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Maine Pauper Accounts, June 1813

Source: Resolves of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Passed at the Several Sessions of the General Court, Holden in Boston, Beginning 26th May, 1812, and Ending 2d March, 1815. (Boston, Mass.: Russell, Cutler & Co., printers, 1812-15).

Massachusetts (of which Maine was then a part) was obliged to reimburse towns for the support of paupers who lacked "settlement" in the Commonwealth. These were often people born abroad or in other states. The Committee on Accounts reported in June 1813 that "there are due to the Corporations and persons hereafter mentioned, the sums set to their names respectively, which, when allowed and paid, will be in full discharge of the said accounts to the several dates therein mentioned."

[p. 297]
Alfred, for board and clothing William Griffiths, to 31st May, 1813, 67 20

Baldwin, for board and clothing Daniel Hickey, to 1st May, 1813, 21 25

Belgrade, for supplies and doctoring Hannah and Abigail Odlin, to 2d May, 1813, 25 21

Bristol, for board and clothing William Howe, to 1st May, 1813, 67 20

[p. 298]
Berwick, for board of Lemuel Woodworth, to 24th May, 1813, 19 80

Buckston, to board and clothing James Maurice, to 3d May, 1813, 93 50

Castine, for board, doctoring and supplies to John Cain, to 13th May, 1813, 68 32

[p. 299]
Cushing, for board of James Walker, to 1st June, 1813, 18 70

Cape Elizabeth, for board and clothing James Ramsbottom, to 23d May, 1813, 33 75

Durham, for board and clothing Asa Samuel and Jonathan Demerit, children of Jonathan Demerit, to 20th May, 1813, 158 60

Elliot, for supplies to Jacob Brewer and Jack Roberts, to 24th May, 1813, 39 77

Falmouth, County of Cumberland, for board and Clothing Felician Sang, to 31st May 1813, 41 00

Gorham, for board of Robert Gilfilling and Jacob Morse, to 9th June, 1813, 46 50

Hallowell, for board, clothing and doctoring sundry paupers, to 1st June, 1813, 227 72

[p. 300]
Leeds, for board and clothing Nicholas Tallier, to 20th May, 1813, 38 75

Litchfield, for board and clothing Daniel Howard, and two children of Hannah Taylor, 1st June, 1813, 46 39

Lincolnville, for board of Alexander White and Timothy Cox, to 20th May, 1813, 51 00

Mount Vernon, for board and clothing David Bassford, to 18th May, 1813, 33 40

Machias, for board, clothing and doctoring Daniel McDonald, Moses Rhoda and Viah Wheaton, to 12th May, 1813, 72 22

[p. 301]
Paris, for board of George Warren, a poor prisoner, confined for debt, to 7th August, 1812, 10 50

Peru, for supplies and doctoring James Robins and family, to 24th May, 1813, 46 03

Portland, for board, clothing and doctoring sundry paupers, to 1st June, 1813, 1059 02

[p. 301]
Thomastown, for board and clothing John Anderson, to 15th May, 1813, including doctoring, 159 77

Waterborough, for board of William Jordan, to 9th June, 1813, 5 50

Waldoborough, for supporting John and Phillip Handle, to 6th June, 1813, 171 20