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School Register for Passamaquoddy School at Peter Dana's Point, 1861

Source: 1861-09 School register and receipts for supplies for Passamaquoddy school at Peter Dana's Point, Maine State Archives.

This is a register of Passamaquoddy students taught by Thomas J. Callagan at Peter Dana Point, Indian Township, from June 24 to Sept. 24, 1861.

NAMES OF SCHOLARS.Ages.Entered.Left.
Peter Gabriel19June 24Sept 24
Francis Gabriel16June 24Sept 24
Francis Newell18June 24Sept 24
Joseph Newell17June 24Sept 24
Sabatis Newell1[0?]June 24Sept 24
Gabriel Joseph18June 24Sept 24
Mitchel Lewy10June 24Sept 24
Sapehil Lewy9June 24Sept 24
Peter J. Newell11June 24Sept 24
Newel Lewel19June 24Sept 24
Peter Lewy8June 24Sept 24
Nicholas Lewy7June 24Sept 24
Francis Newell9June 24Sept 24
Mary Newell9June 24Sept 24
Sally Lewy10June 24Sept 24
Ann Lewy8June 24Sept 24
Sarah Joseph7June 24Sept 24
Susan Lewy8June 24Sept 24
Annsacy Newell7June 24Sept 24