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Intentions of Marriage Registered in Wayne, 1876-1897

Source: History of the town of Wayne, Kennebec County, Maine: from its settlement to 1898 (Augusta Me.: Maine Farmer Pub. Co., 1898).

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Rodney J. Parsons and Eliza J. G. Hood, both of Wayne, Jan. 8.
Chas. W. Foster of Auburn and Etta B. Parker of Wayne, January 30.
Leroy Graves and Elmira S. Stinchfield, both of Wayne, July 24.
Hervey A. Gilman of Newton, Mass., and Fostina J. Knight of Wayne, Sept. 5.
Samuel F. Durgin of Turner and Arvilla A. Fuller of Wayne, Nov. 25.
Frank Dow and Susie Jenness, both of Wayne, Dec. 8.

Wesley Welch of Wayne and Arabine M. Churchill of Leeds, April 14.
Michael Murray and Aurora J. Magner, both of Wayne, Apr. 25.
Jairus A. Fillebrown of Wayne and Nancy M. Brown of East Livermore, June 19.
Octavus L. Jennings of Wayne and Alice E. Goodwin of Mt. Vernon, July 4.
C. H. Barker, Jr., and R. Louise Burgess, both of Wayne, Oct. 1.
Alonzo W. House of Wayne and Nellie E. Ellen Fuller of Leeds, Nov. 10.
Edward B. Smith and Lizzie J. Garland, both of Wayne, Nov. 12.

Geo. B. Lewis and Isabella Temple, both of Wayne, Feb. 15.
L. W. Dexter of San Jose, Cal., and Ellen M. Frost of Wayne, Feb. 19.
Josiah T. Hammond and Mary E. Frost, both of Wayne, Mar. 21.
George H. Smiley and Lucy F. House, both of Wayne, April 16.

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Silas D. Perry and Charlotte E. Magner, both of Wayne, Apr. 23.
John E. Magner and Betsey A. Perry, both of Wayne, April 23.
Henry C. Dexter of Wayne and Abbie Richmond of Fayette, May 11.
Augustus R. Harrington of Wayne and Elvira Smith of Readfield, May 25.
Edwin J. Page of East Livermore and Emma Caldwell of Wayne, July 29.
Otis Howard of Wayne and Mrs. Lavana C. Wilson of Lewiston, Sept. 23.
Joseph F. Haines of Hallowell and Minnie Norris of Wayne, November 1.
Frank A. Hodges of Hallowell and Ada Norris of Wayne, November 2.
J. P. Stevens and Julia A. Wing, both of Wayne, December 23.

Edwin J. Marston and Ellen J. Coombs, both of Wayne, Apr. 24.
James M. Moulton and Sadie Stinchfield, both of Wayne, April 28.
Daniel R. Graves and Fronia W. Norris, both of Wayne, May 23.
Samuel Maxim and Laura Maxim, both of Wayne, June 17.
R. W. Packard of Readfield and Sylvia A. Smith of Wayne, June 17.
Oliver A. Johnson of Wayne and Minnie A. Foss of Leeds, July 3.
Charles W. Giles and Ella M. Trask, both of Wayne, July 4.
Frank B. Norris and Alice M. Lowell, both of Wayne, July 29.
John R. McKinnon and Alice M. Wing, both of Wayne, Aug. 4.
Charles Trask of Winthrop and Delia A. House of Wayne, Aug. 6.
George M. Giles and Jennie C. Wing, both of Wayne, April 8.
Orren L. Hood and Julia A. Hood, both of Wayne, Aug. 28.
Wesley S. Huse and Emma L. Mitchell, both of Wayne, Sept. 4.
W. C. Tribou of Wayne and Ella M. Cash of Winthrop, Sept. 8.
Jesse Spaulding of Belgrade and Sarah B. Day of Wayne, September 15.
Frank H. Marston of East Wilton and Stella G. Dexter of Wayne, October 7.
Charles S. Haynes of Wayne and Emma A. Tuttle of Readfield, October 24.
Willis E. Raymond of Winthrop and Mrs. Rose S. Raymond of Wayne, Nov. 15.

[p. 160]
Herbert R. Raymond and Georgia Raymond, both of Wayne, December 13.
W. C. Smith and Hattie M. Waugh, both of Wayne, December 15.
Chauncey J. Richards and Glovina Smith, both of Wayne, Dec. 17.

Parker C. Tribou and Carrie M. Burgess, both of Wayne, Mar. 1.
Henry D. Norris of Wayne and Daisy I. Allen of Monmouth, March 1.
Michael Murray of Wayne and Clara A. Shea of Fayette, Sept. 14.
John M. Weeks of Wayne and Laura Larrabee of Fayette, Sept. 30.
Wm. Hailburt of Framingham, Mass., and Annie M. Jennings of Wayne, October 26.

Charles H. Faunce of Wayne and Gertrude Davis of Lebanon, N. H., January 1.
Walter H. Moulton and Sophia Palmer, both of Wayne, Jan. 20.
Charles D. Maxim and Florence Chandler, both of Wayne, Apr. 11.
George W. Stevens and Julia A. Seavey, both of Wayne, Apr. 25.
Frank H. Roberts and Eva M. Ladd, both of Wayne, June 13.
Lieut. C. L. Phillips of Wayne and H. W. Foster of Millbridge, August 4.
Benjamin Gilbert and Mary A. Davenport, both of Wayne, Aug. 15.
George Foss and Lottie C. Palmer, both of Wayne, November 12.
Herbert R. Raymond of Wayne and Abbie G. Whittier of Winthrop, Dec. 3.
Fred M. Dexter of Wayne and L. A. Shea of Fayette, Dec. 6.
Charles Richardson and Rebecca M. Varnum, both of Wayne, Dec. 13.
Dr. F. L. Dixon and Mary S. Foss, both of Wayne, Dec. 17.
Albert D. Foster and Ella L. Waite, both of Wayne, Dec. 20.
James Huff and Stella H. Palmer, both of Wayne, Dec. 26.

John W. House and Victoria L. Trask, both of Wayne, Jan. 9.
Ernest R. Thurston of Auburn and Mildred L. Ramsdell of Wayne, Feb. 11.

[p. 161]
Henry C. Dexter and Bettie M. Stevens, both of Wayne, Mar. 14.
U. P. Francis of Livermore and N. A. Leadbetter of Wayne, April 15.
Hollis A. Morrison of Livermore and Jennie F. Walton of Wayne, May 1.
Fred W. Walton of Leeds and Emma F. Remick of Wayne, May 6.
Wm. H. Conant and Catharine McKinnon, both of Wayne, June 5.
Charles B. Wing of Wayne and Olive M. Howe of Rumford, June 8.
George N. H. Bean and Mrs. Eunice E. Weaver, both of Wayne, June 22.
Edward W. Sanborn and Sarah P. Huff, both of Wayne, July 15.
Alfred W. Knowles and Carrie B. Nelkie, both of Wayne, Sept. 20.
Charles O. Graves and J. Annie F. Gould, both of Wayne, Sept. 26.
Thomas C. Faulkner of Turner and Bertha A. Burgess of Wayne, Nov. 6.
D. F. Ridley and Sarah H. Roberts, both of Wayne, Nov. 21.
Lewis I. Gilbert and Abbie F. Chandler, both of Wayne, Dec. 18.
Walter E. Foss and Cora E. Chandler, both of Wayne, Dec. 18.

Horatio N. Maxim of Wayne and Ella M. Hackett of Farmington, Jan. 2.
Samuel C. Magner and Ida A. Maxim, both of Wayne, April 9.
A. W. Manter of Wayne and Mary M. Wheeler of Monmouth, May 23.
Roger C. Sumner and Lillie E. Stickland, both of Wayne, May 29.
Lyman J. Kempton of Mansfield, Mass., and Alice J. Foster of Wayne, June 9.
Nathan L. Roberts and Inza Graves, both of Wayne, June 9.
Hosea B. House and Orissa Burnham, both of Wayne, June 26.
James H. F. Clayton and Emily A. Dexter, both of Wayne, Sept. 11.
Clarence H. Milliken of Scarboro and Abbie H. Norris of Wayne, Sept. 25.
C. E. Rankin of Wayne and Nancy E. Taylor of Fayette, Oct. 11.
Augustus C. House of Wayne and Mrs. Catharine M. Crosby of Winthrop, Nov. 5.

[p. 162]
Abizer Hood of Wayne and Adella C. Adams of Skowhegan, Nov. 25.

Silas H. Maxim of Hartford and Lucretia M. Raymond of Wayne, Feb. 23.
George R. Pierce of Windsor and E. Arvilla Maxim of Wayne, March 14.
Wills E. Frost and Matilda C. Morse, both of Wayne, April 23.
Addison P. Wing and Maud A. Monk, both of Wayne, June 3.
George H. Charlesworth and Rose M. Welch, both of Wayne, July 8.
Wm. H. Mace of Winthrop and Achsa G. Sturtevant of Wayne, July 26.
Arcadius Pettingill of Wayne and Mrs. Florinda Moore of Winthrop, Aug. 14.
I. J. Monk and Rossie H. Wing, both of Wayne, Sept. 20.
Henry G. Gordon and Carrie E. Peaslee, both of Wayne, Oct. 21.
Henry T. Wing and Jennie L. Bishop, both of Wayne, Nov. 1.
Charles F. Cutter of Turner and Mary Belle Besse of Wayne, Nov. 27.
Clinton W. Smith of Fayette and Belle L. Bishop of Wayne, Dec. 13.

Samuel H. Hutchinson of Hallowell and Addie Hood of Wayne, June 19.
Eben W. House and Ella L. Wing, both of Wayne, June 22.
George W. Gordon and Olive Stevens, both of Wayne, June 25.
Charles E. Burnham of Wayne and Junieta Rackliff of Industry, July 6.
Joseph E. Maxim of Wayne and Susie J. Burnham of Leeds, Sept. 28.
Appleton H. Plaisted of Waterville and Alice N. Bartlett of Wayne, Nov. 2.
Henry H. Goodridge and Mrs. Emily D. Randall, both of Wayne, Nov. 24.

J. Frank Gordon and Mrs. Orlena Kent, both of Wayne, April 5.
A. E. Hutchinson of East Livermore and Mary L. Stevens of Wayne, April 10.

[p. 163]
Clarence Towle and Mary Waugh, both of Wayne, May 18.
John C. Stinchfield and Henrietta Howard, both of Wayne, June 7.
Frank R. Welch and Edna Leathers, both of Wayne, Aug. 30.
Frank H. Arris of Danville Junction and Mary A. Barker of Wayne, Sept. 1.
Charles L. Smith of East Livermore and Idella M. Norris of Wayne, Nov. 20.
Herbert G. Maxim and Julia M. Bishop, both of Wayne, Dec. 27.

Charlie W. Norris and Martha A. Charlesworth, both of Wayne, Jan. 27.
Frederick L. Chenery, M. D., of Wayne and Lizzie M. Lawrence of Fairfield, May 9.
James G. Stetson of East Livermore and Sarah W. Maxim of Wayne, May 30.
Thomas L. Wing of Wayne and Mrs. Lucy Clyde of Winthrop, July 5.
Wm. H. Erskine of Wayne and Lucinda Stinchfield of East Livermore, July 26.
George W. Storer and Mrs. Emma Dearborn, both of Wayne, Aug. 22.
Alpheus M. Stetson and Roxanna W. Foss, both of Wayne, Oct. 8.
Charles M. Fish of Leeds and Hannah E. Ridley of Wayne, Oct. 14.
Charles P. Swift and Edith V. Lord, both of Wayne, Oct. 24.
Ellis L. Lincoln and Lillian J. Maxim, both of Wayne, Nov. 15.
Fred W. Small of Fayette and Phronia M. Burgess of Wayne, December 15.

Augustus A. Clough of Fayette and Cora A. Norris of Wayne, Jan. 9.
James E. Cressey of Monmouth and Addie O. Carver of Wayne, April 13.
Fred E. Nason and Carrie E. Erskine, both of Wayne, April 21.
Charles A. Cressey and Ida L. Libby, both of Wayne, May 14.
Charles A. French of Chesterville and Emily A. Lothrop of Wayne, June 19.

[p. 164]
Nahum W. Huff of Wayne and Flora L. Richmond of Fayette, July 16.
Dana R. Berry of Fayette and Annie B. Reed of Wayne, Oct. 18.
Harvey W. Orr of Harpswell and Myra S. Day of Wayne, Oct. 19.
Harry D. Nason and Nellie M. Palmer, both of Wayne, Nov. 10.
A. L. Wyman of Livermore Falls and Jennie E. Varnum of Wayne, Nov. 24.
Samuel F. Yeaton of Farmington and Nellie A. Wing of Wayne, Nov. 26.
Jairus N. Hammond and Mary I. Hopkins, both of Wayne, Dec. 3.

John O. Smith and Mrs. Julia A. Young, both of Wayne, Mar. 21.
Charles L. Hayden of Holbrook, Mass., and Addie L. Atkinson of Wayne, Aug. 12.
H. O. Wing of Winthrop and Mrs. Ida A. Magner of Wayne, March 19.
Willie F. Higgins of Lewiston and S. Rilla Hammond of Wayne, Nov. 16.
O. A. Sprague, M. D., of Turner and Myra S. Ford of Wayne, Dec. 3.

Edward P. Libby of Monmouth and Angie J. Lovejoy of Wayne, May 24.
Orrin H. Soper of Livermore Falls and Lizzie L. Graves of Wayne, Aug. 26.
Will E. Crocker of Wayne and Carrie E. Nichols of East Livermore, Nov. 20.

John Y. Wood of Buckfield and Albina Carver of Wayne, Mar. 10.
John A. Stevens of Winthrop and Mrs. Ada P. Hodges of Wayne, March 14.
W. H. Wentworth of Winthrop and Dora R. Raymond of Wayne, July 21.
John G. Daggett and Miranda E. Knapp, both of Wayne, Sept. 10.
Abner B. Toothaker of Minot and Millie E. Fuller of Wayne, Dec. 5.
Leslie D. Tucker and Nellie A. Gott, both of Wayne, Dec. 17.

[p. 165]
Lewis B. Cram and Ina B. Gordon, both of Wayne, Jan. 19.
Geo. Edward McAllister and Lizzie Howard, both of Wayne, June 18.
Walter Ernest Richards and Charlotte Belle Davis, both of Wayne, July 29.
Harry Marston Gibbs of Auburn and Flora Augusta Pike of Wayne, Aug. 6.
Alfred Fletcher Johnson and Jennie May Thorne, both of Wayne, Aug. 6.
Arthur Clark Leadbetter of Wayne and Grace Haywood Turner of Leeds, Sept. 14.
Fred Davis Larrabee of Wayne and Clara Ann Raymond of Winthrop, Sept. 20.
Milton Granville Besse of Wayne and Amy Hester Outhouse of Wrentham, Mass., Oct. 17.
John Willard Spiller of Wayne and Anna Maria Frost of Winthrop, Nov. 12.

Elmer Hood of Wayne and Mabel D. Canwell of Leeds, Mar. 13.
Edgar M. Swift of Fayette and Junietta Harriman of Wayne, March 28.
Geo. O. Adams and Lillian J. Tibbetts, both of Wayne, April 5.
Samuel W. Bishop and Nellie M. Balentine, both of Wayne, May 8.
Geo. W. Holmes and Lottie M. Davis, both of Wayne, May 29.
Otis H. Nelkie of Lewiston and Charlotte M. Jennings of Wayne, July 27.
Lewis P. Maxim and Gertrude May Lovejoy, both of Wayne, Sept. 16.
Norris Kendall Lincoln and Clara Mabel Swift, both of Wayne, Nov. 7.
Gladden Bishop Beers of Bridgeport, Conn., and Julia Estelle Swift of Wayne, Nov. 8.
Hiram Ronalds Webber of Vienna and Laura Henrietta Spiller of Wayne, Nov. 10.
Herbert Sumner Sleeper of Washburn and Carrie May Walton of Wayne, Dec. 19.

[p. 166]
Samuel Greely Carson and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Fall, both of Wayne, Mar. 5.
Elwood A. Jepson and Grace Ridley, both of Wayne, Sept. 19.
Wm. R. Downs and Mrs. Nellie E. Hopkins, both of Wayne, Sept. 24.
Elmer E. Norris and Olive M. Norris, both of Wayne, Nov. 29.

John S. Raymond of Wayne and Mrs. Ada I. Trask of Leeds, Jan. 21.
Elmo A. Godfrey and Gertrude A. Lincoln, both of Wayne, Mar. 30.
Hiram E. Norris and Mrs. Esther A. Hammond, both of Wayne, April 1.
Wm. P. Baker of East Livermore and Lizzie R. Carver of Wayne, April 29.
Winwood W. Proctor of Wayne and Flora E. Smith of Readfield, May 16.
Fred Walker of Sabattus and Annie A. George of Wayne, May 26.
Frank E. Nichols of East Livermore and Hannah E. Burnham of Wayne, June 11.
Walter B. Wood of Wayne and Minnie V. Cram of East Livermore, July 6.
Silas D. Berry of Wayne and Mrs. Emma A. Davenport of Waltham, Mass., Sept. 2.
Charles H. Bowman of Westboro and Luetta M. Knight of Wayne, Oct. 9.
Holman L. Norris and Bertha F. Albee, both of Wayne, Oct. 18.

Luther M. Norris and Mary E. Pettingill, both of Wayne, Jan. 30.
Willis Gorden and Ella May Stevens, both of Wayne, April 18.
A. F. Turner of Monmouth and Rosa Belle Kent of Wayne, June 18.
Irving D. Lincoln and Bertha L. Mace, both of Wayne, Sept. 24.
Ernest L. Stevens and Cora L. Lane, both of Wayne, Nov. 18.
John A. Welch of Rome Corner and Louisa J. Conner of Wayne, Dec. 17.
Sewall P. Manter and Kate B. Gorden, both of Wayne, Dec. 21.

[p. 167]
Charles H. Wing of Winthrop and Minnie S. Raymond of Wayne, Feb. 22.
Ernest W. Wing of Winthrop and Sadie M. Hodges of Wayne, May 17.
Geo. O. Coolidge of Wayne and Nellie I. Fuller of Hallowell, July 12.
Alpheus M. Stetson and Frances R. Lawrence, both of Wayne, Oct. 11.
Herbert S. Sleeper of Washburn and Minnie E. Stinchfield of Wayne, Nov. 13.
Geo. B. Lewis and Mrs. Anna M. Spiller, both of Wayne, Dec. 25.