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1820 Census: New Limerick Plantation, Washington County

Source: "Appendix No. L: Extract from the Census of the United States, for the District of Maine, in 1820," Statement on the part of the United States, of the Case Referred, in pursuance of the Convention of 29th September, 1827, between the said States and Great Britain.... (Washington, D.C.: Office of the United States' Telegraph, 1829).

Residents of "New-Limerick Plantation" were enumerated in 1820, but the census schedule was not included in the published microfilm copy of Washington County returns.

Key to entries:

a. Foreigners not naturalized
b. Free white males under 10
c. Free white males of 10 and under 16
d. Free white males of 16 and under 18
e. Free white males of 16 and under 26
f. Free white males of 26 and under 45
g. Free white males of 45 and upwards
h. Free white females under 10
i. Free white females of 10 and under 16
j. Free white females of 16 and under 26
k. Free white females of 26 and under 45
l. Free white females of 45 and upwards
[p. 350]
Samuel Morrison010110101001
Joseph Goodenouf010001000100
Stephen Morrison000010000000
Samuel Morrison, Jr.020001020100
Isaiah Morrison020001041100
Edmund Webber000010000100
Moses K. Wells000001000000
Samuel Drew000010000000