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Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Orrington Circuit, 1819

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 1. (Bangor, Me.: Benjamin A. Burr, printer, 1885-1886).

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of the names of the members of the methodist episcopal church, in orrington circuit, a. d. 1819.*

With a short account of the first rise of Methodism in this vicinity, and a list of all the preachers on this circuit to the present year, prefixed.

"Let all things be done decently and in order." — 1 Cor., xiv : 40.

"The number of the names together was about 120." — Acts, i : 34.

Extract from an old record in the care of Simeon Gorton,† steward, Hampden.

In the year of our Lord 1793, the Rev. Jesse Lee came to Penobscot River, preaching in various places, and was requested to tarry, or send them another preacher. Agreeably to this request the Rev. Joshua Hall was sent, who preached with them several months, under whom there was some awakening. The Rev. Phillip Wager succeeded him 9 months, when the Rev. Enoch Mudge‡ came to the town of Orrington, and formed a church according to the Methodist discipline, and administered

* Copied from the original manuscript by J. W. P.

† Simeon Gorton, from Conn., settled in Orrington in 1774, on the first lot above the ferry, and before 1783 sold his possession to George Brooks, and removed across the river to Hampden, where he died, Sept., 1828, aged 79.

‡ Of Mr. Mudge, more hereafter.

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the Lord's supper, Nov. 27, A. D. 1796. In 1806, June 12, a division was made of what was formerly called Penobscot circuit. The societies on the eastern side of the river, with other societies annexed, composed the Orrington circuit. As it was impossible to determine, from the old minutes, the precise time when all the members were either admitted or excluded, it was thought advisable to begin this book with the present members in regular standing.

Names of the Methodist Preachers who have succeeded each other on this Circuit.

1793-4, Jesse Lee

1795, Joshua Hall

1796, Phillip Wager

Enoch Mudge

Peter Jayne

1797, Timothy Merrit

Joshua Taylor

1799, John Finnegan

1800, Daniel Ricker

1801, John Gove

1802, Joseph Baker

Asa Pattee

Joel Walker

1803, Samuel Thompson

1804, William Goodhue

Daniel Perry

1805, Levi Walker

1806, William Hunt, 10 mos.

1807, Phillip Ayer, 9 mos.

1808, David Kilburn, 9 mos.

1809, Joseph Baker, 12 mos.

1810, Joseph Baker, 9 mos.

1810, Edward Hyde, 3 mos.

1811, George Gerry, 12 mos.

1813, John Atwell, 12 mos.

1814, Cyrus Cumings

1815, Joshua Nye

1816, Joseph Lull

1817, Benjamin Jones

1817, Benjamin Ayer

1818, Sullivan Bray

1819, Jeremiah Marsh

1820, Jeremiah Marsh

A list of the Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Orrington Circuit, A. D. 1820.*

Simeon Fowler jr., leader

Richard Godfrey

Mercy Godfrey

David Wiswell

Abigail Wiswell

Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker 2d

Mehetabel Smith

Jemima Swett

Mehetabel Godfrey

Mercy Godfrey 2d

Phebe Young

Lydia Godfrey

Patty Smith

Sophronia Dole

Benoni Baker

Phebe Harding

Benj. Godfrey

Patty Godfrey

Joseph C. Jayne, leader

Susannah Jayne

William Marsh

Susan Marsh

Simeon Fowler

Melinda Fowler

Deborah Hopkins

Jesse Atwood

John Crowell

Hannah Crowell

Daniel Nickerson, leader

Tryphena Nickerson

Warren Nickerson

Martha Nickerson

Eliphalet Nickerson

* Admitted to the church between 1796 and 1819, and living in 1819. J. W. P.

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Sarah Nickerson

Paul Nickerson

Molly Nickerson

Theophilus Nickerson

Eunice Nickerson

Zeruiah Nickerson

Jerusha Nickerson

Sally Drew

Lucy Kempton

Hannah Brown

Isaac Peirce, leader

Rachel Peirce

Sally Smith

Jesse Atwood jr.

Levina Atwood

Moses Rogers

Thankful Rogers

Keziah Higgins

Statira Snow

Nancy Nickerson

Mehetabel Smith

Hannah Brown

Sarah Doane

Sally Nickerson

Eliza Nickerson

Betsey Snow

Sarah Snow

Betsey Snow 2d

Desire Cole

Samuel Bartlett

Joanna Bartlett

Tabitha Freeman

Paul Nye

Margaret Nye

Timothy Freeman

Mary Freeman

Mehetabel Freeman

Polly Bartlett

Ephraim Goodale

Prudence H. Goodale

Mary Chapin

Joseph Rogers

Salome Rogers

Mary Bolton

Amariah Rogers, leader

Elizabeth Rogers

Mary Rogers

Hezekiah Eldridge

Mary Eldridge

Joanna Swett

Prince Higgins

Ruth Higgins

Samuel Swett

Hannah Higgins

Bethana Rider

Mercy Freeman

Mary Swett

Thomas Freeman, leader

Timothy Nye

Keziah Nye

Sally Nye

Mary Rich

Jeremiah Rich

Jonathan Burns

Lucy Burns

Polly Burns

Mehetabel Baker

Mehetabel Freeman

Elihu Hoxie, leader

Polly Hoxie

Allen Nickerson

Amelia Nickerson

Jerusha Eldridge

Hannah Eldridge

Reuben Freeman 2d

Nath. Peirce 2d

Sally Rogers

Polly Freeman

Azubah Freeman

Manning Wood, leader

Sally Wood

Benjamin Swett

Abigail Swett

Joseph Baker

Hannah Baker

Sally Nichols

Mary King

Zeruiah Freeman

John Wentworth

Judith Veazie

Samuel Rider jr.

Azubah Rider

Keziah Rider

Nancy Marsh

Samuel Rider

Lydia Rider

Rebecca Rider

Mary Bartlett

Olive Smith

Charlotte Burns

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Lydia Rider 2d

Bethiah Nickerson

Polly Rider

Nath. Rider

Huldah Godfrey

Sally Smith

Eliza Smith

Thomas Rich, leader

Anna Rich

Tamosin Hinks

Joanna Rich

Sylvanus Rich

Lucy Rich

Lucy Rich (mar. Atwood)

Susanna Rich

Lydia McDaniel

Ruth Hopkins

Ruth Nye

Reuben Freeman

Stephen Rider

Joanna Rider

Benjamin Ballard

Anna Ballard

Jonathan Cobb, leader

Elizabeth Cobb

James Nichols

Benjamin Gross

Mary Gross

Nath. Lowell

Sally Lowell

Solomon Collins

Jerusha Collins

Mercy Collins

Winslow Hinks jr.

Betsey Hinks

Elisha Hinks

Mary Hinks

Jesse Hinks

Ruth Hinks

Eliza Hinks (Goodale)

George Wharf

Mehetabel Wharf

Reuben Stubbs

Polly Stubbs

Simeon Bearse

Phebe Bearse

Jesse Kilby

Desire Kilby

James Deane

Thankful Deane

Isaiah Rich

Elizabeth Reed

Henry Atwood

Betsey Atwood

Sally Rich

William Ballard

Polly Ballard

Elisha D. Eldridge

Polly Doane

David Kilburn

Rebecca Kilburn

Thomas Kilburn

Polly Kilburn

Nehemiah H. Nickerson

Anna Nickerson

Joshua Nickerson

Hannah Nickerson

Joshua Rich

Jane Rich

James Ayre

Ruth Ayre

Eliza Ayre

William Bryant

Hannah Bryant

Thankful Ayre

Susanna Couillard

Olive Moore

Hannah Gross

Betsey Lewis 2d

Joanna Lowell

Rachel Dyer

John Kenney, leader

Hannah Kenney

Samuel Stubbs

Hannah Stubbs

Hannah Lewis

Elizabeth Pratt

John K. Mayo

Abner Curtis, leader

Tamsin Curtis

Zoheth Smith

Hepzibah Smith

Abner Clements

Amy Clements

Mary Howes

Sally Howes

Betsey Lewis

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Lucy Curtis

Hepzibah Smith 2d

Mary Nye

John Curtis, leader

Henry Little

Sally Cottle

Phinehas Eames

Sarah Eames

Jeremiah Higgins, leader

Hannah Higgins

John Eldridge

Rebecca Eldridge

Hannah Wiley

Isaac Small

Anna Small

Paul Page

Thomas Wiley

John Tillick

Bathsheba Snow

Phinehas Higgins

Betsey Snow

Ezekiel Harding

Bangs Doane, leader

Priscilla Doane

Jane Bassett

Nathan Atwood jr

Olive Snow

Susanna Carr

Hannah Page

Jane Atwood

Catharine Page

Sarah Page

Benj. Atwood

Nehemiah Bassett

Ebenezer Smith

Zulinia (?) Smith

Susanna Page

Bethiah Done

Reuben Snow jr.

Ebenezer Atwood jr.

Phebe Tillick

Daniel Blazdel, leader

William Saunders

Ruth Saunders

David Dodge

Mehetabel Dodge

Elizabeth Soper

Sally Saunders

Mary Harriman

Polly Blazdel

Mary Harriman 2d

Desire Blazdel

Jane Blazdel

Ebenezer Eldridge

Tamsin Eldridge

Clarissa Harriman

Fanny Stubbs

Anna Soper

Polly Eldridge

Members who joined the Church in 1821.

William Atwood jr.

Elspy Swett

Simeon Peirce


Ruth Rider

Rebecca Rider

Elisha Lewis

Nath. McMahon

Nancy McMahon

Nath. McMahon jr.

Samuel McMahon

Abiah Spooner

Allen Crane

Nancy Cook

Celia Eddy

Rebecca Lancaster

Hannah Kenney

Temperance Blackman

Solomon Rowe

Betsey Appleton

Dorcas Clewley

Rebecca Davis

Susanna Rowe

Abigail G. Parks

Dorcas Mann