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1820 Census: Madawaska Parish, French Settlement, Penobscot County

Source: "Appendix No. L: Extract from the Census of the United States, for the District of Maine, in 1820," Statement on the part of the United States, of the Case Referred, in pursuance of the Convention of 29th September, 1827, between the said States and Great Britain.... (Washington, D.C.: Office of the United States' Telegraph, 1829).

Residents of "Matawascah Parish, French Settlement" were enumerated in 1820, but the census schedule was not included in the published microfilm copy of Penobscot County returns.

Key to entries:

a. Foreigners not naturalized
b. Free white males under 10
c. Free white males of 10 and under 16
d. Free white males of 16 and under 18
e. Free white males of 16 and under 26
f. Free white males of 26 and under 45
g. Free white males of 45 and upwards
h. Free white females under 10
i. Free white females of 10 and under 16
j. Free white females of 16 and under 26
k. Free white females of 26 and under 45
l. Free white females of 45 and upwards
[p. 350]
Francis Violet122001012010
Alevey Tibedore032010010010
Joseph Markure100001000000
Henry Turdey130001020010
Lewis Willet103033112010
Joseph Somphisaw120001020010
Susan Tibedore023111011010
Jeremiah Dubey112220122100
Loron Sear110022131110
Isaac Violet000001020101
John Violet031001021010
Alexander Violet120111010010
John Miresheir121001013410
Peter Peltihey001001002010
Charles Martin000001002010
John B. Martin022001031110
Bartholonew Burgoin010001040100
Andrew Martin040001010100
Belon Martin010001010100
Bartis Morris011001021100
Charles Bolio020001030100
Peter McCure030001010100
Jereman Morio021001040100
Bazell Martin010001020100
David Crock040001040100
Larisom Volet010002000100
Lewis Sumpheysaw110001040010

[p. 351]
Francis Carney043001031010
Frederic Tareo120001020010
Simon Tareo032001030010
Peter Camio102001032010
Alexander Carmio100001130010
Oliver Tibedore120020100001
Augustis Violet142001130110
Francis Violet130000100010
John B. Parser010001010110
Greguire Tibedore 111010134010
Paulet Tibedore031001020210
John B. Gavah000010010100
Augustus Gavah000110000100
Phinney Stephedo001110103010
Benjamin Versier001000101010
Joseph Tarrio102011000010
Lawrance Tarrio 021001020100
Phermah Dusett131001032100
John B. Tibedore, Jr.020001020100
George Tibedore002001042100
Betis Tibedore002001001010
Joseph Tibedore002331021010
John B. Tibedore100110102010
Lario Bellfley100010010100
Nicholas Pelchey100010040100
John Betuke020010010100
Alexander Crock010010010100
John B. Tibedore, 3d021010030100
Lewis Stephed010010000100
Henry Versier000010000100
David Tibedore020010010100
Michael Tibadore020010010100
Peter Crock120010110101
John Betis Tibedore100000100001
Betis Lewsure010001020100
Joseph Lewsure011001002100
Francis Tibbedo100110101010
Jeremiah Crock110111100010
Harris Laushiere010110000100
David Cyer101001002010
Charles Adyet003001002010
Peter Duperre101001000010
Peter Lezert110120113201
John Betisiere121011110210
Christopher Cyer112130101010
Joseph Cyer110021100110

[p. 352]
John Betis Dogle102111011210
Chrisost Cyer121030103101
Joseph Adyet010111020100
Xasrie Cyr112012102031
Joseph Daggle103101001021
Demeque Daggle110010111100
Michael Babtert001010010010
Chrystatine Marton101111001010
Michael Man012111002010
Vincent Albert020010010100
Germanis Sawuire120221021110
Chement Sausiere021131120100
Joseph Michand021110020100
Isaac Violet, 3d121121110010
Firmen Nadard121111021010
Gumain Debe121111101010
Nathan Baker010110102010
Colemarkee Chrint012221021100
Joseph Mashaw132222121321
Jeremy Jermer121120112011
Paul Markee122221103001
Joseph Albare020001020110
Levy Clare021110110100
Joseph Nedow020010100100
Mermeit Dogle121111010110
Joseph Pelkey123001110011
Ran Pelkey121121010011
Jarom Morio121001121010
Vasion Bare112111011010
Barnum Bushiere020110020100
Jeremir Joshia121001021010
Betis Joshia121130131110
Ely Neehoson121111030010
Clemo Shimon120110121101
Joseph Mashaw131121020110
John Harford020001020100
John Hitchambow121010101101
Lewis Leebore021001000100
Paul Marquis002001000010
Gruino Chasse030001000010
Joseph Michaad031120111001
Abert Albert, Jr.121001120011
Alare Ann L. Clare010010000100
Joseph Martin121010130010
Simon Martin032011010010
Joseph Albert022121000010

[p. 353]
Elecis Cyr133110111101
Joseph Cyr023111020010
Benjamin Nedar112111031210
Lewis Belflour123111000010
Michael Mecure001001032010
Lewis Mecure031011021010
Francis Martin, Jr.132010120101
Michael Martin 3d130111021001
Michael Serene141132123001
Lewis Belflour, Jr.120010101101
Anthony Gange031001022011
Nicholas Peltiere123130131301
Augustine Peltiere010010000100
Nicholas Peltiere, Jr.021010010100
Leon Belflour010010000100
John Thibedore132001011010
John B. Thibedore011111010010
Jean Sier001110010010
Michael Thibedore010010020100
David Thibedore000001021010
Joseph Thibadore021001012010
George Thibedore012001021010
Lewis Thibedore010001000100
John B. O. Thibedore011001001010
Francis Dorsett121001112010
Lorent Jenian112111000010
Joseph Jenian100001030010
Benjamin Lerassaus111001000100
Honerd Lerassaus121111021010