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Intentions of Marriage Registered in Wayne, 1802-1825

Source: History of the town of Wayne, Kennebec County, Maine: from its settlement to 1898 (Augusta Me.: Maine Farmer Pub. Co., 1898).

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John Atkins of Winthrop and Patty Clarimond of Wayne, January 1.
Thomas Blackwell and Kesia Higgins, both of Wayne, Jan. 13.
Melatiah Raymond and Clarissa Maxham, both of Wayne, Feb. 6.
John Frost, Jr., and Sophia Fisher, both of Wayne, previous to April 20.
Japheth C. Washburn of Wayne and Mrs. Betsey Lowney of Monmouth, April 5.

Lieut. Ephraim Norris and Mrs. Esther Allen, both of Wayne, Jan. 15.
Josiah Norris of Wayne and Mrs. Eunice Thomas of Harlem, April 26.
Sylvanus Atkinson of Wayne and Mrs. Susanna Mason of Leeds, July 16.

Seth Billington 2d and Polly Norris, both of Wayne, Feb. 22.
Ebenezer Handy of Wayne and Silvina Bonney of Winthrop, April 23.
John Frost and Esther Smith, both of Wayne, May 28.
Solomon Raymond and Mary Smith, both of Wayne, June 30.
Jacob Maxim and Sally Washburn, both of Wayne, Oct. 27.
Peter Lawrence and Melatiah Davenport, both of Wayne, Nov. 15.
Noah Frost of Wayne and Polly Ward of Harlem, Nov. 25.
John Frost and Susanna Hodge, both of Wayne, Dec. 12.

Isaac Dexter, Jr. and Sally Wing, both of Wayne, Jan. 1.
Elnathan Swift and Polly Lord, both of Wayne, April 6.
Nathan Handy and Betsey Fisher, both of Wayne, May 25.

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Alpheus Wing of Wayne and Rhoda True of Livermore, Nov. 27.

Noah Frost of Wayne and Sally Hammond of Leeds, Feb. 1.
Reuben Besse, Sen., and Hannah Stevens, both of Wayne, Mar. 8.
Nathan Lovejoy of Fayette and Temperance Wing of Wayne, Mar. 11.
Sylvanus Blackwell and Sarah Walton, both of Wayne, April 15.
Moses Bean and Betsey Anderson, both of Wayne, Aug. 15.

Jabez True of Livermore and Elisa Shepherdson Allen of Wayne, Jan. 16.
Benjamin Maxim and Eunice Raymond, both of Wayne, Feb. 28.
Benjamin Austin and Hannah Walton, both of Wayne, July 27.
Amasa Dexter and Pattie Burgess, both of Wayne, Sept. 11.
Samuel Brown of Wayne and Hannah Winslow of Duxborough, Oct. 3.

Wm. Knight, Jr., of Fayette and Betsey Brown of Wayne, Jan. 9.
Robinson J. Weeks of Wayne and Chloe Stevens of Readfield, Feb. 25.
Moses White of Wayne and Mrs. Mary Cressey of Augusta, Mar. 3.
Samuel Norris 2d and Phebe Cary, both of Wayne, May 20.
John Chandler and Polly Cumner, both of Wayne, Sept. 3.
Woodin Norris and Mrs. Sally Gilmore, both of Wayne, Sept. 2.
John Wing of Wayne and Polly Burgess of Leeds, Sept. 2.
Moses Wing, Jr., and Carrie Spear, both of Wayne, Nov. 15.

Samuel Dinsmore and Lydia Churchill, both of Wayne, July 15.
Sylvanus Hammond of Wayne and Betsey Curtis of Leeds, July 15.
Samuel Foss of Wayne and Lydia Stacy of Biddeford, Sept. 1.
Seth Maxim and Molly Raymond, both of Wayne, Oct. 20.
Dexter Allen of Fayette and Lydia Norris of Wayne, Nov. 7.

James Crocker and Patience Perry, both of Wayne, April 7.
Zadoc Bishop and Charlotte Frost, both of Wayne, April 8.
Isaac Billington, Jr., of Monmouth and Susanna Norris of Wayne, June 16.

[p. 124]
Isaac Smith of Wayne and Bethular Haskell of New Gloucester, July 9.
Peter Hopkins, Jr., of Lincolnville and Unity Frost of Wayne, Aug. 3.
Geo. Foss of Leeds and Mrs. Anna Pettingill of Wayne, Sept. 24.
Eben Handy and Martha Maxim, both of Wayne, Oct. 22.

Lorrin Judkins of Wayne and Anna Morse of Livermore, Jan. 12.
Richard Foss and Pamela Stone, both of Wayne, Jan. 30.
Geo. Gordon of Wayne and Lydia Pettingill of Leeds, Jan. 30.
John Boothby of Wayne and Annie Foss of Saco, Nov. 2.
Philip J. Fisher and Betsey Thomas, both of Wayne, Dec. 22.

Thomas Weeks and Sally Hammond, both of Wayne, Feb. 13.
Aaron Frost and Sophia Fisher, both of Wayne, Feb. 20.
Daniel Hazeltine and Betsey Smith, both of Wayne, Mar. 10.
Josiah Brown of Wayne and Betsey Paul of Leeds, Mar. 21.
Noah Chandler and Lucy Weeks, both of Wayne, April 2.
Job Lamson and Betsey Brown, both of Wayne, April 18.
Reuben Wing and Sally Robinson, both of Wayne, April 21.
Phineas Foss of Wayne and Dorothy H. Judkins of Saco, April 22.
Wm. Hersey of Rome and Martha White of Wayne, July 10.
Elisha Besse and Lois Dexter, both of Wayne, Sept. 6.
Stephen Packard of Readfield and Eleanor Robinson of Wayne, Sept. 12.
Daniel Curtis of Wayne and Rebecca Smith of Winthrop, Oct. 18.
Wm. Wing, Jr., and Lois Raymond, both of Wayne, Oct. 23.
Ephraim Maxim Frost and Chloe Borne Lovejoy, both of Wayne, Dec. 13.
Elias Berry and Sally Chandler, both of Wayne, Dec. 25.
Allen House of Leeds and Charity Hammond of Wayne, Dec. 31.

Obed Wing and Jane True, both of Wayne, Mar. 20.
Robert Haley of Rome and Rhoda White of Wayne, Aug. 3.
Richard Sturtevant of Paris and Mary Besse of Wayne, Sept. 4.
Thomas Burgess of Wayne and Eliza Sturtevant of Fayette, Sept. 10.
Wm. Raymond, Jr., and Polly Stevens, both of Wayne, Sept. 25.

[p. 125]
Wm. Sturtevant of Fayette and Martha Stevens of Wayne, Oct. 24.
John Shaw and Abigail Sturtevant, both of Wayne, Nov. 3.
Thomas H. Gray of Monmouth and Eliza Norris of Wayne, Nov. 3.
Charles Elkins, Jr., of Fayette and Eliza Stevens of Wayne, Nov. 6.
Nathaniel Atkins, Jr., and Sophia Walton, both of Wayne, Nov. 12.

Jeremiah Richards, Jr., of Fayette and Bloomy Wing of Wayne, Jan. 6.
Zachariah Perry of Wayne and Mrs. Ruby Smolly of Leeds, Jan. 16.
Eben Norris of Wayne and Nancy Harmon of Saco, Feb. 4.
Paul Ladd of Winthrop and Ruhana Billington of Wayne, Apr. 4.
Nathan Sturtevant and Hannah Shaw, both of Wayne, May 1.
Asa Smith and Sally Berry, both of Wayne, May 8.
James M. Decker of Winthrop and Polly Churchill of Wayne, May 27.
Ebenezer Hammond of Wayne and Janette Pettingill of Leeds, June 4.
Thaddeus Foss of Leeds and Jedida Norris of Wayne, July 14.
Samuel Randall, Jr., of Livermore and Beulah Norris of Wayne, July 18.
John Stevens 2d and Abigail Richards, both of Wayne, Aug. 6.
Philip J. Fisher of Wayne and Nancy Childs of Mercer, Nov. 18.

Abel Stevens and Grace Fish, both of Wayne, April 8.
Josiah Curtis of Leeds and Hannah Billington of Wayne, April 20.
Richard J. Seaver and Eliza S. Frost, both of Wayne, May 5.
Noah Wing and Nabby Norris, both of Wayne, July 15.
John Drew and Hannah Judkins, both of Wayne, July 15.
Rufus Walton and Hannah Braley, both of Wayne, Aug. 19.
Caleb Gilbert of Turner and Achsah Burgess of Wayne, Sept. 24.
John House of Leeds and Nancy Perry of Wayne, Dec. 16.
Wm. Burgess and Anna Maria Judkins, both of Wayne, Dec. 16.
Edward Besse of Wayne and Alice Kent of Readfield, Dec. 23.

John Sturtevant of Wayne and Jerusha House of Leeds, Jan. 19.
Anson Atkins of Wayne and Mary Davis, Feb. 6.

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Richard Montgomery Frost and Salome Perry, both of Wayne, Feb. 10.
Samuel Buswell and Lois Spear, both of Wayne, Mar. 25.
Calvin Wing and Temperance Burgess, both of Wayne, July 12.
John Reade and Hannah Caswell, both of Wayne, Aug. 2.
Nathan Besse and Lydia Spear, both of Wayne, Aug. 20.
Philo Fairbanks and Susanna Besse, both of Wayne, Aug. 26.
Wm. Hazelton and Hannah Sturtevant, both of Wayne, Oct. 3.
Thomas N. Gray and Elmira Seaver, both of Wayne, Oct. 12.

Enoch Farnham of Wayne and Deborah Chandler of Winthrop, May 7.
John Perry of Wayne and Rhoda House of Leeds, May 10.
Peleg Haines of Readfield [sic] and Hannah Jennings of Readfield [sic], May 20.
Wm. Churchill and Phebe Maxim, both of Wayne, May 24.
Hersey Bishop of Wayne and Sarah Carleton of Winthrop, Aug. 12.
Alpheus Wing of Wayne and Clarissa Judkins of Readfield, Oct. 9.
Nathaniel Daily and Rebecca Judkins, both of Wayne, Nov. 6.
Franklin Perry of Wayne and Marion Patten of Putnam, Nov. 16.
De Lafayette Chandler and Sophronia Weeks, both of Wayne, Nov. 20.
John Frost and Betsey Erskine, both of Wayne, Nov. 21.
Thomas Raymond and Rachel Smith, both of Wayne, Nov. 24.

Godward Shaw and Mary Chandler, both of Wayne, Feb. 14.
James Wing and Nancy Norris, both of Wayne, July 20.
Daniel Buswell of Wayne and Hephzibah Buswell of Winthrop [no date given].
Richard Smith of Orrington and Alice Billings of Wayne, Aug. 19.
Seth Hammond and Betsey Dexter, both of Wayne, Nov. 1.
Wm. Knight and Isabel Norcross, both of Wayne, Dec. 9.

Otis Perry of Livermore and Bethiah Jones of Wayne, Feb. 21.
Moses French of Chesterville and Edna Stevens of Wayne, Mar. 3.
Duvelle Kent of Readfield and Weightstill Wing of Wayne, April 3.
Franklin Fairbanks of Wayne and Hannah S. Cushing of Winthrop, June 12.

[p. 127]
Rufus Davenport of Winthrop and Anna Stevens of Wayne, July 31.
Billings Hood of Turner and Sally Ridley of Wayne, Aug. 12.
Isaac Pettingill of Leeds and Hannah Norris of Wayne, Aug. 17.
Charles Powers and Fanny Fusten, both of Wayne, Oct. 9.
George Gordon of Wayne and Ruth Pettingill of Leeds, Nov. 2.
Asa Foss and Roxanna Wing, both of Wayne, Nov. 20.
David Lufkins of No. 6 and Mary Sturtevant of Wayne, Dec. 4.
Woodin Besse of Wayne and Betsey Kent of Readfield, Dec. 11.

Ephraim Smith of Wayne and Hannah Hazelton of Winthrop, Feb. 26.
Alpheus Wing and Mrs. Huldah Besse, both of Wayne, Feb. 28.
Wm. Wyman of Chesterville and Isabel Wheeler of Wayne, March 7.
Joseph Richards, Jr., and Sarah Frost, both of Wayne, March 11.
Joshua Burgess of Wayne and Patience Sturtevant of Fayette, March 11.
Samuel Frost and Mrs. Patience Stetson, both of Wayne, April 4.
John Harvey of Winthrop and Sophia Norris of Wayne, April 22.
Joseph Gould, Jr., of Wayne and Hannah H. Libby of Leeds, April 26.
John Richards and Patty Sturtevant, both of Wayne, May 6.
Richard Berry and Mrs. Bathsheba Bumpus, both of Wayne, May 20.
Nathan Bishop of Winthrop and Martha Wing of Wayne, July 29.
James Allen of Wayne and Margaret Carver of Winthrop, August 10.
Alvan Swift of Fayette and Mary Ridley of Wayne, August 14.
Rufus Gould of Chesterville and Mrs. Ruth Gould of Wayne, September 22.
Levi Foss and Eliza Burgess, both of Wayne, Sept. 30.
Joseph Lamson and Hannah Howe, both of Wayne, Oct. 4.
Jabez Leadbetter of Wayne and Lucretia Howard of Leeds, Oct. 4.
Daniel S. Daily of Wayne and Sally Currier of Winthrop, Dec. 2.

Alvan Wing and Eleanor Smith, both of Wayne, Jan. 27.
Leonard Wing and Betsey Ellis, both of Wayne, Feb. 13.

[p. 128]
Josiah W. Tibbetts of Winthrop and Mary Allen of Wayne, February 22.
Alexander Foss and Mary Foss, both of Wayne, April 28.
Stephen Knapp of Leeds and Sally Gott of Wayne, June 11.
George Manter and Mary R. Frizzell, both of Wayne, Aug. 25.
James Smith of Wayne and Ruth Sturtevant of Fayette, Sept. 15.
Wm. Lowell of Winthrop and Jennie Maxim of Wayne, Nov. 10.
Otis Hood of Turner and Rachel Ridley of Wayne, Nov. 10.
Jonathan B. Davenport of Winthrop and Lucy Stevens of Wayne, Dec. 10.
Humphrey Hight of Wayne and Eliza Gould of Gorham, Dec. 29.

Alden Wing of Chesterville and Charity M. Stevens of Wayne, Feb. 3.
Abial D. Bishop of Leeds and Lydia Perry of Wayne, Feb. 9.
Elijah Morrill of Livermore and Rhoda Stevens of Wayne, Feb. 10.
Daniel Ridley of Wayne and Mary McHenry of Saco, April 10.
Theophilus Durell and Melissa Wing, both of Wayne, April 20.
John True and Mrs. Eliza Foss, both of Wayne, April 29.
Stephen Wing and Eliza Prescott, both of Wayne, Aug. 13.
Daniel Harvey of Leeds and Mehitable Gott of Wayne, Sept. 7.
Wager Besse and Nancy Smith, both of Wayne, Sept. 18.
Alfred Pinkham and Betsey Rice, both of Wayne, Sept. 21.
Jesse Swift and Lydia Wing, both of Wayne, Oct. 5.
Willard Frost and Jane Hodgdon, both of Wayne, Oct. 7.
James Burgess and Sarah E. Wing, both of Wayne, Oct. 19.
Eliakim Foss and Achsa Wing, both of Wayne, Nov. 2.
Abijah Crain of Wayne and Mrs. Harriet Fifield of Fayette, November 8.
Alvin Chandler of Wayne and Mary Bullen of Readfield, Nov. 30.

Joshua Norris and Polly Norris, both of Wayne, Jan. 4.
Samuel Pompilly of Turner and Philema Tibbetts of Wayne, Jan. 25.
Moses Hubbard of Fayette and Betsey Sweet of Wayne, Feb. 4.
Demas Bishop and Isabel Varnum, both of Wayne, Feb. 15.
Benjamin Norris of Wayne and Charlotte Knowles of Fayette, Feb. 19.

[p. 129]
Solomon Millett of Leeds and Phebe Gould of Wayne, Feb. 23.
Seth Sturtevant of Waterville and Mrs. Huldah Besse of Wayne, Feb. 26.
John Wood of Winthrop and Dolly Stevens of Wayne, Feb. 28.
Warren Sturtevant of Wayne and Charlotte Manse of Leeds, April 2.
Abisha Sturtevant and Hannah Smith, both of Wayne, April 3.
David Starrett of Weld and Mrs. Susan Fairbanks of Wayne, June 29.
Benjamin Ridley of Leeds and Eliza Jenkins of Wayne, July 20.
John E. Frizzell of Fayette and Annie Thompson of Wayne, July 22.
Shirley Andrews of Lisbon and Nancy Felch of Wayne, Oct. 5.
Elijah Gott of Wayne and Polly Stinchfield of Leeds, Oct.12.
Geo. O. Wing and Eliza B. Lewis, both of Wayne, Nov. 9.
Sewall Frost and Charlotte Gage, both of Wayne, Dec. 14.

Wm. Raymond and Sally Hin, both of Wayne, Jan. 11.
John A. Pitts of Winthrop and Mary Jennings of Wayne, Jan. 22.
Comfort C. Smith of Wayne and Mrs. Jane Smith of Winslow, Jan. 23.
Cyrus Bishop of Leeds and Seviah Maxham of Wayne, Feb. 13.
Orlando Bryant of Wayne and Betsey Smith of Fayette, Mar. 7.
Theodore Woodcock of Winthrop and Deborah B. Besse of Wayne, Mar. 12.
Love Roberts of Wayne and Mary Philips of Greene, Mar. 15.
Nathan Raymond and Milleliah Smith, both of Wayne, April 7.
Isaac Bowles of Wayne and Mary Haines of Readfield, April 12.
Charles Adkins of Mt. Vernon and Mary Manter of Wayne, April 18.
Barnabas Wing of Winthrop and Thankful Swift of Wayne, June 27.
Truman Billington of Wayne and Eliza Nickerson of Orrington, July 11.
Walter Foss of Leeds and Dorcas S. Morrison of Wayne, July 21.
Wm. Wing and Lucy Blackstone, both of Wayne, Aug. 7.
Franklin Clark of Wiscasset and Jeannette B. Purrington of Wayne, Aug. 22.
Thomas Burgess of Livermore and Lavana Smith of Wayne, Aug. 27.

[p. 130]
Noah Lawrence of Jay and Philemia Lawrence of Wayne, Sept. 1.
Nathaniel Walton of Wayne and Caroline Fish of Leeds, Sept. 12.
Wm. Gott, Jr., of Wayne and Ruth Gould of Leeds, Oct. 3.
Samuel Smith and Fear W. Burgess, both of Wayne, Oct. 22.
Ephraim Norris of Wayne and Mrs. Susan Howard of Leeds, Oct. 29.
Enoch Swift of Wayne and Mrs. Elizabeth Wyman of Topsham, Oct. 31.
Wm. Raymond 3d of Wayne and Lorinda Berry of New Sharon, Oct. 31.
Benjamin Lamson of Wayne and Amelia Butler of Hallowell, Nov. 26.
Samuel Shaw of Greene and Mary Smith of Wayne, Dec. 13.
Charles H. W. Tuesley and Abigail S. Warren, both of Wayne, Dec. 19.

Nathan Raymond and Anna Hix, both of Wayne, Feb. 27.
Joseph Bishop, Jr., of Leeds and Jemima Norris of Wayne, Mar. 13.
John Raymond and Hannah Hix, both of Wayne, May 11.
Simeon Foss of Leeds and Sally Ellen Norris of Wayne, June 23.
Charles Berry and Harriet Erskine, both of Wayne, Sept. 18.
Francis J. Bowles of Wayne and Sophronia Haines of Winthrop, Nov. 4.
John Wheeler and Ruth Maxim, both of Wayne, Dec. 4.
David Besse and Sally Swift, both of Wayne, Dec. 12.