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Baptisms at the First Church, North Yarmouth, 1731-1772

Source: Old Times in North Yarmouth, Maine, Vol. 4 & Vol. 5 (Yarmouth, Me.: A.W. Corliss, 1880-81).


The records of the Church of Christ in North Yarmouth, as it was early designated, were originally kept in an account-book with parchment binding, entered in the hand-writing of Rev. Ammi R. Cutter. Probably in the pastorate of Rev. Nicholas Loring a new book, like the other in size and shape, excepting the lack of commercial air about it, was procured and a literal transcript made by the second pastor ; the first book being employed by William Cutter as an omnium gatherum of charges, weather notes, general memoranda, etc., etc. However, the Church finally came into possession of the original, as both books, duplicates of each other for a number of years, are among the archives of the First Church in Yarmouth at the present time.

anno domini         baptized at north-yarmouth
Jan. 3 Simeon, of Jacob & Mary Brown.

Jan. 3 Ephraim, of Abraham & Anna Pettengall.

Feb. 28 Ruth, of Benjamin & Sarah Prince.

Apr. 18 Sarah, of William & Elisabeth Ward.

May 23 Rebecca, Mary & Samuel, of Samuel & Susanna Baker.

Aug. 8 Susanna, of Jedediah & Hannah Southworth.

Aug. 29 Thomas & Timothy, of Thomas & Elizabeth Washburn.

Sept. 26 William, of Amos & Hannah Harris.

Oct. 31 Hannah, of James & Susanna Buxton.

Dec. 19 Thomas, of James & Rhoda Russell.

Feb. 6 James, of James & Bathsheba Lindsey.

Mar. 12 Rebecca, of James & Sarah Parker.

Mar. 19 David, of James & Bathsheba Lindsey.

Mar. 26 Bethiah, of Seth & Deborah Mitchell.

June 11 Micajah, of Thomas & Deborah Latham.

May 21 Deborah, of Samuel & Experience Totman.

July 9 Peter, of Peter & Sarah Weare.

July 16 Jonathan, of Richard & [Jael] Stubbs.

July 30 Lydia, of Seth & Deborah Mitchell.

Sept. 17 John, of Jacob & Mary Brown.

Nov. 5 Courtney, of James & Margaret Bavage [Babbage].

Nov. 19 Jane, of Francis & Jane Wyman.

Dec. 17 Ephraim, of Ephraim & Lydia Sturdivant.

Jan. 14 Sarah, of David & Ellenor Stephens.

Feb. 25 Hannah, of Andrew & Zeruiah Ring.

Mar. 18 John Sweetser, & Martha his wife.

May 20 John, Martha, Jonathan, Benjamin & Elisabeth, of John & Martha Sweetser.

June 17 James, of James & Rhoda Russell.

July 8 Lydia, of Benjamin & Sarah Prince.

Nov. 4 Cornelius, of James & Susanna Buxton.

Nov. 11 John, of John & Betty Hamilton.

Apr. 21 John, of John & Patience Hammond.

Apr. 28 Jane of Coll & Katherine Matthews.

June 9 Joseph, of John & Sarah Ross.

June 9 Anna, of Benoni & Mary Fogg.

June 30 Thomas, of Joseph & Jane Drinkwater.

Aug. 11 Hannah, of Samuel & Experience Totman.

Sept. 22 Daniel, of Jacob & Mary Brown.

Sept. 22 John, of Jonas & Mary Mason.

Sept. 22 Ebenezer, of Benjamin & Mercy Lake.

Oct. 20 Nathaniel, of Francis & Jane Wyman.

Oct. 20 Seth, of Seth & Deborah Mitchell.

Nov. 3 Peter, of Edward & Mary King.

Jan. 12 William, of James & Margaret Bavage [Babbage].

Feb. 23 Lydia, of Ephraim & Lydia Sturdivant.

Mar. 16 Ammi Ruhamah, of Ammi Ruhamah & Dorothy Cutter.

Nov. 2 Daniel of Peter & Sarah Weare.

1736 (At New Casco)
Feb. 15 Sarah, of John & Mehetabel Ayres.

June 5 William, of Ammi Ruhamah & Dorothy Cutter.

June 5 Mehetabel, of Benjamin & Mehetabel Blackstone.

Aug. 7 James, of James & Rhoda Russell.

Aug. 7 Nathaniel, of Nathan & Mary Noyes.

(At North-yarmouth)

Sept. 30 Martha, of Robert & Patience Burnell.

Jan. 23 Susanna Baker, daughter of Samuel.

May 8 Joseph Ware, son to Peter.

May 8 Joseph Jones, son to Joseph.

May 8 Joseph Sturdefant, son to Ephraim.

May 15 Matthew Pettengal, son to Abraham.

May 22 Thomas King, son to Edward.

June 5 John Prince, son to Benjamin.

June 5 Joseph Drinkwater, son to Joseph.

June 5 James Matthews, son to Coll Matthews.

Aug. 14 Ezra Mitchell & Noah, sons to Noah.

Sept. 20 Hannah Lake, daughter to Benjamin.

Oct. 9 Susanna Gooding, daughter of James.

Oct. 9 Benjamin Welch, son of Benjamin.

Sept. 25 Sarah Ring, daughter of Andrew.

Oct. 16 John Grant, son of Abraham.

Nov. 6 Joshua Totman, son of Samuel.

Nov. 6 John, Joseph & Andrew Gray, sons of Andrew.

Nov. 7 Sarah Hammon, daughter of John (in private).

Nov. 20 Rebekah, Mary, Hannah, Hulda & Samuel, children of Barnabas [Seabury].

Dec. 4 Joseph Burnal & his daughter Sarah.

Dec. 11 Penewell Burton & Mary his wife.

Jan. 1 Mary Ingerson, the wife of Benjamin.

Jan. 1 Rowland Hambleton, the son of John.

Jan. 20 Mary French, the daughter of Elisha.

Feb. 26 Sarah Felt, widow.

Feb. 26 Patience Burnal, the wife of Robert.

Mar. 19 David Stevens, the [son] of David.

Mar. 19 Rebekah Mitchell, the daughter of Seth.

Mar. 19 Margaret Harris, daughter of Amos.

Apr. 2 Richmond Loring, the son of Nicholas.

July 20 Peter Wyman, son of Francis (in private).

July 27 Sarah Mason, daughter of Jonas.

July 27 John Mitchell, son of Noah.

July 27 David Fogg, son of Benoni.

July 30 John Drinkwater, son of Joseph.

Sept. 17 Robert Berton, son of Pennewell.

Oct. 2 William Brown, son of Jacob.

Oct. 29 James Bavage [Babbage], son of James.

Nov. 19 John Hammon, son of John.

Dec. 31 Cuff, servant-man, and his daughter Billonder, a servant-woman.

Apr. __ John, son of Ephraim Griffin.

Apr. 15 Mary, daughter of James Buxton, New Casco ; & Bezaleel Loring, son of Nicholas.

May 27 Samuel Merrill, son of Samuel.

July 15 Sarah Wyman, daughter of Francis.

July 22 Mary Bradbury, daughter of Moses.

July 22 Martha Burnell, daughter of Joseph.

Sept. 2 Mehetable Sweetser, daughter of John.

Sept. 2 John Sturdefant, son of Ephraim.

Nov. 11 Margaret Foster, daughter of Ephraim, New Casco.

Nov. 11 Jane Orr, daughter of John.

Dec. __ Sarah Baker, daughter of Samuel.

Dec. 23 Samuel Gooding, son of James.

Dec. 30 Mehitable Gray, daughter to Andrew.

Mar. 2 Mercy Lake, daughter of Benjamin.

Jan. 7 Deborah Mitchell, daughter of Seth.

Jan. 13 Susanna King, daughter of Edward.

Apr. 13 Samuel Babbage, son of James.

May 18 Isaac Mitchell, son of Noah.

May 18 Micajah Drinkwater, son of Joseph.

June 1 Eleazar Ring, son of Andrew ; & Stephen Larrabee Harress, son of Amos ; & Joanna Mitchell, daughter of Solomon.

June 21 Mary Scales, daughter of James.

June 29 Sarah Stuard, daughter of William.

July 6 Ephraim Griffin, son of Ephraim.

Aug. __ Joanna French, daughter of Elisha.

Oct. 20 Thomas Chandler Russell, son of James.

Dec. 7 Levi Loring, son of Nicholas.

Dec. 14 Seth Sweetser, son of John.

Dec. 21 Jacob Bradbury, son of Moses.

Mar. 15 Elizabeth Mason, daughter of Jonas.

[Mar.] 29 Miriam Brown, daughter of Jacob.

Apr. 4 Benjamin Merrill, son of Samuel.

[Apr. 4] Rachel Loring, daughter of Solomon.

May 10 Peter Hammond, son of John.

June 7 Samuel Seabury, son of David.

[June 7] Susannah Mitchell, daughter of Noah.

June 14 Sarah and Mary Cloff [Clough] daus. of Ebenezer.

[June] 21 George York, son of Benj. (New Casco.)

July 5 William Wyman, son of Francis.

[July] 12 Jane Thorne, daughter of Joseph.

[July] 19 Elijah Ware, son of Peter.

[July 19] Bethiah Baker, daughter of Samuel.

[July] 26 Patience Borton, daughter of Penewell.

Sept. 6 John & Anne Wyman, children of Samuel Bucknam's wife.

[Sept.] 13 Martha & Joseph Chandler, children of Edmond.

Oct. 11 Richard Grant, son of Abraham.

[Oct. 11] William Stubbs, son of Richard, Jr.

Nov. 1 Leah, Elizabeth & Joseph Man, child. of Gideon.

[Nov.] 29 Mary Gooding, daughter of James.

Dec. 13 Els[i]e, Gilbert, Elisabeth & Isachar, children of Widow Mary Winslow.

Jan. 3 Elizabeth Bucknam, daughter of Samuel.

[Jan. 3] John Mitchell, son of Solomon.

[Jan. 3] Elizabeth Burnal, daughter of Joseph.

Mar. 21 James Tuttle, Jr.

[Mar. 21] Thomas Mitchell, son of Seth.

Apr. 25 Phebe Tuttle.

[Apr. 25] Rhoda Gray, daughter of Andrew.

May 2 Abigail King, daughter of Edward.

[May] 16 Hannah & Anna Tuttle & Judith Getchell.

[May] 23 Hannah Allen. Rebeckah & Sarah Winslow, daughters of Barnabas. Anne Drinkwater, daughter of Joseph. Margaret O'Brion, adopted daughter of John Hambleton. Content Johnson, daughter of Joseph. Elizabeth Cutter, daughter of Ammi Ruhami.

July 4 Naomi Bailey, daughter of Robert.

[July] 25 Jeremiah Fogg Thoits, son of Jonathan. Susannah Fogg, daughter of Sarah. Deborah Ring, daughter of Andrew.

Aug. 1 Elisha Lake, son of Benjamin.

[Aug.] 15 Samuel Cloff [Clough], son of Ebenezer.

Sept. 5 Moses & John Soul, sons of Barnabas. Jonathan Greely, son of Philip.

[Sept.] 26 Hannah Ware, daughter of Peter.

Dec. 12 Judah Merrill, son of Samuel.

[Dec.] 19 Deliverence Berton, daughter of Pennewell.

Jan. 9 Lucretia Loring, daughter of Nicholas.

Jan. 23 Molly Hammon, daughter of John. Susannah Stubbs, daughter of Richard, Jr.

[Jan.] 30 Hannah Loring, daughter of Solomon.

Feb. 6 Joshua Mitchell, son of Joseph.

[Feb.] 20 Joseph Russell, son of James.

Mar. 13 Judith Sweetser, daughter of John.

Apr. 24 Samuel Larrabee, son of Benjamin. John Ross, son of John. Hannah Mitchell, dau. of Noah.

May 8 Asenath Winslow, daughter of Barnabas.

[May] 15 Hannah Bradbury, daughter of Moses.

[May] 22 James Prince, son of Benjamin. Nathan Johnson, son of Joseph.

Aug. 28 Lidea Mitchell, daughter of Solomon.

Sept. 11 Enos Mitchell, son of Seth.

[Sept.] 18 Rachel Harris, daughter of Amos.

[Sept.] 25 John Hunt, son of John.

Oct. 10 Benj. Winslow, son of Gilbert, (in private.)

[Oct.] 23 Sarah Knight, daughter of Wm. (New Casco.)

[Oct.] 30 Rachel Tucker, daughter of Thos. (New Casco)

Nov. 13 Mercy Mason, daughter of Jonas.

Apr. 8 Joshua Gray, son of Andrew. Sarah Prince, daughter of Paul.

[Apr.] 29 Lidea Winslow, daughter of Gilbert.

Mar. 25 Miriam Pettengal, daughter of Abraham.

May 13 Simeon Thoits, son of Joseph. Edward King, son of Edward. Lucretia Bucknam, daughter of Samuel. Rhoda Cluff [Clough] daughter of Ebenezer.

June 17 Silvanus White, son of John.

Oct. 21 Richard Stubbs, son of Richard, Jr.

Nov. 4 Eliphalet Greely, son of Philip. Sarah York, daughter of Benjamin (New Casco.)

[Nov.] 11 Susannah Brown, daughter of Joseph. Content Brown, daughter of Jacob, Jr.

[Nov.] 25 Mary Loring, daughter of Nicholas. Sarah & Mary Chandler, daughters of Zachariah.

Jan. 20 Isaac Sturdefant, son of Ephraim. Susannah Baker, daughter of Samuel. Jane Loring, daughter of Solomon. Miriam Brown, daughter of Joseph. Abigail Chandler, dau. of Edmond.

Feb. 23 Elizabeth Hammon, daughter of John.

Mar. 25 Sarah Cutter, daughter of Ammi Ruhamah (in private.)

Apr. 7 Sarah Mitchell, daughter of Joseph.

May 12 Mary Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel.

[May] 26 Jane Clark, Brunswick.

June 2 Jeremiah Knite, son of William (New Casco.)

[June] 7 David Givens & Mary Ross of Sheepscut.

[June] 14 Charity Bickmore, daughter of ______.

July 7 Benjamin Bradbury, son of Moses.

Sept. 22 Martha Tucker, daughter of Thos. (New Casco.)

Oct. 6 John Scales, son of James. Sarah Soul, daughter of Barnabas.

[Oct.] 13 Sarah, Lucy & Mary Ingersel, daughters of Wm. Ruth Parker, daughter of James. Sarah Drinkwater, daughter of Joseph.

[Oct.] 27 John Mitchell, son of Solomon. Mary Johnson Chandler, daughter of Judah.

Nov. 3 Cushing Prince, son of Paul. Andrew Ring Johnson, son of Joseph.

Feb. 2 Barnabas Winslow, son of Barnabas. Mary Larrabee, daughter of John.

June 22 Isaiah Mitchell, son of Seth. Abigail Thoits, daughter of Jonathan.

[June] 29 Ezra King, son of Edward. James Gray, son of ______, at Brunswick.

July 13 Samuel Winslow, son of Gilberd.

[July] 20 Mary Curtis, daughter of Joshua.

[July] 27 Josiah Foss, son of John.

[July] 28 Mehitable Mitchell, dau. of Benj. (in private.)

Aug. 7 Jacob Cloff [Clough] son of Ebenezer.

[Aug.] 10 Hannah Malcom, Jennett Hewey, Robert Orr, John Potter, Samuel Jack, Jane Spear, Margaret Swart, Ephraim Martin, Zachariah Thorne, Martha Malcom, Andrew Macfaden, of ye towns of Brunswick & Topsom.

[Aug.] 17 Jonathan Mitchell, son of Jonathan. Molly? Pettengall, daughter of Abraham.

[Aug.] 24 Samuel Mason, son of Jonas.

Sept. 20 Ebenezer Gray, son of Andrew.

[Sept.] 28 James White, son of John.

Dec. 7 Lydia Mitchell, daughter of Noah.

Jan. 10 Edmond Chandler, son of Judah.

Feb. 28 Elizabeth Loring, daughter of Nicholas.

Mar. 15 Joannah Mitchell, daughter of Joseph. Hannah Sturdefant, daughter of Ephraim.

[Mar.] 22 Joannah Brown, daughter of Joseph.

Apr. 12 Abigail Paul, daughter of Daniel. Jane Greely, daughter of Philip.

[Apr.] 19 Sarah Loring, daughter of Solomon.

[Apr.] 26 Ann Hammond, daughter of John. Susannah Buxton, daughter of James (New Casco.)

May 10 Susannah & Grace Howland, daus. of Joseph.

June 21 Reuben Brown, son of Jacob. Joseph French, son of Elisha.

[June] 28 Mercy, Rebeckah, Sarah, Burrell, Elijah & Lydia, children of James Tuttle.

July 12 Unice Mitchell, daughter of Solomon.

Oct. 4 Betty Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin.

[Oct.] 11 Stephen Larrabee, son of John.

[Oct.] 25 Benjamin Prince, son of Benjamin. Isaac Cloff [Clough] son of Ebenezer.

Nov. 1 William Richardson Bucknam, son of Samuel. Elizabeth Soul, daughter of Barnabas. Joshua Chandler, son of Zachariah. Sarah Chandler, daughter of Edmond.

[Nov.] 29 Silvanus Drinkwater, son of Joseph.

Dec. __ John Lewes, son of John.

Feb. 28 Jeremiah Mitchell, son of Seth. Wm. Mitchell, son of Noah.

Mar. 1 James Parker, son of James. Joshua Blanchard, son of Nathaniel.

[Mar.] 13 Elizabeth Prince, wife of Silvanus.

[Mar.] 27 Thomas White, son of John. Samuel York, son of Joseph (New Casco.)

May 29 Annah Johnson.

June 5 Enos Bradbury, son of Moses.

[June] 19 Rebeckah Ingersoll, daughter of William.

July 10 Thomas & Abial Prince, children of Silvanus.

[July] 17 Grace Bickamore, daughter of ______.

[July] 31 Sarah Foss, daughter of John.

Aug. 21 Silva Harris, daughter of Amos, Jr.

Sept. 4 Patience Winslow, daughter of Gilbert.

[Sept.] 25 John Williams. David & Mary Washbern [children?] of the widow.

Oct. 2 Dorcas & Joannah Ingersoll, daughters of Nathl.

[Oct.] 24 Unice Knight, dau. of William (New Casco.)

Nov. 6 Rachel Loring, daughter of Nicholas.
Jan. 22 Hannah Prince, daughter of Paul.

Mar. 19 Sarah Pettengal, daughter of Abraham.

Apr. 9 Abraham Reed, son of Bartholomew.

[Apr.] 16 John Chandler, son of Judah.

May 21 Samuel Hammon, son of John.

June 4 Mary Fogg, daughter of Benajah.

[June] 11 Joseph Johnson, son of Joseph.

July 23 Rebeckah Prince, daughter of Benjamin.

[July] 30 Simeon Brown, son of Jacob.

Aug. 6 Susannah Fellows, daughter of Joseph. John Paul, son of Daniel.

[Aug.] 20 David Cushing Loring, son of Solomon. Jeremiah Howland, son of Joseph.

Nov. 19 Lydea Mitchell, daughter of Seth. John Larrabee, son of John. William Tucker, son of Thomas (New Casco.) Joseph York, son of Joseph (New Casco.)

Dec. __ Rachel Farrow, daughter of John.

Jan. 16 Olive Mitchell, daughter of Jonathan.

Feb. 13 Mary [Mercy?] Cole, daughter of Job.

[Feb.] 18 Mercy Sole, daughter of Barnabas.

Mar. 5 James Sturdefant, son of Ephraim.

[Mar.] 13 Margery Mitchell, daughter of Solomon. Hannah Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin.

Apr. 1 Mercy Chandler, daughter of Zachariah.

[Apr.] 8 Asa Lewes, son of John. Benjamin Buxton, son of James (New Casco.)

[Apr.] 15 Samuel Stubbs, son of Richard, Jr. Ephraim & Joseph Brown, sons of Moses. Huldah Moulton, daughter of Stephen.

July 29 Ephraim Loring, son of John. Samuel Fisher, son of Samuel, Jr. Rachel Harris, daughter of Amos, Jr.

Aug. 12 Martha Royal, daughter of Eli.

[Aug.] 26 John Turfts [Tufts?] son of John.

Sept. 30 Elizabeth Williams, daughter of John.

Dec. 2 Jane Prince, daughter of Silvanus.

[Dec.] __ Abigail Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel. Tabitha Chandler, daughter of Jonathan.

Jan. 6 Mary Royal, daughter of Jacob.

Mar. 17 Levi Carman, on Jonathan Chandler's account.

[Mar.] 31 Sarah Reed, daughter of Bartholomew.

Apr. 19 Sarah Bradbury, daughter of Moses.

June 9 Thomas Loring, son of Nicholas. Hannah Winslow, daughter of Gilbert. Jonathan Chandler, son of Judah.

June 16 Rebeckah Pettengal, daughter of Abraham. Sarah Brown, daughter of Benjamin.

[June] 30 Henery Griffin, son of Ephraim. Ruth Prince, daughter of Paul.

July 7 Peter W[e]are Brown, son of Jacob, Jr.

[July] 21 Mary Crandle, daughter of Philip.

Oct. 5 Ebenezer Cluff [Clough], son of Ebenezer.

[Oct.] 27 Solomon Loring, son of Solomon.

Nov. 3 Mehitable Larrabee, daughter of John. Child of ______ Hammon. Child of ______ Drinkwater.

[Nov.] 17 Mary Cole, daughter of Job.

Dec. 8 Hannah Merrill, daughter of Samuel. Mariam Royal, daughter of Jacob, Jr. Sarah Mitchell, daughter of Jonathan. Joshua Johnson, son Joseph.

[Dec.] 15 Hannah Hunt, daughter of John (New Casco.)

Jan. 5 Andrews Mitchell, son of Seth.

Mar. 8 Stephen Prince, son of Benjamin.

Apr. 26 Dorcas Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin.

May 3 Sarah, Nathaniel & William True, children of Jonathan.

[May] 17 Hannah Farrow, daughter of John.

June 14 Betty Howland, daughter of Joseph.

[June] 28 John Hooper, son of William. Ruth Grant, daughter of Abraham. Elizabeth Moulton, daughter of Stephen.

July 20 Rachel Denny, daughter of Samuel at Georgetown.

Aug. 1 Lemuel [or Samuel] Soul, son of Barnabas.

Aug. 16 David Chandler, son of Jonathan. Adams Royal, son of Eli.

[Aug.] 30 Mary Lewes, daughter of John.

Nov. 1 Andrew Williams, son of John.

[Nov.] 8 Hannah Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel, Jr.

Dec. 13 Silvanus Prince, son of Silvanus. Onesipherous Fisher, son of Samuel, Jr. Mary Crocker, daughter of James.

Mar. 11 Rebeckah Parker, daughter of James.

[Mar.] 18 Jane Sturdefant, daughter of Ephraim.

Apr. 1 Hannah Loring Mitchell, daughter of Jonathan.

[Apr.] 8 Abner Brown, son of Benjamin.

[Apr.] 22 Thankfull Knap, molatto, & Jemima her daughter. Joseph Underwood, son of Jonathan, (New Casco.)

May 20 Zebede Hammon, son of John.

June 3 James Frank, son of Thomas (New Casco.) Susanna Nash, daughter of Joseph.

[June] 17 David Prince, son of Paul. Rebeckah Chandler, daughter of Edmond.

[June] 24 Joshua Spear, son of Joshua.

July 11 Gilbert Winslow, son of Gilbert. William Honeford, son of ______ (New Casco.)

Aug. 5 Hulda Kendle, daughter of Jonathan.

[Aug.] 26 Nicholas Loring, son of Solomon. Mary Parker, daughter of Benjamin.

Sept. 2 Sarah Mitchell, daughter of Seth.

Oct. 7 Anna True, daughter of Jonathan.

Nov. 18 Abigail Knap, mulatto, daughter of Thankful.

Dec. 9 Lydia Parker, daughter of Benjamin.

Jan. 20 Elizabeth Merrill, daughter of Samuel.

[Jan.] 27 Samuel Larrabee, son of John.

Feb. 17 Thomas Ross, son of Joseph. Rebeckah Royal, daughter of Jacob.

Mar. 24 Elizabeth Cole, daughter of Job.

[Mar.] 31 Tamson Tucker, daughter of Thomas. Danfort Blaxton, son of Benjamin (both New Casco.)

Apr. 4 Esther Fogg, daughter of Benajih. Seth Griffin, son of Ephraim.

June 2 Mary Chandler, daughter of Edmond.

[June] 9 Sarah Howland, daughter of Joseph.

July 14 Daniel & Phineas Drinkwater, sons of Joseph.

[July 14] John Crocker, son of James.

July 21 Amos Prince, son of Benjamin.

[July] 28 Judith Moulton, daughter of Stephen. Betty Chandler, daughter of Zachariah.

Oct. 27 Hannah Prince, daughter of Silvanus. Timothy Chandler, son of Jonathan. John Williams, son of John. Joseph York, son of Joseph (New Casco.)

Nov. 17 John Farrow, son of John. Nathan & Elizabeth Oakes, children of Nathan.

[Nov.] 24 Sarah Brown, daughter of Jacob, Jr.

Dec. 15 Joanna Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin. Patience Cluff [Clough?] daughter of Ebenezer.

Feb. 16 William Mitchell, son of Joseph, Jr.

[Feb.] 23 Mercy Johnson & Naomi Reed, daughter of Bartholomew.

Apr. 6 Sarah Spear, daughter of Joshua.

[Apr.] 20 Abigail Hulet, for Samuel Fisher, Jr. Jenny Brown, daughter of Benjamin.

May 4 Celia Loring, daughter of Solomon. Ralph Kunole [Kendell?], son of Jonathan. Samuel Blanchard, son of Nathaniel, Jr.

June 15 Mary Nash, daughter of Joseph.

[June] 22 Otis Royal, son of Eli.

[June] 29 Nicholas Loring, son of Nicholas. William Loring, son of Ezekiel. John Bartlett, son of John.

July 6 Bela Mitchell, son of Jonathan.

[July] 13 Anna True, daughter of William. Ephraim Cole, son of Noah.

[July ] 27 Jacob Hammon, son of John. Moses Bradbury, son of Moses. Silvester Richmond Scales, son of Thomas.

Aug. 3 Rachel Frank, daughter of Thomas (New Casco.)

Sept. 14 William Pomeroy, son of ______ (New Casco.)

[Sept.] 28 Jenny Soul, daughter of Barnabas.

Oct. 26 Susanna Harris, daughter of Amos, Jr.

Nov. 9 Rachel Mitchell, daughter of Jacob, Jr.

[Nov.] 30 Samuel Parker, son of James.

Dec. 14 David Hayes, son of John.

Feb. 1 Phebe Gray, daughter of John.

[Feb.] 22 Elsea Prince, daughter of Paul. Hannah Royal, daughter of Jacob.

Feb. 29 Hannah Underwood, daughter of Jonathan. Richard Cole, son of John. Sarah Blaxston, daughter of Benjamin Jr. Dorcas Clark, daughter of Ichabod. Lydia Pomeroy, daughter of Richard, Jr. (All of & at New Casco.)

Mar. 7 William Morgaridge, son of Benjamin. Samuel & William MacClain, sons of William.

[Mar.] 21 John Lawrence, son of Samuel.

Apr. 11 David Mackintire, son of James. David Tucker, son of Thomas. Hannah Merrill, daughter of James. Huldah Stubbs, daughter of Jonathan. (All of & at New Casco.)

[Apr.] 25 Elisha West, son of Peleg. Ruth Crocker, dau. of James.

May 9 Joanna Brown, wife of Moses. John Ross, son of Joseph.

[May] 16 Shadrack Knap, son of Thankful. Aaron ______, son of Billinda.

June 7 Luca Mitchell, daughter of Houghton.

July 11 Susanna Brown, daughter of Moses.

[July] 18 John Stubbs, son of Richard. Betty Pote, dau. of Gamiel (New Casco.)

Aug. 1 Sarah Babbage, wife to Cou[r]tney.

[Aug.] 15 Sarah Parker, daughter of Benjamin. Samuel Cole, son of Noah.

Oct. 24 Betty Prince, daughter of Silvanus. Joanna Mitchell, daughter of Joseph, Jr.

Nov. 14 Solomon Williams, son of John. John Cole, son of Job.

[Nov.] 21 Hannah Turfts, daughter of John.

Dec. 12 Daniel Brown, son of Jacob, Jr.

Jan. 30 Jonas Mason, son of Ebenezer.

Feb. 20 Anna Mason, daughter of Mary.

Mar. 13 John Hooper, and Susannah Loring, daughter of Ezekiel.

[Mar.] 20 Stephen Moulton, son of Stephen. Benjamin Prince, son of Benjamin.

Apr. 17 Isaiah Lewes, son of John.

May 1 Sarah Babbage, daughter of Courtney.

[May] 8 Caelia Loring, daughter of Solomon. Benoni Fogg, son of Benoni.

[May] 22 Abraham & Ebenezer Pettengal, sons of Mark. Amos Harris, son of William. Nathan Farrow, son of John. Molly Brown, dau. of Benjamin.

Aug. 6 Jacob Hayes, son of John.

[Aug.] 14 John Reed, son of Bartholomew.

[Aug.] 21 Jacob Chandler, son of Jonathan.

[Aug.] 28 Samuel Scales, son of Thomas.

Oct. 9 Sarah Baker, daughter of Samuel.

[Oct.] 23 William Lawrence, son of Samuel. Hannah Talbot, daughter of Ambrose. Anna Davis, dau. of Timothy.

Nov. 6 Nathaniel Blanchard, son of Nathaniel Jr. Sarah Hammon, daughter of John.

Dec. 25 Mercy Brown, daughter of Moses.

Jan. 1 William Royal, son of Jacob.

Feb. 26 Hannah Southworth, daughter of John.

Apr. 2 Theodosia Mitchell, daughter of Jonathan. Nancy Crocker, daughter of James.

[Apr.] 16 Jeremiah Loring, son of Nicholas. John Nash, son of Joseph.

May 7 Rebeckah Fisher, daughter of Samuel, Jr. Barnabas Soul, son of Barnabas. Samuel Bradbury, son of Moses.

[May] 14 Rachel Hooper.

[May] 28 Moses Stubbs, son of Richard. Abigail Parker, daughter of Benjamin. Betty Johnson, dau. of Joseph.

July 3 Lorania Tuttle, daughter of Burrill.

[July] 22 Molly Mitchell, daughter of Joseph, Jr.

Aug. 13 Andrew Gray, son of John.

Sept. 3 Elizabeth Hooper, wife of William. Hannah Loring, daughter of Solomon.

[Sept.] 10 London & Polly, negroes : Dinah & Boston, their children.

Oct. 8 Asenah Mason, daughter of Ebenezer. Reuben & Lucy Gage, children of Hannah, widow.

Nov. 5 Joanna Cole, daughter of Ebenezer. Patience Hull, daughter of Ebenezer.

[Nov.] 20 Paul Prince, son of Paul.

Feb. 5 John Harris, son of William. Judith Hayes, daughter of John. Hannah Baker, daughter of Samuel.

Apr. 30 John Prince, son of Silvanus. Edmond Chandler, son of Edmond. Sarah Cole, daughter of Job. Sarah MacClaine, daughter of William.

May 6 Mary Man, daughter of John. Mary Willm [Hill?], daughter of John.

[May] 13 Sarah Morgaridge, daughter of Benjamin. James Wyman, son of James, Jr. Iaperah[?] dau. of London, negro.

[May] 20 Ruth Moulton, daughter of Stephen.

June 25 Mehitable Mitchell, daughter of Solomon, Jr.

[June] 29 Silva West, daughter of Peleg.

July 22 Benjamin Brown, son of Benjamin.

[July] 29 Samuel Pettengal, son of Mark.

Aug. 26 Catherine Loring, daughter of Ezekiel, (for Mr. Wiswell.)

Sept. 2 Sarah Cutter, daughter of William.

[Sept.] 16 Huldah Spear, daughter of Joshua.

Oct. 7 Thomas Davis, son of Timothy.

[Oct.] 21 Sarah Southworth, daughter of John.

[Oct.] 28 Sarah Lawrence, daughter of Samuel. John Oakes son of Nathan. Amos Prince, son of Benj.

Nov. 18 Rhoda Hammon, daughter of John.

[Nov.] 25 Huldah Farr, daughter of John.

Jan. 6 Silvanus Scales, son of Thomas. Rachel Parker, daughter of Benjamin.

Feb. 3 Betty Royal, daughter of Jacob.

[Feb.] 17 Joseph Hayes, son of John. Isaiah Reed, son of Bartholomew.

Apr. 6 Seth Blanchard, son of Nathaniel, Jr. Samuel Royal, son of Eli. Edmond Titcomb, son of Edmond, Jr., (for Mr. Wiswell.)

[Apr.] 13 Thaddeus Tuttle, son of Burrill.

[Apr.] 20 Joseph Humphrey, son of Benjamin.

[Apr.] 27 Jane Bradbury True, daughter of Jonathan. Ami Parsons, daughter of Thomas.

May 4 Elizabeth Wyman, daughter of John.

[May] 11 Mary Hooper, daughter of William.

[May] 18 Rebeckah Cole, daughter of Ebenezer.

June 1 Mary Grant, daughter of Abraham. Mercy Johnson, daughter of Joseph.

[June] 15 Joanna Lake, daughter of Ebenezer. Deborah Fisher, daughter of Samuel, Jr.

[June] 22 Mary Pettengall, daughter of David.

July 13 Robert Bailey, son of Robert, Jr.

[July] 20 Eliab Mitchell, son of Jonathan.

Aug. 3 Mercy Stubbs, daughter of Richard.

*This page incorporates errata printed in Volume 5, page 690.

Aug. 5 William Burton, son of Pennewell, (for Mr. Wiswell.)

Sept. 7 Cynthia Loring, daughter of Solomon.

[Sept.] 28 Daniel Mitchell, son of Joseph, Jr.

Nov. 21 Piam Prince, son of Paul. Isaac Eveleth, son of Nathaniel. John Mason, son of Ebenezer.

Feb. 4 Moses Burs, son of ______. Thomas Millett, son of ______. John Hayes Mitchell, son of Horton, all New Gloucester.

Feb. 15 Reuben Hayes, son of John.

Mar. 23 Jonathan Gray, son of John.

[Mar.] 29 Nabbe Nash, dau. of Joseph.

Apr. 5 Hulda Chandler, dau. of Judah.

[Apr.] 12 Sarah Moulton, dau. of Stephen. Joseph Man, son of John. Rhoda Cluff, dau. of Ebenezer.

[Apr.] 19 Naomi Bradbury, dau. of Moses & Newton, negro.

May 3 Mary Man, dau. of John.

[May] 10 Isabel Mitchell, dau. of Solomon, Jr. Moses Brown, son of Benjamin.

[May] 24 Nathaniel Mitchell, son of Abraham.

June 22 Samuel Baker, son of Samuel.

[June] 28 Lydia Prince, dau. of Silvanus.

July 12 John Brown, son of Jacob. Rachel Chandler, dau. of Jonathan.

[July] 19 Susanna Southworth, dau. of John. Hannah Griffin, dau. of Moses.

Aug. 17 Samuel Soul, son of Barnabas.

Sept. 27 Ephraim Stin[ch]field, son of John, N. Glo'cester.

Oct. 27 Benjamin Cole, son of Job.

Nov. 1 Sylvina Byram, dau. of Theophilus. John Anderson, son of Jacob.

[Nov.] 8 Josiah & Jesse Low, sons of William.

Apr. 11 Elizabeth & Sarah King, daus. of William.

May 7 Lucretia Oakes, dau. of Nathan. Ruth Cole, dau. of Ebenezer. [E]unice Davis, dau. of Timothy. Libbeus Tuttle, son of Burrill.

[May] 16 Joseph Shaw, son of Benjamin. Sarah Hayes, dau. of John. Ammi Ruhamah Mitchell, son of David.

[May] 23 Benjamin Pettengal, son of David.

[May] 30 Hannah Spear, dau. of Joshua.

June 13 Anna Pettengal, dau. of Mark. Susannah Griffin, dau. of Moses. Margaret Prince, dau. of Benjamin. Joseph Mitchell, son of Joseph, Jr.

[June] 27 Sarah Evelith, dau. of Nathaniel.

July 4 Josiah Wyman, son of John. Hannah Merrill, dau. of Abel.

Aug. 1 Samuel Titcomb, son of Edward, Jr. Lydia Merrill, dau. of Moses.

[Aug.] 15 Mansfield True Powell, son of Samuel. David True, son of Jonathan.

[Aug.] 22 Hannah Fisher, dau. of Samuel, Jr. Bathsheba

Royal, dau. of Eli.

Aug. 29 Lucretia Johnson, dau. of Joseph.

Sept. 5 Deborah Blanchard, dau. of Nathaniel.

[Sept.] 29 Daniel, Joseph & Hannah Brewer, ch. of Edward.

Oct. 17 Arreithesa Mitchell, dau. of Jonathan.

Nov. 1 William Hambleton, son of John. Ruth True, dau. of John. John Pettingal, son of Eliphalet.

[Nov.] 7 Anna Stubbs, dau. of Richard.

[Nov.] 14 Margaret Mara [Merrow?], wife of Samuel. Mary Mara, dau. of Samuel. Ziruiah Cole, dau. of Noah.

[Nov.] 28 Naomi Bailey, dau. of Robert.

[1763, no record : probably owing to the sickness and death of the Pastor, Rev. Nicholas Loring, and the alteration and enlargement of the meeting-house.]
A Record of the Persons baptised at No. Yarmouth By Edward Brooks, Pastor, & other Ministers.
July 22 Susannah, dau. of Edward Spear. Archelaus, son of Burrill Tuttle.

[July] 29 Nathaniel, son of Silvanus Prince. Andrew, son of Abraham Mitchell. By Mr. Smith, Jr.

Aug. 5 Samuel, son of George Bartlett. Betty Cushman, dau. of William Lowe.

[Aug.] 12 Hannah, dau. of Job Cole. Rachel, dau. of John Worthley. John, son of John Drinkwater. Isaiah, son of Solomon Mitchell.

[Aug.] 19 Timothy, son of Timothy Davis. By Mr. Wiswell.

[Aug.] 22 John, son of John Man. Robert, son of James Cornish. Mary, dau. of Thomas Campbell. At a Lecture at Flying Point.

[Aug.] 26 Molly, dau. of John True. Benjamin, son of Benjamin Merrill. Molly, dau. of John True.[ ?]

Sept. 2 Ebenezer & Molly, twins of Benjamin Gooch. Phebe, dau. of Bezaleel Loring.

[Sept.] 9 Mary, dau. of Solomon Loring.

Oct. 14 David & Patience, ch. of John Mason.

[Oct.] 21 Martha, dau. of Mark Pettingal. Moses, son of Moses Griffin.

[Oct.] 28 Molly, dau. of Joseph Mitchell, Jr.

Nov. 4 William, son of John Wyman.

[Nov.] 25 Deborah, dau. of Nathan Titcomb.

Feb. 4 Mary, dau. of John Hamilton.

May 17 Asa, son of Bezaleel Loring.

[May] 31 John & Joanna, twins of John Southworth.

Apr. 7 Jonathan, son of Richard Stubbs. John, son of Benjamin Morgaridge. True, son of John Woodman.

[Apr.] 14 Mary Heulitt. An adult. Othniel, son of Jonathan Mitchell. Sarah & John ch. of Joseph Weare.

[Apr.] 28 Daniel, son of Samuel Fisher. Samuel, son of Richmond Loring.

May 5 Sarah, dau. of John Farrar [Farrow?] Priscilla, dau. of Edmund Titcomb. Peter & Mehitable, ch. of Elijah Weare.

June 3 Daniel, son of John Shaw.

[June] 9 Betty, dau. of John True.

[June] 23 Ozni, son of Amos Harris, Jr.

[June] 30 Benjamin, son of Benjamin Humphrey.

July 7 Phineas, son of Benjamin Parker. Zebulon, son of William True.

[July] 21 Anna & Elizabeth, daus. of Stephen Harris. Cotton Brown, son of Edward Brooks. Mary, dau. of Stephen Moulton.

[July] 28 Isaac, son of Jacob Royall.

Sept. 1 William, son of William Chase.

[Sept.] 15 Betty & Anne, son[?] & dau. of Ambrose Hamilton. Deborah, an adult, wife of sd Hamilton.

[Sept.] 22 Molly, dau. of Ambrose Talbot. Sarah, dau. of John Gray.

[Sept.] 29 Mary, dau. of Joseph Gray. William & Phebe, ch. of Cornelius Buxton.

Oct. 6 David & Chandler, twins of David Barker. Mary, dau. of James Anderson.

[Oct.] 13 Nicholas Loring, son of David Mitchell.

[Oct.] 20 Levi, son of John Hayes.

Nov. 3 Andrew, son of Joseph Weare. Mehitable, dau. of John Soule.

[Nov.] 17 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Scales.

Dec. 1 Sarah Lewis, an adult.

[Dec.] 29 Asa, son of William Chase. By Mr. Brown.

Jan. 14 At a Lecture at Flying Point: James, son of John Man. Samuel, son of James Jennison. Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin Chase. Lydia, dau.

of John Ray. James, son of James Anderson.

Feb. 2 ______ , dau. of Simon Jeffords (by Mr. Williams.)

[Feb.] 23 Charlotte, dau. of Samuel Moore (by Mr. Dean.)

Mar. 30 Mary, dau. of Nathan Oakes.

Apr. 7 Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew Gray.

May 4 Dorothy, dau. of John Soule. Huldah, dau. of Stephen Harris. Rufus, son of Jonathan Chandler.

[May] 11 Trueworthy, son of Burrill Tuttle. John, son of Ambrose Hamilton. Olive, dau. of Roger Gookin.

[May] 18 Samuel, son of Samuel Winthrop Royal.

[May] 25 Sarah, dau. of John Drinkwater. ______, son of Moses Griffin.

June 15 Jeremiah, son of Silvanus Prince. William, son William Crips. James, son of John Henry.

July 24 Martha Leah, dau. of Joseph Drinkwater.

[July] 31 John, son of William Cutter (by Mr. Williams.)

Sept. 7 Christopher & Daniel, sons of Ephraim Griffin. Judith, dau. of Ezekiel Loring.

[Sept.] 14 Esther, dau. of Joshua Spear. Lucy, dau. of Daniel Staples. Content, dau. of Abraham Mitchell.

[Sept.] 28 Molly, dau. of John Worthley. Jeremiah, son of Solomon Mitchell, Jr.

Oct. 26 Tabiatha Soul, an adult. Rhoda, dau. of Joseph Russell.

Nov. 9 Ammi Ruhamah, son of Samuel Cutter. Elizabeth, dau. of Ebenezer Cole.

[Nov.] 30 Jeremiah, son of Joseph Mitchell. Molly, dau. Jacob Brown.

Jan. 11 Peter Chardon, son of Edward Brooks.

25 Richmond, son of Richmond Loring. Lucretia, dau. of Bezaleel Loring.

Feb. 7 At a Lecture at Flying Point : Thomas, son of Thomas Campbell. Lydia, dau. of John Man. Susannah, dau. of Matthew Patten.

Mar. 1 Elijah, son of Elijah Weare. Sterling, son of William Hopkins. Bezaleel, son of Joseph Young.

Apr. 19 Huldah, dau. of Nathaniel Blanchard, Jr. Lucy, dau. of John Southworth. John, son of John True.

May 10 Mary, dau. of Daniel Brown. Josiah, son of

Jacob Merrill.

May 17 Pamelia, dau. of Andrew Gray (by Mr. Williams.) Agnes, dau. of George Rogers.

June 8 Mary, dau. of Ephraim Griffin, Jr.

[June] 14 Levi, son of Joseph Gray.

[June] 28 Sarah, dau. of Judah Chandler.

July 5 Wyatt & Jeremiah, twins of Samuel Moore.

[July] 12 Joseph, son of Joseph Young.

[July] 19 Abigail, dau. of Simon Jefferds. Jane, dau. of John Hayes.

Aug. 2 Phebe, dau. of Ambrose Talbot. Anna, dau. of Stephen Staples, of Topsham.

[Aug.] 16 Miriam, dau. of Mark Pettingal.

[Aug.] 23 Samuel, son of Benjamin Parker.

Sept. 6 Eleanor, dau. of Edward Brewer.

[Sept.] 13 Moses, son of Edward Titcomb.

[Sept.] 27 Eunice, dau. of Jacob Merrill. John, son of James Anderson.

Oct. 11 Jeremiah, son of John Griffin.

[Oct.] 18 Mary, dau. of David Mitchell.

[Oct.] 25 Sarah & Mary, daus. of Edward Butler.

Dec. 6 Simeon, son of Jeremiah Thoyets.

Jan. 3 Rachel, dau. of John Gray.

[Jan.] 17 Joshua, son of Benjamin Humphrey. Joseph, son of John Mason.

[Jan.] 24 Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Cutter.

Mar. 6 Lydia, dau. of John Shaw.

[Mar.] 28 Benjamin Rackley, an adult. Huldah Fisher, dau. of Samuel Fisher.

Apr. 10 Thomas, son of Thomas Scales.

[Apr.] 17 Sarah, dau. of John Wyman. Mary, dau. of Joseph Weare.

May 15 Sarah Newland, dau. of Joseph Johnson. Samuel, son of Silvanus Prince. Mary, dau. of Wm. Chase.

June 5 Andrew, son of Joseph Russell. Jonathan, son of Stephen Moulton.

[June] 12 Cornelius, son of John Soule.

July 3 Molly, dau. of William True.

July 10 Hannah, dau. of Edward Russell. Agnes, dau. of Jacob Anderson. Josiah, son of Amos Harris, Jr. Dorcas, dau. of John Drinkwater. Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer Cole. John, son of Daniel Staples. Robert, son of Samuel Winthrop Royal.

Oct. 9 Sarah, dau. of Abraham Mitchell.

[Oct.] 16 Nathaniel, son of Samuel Baker.

[Oct.] 23 Jeremiah, son of William Low. Daniel, son of John True. Phebe, Lydia, Temperance and Nathaniel, children of James Russell.

[Oct.] 30 William & John Hayes, sons of Joshua Mitchell. Sarah Curtis, an adult. Jeremiah, son of Moses Griffin.

Nov. 7 Anna, Israel & John, children of Solomon Trow.

Jan. 8 Dummer, son of Jonathan Mitchell. Allen, son of Joseph Drinkwater, Jr.

[Jan.] 15 Andrew, son of Eleazer Ring. Samuel, son of Samuel Cutter.

[Jan.] 22 John, son of John Worthley.

[Jan.] 29 Mary, dau. of Edward Brooks.

Feb. 29 Nabby, dau. of Joshua Spear.

May 25 At a Lecture by Mr. Foxcroft, of N. Gloucester. Elizabeth Bucknam, dau. of Richmond and Lucretia Loring. Lorana, dau. of John & Joanna Southworth. John, son of John Griffin, Jr. & wife Deborah. Andrew, son of Joseph & Mary Gray. Samuel, son of Andrew & Elizabeth Gray. David, son of Ezekiel & Hannah Loring. John Mason, son of Bezaleel & Elizabeth Loring.

Oct. 8 By the Rev. Mr. Jewett, of Rowley. Mary, dau. of John & Abigail Mason. Lucretia, dau. of David & Lucretia Mitchell. Rhoda, dau. of John & Sarah Gray. Nicholas, son of Nathl. Blanchard, Jr. & wf. Bethiah. Joanna, dau. Solomon & Deborah Mitchell. John, son of David & Mary Barker. Susanna, dau. of Mark & Sarah Pettingill.

Dec. 10 Baptized by Tristram Gilman & other ministers. Lydia, dau. of Nathan & Naomi Oakes.

[Dec.] 17 Pamelia, dau. of Benjamin & Lydia Parker. Temperance, dau. of Benj. & Mary Rackley.

Jan. 21 Lydia, dau. of Stephen & Lydia Harris.

[Jan.] 28 Enoch, son of Elijah & Susanna Weare.

Feb. 4 Joseph, son of Samuel & Hannah Fisher. Ammi, son of William & Mehitable Cutter.

[Feb.] 11 By Mr. Williams, of New Casco. Emery, son of Stephen & Elizabeth Moulton.

[Feb.] 18 Jeremiah, son of Levi & Joanna Loring.

Apr. 11 Asa, son of Ambrose Talbot. Jeremiah, son of Joseph Mitchell, Jr. At a Lecture at Mr. Ephraim Griffin's.

[Apr.] 29 William, son of Samuel & Amelia Cutter.

May 6 Elizabeth, dau. of John Man. Joanna, dau. of Jacob Merrill.

[May] 13 Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. & Sarah Bucknam.

June 10 Jenny, dau. of James Russell. Samuel Phillips, son of Edward & Hannah Russell. By Mr. Hemmenway, of Wells.

[June] 24 Samuel, son of Ozias & Massah[?] Blanchard. Anna, dau. of Cornelius & Lydia Buxton.

July 1 John, son of John & Jane Hayes.

[July] 4 Jenny, dau. of Abraham Merrill, (at a Lecture at Amos Harris, Jr.) Rotheus, son of John & Susanna Drinkwater. John, son of John & Mary Hamilton.

[July] 8 Benjamin, son of John & Elizabeth Soule.

[July] 22 William, son of Job & Sarah Cole. Joshua Morse, son of John & Dorothy True.

[July] 29 Joel, son of Jonathan & Rachel Chandler. Jeremiah, son of Thomas & Dinah Mitchell. Saml., Nathaniel & Moses, sons of Saml. Merrill, Jr., & wife Mary.

Aug. 12 Nathaniel & Mary, twins, children of Joseph & Mary True (by Mr. Eaton.) John, son of Benjamin & Peggy Merrill. Ambrose, son of Ambrose & Deborah Hamilton.

[Aug.] 19 Reuben, son of Edward & Hannah Brewer.

Sept. 2 Bezaleel, son of Bezaleel & Elizabeth Loring.

[Sept.] 9 Desire, dau. of Benjamin & Bathsheba Humphrey. By Mr. Marsh, of Newburyport.

[Sept.] 30 Susanna, dau. of Benjamin Chase. Thos. Millett, son of Saml. & Rachel Griffin. Joshua, son of Joshua & Priscilla Mitchell. By Mr. Thacker, of Gorham.

Oct. 7 Betty, dau. of Amos Harris, Jr. & wife Mary. Betty & Rhoda, daus. of Chandler & Sarah Russell.

Oct. 14 Jeremiah, son of Benjamin & Peggy Merrill.

[Oct.] 21 Rebecca, Christiana, Ellithea [Elethea?] & Hannah, daus. of Seth & Ellithea Mitchell.

Nov. 4 Joseph, son of Joseph & Mary Gray. Joseph, son of Joseph & Mariam Russell.

[Nov.] 11 Mary, dau. of Jotham & Rachel Mitchell.

[Nov.] 18 Seth, son of Seth & Ellithea Mitchell. Anne, dau. of Edward & Abigail Butler, (by Mr. Foxcroft.)

Feb. 3 Jonathan, son of Eleazer & Olive Ring.

[Feb.] 24 William, son of Joseph & Sarah Young.

[Feb.] 25 At a Lecture at Flying Point. Susanna, dau. of John & Mary Ray. John, son of David & Hannah Seavey. Hannah, dau. of James & Nelly Jemmerson [Jennison?] Jenny, dau. of Abijah Lewis.

Apr. 14 Eunice, dau. of John & Joanna Southworth. Lucretia, dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth Gray. Betty, dau. of Daniel & Lucy Staples.

[Apr.] 28 John, son of Samuel Winthrop Royal & his wife Naomi. Levi, son of Ephraim Griffin, Jr. & wife Judith.

May 5 Massah[?], dau. of John & Susannah Shaw. Nathaniel, son of Joseph Drinkwater, Jr. & wife Mary.

[May] 12 Amasa, son of Amasa & Eleanor Baker. Lucy, dau. of Levi & Joanna Loring. Jeremiah, son of Ozias & Massah Blanchard.

June 16 David, son of David & Lucretia Mitchell. Asa, son of John & Martha Worthley. Rachel, dau. of Wm. & Sarah Bucknam.

July 14 Mary, dau. of Richmond & Lucretia Loring. Bela, son of Nathl. Blanchard, Jr. & his wife Bethiah. Rachel & Stephen, ch. of Bartholomew & Mary Reed. Rachel & Hannah Worthley, adults, daus. of Lydia Worthley. Daniel, Lydia and Samuel, children of Lydia Worthley. Rachel, dau. of Samuel & Amelia Cutter. Samuel, son of Edmund Titcomb, Jr.

[July] 28 Cromwell Lobden, son of Ezekiel & Hannah Loring.

Aug. 4 Hannah, dau. of Edward & Hannah Russell. Amaziah, son of Bartholomew & Mary Read. Solomon, son of Solomon & Deborah Mitchell. John, Dean & Joseph, sons of Joseph & Mary

Blanchard. John, son of Benjamin & Mary Rackley.

Aug. 18 Betsey Loring, dau. of Thomas Bell.

Sept. 1 Sulvanus, son of Cornelius & Abiel Soul.

[Sept.] 22 Margaret, dau. of Joshua & Sarah Spear. Jenny, dau. of John & Elizabeth Harvey.

Nov. 10 Mary, dau. of John & Mary Hamilton. Hannah, dau. of Elisha & Rebecca Pettingill.

[Nov.] 24 Simeon, son of Ambrose Talbot. Chipman & Thomas, twins, sons of Thomas & Sarah Cobb (at Harrisicket.)

Dec. 8 James, son of Chandler & Sarah Russell.

[Dec.] 29 Eunice, dau. of John Wyman.

Jan. 26 John, son of John & Sarah Gray.

Feb. 16 Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Sarah Young.

[Feb.] 23 Sarah Leach, dau., and Azor, son, of Benjamin Mitchell, 3d.

Mar. 1 Joseph, son of Tristram & Elizabeth Gilman.

[Mar.] 8 Rebecca, dau. of Benjamin Sanborn.

Apr. 5 Asenath, dau. of Stephen & Lydia Harris.

[Apr.] 19 Samuel, son of William & Mehitable Cutter.

[Apr.] 26 Mehitable, dau. of Abraham & Rhoda Mitchell.

May 10 Reuben, son of Sylvanus & Elizabeth Prince. Jenny, dau. of John & Susanna Drinkwater. Jacob, son of Jacob Merrill. Jane, dau. of Widow Huldah Mitchell.

June 7 Rowland, son of Ambrose & Deborah Hamilton.

[June] 14 Mary, dau. of William & Abigail Todd.

[June] 21 Nathaniel, son of Benjamin & Lydia Parker.

July 5 Joseph, son of Joseph & Mary Weare. Jeremiah, son of Joseph & Mariam Russell.

[July] 12 Mary, dau. of Mark & Sarah Pettingill.

[July] 19 Charlotte, dau. of Joseph & Mary Gray.

Aug. 2 Jacob, son of Elisha & Rebecca Pettingill.

[Aug.] 23 Huldah, dau. of John & Jane Hayes.

Sept. 6 Dorcas, dau. of William & Sarah Bucknam.

Oct. 4 Jenney, dau. of John True.

[Oct.] 27 John, son of John Soule. Molly, dau. of John Dacey. Israel Loring, son of Jotham & Rachel Mitchell.

Nov. 8 Thomas, son of Thomas Mitchell. Miriam, dau. of Samuel Griffin. Mary, dau. of Joshua Mitchell. At a Lecture at Harrisickett.

[Nov.] 15 Edward, son of Edward & Abigail Butler.

Dec. 6 Daniel Lewis, son of David & Lucretia Mitchell.