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Penobscot School Register of Mattanawcook Island, 1860

Source: 1860-11-13 Penobscot school register of Mattanawcook Island, Maine State Archives.

This is a register of students taught by Miss Hattie B. Forbes from May 14 to Oct. 27, 1860. Francis Solomon was paid $5.00 to ferry Miss Forbes to and from the Penobscot River island.

NAMES OF SCHOLARS.Ages.Entered.Left.Days
Sarah Aten25May 14July 20944
Susan Francis25June 4July 20251
Mary Francis13May 14Oct 272780
Mary Tomar10May 14Oct 271790
Mary Saul4May 14Oct 273077
Thomas S. Francis23June 21Oct 11th6520
Peter Lola21May 21Oct 165040
Edmund Francis20May 30Oct 224036
Edmund Solomon19May 31Oct 162060
Mitchel Stanislaus19June 20Oct 278021
Thomas Lewis19May 21Oct 85031
Frances Danie17May 21Oct 273077
Sebatis Saul15May 21Oct 274067
Joseph Stanislaus15May 21Oct 277031
Captain Francis15May 31Oct 275050
John Tomar13May 14Oct 279017
Socis Saul9May 14Oct 278027
Joseph Solomon9May 14July 202825
Stanislaus Solomon8May 14July 202528
Frances Newell8May 14July 204013
James Newell6May 14July 203518