getchell of Wayne, Aug. 24.

[p. 145]
Benjamin T. Lamson of Boston, Mass., and Malansy B. Frost of Wayne, Aug. 31.
Charles H. Berry of Winthrop and Deborah Churchill of Wayne, Sept. 14.
Ezra Mitchell of Wayne and Mary E. Fairbanks of Mt. Vernon, Oct. 19.
Wm. Burgess of Monmouth and Celia Ann Lamott of Wayne, Nov. 2.
Charles House and Nancy Jane House, both of Wayne, Nov. 25.
Jeremiah Gordon of Wayne and Lovica H. Hammond of East Livermore, Dec. 13.

Lafayette M. Burgess of East Livermore and Hannah S. Graves of Wayne, Jan. 11.
Calvin A. House and Lettice W. Maxim, both of Wayne, Jan. 25.
Emery Foss of Wayne and Sarah E. Foss of Leeds, Feb. 1.
Wm. H. Fellows of Winthrop and Sarah F. Smith of Wayne, February 8.
Azel L. Hammond of Peru and Sarah Maxim of Wayne, Feb. 14.
Wm. H. Burgess and Sylvina P. Foss, both of Wayne, Feb. 29.
Greenleaf Richards and Cordelia Holman, both of Wayne, March 15.
George W. Gordon and Alice B. Kempton, both of Wayne, April 3.
Isaac Pettingill and Lucy Frost, both of Wayne, April 10.
Garvais Nolin and A. Fillebrown, both of Wayne, July 1.
Wm. C. Dennen of Wayne and Julia A. Portin of Vienna, Aug. 13.
Nathaniel Jordan of Wayne and Hannah Smith of Readfield, Aug. 13.
John P. Ames of Wayne and Celia Ann Farnham of Belgrade, Aug. 13.
Wm. R. Raymond and Mrs. Mary Ann Norris, both of Wayne, September 11.
Luellen B. Smith of Winthrop and Roxana Frost of Wayne, September 15.
Daniel P. Smith of Smithfield, R. I., and Jane Cushman of Wayne, September 27.
John P. Snow of Winthrop and Elvira Gott of Wayne, Sept. 29.
John O. Smith and Mrs. Abigail Raymond, both of Wayne, Oct. 2.

[p. 146]
Charles F. G. Hammond of East Livermore and Marcena F. Norris of Wayne, Nov. 13.
Jonathan Moulton of Wayne and Lucy M. Foss of Leeds, Dec. 4.
Wm. Gott of Wayne and Catharine D. Bachelder of Winthrop, December 23.
Alpheus H. Johnson and Lucilla Fairbanks, both of Wayne, Dec. 29.

Amasa Dexter of Wayne and Mrs. Louisa Waugh of Winthrop, Jan. 1.
John D. Harmon of Wayne and Cordelia D. Peterson of Winthrop, Mar. 18.
Oliver C. Gordon of Wayne and Clarissa H. Buker of Weld, Mar. 18.
Charles E. Smith and Lois Besse, both of Wayne, April 9.
Anson D. Wing and Lovisa B. Daily, both of Wayne, June 1.
Rev. John Cumner of Wayne and Melinda Paine of North Anson, June 22.
Charles C. Daily and Clarinda Wing, both of Wayne, July 16.
Wm. B. Cumner and Charity S. Blackwell, both of Wayne, Aug. 3.
Wm. Raymond and Mary Webber, both of Wayne, Sept. 6.
Silas Maxim and Betsey Hammond, both of Wayne, Sept. 14.
Russell Graves of Wayne and Mrs. Harriet N. Richards of Winthrop, Sept. 28.
Horatio C. Porter of Vienna and Elvira A. Dearborn of Wayne, Oct. 1.
Russell S. Foss of Wayne and Sarah A. Delano of Livermore, Nov. 17.
Jacob Maxim of East Livermore and Amanda Pettingill of Wayne, Nov. 30.
Ezra Gage and Abby Norris, both of Wayne, Dec. 7.
Charles K. Lombard of Readfield and Lucinda E. Berry of Wayne, Dec. 20.

Wm. Trowbridge of Newton, Mass., and Mary Besse of Wayne, Jan. 2.
A. K. P. Burgess and Rosa L. Cross, both of Wayne, Jan. 5.
Daniel J. Raymond and F. E. Smith, both of Wayne, Feb. 4.
Lory A. Foss and Nancy A. Raymond, both of Wayne, Feb. 20.

[p. 147]
Abel M. Bumpus of Livermore and Eliza V. Gordon of Wayne, Mar. 11.
Benjamin Swain of Wayne and Mrs. Hannah W. Stinchfield of Leeds, April 21.
Sumner B. Downing of Wayne and Abigail B. Rowell of Livermore, Mar. 27.
James Young and Julia N. Kent, both of Wayne, June 14.
Charles E. Blackwell and Olive Jane Dean, both of Wayne, Aug. 1.
Wm. Buchanan and Arvilla M. Willey, both of Shipton Co., Canada, Sept. 26.
Charles Norris and Olive A. Maxim, both of Wayne, Oct. 23.
Elijah Stevens and Rebecca J. Raymond, both of Wayne, Oct. 28.
Cyrus Stevens and Elizabeth Hammond, both of Wayne, Dec. 2.

Albert G. French of Fayette and Julia M. Wing of Wayne, Feb. 1.
Columbus C. Spear and Oliva Smiley, both of Wayne, Mar. 6.
D. E. Barnum of Salesbury, Conn., and Elizabeth Frost of Wayne, March 25.
Alden Washburne of Madison and Judith L. Jones of Winthrop, March 25.
Willard M. Besse and Rosaline Burgess, both of Wayne, May 19.
Joseph H. Jacobs of Thomaston and Ellen A. Knight of Wayne, March 29.
Osgood Graves and Mercy M. Bishop, both of Wayne, July 2.
John B. Crosby and Elizabeth B. Berry, both of Wayne, Aug. 18.
Dr. C. H. Barker of Wayne and Abby M. Small of Cornish, Aug. 18.
Louis Belanger of Wayne and Harriet A. Erskine of Fayette, Sept. 8.
Henry O. Wing and Sarah A. Maxim, both of Wayne, Sept. 11.
John G. House and C. A. Wing, both of Wayne, Sept. 15.
Wm. Churchill and Mary J. Gordon, both of Wayne, Sept. 15.
J. M. Haines of Readfield and S. J. Fillebrown of Wayne, Nov. 7.
Isaac N. Briggs of Winthrop and Ruth J. Norris of Wayne, November 12.
S. W. Dennen of Wayne and Caroline White of Readfield, Nov. 19.
Roswell House and Emily Smith, both of Wayne, December 29.
______ Knox of Fayette and Mary Ann True of Wayne, Dec. 29.

[p. 148]
Sewall Stinchfield of Leeds and Hannah Raymond of Wayne, Jan. 23.
Moses P. Wing of Wayne and Flora Baker of Livermore, Jan. 23.
Jeremiah D. Walton of Wayne and Beulah P. Norris of East Livermore, Mar. 1.
Wm. H. Bishop of Abington, Mass., and Seviah M. Bishop of Wayne [no date given].
Samuel Graves and Emily Davenport, both of Wayne, May 5.
Hervey A. Lowell of Readfield and Martha A. J. Dexter of Wayne, June __.
______ Thompson and H. U. J. Morse, both of Wayne, July 30.
Luther B. Sanborn of Milwaukee, Wis., and Sarah E. Norris of Wayne, Aug. 16.
Silas Lawrence of Sumner and Lucy Ann Davenport of Wayne, Oct. 3.
Benjamin F. Burgess of Wayne and Frances Berry of Winthrop, Oct. 6.
John M. Stanley and Matilda Maxim, both of Wayne, Dec. 27.

R. M. Kent of Fayette and Elizabeth T. Burgess of Wayne, Feb. 4.
Wm. C. Poole of Worthington, Ohio, and Rosabella Foss of Wayne, March 3.
Llewellyn Wing of Wayne and Mrs. Eunice Keen of Peru, Apr. 4.
Benjamin C. Cumner of Wayne and Nancy S. Webber of Phillips, May 23.
Leonard Willey and Mrs. Lois B. Mitchell, both of Wayne, May 23.
Silas E. True and Sarah E. Stevens, both of Wayne, June 23.
Salmon Brewster of Leeds and Lavina C. Gilmore of Wayne, Aug. 15.
George Plimpton of Litchfield and Orissa F. Foss of Wayne, Oct. 17.
Henry T. Burgess of East Livermore and Almira F. Norris of Wayne, Dec. 23.

George W. Besse and Locady L. Norris, both of Wayne, Mar. 15.

[p. 149]
Freeman Manter and Mary S. Jones, both of Wayne, May 20.
Joseph U. Walton of Fayette and Mary C. Bartlett of Wayne, May 21.
J. W. Richards and M. A. Atwood, both of Wayne, June 21.
Hiram E. Norris and Elizabeth Bishop, both of Wayne, June 26.
Franklin Foster and Jennette W. Wing, both of Wayne, Sept. 18.
John S. Gordon of Fayette and Elizabeth F. Raymond of Wayne, Sept. 20.
Nelson N. Knight and Lucy A. Bishop, both of Wayne, Sept. 20.
John Burnham of Leeds and Sarah Manger of Wayne, Nov. 7.
Luther S. Maxim and Roxanna P. Frost, both of Wayne, Dec. 5.
Henry A. Dexter and Euphrasia S. Foss, both of Wayne, Dec. 13.
George F. Fairbanks of Wayne and Corrilla E. Rose of Livermore, December 13.

O. E. Berry of Wayne and S. P. Kinsley of Clinton, April 4.
Abisha Sturtevant of Wayne and Phebe Bates of Leeds, April 29.
J. H. Thorne and Mrs. Mary H. Norris, both of Wayne, May 23.
Melvin B. Fuller and Celia E. Wing, both of Wayne, June 7.
Theodore V. Knox of Fayette and Betsey Ridley of Wayne, June 26.
Abel F. Boynton and Mary J. Graves, both of Wayne, June 28.
A. R. Dickinson of Mercer and Eliza A. Stinchfield of Wayne, Aug. 3.
F. L. Morse of Glasgow, Ky., and Aurelia A. Dexter of Wayne, August 6.
George Burnham of Leeds and Sophronia Sturtevant of Wayne, Sept. 8.
Amos Stetson of Wayne and Priscilla H. Smith of Leeds, Sept. 13.
Monroe M. Dexter and Julia N. Burgess, both of Wayne, Sept. 20.
Bryce H. Jewett of Fayette and Martha J. Knight of Wayne, Sept. 29.
Lewis Dexter of Wayne and Mrs. Mary N. Dexter of Hingham, Mass., Oct. 22.
Rufus K. Berry of Winthrop and Sophia A. Pierce of Wayne, December 20.
Asa S. Dodge of Perkins Plantation and Olive Berry of Wayne, December 26.

[p. 150]
James Moulton and Mrs. Rosaline Bean, both of Wayne, Feb. 13.
Silas A. Manter and Alice A. Pettingill, both of Wayne, March 14.
Jaquis Boutier and Lenora C. Lewis, both of Wayne, April 2.
Charles E. Bigelow and Adelaide Lamson, both of Wayne, Apr. 20.
Charles E. Prescott of Wayne and Ellen E. Ellms of Leeds, April 23.
Eben B. Whitney of Lisbon and Helen L. Hill of South Exeter, April 26.
Allen Frost and Eliza Fairbanks, both of Wayne, June 30.
Elias Haley and Clarissa Knight, both of Wayne, July 7.
Warren Daggett and Pamelia F. Wing, both of Wayne, Aug.6.
George Abbott of Wayne and Lizzie Bartlett of Unity, Sept. 10.
Sewall Pettingill of Wayne and Mary H. Sanborn of Fayette, Sept. 10.
Thomas Burbank of Jefferson and Mrs. Mehitabel B. Lawrence of Wayne, Sept. 27.
A. Ray and Rose Palmer, both of Wayne, October 19.
Noah G. Sanborn and Catharine W. Cumner, both of Wayne, Oct. 28.
Leonard Wing of Wayne and Sarah J. Brainard of Winthrop, Nov. 6.
Vernel B. Fuller of Portland and Amelia Lamson of Wayne, Dec. 8.

Frank B. Chandler of Waterville and Eliza Goodwin of Wayne, Jan. 22.
Alfred R. Swift of Wayne and Julia Monroe of Livermore, March 12.
Franklin W. Chandler of Augusta and Elizabeth F. Wing of Wayne, April 12.
Rev. Gideon S. Smith of Wayne and Naomi A. Butler of Hancock, May 26.
Capt. Ephraim Norris of Wayne and Mrs. Mary Berry of Fayette, July 14.
Charles W. Stetson and Nancy A. Young, both of Wayne, July 24.
Wm. Wing, Esq., of Wayne and Mrs. Hannah G. Fogg of Lewiston, July 28.

[p. 151]
Capt. Ephraim Norris of Wayne and Mrs. Lydia Loomis of Monmouth, July 28.
J. A. Farrington of Andover and Mary A. B. Burgess of Wayne [no date given].
Rufus K. Pease of Leeds and Hannah C. Maxim of Wayne, Dec. 3.
F. W. Burgess and Nina Lane, both of Wayne, Dec. 16.
L. R. Sturtevant of Cape Elizabeth and Lucilla M. Clark of Wayne, Dec. 29.

Charles J. Downs of Charlestown, Mass., and Abby Ann Snow of Wayne, Jan. 27.
Reuben W. Weld of Livermore and Abia R. Ridley of Wayne, Jan. 29.
George A. Maxim of Wayne and Ellen P. Jackson of Peru, March 31.
Gilbert P. Taylor and Mary L. Bishop, both of Wayne, May 21.
Lewis H. Wing and Martha B. Bigelow, both of Wayne, June 7.
James O. Trask of Wayne and Olive Records of Fayette, July 6.
George W. Raymond and Henrietta L. Frost, both of Wayne, Nov. 17.

Curtis Dodge of Perkins Plantation and Orissa B. Berry of Wayne, March 16.
Eli N. Berry of Wayne and Esther A. Lane of Leeds, March 31.
Russell F. Raymond and Hannah J. Wing, both of Wayne, June 18.
Wm. E. True and Mellie A. Stevens, both of Wayne, Oct. 5.
John R. Millett of Leeds and Rosilla Berry of Wayne, Nov. 21.
Russell F. Raymond and Hannah J. Wing, both of Wayne, Dec. 8.
Freeman W. Burnell and Lauressa Young, both of Wayne, December 21.
James R. Raymond and Olive E. Manger, both of Wayne, December 21.

Wm. H. House of Wayne and Eunice F. Wing of Winthrop, February 15.
George Palmer of Wayne and Mrs. Mary D. Shaw of Winthrop, March 8.
Abington Ridley of Wayne and Harriet E. Edgecomb of Livermore, March 16.

[p. 152]
Joshua Goodwin and Marinda E. Raymond, both of Wayne, April 25.
John Stevens of Wayne and Mrs. Glaphyra Stevens of Sebec, June 6.
John C. Stinchfield of Leeds and Catharine H. Graves of Wayne, June 27.
Edward G. Dexter and Mary L. Lamson, both of Wayne, June 27.
Nathan Handy and Elizabeth Stevens, both of Wayne, July 4.
Howard C. Gott and Ellen M. Pettingill, both of Wayne, July 4.
Samuel W. Bishop and Avis H. Gould, both of Wayne, Aug.10.
W. B. Frost and Ellen M. Farrington, both of Wayne, Sept. 13.
George S. Whitney of Wayne and Lucy A. Sweetser of Phillips, Oct. __.
John C. Hammon of East Livermore and Alvira A. Gordon of Wayne, Oct. 29.
Wm. H. Foss of Wayne and Viola A. Carver of Leeds, Dec. 26.
Edwin H. Bunnel and Carrie C. Hall, both of Wayne, Dec. 26.

Jerome Ridley of Wayne and Clarissa Knowlton of Leeds, Feb. 4.
Rufus A. Wing and Emily F. Dexter, both of Wayne, Feb. 20.
David L. Boyle and Mrs. Louisa J. Boyle, both of Wayne, Feb. 27.
Jason M. Ridley of Wayne and Abby C. Stinchfield of Leeds, March 9.
Edward K. Richardson and Eliza E. Knight, both of Wayne, April 3.
Charles M. Conner and Emily Allen, both of Wayne, April 3.
Henry A. House and Ellen N. Raymond, both of Wayne, Apr. 12.
James H. Thorn and Mrs. Novilla Moulton, both of Wayne, April 20.
Wm. H. Erskine and Lucetta Pettingill, both of Wayne, May 25.
Daniel Stone, Jr., of So. Berwick and Mrs. Harriet Magner of Wayne, June 5.
James R. Raymond and Lydia A. Frost, both of Wayne, June 12.
Samuel A. Frost of Winthrop and Mary F. House of Wayne, July 8.
C. A. Fournier and Emma O. Lovejoy, both of Wayne, July 19.

[p. 153]
Charles F. Davis of Winthrop and Mary E. Norris of Wayne, July 24.
Edwin H. Nason of Wayne and Georgiana Johnson of Lagrange, August 14.
Henry Davenport of Jay and Mrs. Sarah J. Curtis of Wayne, August 26.
Albion B. Frost of Wayne and Nellie Mitchell of Palmyra, Aug. 26.
Wm. W. Pratt of Wayne and Ruth G. Woodman of Poland, September 14.
W. H. Fish of Wayne and Mary J. Perkins of Nobleborough, Oct. 24.
Bradbury Sylvester and Mrs. Matilda C. Morse, both of Wayne, October 30.
Archibald Clark of Wayne and F. A. Chandler of New Sharon, November 16.
George F. Sturtevant of Wayne and Henrietta A. Fowler of Albion, Dec. 17.

Stephen Allen and Harriet A. Holman, both of Wayne, Jan. 5.
Emery Foss and Mary S. Moulton, both of Wayne, January 11.
George E. Caldwell of Lowell and Emeline E. Wing of Wayne, February 25.
Sewall Pettingill and Emma F. Bishop, both of Wayne, March 10.
Nathan P. Downing of Minot and Lois A. Johnson of Wayne, March 21.
Llewellyn T. Wing of Wayne and Annie M. Rose of Augusta, April 9.
Warren Ladd and Emeline Pratt, both of Wayne, April 20.
Edward P. Sanborn of Fayette and Emily Palmer of Wayne, Apr. 20.
George W. Walton and Sarah E. Dexter, both of Wayne, April 26.
Timothy H. Jewett of Bethel and Carrie J. Beavins of Wayne, May 8.
Levi G. Brown and Glovina S. Foss, both of Wayne, May 29.
C. M. Lovejoy of Wayne and E. M. Sanborn of Littleton, N. H., June 4.
John Rollins of Mt. Vernon and Elizabeth Richardson of Wayne, June 18.

[p. 154]
Charles A. Hall and Aroline E. Jennings, both of Wayne, Aug. 17.
Seth W. Jennings of Wayne and Elvira E. Haskell of East Livermore, Sept. 15.
Wm. O. Taplin of Lewiston and Lydia E. Harriman of Wayne, September 17.
Thomas J. Wing of Winthrop and Rosina E. Maxim of Wayne, November 3.
Capt. Grafton Norris and Mary K. Maxim, both of Wayne, Dec. 14.

Arcadius Pettingill of Leeds and Lois J. Norris of Wayne, Jan. 7.
John W. Abbott of Leeds and Lucretia D. Gould of Wayne, Jan. 9.
Albert F. Hammond of Wayne and Sarah E. Thompson of Byron, Jan. 21.
Hamilton G. Gould of Wayne and Sarah M. S. Gould of Winthrop, Jan. 26.
Jotham S. Frost, Jr., of Wayne and Mary E. Whitney of Winthrop, Jan. 28.
Nelson A. Wells of Fayette and Fidelia Crosby of Wayne, Apr. 7.
Sevetus Lamb and Elizabeth Smiley, both of Wayne, April 13.
Howard W. Frost and Emma W. Hunton, both of Wayne, June 4.
Gancelo J. Wing of Wayne and Cynthia A. Davis of Lewiston, June 22.
Orrison S. Brown and Martha Rollins, both of Wayne, June 24.
Washington B. Smith of Wayne and Etta D. Jordan of Buckfield, Sept. 12.
Elijah Stevens and Mrs. Lydia Hammond, both of Wayne, Oct. 14.
Luther S. Hersey of Winthrop and Helen M. Baird of Wayne, Oct. 21.
Elias H. Raymond and Mrs. Harriet L. Raymond, both of Wayne, Oct. 25.
Edward Phinney of Portland and Jane M. Hight of Wayne, Oct. 27.
James B. Stetson and Josephine Burgess, both of Wayne, Nov. 18.
Albert Record of Wayne and Fannie E. Stuart of Bowdoinham, Dec. 19.
Charles Hayden of East Randolph, Mass., and Emma C. Founnis of Wayne, Dec. 24.
Wm. L. G. Clark and Marcia Erskine, both of Wayne, Dec. 24.

[p. 155]
Thomas F. Libby of Leeds and Mrs. Abbie A. Cummings of Wayne, Feb. 28.
John S. Raymond and Mrs. Hannah J. Raymond, both of Wayne, March 7.
Laforest C. C. Thompson of Fayette and Emily D. House of Wayne, April 14.
Hiram Hinds of Buckfield and Mrs. Nancy F. Foss of Wayne, May 22.
Daniel Luce of Buckfield and Emily E. Ladd of Wayne, June 11.
Joseph G. Merrill of Hebron and Sarah E. Manter of Wayne, June 18.
George A. Norris and Ruth A. Tribou, both of Wayne, July 7.
Wm. H. Johnson and Kate Folsom, both of Wayne, Sept. 26.
Samuel Jennings and Mrs. Laura Gilmore, both of Wayne, Nov. 5.
Wm. F. Frost and Emily E. Hammond, both of Wayne, Dec. 14.
Luke A. Rideout of Wayne and Ann Neal of Winthrop, Dec. 23.
James B. Reed and Rosaline Bishop, both of Wayne, Dec. 29.

Greenlief Hodgdon of Byron and E. M. J. Ridley of Wayne, Jan. 21.
Samuel H. Smith and Fannie A. Sawyer, both of Wayne, Mar. 31.
Lewis Williams and Lucy J. Sanborn, both of Wayne, May 1.
C. M. Stevens and J. A. Smith, both of Wayne, June 29.
James Velson of New York and Olivia B. Lane of Wayne, Aug. 28.

Isaac N. Frink and Carrie E. Preston, both of Wayne, Jan. 15.
Moses B. Sylvester of Wayne and Mary J. Pierce of Monmouth, Feb. 10.
Charles F. Spear and Mrs. Martha Perry, both of Wayne, Mar. 9.
George Soper of Chesterville and Louisa M. Lamb of Wayne, March 29.
Moses B. Hammond of Wayne and Abby H. Allen of Monmouth, April 6.
Hannibal H. Eddy of Corinth and Mary E. Burnham of Wayne, April 26.
Samuel W. Jennings and Malora W. Faunce, both of Wayne, May 7.
George H. Smith and Emma J. Wing, both of Wayne, Nov. 5.

[p. 156]
John R. Grindell of Blue Hill and Victoria R. Smith of Wayne, Feb. 8.
Jerome W. Goodale of Athol, Mass., and Mary C. Sampson of Wayne, March 7.
Abner N. Wing and Annie M. Dexter, both of Wayne, March 15.
Elhanan W. Sprague of Hanover and Mrs. Phebe Sturtevant of Wayne, March 17.
Daniel H. Maxim of Wayne and Ellen C. Davis of Albion, Apr. 3.
Hosea B. House and Alice M. Raymond, both of Wayne, June 10.
J. W. Libby of Greene and Rosa V. Burnham of Wayne, Sept. 15.
John M. Gott of Wayne and Carrie E. Ladd of Abbott, Nov. 28.
E. H. Wentworth and Clara E. Harrington, both of Wayne, Dec. 2.
Willis S. Proctor and Myra M. Weeks, both of Wayne, Dec. 26.

Lorenzo Leadbetter of Leeds and Hattie A. Foster of Wayne, January 15.
H. N. Jennings of Wayne and Emma Palmer of Wilton, Feb. 12.
Amasa Dexter of Newtonville, Mass., and Mrs. Priscilla S. Dexter of Wayne, March 11.
Wager L. Besse and Elvira Swift, both of Wayne, April 29.
Thomas F. Storer of Winthrop and Lydia J. Ridley of Wayne, April 30.
Charles E. Wing and Frankie L. Johnson, both of Wayne, June 18.
Henry T. Frost and E. Georgie Perry, both of Wayne, June 20.
Anson D. Wing of Wayne and Mrs. Maria C. Chandler of Houlton, Sept. 12.
Wm. H. Harding of Andover and Eliza E. Maxim of Wayne, Nov. 8.

Willard M. Taylor of Wayne and Georgia A. Wing of Lewiston, January 14.
John E. Carver of Leeds and Jennie D. Richards of Wayne, Jan. 27.
Henry D. Lothrop and Mary E. Palmer, both of Wayne, Feb. 10.
R. C. Fuller of Wilton and N. W. Frost of Wayne, May 17.

[p. 157]
Granville T. Lamb of Wayne and Hattie E. Wentworth of Vienna, June 9.
Robert R. Morse of Winthrop and Mrs. Florinda Bryant of Wayne, June 14.
Oliver A. Lawrence of Wayne and Ann W. Austin of Augusta, June 23.
H. Gancelo Smith of Fitchburg, Mass., and Attie E. Frost of Wayne, Aug. 28.
Wm. F. Frost and Nellie Litchfield, both of Wayne, Oct. 3.
E. L. Smith of Wayne and Mary A. Bonney of Winthrop, Oct. 8.
John F. Fifield of Belgrade and Mrs. B. G. Brown of Wayne, Oct. 24.
Daniel H. Maxim of So. Framingham, Mass., and Lydia E. True of Wayne, Nov. 7.
B. H. J. Ridley and Charlotte B. Haskell, both of Wayne, Dec. 5.
J. F. Gordon of Wayne and C. E. Phillips of Livermore, Dec. 11.

George Johnson and Mary O. Hunton, both of Wayne, Jan. 3.
J. F. Keith and Delia M. Herrick, both of Wayne, March 10.
Samuel P. Libby of Leeds and Emma L. Norris of Wayne, May 20.
Benj. S. Philbrick of Mt. Vernon and Mrs. Achsa W. Harrington of Wayne, May 26.
Isaac Maxim, Jr., and Ella A. Norris, both of Wayne, May 28.
Isaac P. Ridley and Annette E. Norris, both of Wayne, Aug. 24.
Charles P. Grover of Winthrop and Julia P. Varnum of Wayne, August 24.
David E. Blackwell and Martha J. Taylor, both of Wayne, Oct. 1.
James M. Milliken of Saco and Nancy N. Thorne of Wayne, Dec. 24.

George A. Smiley and Elvira J. Smiley, both of Wayne, Jan. 26.
Albert W. Riggs of Wayne and Luella J. Balentine of Fayette, March 29.
Lucian F. Berry of Wayne and Inda O. Gardiner of Wilton, August 4.
Horace N. Jordan of Lewiston and Melvina C. Norris of Wayne, August 23.

[p. 158]
Cyrus A. Ladd and Kate E. Smith, both of Wayne, August 27.
Clinton F. Bodge of Winthrop and Alice J. Gordon of Wayne, Sept. 7.
Franklin H. Raymond and Mary L. Magner, both of Wayne, Oct. 19.
Charles S. Johnson of Wayne and Florence E. Clough of Readfield, Oct. 26.
Charles E. Palmer and Julia E. Lewis, both of Wayne, Nov. 18.