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Intentions of Marriage Registered in Wayne, 1826-1850

Source: History of the town of Wayne, Kennebec County, Maine: from its settlement to 1898 (Augusta Me.: Maine Farmer Pub. Co., 1898).

[p. 130]

Ephraim Norris and Temperance Billington, both of Wayne, Jan. 22.

Ebenezer Besse and Sally Raymond, both of Wayne, Jan. 9.
Lot Burgess and Sarah F. Lovejoy, both of Wayne, Jan. 15.
John Smith and Jane Tapley, both of Wayne, Feb. 16.
Charles Graves and Polina Ridley, both of Wayne, Feb. 18.
Benjamin Ridley and Abiah Morey, both of Wayne, Mar. 15.
Nathan Burgess of Wayne and Mary Sturtevant of Fayette, Mar. 25.
Roger Packard of Readfield and Varthenea Bullen of Wayne, April 3.

[p. 131]
Wm. Bowles of Wayne and Temperance F. Sweet of Farmington, April 15.
Wm. True of Wayne and Hannah Brown of Fayette, April 20.
Wm. S. Warren of Wayne and Sally Ames of Hallowell, June 14.
John Hutchings and Larata Billington, both of Wayne, June 16.
Ebenezer Carleton of Wayne and Xoa Smith of Livermore, Aug. 19.
Charles Nelson of Winthrop and Emily Billington of Wayne, Sept. 19.
Jesse Norcross of Wayne and Margaret Ann Whitney of Clinton, Nov. 8.
Esquire Bishop and Hannah Morey, both of Wayne, Nov. 20.
Benjamin Lovejoy of Peru and Mary H. Bishop of Wayne, Dec. 1.

Paul Raymond of Wayne and Sally Reed of Bowdoinham, Feb. 3.
Joshua Graves, Jr., and Jane Paul, both of Wayne, Feb. 17.
David French 2d of Mt. Vernon and Shuah Berry of Wayne, Feb. 21.
Wm. P. Phillips and Betsey Stetson, both of Wayne, Mar. 2.
George Fairbanks and Lucy Lovejoy, both of Wayne, Mar. 15.
Daniel Ridley, Jr., of Wayne and Sally Winter of Carthage, Mar. 30.
Stephen Lane of Wayne and Betsey Stinchfield of Leeds, Mar. 30.
Jonathan C. Pinkham, Jr., and Ruth Besse, both of Wayne, April 27.
Joseph Smith and Mary Wardwell, both of Wayne, July 13.
Samuel True of Fayette and Eliza Ann Gage of Wayne, Sept. 21.
James McGrier and Phebe Thompson, both of Wayne, Oct. 5.
Silas Manter of Wayne and Sally Brown of Fayette, Oct. 12.
Peltiah Knapp and Mrs. Abigail Wing, Nov. 2.
Stephen Morey of Wayne and Cynthia Arnold of Fayette, Nov. 16.
Isaac Frost of Milo and Nancy Wing of Wayne, Dec. 6.
Samuel Buswell, Jr., of Wayne and Abigal Marsden of Northfield, Dec. 20.

Benjamin Smith and Sarah B. Cressey, both of Wayne, Jan. 2.
Hiram Hutchins of Fayette and Abigail Chandler of Wayne, Jan. 10.

[p. 132]
Ephraim Maxim, Jr., and Ruth P. Billington, both of Wayne, Feb. 15.
Elisha Smith of Livermore and Mary Washburn of Wayne, June 12.
Alden G. Handy and Hannah Smith, both of Wayne, June 27.
Jesse Stevens of Wayne and Clarissa Lovejoy of Winthrop, July 17.
Gardiner Perkins of Monmouth and Maria Norris of Wayne, Oct. 14.
Joseph F. Jennings of Wayne and Mary S. Waitt of Gardiner, Oct. 14.
Lewis Soule and Mary Roberts of Wayne, Nov. 29.
Robert Furnald of Exeter and Roxanna Buswell of Wayne, Dec. 5.
Amasa Dexter 2d and Eliza Besse, both of Wayne, Dec. 12.
Edward V. Davis and Elizabeth D. Besse, both of Wayne, Dec. 12.
Rufus G. Norris of Boston, Mass., and Julia A. Lovejoy of Wayne, Dec. 12.
Rolen Maxim and Matilda Gott, both of Wayne, Dec. 18.

Wm. Thurston, Jr., of Winthrop and Lucy Foss of Wayne, Jan. 17.
Richard Berry and Almira Foss, both of Wayne, April 5.
Alfred Smith and Sophia Besse, both of Wayne, Aug. 1.
Wm. B. Spear and Lovisa Gower, both of Wayne, Aug. 22.
Wm. Knight of Wayne and Asenath Knight of Falmouth, Aug. 28.
Benjamin L. Lombard and Deborah Morrison, both of Wayne, Sept. 12.
James Brigham and Nancy Raymond, both of Wayne, Sept. 19.
Albert G. Norris and Nancy A. Smith, both of Wayne, Sept. 26.
Samuel Maxim and Caroline Bryant, both of Wayne, Oct. 17.
Collins Foss of Wayne and Sarah Smith of Livermore, Oct. 24.
Levi Frost and Elvira A. Wing, both of Wayne, Oct. 31.
Ephraim Stetson and Almira Maxim, both of Wayne, Nov. 7.
Robert Erskine of Wayne and Sarah Anderson of Fayette, Nov. 14.
Nathan Willington of Livermore and Mary C. Wing of Wayne, Nov. 14.
Hubbard Lovejoy and Louisa Burgess, both of Wayne, Dec. 4.
Wm. Thompson, Jr., of Wayne and Thankful B. Smith of Fayette, Dec. 4.
Alfred Raymond and Laura M. Wing, both of Wayne, Dec. 11.

[p. 133]
Auletus A. Phillips and Eliza Felch, both of Wayne, Jan. 22.
Uriah H. Virgin of Rumford and Mary Ann Roberts of Wayne, Jan. 22.
Wm. Holt of Transient [sic] and Mrs. Sylvia Handy of Wayne, Jan. 30.
Samuel W. Frost of Milo and Parintha Wing of Wayne, Feb. 15.
Owen Lawrence of Wayne and Mehitabel B. Sinclair of Winthrop, Feb. 28.
Sylvanus Hammond and Deborah Bacheldor, both of Wayne, May 15.
Hamilton Gould and Betsey Ridley, both of Wayne, May 28.
Duvelle Kent of Readfield and Susanna Knight of Wayne, June 18.
Joseph L. Washburn of Albion and Kesiah Bishop of Wayne, July 10.
Joseph S. Bishop and Hannah Brigham, both of Wayne, Aug. 8.
Asa Upton and Eliza Maxim, both of Wayne, Aug. 14.
Jarvis Frizzell of Wayne and Eunice Robbins of Leeds, Aug. 14.
Samuel D. Dexter and Mary Ann Bean, both of Wayne, Aug. 28.
Charles Gott of Wayne and Jane Foss of Leeds, Sept. 30.
Dudley Todd of Wayne and Rebecca Hyde of Jay, Oct. 13.
Rev. Elder Cyrus Curtis of Minot and Patience Gould of Wayne, Oct. 26.
Dean Knowlton of Farmington and Mehitabel Graves of Wayne, Oct. 28.
Daniel Jones, Jr., and Hannah Walton, both of Wayne, Nov. 20.
John Warren and Mehitabel Coburn, both of Wayne, Dec. 8.

David French 2d of Mt. Vernon and Harriet Lovejoy of Wayne, Jan. 22.
Edward O. Thompson of Wayne and Irene B. Austin of Fayette, Feb. 18.
Daniel H. Smith and Lucy B. Besse, both of Wayne, Feb. 25.
Hiram S. Nickerson of Augusta and Mary Jane Smith of Wayne, Mar. 11.
Eliakim Foss and Nancy Swift, both of Wayne, Mar. 11.
Capt. Jacob Haskell of Wayne and Rachel Moore of Greene, Mar. 18.
Robinson Dexter and Betsey F. Bean, both of Wayne, June 3.
Daniel Ridley, Jr., and Rebecca Graves, both of Wayne, July 29.

[p. 134]
Naaman Bishop and Mary Ridlon, both of Wayne, July 29.
Abisha Wing of Wayne and Hannah Hopkins of Monmouth, Aug. 18.
Allen Wing, Jr., and Mrs. Sarah Raymond, both of Wayne, September 2.
Sylvanus Hammond, Jr., and Mrs. Deborah Bachelder, both of Wayne, Sept. 9.
Wm. B. Spear and Nancy Bodge, both of Wayne, Sept. 23.
Francis Knight and Clarissa Maxim, both of Wayne, Dec. 27.

Oliver A. Lawrence of Wayne and Janet Davenport of Jay, April 14.
Henry W. Owen of Wayne and Clarissa M. Martin of Augusta, May 26.
Lewis Dexter and Milatiah Norris, both of Wayne, Oct. 20.
Lawren Wing and Rachel A. Lawrence, both of Wayne, Nov. 3.
Samuel M. Ingalls of Mt. Vernon and Sylvina P. Wing of Wayne, Nov. 5.
James Lawrence of Jay and Achsa Lawrence of Wayne, Dec. 1.

Henry C. Austin and Ann Wing, both of Wayne, Jan. 11.
John Burgess of Peru and Sylva Ann Bishop of Wayne, Jan. 15.
Wm. Wing, Jr., of Wayne and Louisa Sears of Winthrop, Jan. 16.
Seth Maxim 2d and Mary Ann Lewis, both of Wayne, Mar. 7.
Wm. Lewis and Sarah E. Boyd, both of Wayne, April 20.
Josiah P. Quinby and Sally Knight, both of Wayne, Apr. 20.
Jeremiah Foss and Elizabeth N. Hankerson, both of Wayne, May 4.
Silas Maxim and Anna Raymond, both of Wayne, May 18.
Jesse Bishop, Jr., and Lucy Maxim, both of Wayne, June 3.
Richard Smith of Lynn, Mass., and Hannah Sturtevant of Wayne, June 29.
Gilman Buswell of Wayne and Lavinia Jones of Canterbury, N. H., Sept. 17.
Noah Bosworth and Catherine Besse, both of Wayne, Sept. 7.
Josiah Norris, Jr., and Sally Foss, both of Wayne, Sept. 8.
Francis Dexter of Wayne and Mary Ann Boynton of Lexington, Sept. 17.
Franklin B. White of Wayne and Sarah Stevens of Pittston, Oct. 18.
Sylvanus Pratt of Berlin and Prudence Handy of Wayne, Oct. 25.

[p. 135]
Hannan Handy of Wayne and Philema Hodgdon of Bethel, Nov. 2.
Obed Wing, Jr., of Wayne and Alice H. Hunton of Livermore, Dec. 13.

David B. Frost and Temperance B. Felch, both of Wayne, Jan. 25.
Allen House, Jr., of Wayne and Roxanna F. Wing of Winthrop, Jan. 27.
Ichabod Billington and Mrs. Patience Frost, both of Wayne, Mar. 8.
David P. Crocker and Silvia W. Dexter, both of Wayne, April 11.
Andrew Maxim and Harriet K. Upton, both of Wayne, April 12.
Wm. Boothby of Winthrop and Caroline Pinkham of Wayne, April 12.
Reuel P. Gordon of Wayne and Hannah Frost of Livermore, May 30.
Hamilton Jenkins of Wayne and Hannah Neal of Litchfield, July 2.
Bartlett W. Varnum, Esq., and Mrs. Rebecca M. Todd, both of Wayne, Oct. 11.
Benjamin Butler of Greene and Fanny Stevens of Wayne, Oct. 31.
Morton Freeman of Middlebury, Mass., and Louisa Jennings of Wayne, Dec. 7.
Hamilton Gould of Wilton and Sally Jeanette Berry of Wayne, Dec. 20.

Cyrus F. Tapley of Wayne and Lydia Berry of Scarborough, Jan. 3.
John Bryant and Caroline Burgess, both of Wayne, Jan. 17.
Wm. P. Philips of Wayne and Drusilla Smith of Litchfield, Jan. 31.
Francis Cumner and Elizabeth Maxim, both of Wayne, Mar. 20.
Nathan Maxim and Frances Smith, both of Wayne, Apr. 16.
Wm. Erskine of Wayne and Eliza Trott of Woolwich, Apr. 24.
Solomon Raymond, Jr., of Wayne and Abigail McNeal of Fayette, July 9.
Cyrus Coburn of Brunswick and Charlotte H. Wing of Wayne, Sept. 5.
Joseph H. Smith and Rachel W. Maxim, both of Wayne, Sept. 24.
Nathaniel Coombs of China and Jane S. Besse of Wayne, Sept. 26.

[p. 136]
Lewis Chandler and Rosilla Blackwell, both of Wayne, Nov. 16.
Asa Foss and Sally Richardson, both of Wayne, Dec. 4.
Russell Raymond and Rebecca Jane Maxim, both of Wayne, Dec. 25.

John A. Pettingill of Wayne and Mary Billings of Chesterville, Jan. 1.
Joel Sawyer of Westbrook and Ann Knight of Wayne, Jan. 1.
Solomon Raymond, Jr., and Mary L. Maxim, both of Wayne, Feb. 4.
David L. Lane and Mrs. Nancy Spear, both of Wayne, Feb. 5.
Wm. Thompson and Sarah Briggs, both of Wayne, Feb. 8.
Martin Kent of Readfield and Almira Knight of Wayne, Mar. 13.
John McDuffie of China and Sarah A. Johnson of Wayne, Mar. 20.
Walter Foss 2d and Hannah Bodge, both of Wayne, Mar. 25.
John Butler and Fanny Stevens, both of Wayne, April 2.
David Magner and Sarah A. Johnson, both of Wayne, June 23.
Benjamin Norris and Lucy Besse, both of Wayne, June 24.
Elias B. Smith and Eunice Maxim, both of Wayne, Aug. 26.
Wm. H. Raymond and Abigail Magner, both of Wayne, Oct. 11.
Daniel C. Magner and Mary Ann Raymond, both of Wayne, Oct. 16.
Jason Wing and Sabra C. King, both of Wayne, Oct. 21.
Hiram Raymond and Sarah M. Smith, both of Wayne, Oct. 22.
Capt. James Wing and Roanna S. Daily, both of Wayne, Nov. 18.
James S. Emery of Levant and Eliza A. Wing of Wayne, Dec. 10.
Lory B. Stevens of Greene and Laura Ann Haskell of Wayne, Dec. 17.
John O. Smith and Louisa Besse, both of Wayne, Dec. 31.

Asa W. Walton of Fayette and Hannah D. Brown of Wayne, Jan. 12.
Robert Handy and Cathamanda W. Cumner, both of Wayne, Feb. 10.
Oliver A. Lawrence of Wayne and Lovina Bartlett of Hartford, Mar. 14.
Roland O. Norris of Fayette and Mrs. Lucy K. Smith of Wayne, Mar. 18.
Loring Foss of Leeds and Jane Gott of Wayne, April 21.

[p. 137]
George W. Chandler of Livermore and Charity B. House of Wayne, May 29.
Jared House and Susan Gott, both of Wayne, Aug. 11.
Joseph Hazelton of Winthrop and Lorinda Norris of Wayne, Aug. 18.
Daniel Knight of Wayne and Hannah Knight of Pittston, Sept. 2.
Bayley Royal of Wayne and Mehitabel R. Wing of Winthrop, Sept. 8.
Lucius C. Norris and Diantha J. Smith, both of Wayne, Sept. 29.
Abner Towle of Winthrop and Rachel Owen of Wayne, Oct. 19.
Hezekiah Wyman and Mary B. Wing, both of Wayne, Nov. 21.
Sears Frost and Atta A. Lovejoy, both of Wayne, Nov. 31.
Bartlett Burgess of Wayne and Rebecca Ham of Fayette, Dec. 1.
Wellington Hunton and Sarah Weeks, both of Wayne, Dec. 2.
Steadman Kendall of Winthrop and Mary Jane Chandler of Wayne, Dec. 29.

Ralph J. Raymond and Abigail Magner, both of Wayne, Feb. 4.
Whitney R. Besse of Albion and Rebecca D. Besse of Wayne, Mar. 13.
Roland L. Gordon of Wayne and Zipporah S. Lambert of Livermore, Apr. 27.
Nathan Bean of Wayne and Betty S. Townsend of Minot, May 18.
Andrew T. Campbell of Brunswick and Sarah F. Wing of Wayne, May 26.
Capt. Jacob Smith of Hallowell and Sophronia F. Burgess of Wayne, July 21.
Tillotson Lovejoy and Jerusha Ann Fillebrown, both of Wayne, Aug. 4.
Wm. H. Raymond and Rebecca Jane Magner, both of Wayne, Sept. 22.
James Stevens of Monmouth and Phebe Churchill of Wayne, Oct. 27.
Sewall H. Graves of Wayne and Jedidah N. Gifford of Livermore, Dec. 15.

John Robbins, Jr., of Wilton and Abigail Gould of Wayne, Jan. 30.
Cyrus Gould of Wayne and Roxalane Robbins of Wilton, Jan. 30.

[p. 138]
Zachariah P. House and Lucy S. Raymond, both of Wayne, June 21.
Hartson Blackston of New Sharon and Ruth W. Reed of Wayne, Aug. 22.
Eliakim Norton of Avon and Caroline Nelson of Wayne, Sept. 20.
Geo. C. Chandler of Burnham and Ellen Maria Blackwell of Wayne, Oct. 1.
Alfred Swift of Wayne and Hannah Monroe of Livermore, Nov. 8.
Charles G. Bradford of Winslow and Emily White of Wayne, Nov. 22.
Oliver Norris and Mary H. Foss, both of Wayne, Dec. 7.
John F. Bartlett and Deborah B. Wing, both of Wayne, Dec. 13.

Braddock Weeks and Clarissa Ann White, both of Wayne, Jan. 2.
Nathaniel B. Frost of Wayne and Julia Ann Macomber of Winthrop, Jan. 10.
Charles Bowles and Lovina Frost, both of Wayne, Jan. 14.
Charles Kimball of Wayne and Sarah Crafts of Jay, Feb. 27.
Wm. L. Maxim of Wayne and Lois Wing of Ripley, April 5.
Daniel Foss of Leeds and Nancy F. Moulton of Wayne, April 25.
Cyrus Gould of Wayne and Julia Ann Torsey [of] Winthrop, Apr. 25.
Bradbury Sylvester of Leeds and Lydia A. Bean of Wayne, June 10.
Rev. R. H. Ford of Paris and Almira Bodge of Wayne, Oct. 3.
John Frizzell of Starks and Catharine Nelson of Wayne, Oct. 31.
Denny M. C. Dunn and Clara R. Scott, both of Wayne, Nov. 7.
Chas. K. Besse and Lydia O. W. Reed, both of Wayne, Nov. 28.
John Ware of Athens and Sarah M. Scott of Wayne, Dec. 18.

John M. Hunt and Nancy M. Lovejoy, both of Wayne, Jan. 2.
James Cumner of Wayne and Julia Ann Cameron of Boothbay, Feb. 6.
Samuel M. Jennings of Wayne and Mary Lobdell of Portland, Feb. 20.
Bernard A. King of Chesterville and Lydia Gordon of Wayne, April 3.
Thomas B. Reed, Esq., of Bowdoinham and Julia A. Wing of Wayne, April 24.

[p. 139]
Geo. H. Williams of Wayne and Lucy S. Monson of Gloucester, Mass., June 19.
Charles Murfe of Wayne and Hannah Walton of Monmouth, Aug. 7.
John Frost, Jr., and Rebecca D. Hammond, both of Wayne, Sept. 25.
Pelatiah Gould of Leeds and Rosa H. Leadbetter of Wayne, Nov. 6.
James Clark of Wayne and Mrs. Oliver Cross of Hallowell, Nov. 6.
Stephen Tafts of Wayne and Mary W. Fish of Fayette, Nov. 6.
Ebenezer Norris, Jr., and Sophronia W. Chandler, both of Wayne, Nov. 27.
Sumner C. Moulton and Catharine S. Morrison, both of Wayne, Dec. 4.
Joseph P. Gordon and Lydia Norris, both of Wayne, Dec. 11.
Walter Foss and Sybbulah B. White, both of Wayne, Dec. 26.

Loring T. Roberts and Mary I. Virgin, both of Wayne, Feb. 19.
Nathaniel House and Rachel W. House, both of Wayne, Mar. 19.
Stephen V. Dexter of Boston, Mass., and Betsey R. Frost of Wayne, Mar. 19.
Cyrus B. Swift and I. Nelson, both of Wayne, April 16.
Jason Maxim of Wayne and Jane M. Turner of Livermore, May 7.
Otis Howard of Winthrop and Alfredia Gott of Wayne, May 28.
Lovias Jennings of Winthrop and Jane Millett of Greene, July 24.
Sewall B. Gordon of Vienna and Asenath Gordon of Wayne, Aug. 6.
John G. House and Sarah M. Raymond, both of Wayne, Aug. 20.
John L. Lamott of New York and Celia Ann Stevens of Wayne, Oct. 7.
Alonzo A. Luce and Almira McNear, both of Wayne, Nov. 12.
Ephraim S. Smith and Martha F. Cumner, both of Wayne, Dec. 3.
John Kent and Julia Ann Stevens, both of Wayne, Dec. 3.

Levi Foss of Wayne and Polly L. True of Livermore, Jan. 28.
Amos Stetson of Wayne and Sophronia Carleton of Winthrop, Mar. 31.

[p. 140]
Samuel Brown and Clarissa Tobin, both of Wayne, April 8.
Thomas B. Swift of Fayette and Elizabeth Handy of Wayne, Apr. 21.
Dr. C. F. Bonney of Wayne and M. L. Laine of Hallowell, May 23.
Baily Jacobs of Abbott and Lucy Ann Chandler of Wayne, Aug. 24.
Wm. H. Knight of Wayne and Mary E. Hanson of Readfield, Sept. 28.
Jeremiah Brown of Wayne and Ursula B. Bates of Norridgewock, Oct. 6.
Jonathan B. Davenport of Wayne and Nancy Hood of Turner, Oct. 12.
James B. Lewis of Wayne and Mary Jane Lucas of St. Albans, Oct. 13.
Ezra Morey of Augusta and Cynthia Jane Wing of Wayne, Oct. 20.
Albert Besse of Wayne and Martha Ann Carr of Mexico, Nov. 9.
Robinson J. Weeks of Wayne and Cordelia C. Danforth of Winthrop, Dec. 1.
Nathaniel Foss of Lewiston and Deborah Norris of Wayne, Dec. 29.

Willard Torrey of Dixfield and Cleora Jennings of Wayne, Feb. 2.
Elias Chick and Laura Swift, both of Wayne, Feb. 2.
Jason Pettingill of Leeds and Lucetta Gordon of Wayne, Mar. 15.
Jonas W. Diggles of Wayne and Lucinda L. Young of East Livermore, Mar. 21.
Wm. Wing and Harriet N. Norris, both of Wayne, Mar. 30.
Hamilton J. Ridley and Sarah R. True, both of Wayne, April 6.
Thomas Wing of Fayette and Mary B. Gott of Wayne, April 27.
Samuel T. Bishop and Julia True, both of Wayne, May 1.
Joseph Chandler of Wayne and Susan M. C. Stearns of Massachusetts, May 25.
Joseph D. Ham and Mary S. Brigham, both of Wayne, June 1.
Daniel W. Fillebrown and Hannah E. White, both of Wayne, July 6.
Nathan H. Bishop of Wayne and Eliza Tobin of Harrison, July 6.
Hiram B. Seavey of Wayne and Angeline B. Prescott of Vienna, Aug. 30.
Nathan Coffin of Leeds and Amelia Gott of Wayne, Aug. 30.

[p. 141]
Thomas Maxim and Lorinda W. Wheeler, both of Wayne, Sept. 28.
Daniel C. Billington of Hallowell and Mary W. Norris of Wayne, Nov. 2.
James S. Thompson and Lydia C. Bourn, both of Wayne, Nov. 16.
Samuel D. Strout and Hannah P. W. Fillebrown, both of Wayne, Nov. 30.
Rev. Caleb Fuller and Esther W. Bartlett, both of Wayne, Dec. 29.
Cyrus H. Wood and Esther W. Bartlett, both of Wayne, Dec. 29.

Samuel Faunce and Mary E. Currier, both of Wayne, Jan. 25.
Azel Tuttle of Paris and Isabel Wing of Wayne, Feb. 1.
Joseph F. Maxim and Hannah Pettingill, both of Wayne, Mar. 8.
Jonathan G. Gordon and Rosina Ann Norris, both of Wayne, Mar. 15.
Albion C. Wing of Gardiner and Mary Jane Burgess of Wayne, April 5.
James Turner of Wayne and Dolly E. Beedy of Phillips, April 26.
Hiram Barton of Wayne and Elmira Haines of Readfield, May 5.
Wm. Folsom of Fryeburg and Emily A. Burgess of Wayne, May 12.
John H. Lord and Martha Ann Jennings, both of Wayne, May 30.
Constant D. Hammond and Esther Ann Frost, both of Wayne, May 30.
Samuel Goodwin of Dresden and Harriet Barker of Wayne, Aug. 16.
Dudley B. Fish of Wayne and Mary Ann Ashton of Lowell, Mass., Aug. 16.
Oliver S. Vose and Hannah A. Berry, both of Wayne, Sept. 6.
John M. Campbell of Livermore and Lucy A. Walton of Wayne, Sept. 13.
Wm. H. Atkinson and Laura Ann Berry, both of Wayne, Oct. 26.
Benjamin King of Winthrop and Ann C. Wing of Wayne, Nov. 1.
Silas Perry and Martha Maxim, both of Wayne, Nov. 29.
Lewis G. Norris and Mary Ann Smith, both of Wayne, Dec. 13.
Benjamin Manwell of Monmouth and Phebe C. Norris of Wayne, Dec. 13.

Wm. H. Doughty of Brunswick and Jedidah F. Norris of Wayne, Mar. 28.

[p. 142]
Eli E. Bowman of Wayne and Mary S. Wyman of Bloomfield, April 10.
Richard M. Wing of Fayette and Patience Besse of Wayne, May 30.
Nathaniel Billington 2d of Winthrop and Amanda A. Magner of Wayne, Aug. 8.
James M. Moulton of Wayne and Novilla Lindsay of Leeds, Aug. 15.
Wm. B. Cumner and Britannia S. Raymond, both of Wayne, August 15.
Charles A. Metcalf of Winthrop and Elizabeth Hight of Wayne, August 29.
Harlow H. Sawyer and Margaret Ann Atwood, both of Wayne, September 5.
Seth Hammond and Elizabeth Maxim, both of Wayne, Sept. 26.
Joseph P. Curtis of Topsham and Mary B. Pettingill of Wayne, Sept. 26.
Wm. G. Besse of Wayne and Elizabeth Currier of Winthrop, Nov. 7.
Lewis F. Besse and Betsey A. Raymond, both of Wayne, Nov. 28.
Ebenezer Allen of Roxbury and Elizabeth Handy of Wayne, November 28.

Osgood Graves and Eliza J. Ridley, both of Wayne, Jan. 2.
Hallett Ridley of Wayne and Frances Hood of Turner, Mar. 4.
Sidney J. Atkinson and Ruth W. Bourn, both of Wayne, Mar. 12.
Melvin Norris and Arminta Pettingill, both of Wayne, April 16.
Abisha Sturtevant and Fair Vadney Stevens, both of Wayne, June 11.
Edward N. Davis of Augusta and Mary E. Norris of Wayne, June 25.
Rev. Nathaniel Clifford of Wilton and L. Almedia Dunn of Wayne, July 9.
Luther W. Fillebrown, Jr., and Angelina I. Frost, both of Wayne, Aug. 13.
Thomas J. Burgess of Winthrop and Laura M. Leadbetter of Wayne, Aug. 27.
Henry Stevens of Dresden and Sophronia White of Wayne, Sept. 3.
Wm. H. Bryant of Wayne and Florence Richards of Salem, Oct. 28.
John M. Maxim and Lydia C. House, both of Wayne, Nov. 2.
James H. Thorne and Mary Jane Norris, both of Wayne, Nov. 13.

[p. 143]
Gilbert A. Morse of Wayne and Hannah T. Dennen of Greene, Dec. 2.
Joseph Lovett of Kirklam and Paulenah Ridley of Wayne, Dec. 10.
Albion Hood of Turner and Julia O. Davenport of Wayne, Dec. 10.
Samuel F. Seavey of Providence, R. I., and Caroline J. Raymond of Wayne, Dec. 17.

Valmore Sturtevant of Winthrop and Mary Ann Foss of Wayne, Jan. 28.
Augustus Hood of Turner and Joan Graves of Wayne, Mar. 10.
Joseph H. Gee and Isabella E. Bartlett, both of Wayne, Mar. 21.
Ephraim S. Besse of Monmouth and Julia Ann Besse of Wayne, May 6.
Seth W. Jennings of Wayne and Delia M. Gilmore of Turner, May 27.
John Polerczky of Dresden and Jane M. Owen of Wayne, June 10.
Albert Randall of Fayette and Hester A. Fillebrown of Wayne, June 10.
Cyrus Davenport of Wayne and Lucy T. Allen of Turner, July 1.
John F. Bartlett of Wayne and Sarah M. Frohock of Searsmont, July 4.
Philander L. Bryant of Wayne and Belinda T. Bartlett of Lovell, July 15.
Benjamin S. Stevens of Wayne and Orilla Williams of Winthrop, Aug. 4.
Algernon S. Wright of Lawrence, Mass., and Cordelia Swift of Wayne, Sept. 2.
Alfred Jewell of Winthrop and Betsey Gilbert of Wayne, Sept. 9.
Roby Marston of Wilton and Frances Burgess of Wayne, Sept. 11.
Stephen M. Dennen of Wayne and Martha S. Sanderson of New Sharon, Oct. 21.
Andrew Pinkham of Wayne and Mary W. Frizzell of Mercer, Nov. 4.
Gardiner Perkins of East Livermore and Mary W. Maxim of Wayne, Nov. 4.
Samuel Knight of Topsham and Florence P. Pettingill of Wayne, Dec. 2.

[p. 144]
Charles E. Smith and Mercy Besse, both of Wayne, Jan. 13.
Nathan Norris 2d of Wayne and Martha A. Towns of Hallowell, Feb. 4.
John W. Clark of Hallowell and Josephine B. Foss of Wayne, Mar. 9.
Valmore Sturtevant and Mary Ann Foss, both of Wayne, Mar. 9.
Samuel Williams of Turner and Huldah Erskine of Wayne, April 7.
Rufus B. Plummer and Caroline I. Besse, both of Wayne, June 2.
Robert Williams of Wayne and Jane Baxter of Wilton, June 23.
Asa Judkins of East Livermore and Clarissa Brown of Wayne, June 30.
Samuel D. Hammond and Lydia Frost, both of Wayne, Aug. 4.
Moses D. Mitchell and Lois B. Spear, both of Wayne, Aug. 11.
John Richards and Clarissa House, both of Wayne, Aug. 18.
Samuel W. Steward of Burrelville, R. I., and Martha J. Besse of Wayne, Sept. 1.
N. B. Hunton and Orilla H. Danforth, both of Wayne, Sept. 8.
Ezekiel F. Wheelock and Charlotte L. Small, both of Wayne, Oct. 6.
Wm. J. W. Varnum and Margaret Ann Brown, both of Wayne, Nov. 24.